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Review writing Social Media power Importance of web analytics

5 star Review and Social Media power
Head Office: 3-4-665  Narayanaguda  Hyderabad -44
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 Review writing   Social Media power  Importance of web analytics   

5 star Review and Social Media power

A positive review about your company  on Google will boost sales and  improves  SEO ranking on Google. There is no one better than your satisfied consumers to narrate your success stories. With as much as 70% of people relying on customer reviews before making a purchase,

88% of people read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.
72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business.
A customer is likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews.
Have a group of customers as your brand ambassadors,
5 star Review and Social Media power

These days the business marketing scene revolves around social media. No business is complete without its own Facebook and Twitter.
Twitter holds "the power of the people," the strongest tool towards building brand recognition and establishing a strong digital marketing campaign.Twitter is great spot for new users to build connections and the network .Twitter has gained tremendous popularity worldwide.Many companies are already using it to boost brand recognition and increase sales by driving traffic to their sites and stores.

The social media world is a world based around keywords and analytics, knowing how to work with them is truly the first step towards building a brand in the modern era.
By utilizing proper #hashtags that incorporate product names and brand names, a business can spread and track who is talking about their brand, as well as keep conversations about the brand interconnected, thus leading people back to the brands website for increased ROI.
Twitter allows businesses to appear trendy and up to date and reach those who are interested in their product. Utilizing Twitter in the digital era is a sound business practice that every business should incorporate.

The importance of social media in business is growing at warp speed.
71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if they have a positive experience with it on social media.

Facebook is biggest Social Media channel.  Facebook offers increased exposure to potential customers  and has 1.19 Billion active users.  You can reach  targeted audience with Facebook campaigns.

Youtube : Video has become an integral part of Internet users

YouTube is the home of the viral video, the term for a video that spreads quickly to a large audience on the Internet. Marketers can use other social media avenues, such as Facebook or Twitter, to direct consumers to YouTube videos as a way of trying to get the videos to catch fire with the public. Especially popular videos make it to the YouTube home page, further strengthening traffic.

For a young business, one of your key objectives is going to be acquiring both customers and exposure to potential customers, and Instagram is a great way to get started..

 Review writing   Social Media power  Importance of web analytics  

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Royal Industrial Corporation Adhesives and glue supplier in Ranigunj Secunderabad,

Royal Industrial Corporation Ranigunj

Adhesives and glue supplier in Secunderabad, Telangana    

 5-5-189/190/A, Batchu Sarojini Complex, Rani Gunj, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003

040 2780 5396

Adhesive Dealers
Silicon Sealant Dealers
Adhesive Wholesalers
Tape Dealers
Adhesive Dealers-Dendrite
Adhesive Tape Dealers-3M
Adhesive Dealers-Bondtite
Adhesive Dealers-Bostik
Imported Silicone Sealant Dealers-Wacker
Imported Silicone Sealant Dealers
Adhesive Dealers-Dow Corning
Resin Synthetic Adhesive
Lubricant Oil Dealers-Molykote
Adhesive Sealant Dealers
Gasket Adhesive Dealers
Rubber Adhesive Dealers
Adhesive Dealers-Fevicol
Building Adhesive Dealers
Adhesive Dealers-Loctite
Adhesive Tape Teflon
Adhesive Silicon
Self Adhesive Tape Dealers
Industrial Adhesive Dealers
Silicone Sealant Dealers
Silicone Sealant Dealers-Wacker
Bopp Tape Dealers
Adhesive Tape Dealers
Adhesive Dealers-Araldite
Adhesive Dealers-Pidilite
Lubricant Oil Dealers


Wednesday, December 05, 2018


CELL;  .M.ANAND MOHAN 92462 02877

3-5-1090/13, Narayanguda Road  , 
Narayanguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029


Saturday, December 01, 2018

December 2018


Nomudaram recd and thats historic one:Gta completed Gas issue:Morning met Praja Swaraj party guy:
Prints took from Cafe and also known about my Vote;
Did some field calls: 

Failure at Rx:
Many political party leaders twitter pressence known: Fruits to eat seen video: Twitter back cover; Posted Surya Terminal Nd edited Sri Balaji Bajrang video.;

Praja swaraj  Party

1st December Saturday: 2018

Spent entire day at Kattela party office many people got introduced there: Prasad  Eswaraiah sons met there:

By evening closed the campaign; Posted november 30th entire blog post from there; lot of time wasted; night called Seenaih;  Gaja: 
Morning whatssapp messges sent to friends but no response my own initiative paid me; 

2nd December Sunday 2018;


Near By home galli Idol

Fish shopping crab video posted; Pamogranite;Subbareddy SrScientifics call:

Posted Blog from Mobile;

Night house rent contribution pressure at home: Skipped Rx for the day: Visiting Cards marketing Idea has emerged: Posted Kattela Video: Scanned Telugu Velugu:

