Tuesday, June 01, 2021

June 2021

1st june Tuesday 2021;

Bujji called; Met mibile huy at koti;

Objection in whatsapp group;

2nd june Wedday 2021;

Ghadbad but i remained cool this time: Tin Tin abulation recovery; Maplenesa; Snow Scape known; Further digged down  Rx owners data;

Cash on delivery option tieup and face shield indiamart enquiries had;

Special package issues for Ap tv9 discussion  known;

No enquiry for Pulse oxi meter even after 125 people watching it;

Samo did a nonsense:

Koti face shield guy flopped again; 

How i managed things with others analysed; 

3rd june thursday 2021;

You need to have huge capital to business; Further diggered into Rx performances; Kadapa guy called;

Told Ranigunj guy not coming;

RUTHUBHOOMI  Madhu called Anandaiah show seen Big debate at TV9;

Lost temper at Pandu;

That Daily "spiceup" knowkedge with Ranigunj guy; 

Brought 2 sets of needles;

Bharath replied for face shield;

Coral Caables  Deccan Chronicke ownersjop known;  S pathy Laxmi Mills;

4th June Friday 2021;

Double failure S Manglorkar 

 " Win forlove" known; Roti machines cant be available for some time is big jolting news;

Brought smartshields and soldout; 

Amazon and Flipkart competition is evident;

Trouser irritation alarming; losing temper on Gta due to negligence of food over usage of Mobile;

Samosa allari nonsense;

Call from Balaiah recd;

5th june Saturday 2021;

Known about coolmore stud; Dubai and UAR kinng and his stud farm and Horses; Brave Dancer runs seen;

Managed courier to Kishore  new offer from him  courier charge looked to be costly; Another model of  shield is  available now; pain of neibours and arguments and leg pain?

6th june Sunday 2021; 

New stock of shield arrived but dint impress; Brought mango;

Known more about British famous stud farms; Called Foxy;  purchased Ofloxacin;

Finetuned whatsapp intimate friends Broadcast;

7th june Monday 2021;

Lockdown further going to relax;

Got up very late: Horribly lost temper at home; Ajay called; Srikanth took faceshield;

8th june Tuesday 2021;

My power statistics; Madhus Vivekananda inspiration recd has further consolidated;

As per owner Bhaskars guidance 

went near to Sundarayya park and registered for vaccination,

Japan racing 21000 races in a year;

9th june wedday 2021;

Had Vomittings in morning;

Had Vaccination but long standing had discomfort later; Foxy family returned from trip but were silent throught the day; paid for Vaccination;

Leg wound further healed up; 

2nd world war Japan destruction known;

10th june thursday 2021;

Spent nice time with children;

Spiceup the the friendship eachday

; Rates of Tiffen during 1965 known;

11th june Friday 2021;

Night stomach trouble; Some khoj did on old civilization; Gra went to Shailoo home;

Incoming calls continued;

Known about value of   "Artefacts"

Naga subbaiah Raji call dint attend;

12th june Sat day  2021;

Stomach trouble in morning managed;

Why that huy voleti called?

Ajay still dint turn up;

Eyes were dimmingup in evening;

Walked and brought  Puri; Brought Milk&Curd Neibourhood boy allari; Samee gave Dal  with that managed lunch;

Brought Mangoes; Tomato pickle; 

 Chips; Nail Cutter; Papaya;

Known about Holy Roman emperor (ireland  ) and coolmore stud;

Kentuky derby records from 1900 records available;

Studfarms in Indian states info known Ex Manjri; maharastra state;

Depression continued being alone Ajay still dint turnup; Incomi g calls continued but no use;

How i could have manupulated demand of jowar roti making machine?

