Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015


16th november 2015; monday;

No use heavy rains have continued had to stay back at home; Visiting cards organised ; long chat wid gta; rejected syams request; plumbersseva; couldnt get eenadu again; chinnas unrest and whatsapp msg; gained 5 lakh alexa;

 Night almost 500 key words grabbed; failed to greet srujjis function; old tie ups respectable; Night disturbed sleep;

th day at hyd

Deputed Gta to get 4 g connection book railway tickets; buy insulin etc
made 14 plus calls in the field without single closing; analysed  past working in the morning;
yamaha;some spots identified;
 alu ;usha; y junction;
 days positives; arihant;
gave letters to ss hydro;needs;seco;bur;cres;as;
Airtel 4 g connected;seen stats;
Used laptop in the field;


30th october 2015

th day at hyd; Took 4 g aitel; Paid 10 th instalment of ac ; No field work; Gtas chinnas came home; pending blog posts managed; 10 xerox prints took of covering letters; vehicle water service  did;

29th october 2015

77th day;
29th october 2015;
Exposure to kirans secunderabad office and yashoda hospital; long chat with kishore;followup of a;standard alu;sharada sarees; swtha sarees have failed; depression due to no success stories but informative;To do advanced SEO;boris guy said after few days and another fat guys hope; Syams msges for ac instalment;

28th October; 2015;
 Night marriage reception attaended lot of dynamics happend followed by; kalyan; ravi and me group photo; Anjus re nioun again; pics shared on whats app; Panjagutta  the only success story;pai mobiles; vijay textiles t ids into fold';
mark jukers speech seen; veh kat kat sound is fast merging;

27 th october 2015;

New letter effect fetched; One payment recd;gave letters to  6 people;; seen veduku activations; Very less verified clients on hand;ok anyway; worked on net from kirans shop;


27th october 2015;

Gta reached but i had work; Kishore tip was successful;some calls near car decorators;

26th october 2015; monday;

Got commitment from one and got one payment; one cash; called gta twice; work fetched; pending blogs posted; woked from new cafe; met kiran; kishore;
dhatri guy called; xeroxs prins took from new cafe; costly; seen veduku g plus list; met one balaji call but no response; some business card collected; Some whats app tips got from one student; group msgs rejection got;
gave letters;

Mor on the way met car decorators;
one new guy met  his number took gave him my card;

25th october 2015 sunday

night cricket watched; pets guy gave part  payment as a surprise; Prepared social media content and covering letter for renewals; took prints purchased marker, and pins; morning session fetched 10 data for flex; livwe functions read; again hope emerged;files in pen drive seen;idea of visiting cards and all other needs;shomeneeds t id;

markaer; paper clips;files in pen drives seen;


21st october 2015

21st october;2015;droppin Gta and meeting some of her family members ws the main event for the day; Dropped at Kirans shop and made use of net for really lonf time and R & D: 6  new ids; sulekha key words etc;
Night met pets guy in vain;Took back laptop; Big rock ad;fassos;et purchased for the day;gopaisa;posted famous hyd brands;

22nd october;2015;
whole day at home; whats app chat;
23 rd; october; at home whole day;

24th sat 2015; day; To Kiran and got party money; did some data work and returned home and watched bahubali;

21st october 2015; drpping gta to marriage;

On a call from gta got ready and reached narayanaguda; had tiffen at nandini  hotel and had rest at chikkadpally park read eenadu there;; then  headed to kachiguda and met gtas relatives Vinne; doctor; and others;  all is smooth but tiredness;  while travel idea of famous brands of hyderabad has emerged in mind;

 kirans office posted pending blog posts; mobile charging; while surfing seen sulekha keywords; New point here;

T ids of 1.starpetworld  366; 2.pioneerflex 6060  3.kiaradesigns 2370  4. hydflexprinting;
 took into fold ;
flex printing info on net read;
google id for hyderabadflexprinting; blogger id;

seen verified jdvf for flex printing; above 70plus;
some jdvf data loaded; stats checked;
data loaded for accupressure;
another 2 guys introduction there;


18th october 2015; sunday; hair color;

65 th day Hyd?
Managed to go to net at 3 pM; Ajay called; Lot of discussion at home; Aahmedally  t id  into fold;
2 hours net; Kirans video loaded; zomato rivews of ahobilam hotel seen;stats checked;telugu velugu read at home ; hair color had;Visiting cards segregated; Aruments about bad placement of leaflet; seen cricket and disappointed;
Chat with syam meri pruari;Read all techtricks;

19th october monday;
met ajay and his friend; left to field had good day with pumps collection and ; 2 other payouts went back home;had 2 ids into fold; Big head ache at home; many cell phone calls made;

20th october; 2015 tuesday;

Morning chainna told abt marriage news; very late to field work; laptop gave for formatting; No net day; mat watan; Car decorator; accupressure; took pics from pets guy had his commitment; new arial exposure at Miyapur;

17th october 2015;

best day after frames arrival missed field work; managed pending blog posts; had hair cut in the evening; had whatsapp chat; 2 t ids plus jdvf work continued; Soap incident needto be checked again; Seen mynellore and aj blog listings;


16th october 2015;

16th oct 2015;
Very late to field work; Took photo frames  and laptop this time; laptop needs formatting;Met kishore had his tip;Surprise success story saved for the day; return journey was ok this time;  Rx book purchased; met Mirror guy at chikkadpally;