3rd December Monday 2018

originalvel recordbook
Originalvel Record Book

Butterfly luck
Rx record books of summer season  purchased: Escorted Gta to Gas and Bank and paid charges: Got part payout from Lotus Steel; Met Kattela in night got his commitment: Met Ashok in morning:   Only saved numbers get my messages delivered to whatsapp  broadcast list:  Some political party contesting candidates leaflets collected from field: morning prajaswarajparty twitter account  activated. Lotus part  payout got;

4th December  Tuesday 2018;

Once again Kattela failed; New Zeal Success story thanks Video  interview knowledge;

Rx payout took Sardarji failed; Lot of traffic in evening near by home; Morning read back 2018 Blog posts; 60 plus data collected from field then checked their standings  on google;
Nadaswram had 5 jdvf; kattela fb blocked; fb needs dob; Met kavya and got his commitmnt; Ram nagar area entries survey id; saree shops area;

5th December Wedday 2018:

Morning loaded New Zeal entry  and took hold of google maps of Balaji Bajrang Nd New Zeal: Morning few more entries collected from field: Voter slip recd from Ashok son his brother also got introduced hs running Matrimony.: One Flex order got: Met president of praja Swaraj had interaction chamchas over action;:

Call and discussion with Durga;

6th December Thursday 2018;

Smashing inform Horses

Manged to o some market calls; Sri Sai Mediacals google handle got; Hope by Noel;

Met watan Motors few more near by people;
Met kallu compound  printer;
Kiran met and had some more printing field knowledge; 
Venkatesh introduced;
Some more Data collected from field; 
Night scanned back entire Rx debut winners of 2017;
Forgot note book;
Nadaswaram JDVF collected and checked twitter handles;
Called Sureshvja; Seenaiah; Eye glass frame trouble and Gtas help;
Lunch missed;

7th December Friday 2018;

Voted and sent whatsapp; and had response for whatsapp voters day whatsapp broadcast message; Problem for Petrol and Tiffen is clearly known; Arranged water  & Barsi Ravva to home at night ; Severe body pains throught the day;

Got back lost  note book; Exit polls details known on TV9;
Kolkata and Hyderabad Rx books scanned;

8th December Saturday;

Morning Vaikuntaratham T id took; 
Evening met Sri sai medicals; Evening met kaavya; Bor guy;

Morning Flex desining work attended;  Evening met Gadwal saree shop; Krishna calle from Kadapa;  S,ashing current form is new  Point from Rx end; Called kasturi Gopala Krsihna party prisident; checked Visiting cards collected so far; More reviews of movie theatres and  restaurants seen thats a new knowledge; Asked near by xerox guy for flex; Tweeted and whatsapp msg sent;Data collection work from fild continue;

9th December Sunday 2018;

Prabhavati son Prasad called to attend gandla matrimony; Stomach trouble;

Huge expences day; Entered A/C laounge; enjoyed it;
During wait for Kavya took  prints from cyber cafe; 
Many consolidations from Rx end; Smashing form fetched;
At Mumbai debutant fav won and that has brought Biryani happiness to home;
Concentrate on SHPs;

10th December 2018  Monday;

  Organised prints and Blog posts; Morning took Gta to Manppuram manged to post request letters to Municipality  port and Pavan; Flex order failed   to fix due  to poor product knowlege from my nd on th bargain; Some Data collected from field;
Missed o back one debutant winner at Hyderabad;
Met laxmi Chandar supply co known about his brothers etc; met kaavya and Sri sai and activated google;
aternoon branding Moustache color work;

11th Decmber  Tuesday;2018;

Again to Baghlingam pally park collected some more data used google voice search; Pendinb blog posts managed; Keys ar very hard;

P.pavan kumar

16-3-44 Ramalingaouram near south rlt stn Brahmin street nellore 524002;

Ok most of the day spent at home watching election results and google standings; 

Theres lot of scope for videos;  Dropped gta: called Kishore;  called Manchala; Driving schools are spending money for jdvf:

12th December 2018;

Morning quick response had from Metro rail email; 

Evening met Bala krishna Kavay graphics; met Sri si Medicals; on the way back collected some Dta exposed to LEDS market; Morning tried Murali sanitary but felt energy delepted with much difficulty met Prakash nagr Sr  which is shifted to new area and came back;
Stomach trouble disturbed the day;
Night election results prints took.

13th Dec Thursday 2018:

Attended Kaavya gruhapravesham; Attended Rx failed back winning chance at  Mumbai : Met Sri sai; Byke mart; Seen King koti area; took election prints; 

14th December Friday 2018;

Bad weather cool day throught; Bangalore Rx attnded theres no money in backing favrites in Tote; Money is there on Tanlas; After rx Got Sri sai Payout; Met Aditya syudio; Matam restaurant then prints from Cyber cafe; activated;

15th December 2018 Saturday;

 BangaloreRx dint attend due to calls; Acu Begumbazaar payout got; night called Nrn; Few more prints took from cafe; Met prajaswaraj party president and another person;

16th Dec sunday 2018; 

Muta Gopal  winning rally attended at  night; Prasad called: Attended Mumbai rx;

17th December 2018 Monday;