Nail cutter purchased; Had Shaving;

13th June   Sunday 2021;

Spent time with Kishore but had a fall from Scooter had Biryani; Prahlad called in night surprisingly; Rejected gta calls;

14th june 2021 Monday; 

Rx R&D continued added one nice point that is starting position of a horse: Gra arrived back change seen in her attitude; One lady  Us call was promising for Roti machine saved her whatsapp mumber; poxys calls and messages; Heavy hunger pangs in morning and Vomitting;

Many Religions  startings plus Qutub minar; Taj Mahal starting dates known;

Some kind of uneasy and unable walk felt shivering; Brought parcel Chicken curry but flopped: Bought dressing pads rs 160;

Weakness and hunger pangs;

Qutub minar 1100AD; Chittoor fort has 700 acres land; Etela Rajender joined BJP coverage seen;

In Rx Exclusive Virtue stats added;

D Khaitans owned horses like Romantic Dancer and Psychuc flame known;

Insecurity continued  as money further draining out; wound dressing did by gta by night;  Bhaskars help milk and neibiurs silence ignited; Hostel guys vacated is a good relief:

Not posted whatsapp message for the day;

Few inventions

Fire 4 lakh years

Bacteria 400 million

Art 70 000 bc

Adhesives 70 000 

Flute 43 000 years

Needle 60 000 years

Fishing 40 000

Clay 14000 bc

Farming  11 500 bc

Domestication of Animals  10 Bc

Bronze age 4000 bc

Copper 10 bc

Roads 10 000 bc

Wine 8500 BC

Shoe 8000 BC

Bread 8000 bc

Hat 3200 bc

Handbag 5000 years

Wigs 2700 bc

Bangles 2600 bc

Pickle 2000 bc

Pillow 7000 bc

Lock and key  6000 BC

Kolam 5000 years

Wood 7000 years

Dance 9000 years

Tooth paste 5000 

Bed 1400 bc

Knife 4000

Carpentry 4000 bc

Silk 40050

Wheel 3500 BC

Indus valley civilization 3300

Deainage ststem 3300 

Cotton 3000 bc

Kite 3000

Coal 3000

Perfumes 3300 bc

Stone age 3300 bc

Copper 3000 bc

Shirt 3000

Ink 4500

Hammer very old

Purse 5000 years

Comb 5500 bc

Chair 3100 bc

Bricks 3000 bc

Saree or Drape 2800 bc

Tea 2737

Glass 2500 Bc

Pyramids 2500 bc

Honey 2100 bc

Sword 1600 bc

Ship 1500 BC

Gold 1500 bc

Spoon 1000 bc

Coins 600 bc

Water purifier 500 BC

Astrology 300 bc

Hand kerchief 1000 

Commide 1000 years

Paper napkin 2nd century

Chocolate  4000 years

Lipstic 5000 years

Towel 1400

Helmet 900 bc

Ayurveda 800 bc

Physiotherapy 460 Bc

Waterpump 200 bc

Carpets 5 bc

Sugar 100 ad

Sculpture 3rd century

Tirumala temple 300 Ad

Diamonds 4th cenrury

Hospitals 4th Century

Book 600 ad

Razor 6th

Coffins 7th century

Ice cream 900 

Cigarette 9th century

Lungi 10 th century

1000 pillar temple 1100

Qutub minar  1199

Eye glass 1300

Buttons 13th century

Bucket 13th 

Ontimitta 1356

Playing cards 1400

Horse racing 1400

Nut and bolts 1400

Annamacharya 1408

Printing 1440

Columbus 1451

Syringe 1497

Violin 1500

Screw driver 1500

Kung fu 1500

Nistrodamus 1503

Srikalahasti 1516

Vascodegama 1524

Chess 1590

Pencil 1564

Galeleo 1564

News paper 1566

Char minar 1591

Toilet flush 1598

Visiting cards 15th century

Ads 1600

Pamplets 16th century

Salon 1600

Gardening 1600