13th oct; 2015 14 th october

tuesday? 13 th oct; 2015;

covered 3 places good income  ; income is ok;  loaded 2 entries;
  3 g activated; Few whats app contacts activated; Good area exposure again; New road exposure from narsingi had;

14 october 2015;
 Covered Moosapet; Suraram; surprise at Suraram;Kishore hats app saved;Met Kiran video seen;
 seen solution lifting web sire  and t id took;Broght pressed dress;
Visting cards segregated;
jdvf work continued;

15 th Octo 2015;
61 day at hyd; Gta arrived safe;Also got new leaflets; 3 new photo frames; visiting  cards;
Worked with ajay in ranigunj and very good market exposure and collected cards;New visiting card got ; took ajay data card for laptop;

12 TH OCTOBER 2015;

Lot of things went ahead today; Petrol problem in return journey to home very severe;
bright things for the day are met Ajay; Kiran; Did some of marketing calls;
 only promising call of the day is womans world;
wastage of Lodge bill;
3 g expired and suffered in field;


10th October 2015

10th october;
rx attended and small success but consolidatio poits had; Came back home ; Ajay ad gta have called;

9th october; Enquired with star pets code; the to narayaaguda; met rexie h;Burani bad reply;sro; dw success story;ight to movie rudrama devi;


8th october 2015; Thursday

I couldnt plan for field work due to gtas travel to tpt; Her Uncle came and spent much time and told many things; anyway i dropped gta at Lingamaplly rly stn and had new ariel exposure ; later 1 hour net exposure ahd good key word r & d ; many  top brands are on Twitter;
Morning Kiran called and told abt whatsaap marketing niche;

pintrest is also coming up;

9 th october; 2015; friday;
Late wake-up; Gta reached  safe;saturday rx books purchased; Called gta; Continued to collect data from field; Much wait at Chanda nagar;
5 lakh crore points hit; Continued data from field;


7th oct 2015'

Nothing in control again but still marched ahead; got metal cheq; and got clarified for adhesives; worthless Biryani at paradise;few other calls did without any hope; advocate gave money; collected data also; Tyre some journey; morning seen keywords print; gta reserved journey tickets;

The guy at metal house was smart;


tuesday 6 oct 2015;

52 nd day at Hyd; going cool still;

No noon indulgence; day went cool at home; No field work; added jdvf 30 plus; gta booked tickets to bhilai;; 2 t ids; kitchenbeyond;toolforu; thank god another cheq passed;electricity work further improved at home;
Boredom had to be faced;

4th oct 2015; on wards

4thoct 2015;
Worked in net for 2 sessions;twitter got strengthened fuether;Lot of top brands are vsuin twitter;12 ids are ready by evening;298 listings collected;Argements continued again;

5 th oct; 2015;
Pt failure ;sarees;success at begumpet; and kavadiguda; met ashirvad; Morning added few more whatsapp friends; data collection continued;


sunday 4 th october key words;

1.eicher 90 lakh;
2.dulux 57 lakh
3.oyorooms 25 lakh;
4.zo rooms 5 cr;
5.mayur pan house 2 40 000
6.niit 91 lakh
7.arena multimedia 54 lakh;
8.Daikin  1cr;
9.sun shine hospitals 5 cr;
10.olive mithai 91 000
11.louis philippe 76 lakh; trends 12 cr;
13.oxygen 17 cr;
14.bigcmobiles 1 47 000
15.bantia furnitures 11 600
16.vanaja rao 1 34 000
17.sri chaitanya 11 lakh;
18.ratnadeep  3 49 000
19.kalanajali 1 72 000
20.siyarams 3 lakh 3 cr
22.kotak 3 cr;
23.gkbopticals 172 000 21 cr
25.starbucks 14 cr;
26.kfc 6 cr;
27.subway 20 cr;
28.dmart 5 40 000
29.anil trading co 4 43 000
30.avakaya 93 000
31.jockeyindia 93 000
32.kajaria 4 lakh;
33.vijetha study circle 16 100
34.muthoot 5 37 000 4 cr;
36.bharat matrimony 7 42 000
37.e v rajaiah 2110;
38.vellanki foods 15 700
39.merhaba tyres 25 500
40.pyramid impex 5170
41.haldirams 3 81 000
42.hamstech 63 400
43.chermas 2 46 000
44.bigcmobiles 1 47 000
45.gkbopticals 1 73 000
46.parthadental 1 02000
47.drbatras 2 25 000
48.margadarsi 1 05000
49.priyafoods 18 400
50.kalanjali 1 72 000
51.morestore 17 00 000
52.prakasharts 8340
53.ashokleyland 10 70 000
54.grtjewels 68 300
55.meena jewellers 4 11 000
56.kissan 9 lakh;
57.santoor 5 32 000
58.garnier 5 cr;
59.modyford 28 500
60.mahendrapumps 12 300
61.hellosleepindia 121;
62.lakmesalon  3 80 000 coffee day 8 cr;
64.michelin 11 cr;

3rd october 2015 saturday;

No milk to home;Decided  to move to x roads and reached there much earlytook lodge and hadcomfortable stay and shave; after brief rest headed to bank to enquire but hick up there so headed to cybe cafe and did few things; on the way to to x roads noted some brands; did few calls and had one success story;
Some tention due to repeated ph calls;
venkateswara guy met there got introduced to one magazyne;