Chillin morning; Call from president PSP and met him had deliverations on jaybc; At rx new point from Corfe Castle got; Pavan called: Night few more prints of politics took from near by cafe;  New confidence gained again;

18th December Tuesday 2018;

No field work due to cool atmosphere; Big work of the day is retrieved 46JDVF entries; Night took some political printouts from Narayanaguda cyber cafe;

19th December Wedday 2018;

17seconds meditation video gave confidence: Top winning jockeys wins analtsed:  Rx failure again; Yet managed field work met Murali Sanitary; Chennai Steels; Afternoon retrieved data of jdvf and also took political data prints; tried Musheerabad entrance and had Tea in Caotain cook hotel;  Found velcasystems; night known about most of India winninig  local political parties;

20th December Thursday 2018;

1.Md Ali poor response;

2.Tools shop was too busy; 3.Met Dominion tools; 4.Closed Adesive;  5.Met one readymade garmnts shop;  6.maggm shop; 7. Supreme pnematics; 8. Fashion mall; 9. Arihant; 10.Electtrical shop;
Morning sent many sms mesages but no use?

21st Dec Fri 2018:

Dint work in field but seen collected data of JDVf on hand; Scanned  AP election  prints on hand; Worst upset in Mumbai Roberta failed;  Continued messages; Failure of Dose and Punugu?

Forgot to take eye glass for net prints: Money withdrwan: Dropped Gta; Call recd from Bhawar; Kasturi:  Checked some of current google standings:
Added Murtuza to Whatsapp list: 500 Gyms  and 100 Bearing dealers are listed in jd: PS Chouhan Hattrick at Kilkata:

22nd Dec Satday 2018;

Entireday spent with Jaibc conference many dynamics understood

23rd Dec Sunday 2018;

winning connections in horse racing

Had Upma near Shankar mut; Attended Rx of Mumbai and Hyd days new points are heavy weight and same riders mounts are winning but as firm favtites;  Not to miss Tnala payouts Few more political prints took;

24th December 2017; Monday;

After dropping gta withdrawn cash from SBI and took New debit card; Applied for savngs bank Debit card; From Home continued sending sms activated Airtel pck for SMS; finally started Royal Ind work;

After  brief rest worked at ranigunj many streets shop locations written on note book; Met Domunion; Lepakshi; Many landmark buildings and streets identified: Hope got from old blocked t ids at Ranigunj

25 Dec Christmas day  Tuesday 2018  

Morning to Baghlingampally park enroute collected some data:

SMS dint work: Trouble with mobile charging: Sent many whatsapp requests to known ppl response yet to be seen; Called Ameen and told a out  Ganesha Electricals payout:
Important develooment of the day is checked review status for many locations; 
Evening again collected data from field and also checked review status; Evening met  Sri Sai Arihant Agencies: Tools and Spares corp: Morning met Curry point: Took good prints of political crorepatis list 500 of them are with me now: Read back some of my own reviews of thise eye hospitals; Oressure at home for high income:

26th Dec We day 2018;

Dys calls; 
1.Bright digitals;
2.Kaavya; pics loaded;
4.Next to manchla;
5. Mobile shop nr by;
6.Couriered to Amen;
7.Called Pavan; Anurag;
8. Near by gift hop;
9. naga valli sarees Swamy;

Twitter ids prints took ; and Review new content prepared and prints took;

Way to share with;
Fresh data 50; rerieved g oogle review standngs;
Fresh data written on note book;

27th Dec Thursday 2018;

Morning confidence gained after reading new mailer;
Morning wirh confidence met sarees shop guys had good hope: gifts shop closed for the day his political circles known: Collected some more data and also seen their review status; 
Night took many political prints: google maps msg set up known:

28th dec; friday 2018:

Morning spent very long time woth old google acounts and  checked reviews etc later data collectiin tetrieval wlrk contd;Problem again:
 Met sri Mahavir and activated their glkgle ac; jinish; Kiran met but busy; Sime reviews posted: Follow up with Ameen did;

29th Dec: sat day 2018; 

 3 payourt got for the day; Gifts; New Zeal; Arihant: Huge data collected again during 30 minutes break; At nlr Pavan alzo collected 2 payouts; Thankfully sbi denit card pin work got completed: Morning read nice article on how to write review;

30th dec sunday 2018: 

Fish shopping did met narayanaguda galli guys: Poor Tiffen stomach trouble thats it: Took rest in home; Pavan trasfered amount:

31st dec monday 2018;

Wishes recd from Kalyans father;

Morning collected data from Tilak rd;Abiss later retrieved few of theur standings; Dec 2018 income analysed;  Kamals bawa Srinivas fathers death coverage read; called cheg; 134 entries collected from field: Some election prinrs also took new point is Telangana 2018 contestants properties updated by myneta: 

Met mudupu

Seen standard trading
Mayur pan card collected:
New day dyeing

Called kadtuti;

Mohan Rao; new  hope recd;
Dr;satya narayana;;

Seen back blog posts for few years;

Ameen called;

new years preparations arranged at home;

Biryani soft drink;