Sunday, January 12, 2020

great things to achieve in Life

great things to achieve in Life

Capture world with tech like google;
Mobile power;
Family Property  worth wifes salary Daughter  Kal;

Good Background score; Titanic; Sacrifising friends; family;
Movie makung; Titanic; Bahubali;

Dialigues like mahesh Babu;
Vilanism Dialogues Kalakeya:
Team work;
Liriques ; saamaja varagamana ; Dance;
Speech power;

Beauty Aishwarya  rai;

Cricket shots Virat; Rohit sharma;
Ussain bolt;
Political power kcr; Jagan;

Money for ads net ads kiran (indiamart)
Funding power zomato ; Swiggy;
Instagram app power; usage;

Guts daring decicions;
Youtube  channel power;

how to find traget audeinces
Look at your current customer base. ...
Check out your competition. ...
Analyze your product/service. ...
Choose specific demographics to target. ...
Consider the psychographics of your target. ...
Evaluate your decision. ...