Hotel 1600

Shares 1602

Gun 1608

Taj Mahal 1638

Bramham garu 1608

Pistol 1600

Newton 1643

Bar 1650

Injection 1650

Bus 1662

Soft drinks 1676

Sofa 1690

Oxygen 1700

Valve 1705

Thermometer 1709

Wrist watch 1702

Tumbler 1746

Tippu Sultan  1750

Restaurant 1765

Rhyafaeaja 1767

Erazer 1770

Usa 1776

Madras Race club 1777

Bearings 1794

Vaccine 1796

Battery 1800

Doormats 1800

Pulleys 1802

Morphine 1803

Stethascope 1816

Graphology 1806

Computer 1820

Train 1804

Byke 1817

Transport 1820

Tripod 1820

Electricity 1821

Raincoat 1824

Binoculars 1825

Aluminium 1825

Pen 1827

Photography 1830

Hoardings 1830

NObel 1833

Times group 1838

Tyre 1839

Camera lens 1839

Drilling 1840

Anasthesia 1847

Welding 1881

Ceiling fan 1882

Congress 1885

Virus 1898

Tube 1945

Pfizer 1849

Steel  1850

Train 1853

1858  to 1947 British Rule in India

Petrol 1859

Indian currency 1861

Washing Machine 1862

Typewriter 1865

Tata 1868

Gandhi 1869

The Hindu 1878

Ballpoint pen 1888

Cinema 1894

Nail cutter 1875

Castors 1876

Bulb 1880

Electrical switches 1884

Car 1886

Movie 1895

Note book 1888

Water Heater 1889;

Slate 1894

Olympics 1896

Tirchlight 1899

Modern Furniture 1900

Broom 1900

Tap 19th century

Incence sticks 1900

Air conditioner 1902

Flight 1903

Plastic 1907

Facemask 1910

Hollywood 1910

Coocking gas 1912

Stainless steel 1913

Refregerator 1913

1914 to 1918 first workd war

Karate 1920

Telugu film industry 1921

Ntr; Anr 1923

Rahanala 1925

Radio 1927

Advani 1827

Bbc 1922

Kosaraju 1905

Ghantasala 1922

Majlis 1927

Milkha Singh 1929

Aluminium ladder 1930

Bollywood 1930

Zaminryot 1930

Bath soap 1935

Cipla 1935

Ramoji 1936

Rayban 1936

Raja babu 1937

Tooth brush  1938

Atom bomb 1938; nuke 1945

Sp Balu 1946

Helicopter 1939

Antibiotic 1942

Joe Baiden 1942

Detergent 1946

Water Bottle 1947

Arnold swarneggar 1947

Hair dye 1947

Venkauah naidu  49

Modi 1950

Chandra babu Naidu 1950

Rajnikanth 1950

Rajnath singh 1951

Jet 1953

Head Shampoo 1954

Kcr 1954

Bill gates 1955

Vijay mallya 1955

Space e

Travel 1957

Atm 1960

Ibuprofen 1961

Ranbaxy 1961

Leds 1962

Electrical wires 1965

K.V.Ramana 1965

Clindamy 1966

Ali 1967

Video 1970

Glucometer 1970

Paracetamol  1970

Squanderer 1969

Secretariat Horse 1970

Y s jagan 1972

Aidmk 1972

Diclofenac 1973

Eenadu 1974

Bear Grills 1974

Atenolol 1975

Mobile 1979

Omeprazole 1979

BJP 1980; 

My SSC; Hyderabad;1980

Laptop 1981

Insulin 1982

Tdp 1982

Color Tv  1982:  

1982;my intermeduate studies;

Selfie stic 1983

Lokesh babu 1983

Internet 1983

Etv 1984

Reddy labs 1984; 

 fathers death; 1985

 Singapore visit 1985

Suraj Narredu 1985

Discovery channel 1985

Chairanya Chakram 1986

Ciorofloxacin 1987

Discovery channel 1985

 Exhilaration 1991

Max India; 1992;

Amazon 1994

Smart phone 1994

Elusive Pimpernal 1995

Indiamart; justdial 1996

Akshay kumar 1997

Titanic movie 1997;

Pen drive 1998

Google 1998;

Alibaba 1999

Nelloretimes 2000

Trs 2001

Adler 2002

Nelloreone paper; 2003;

Facebook 2004

Mystical 2004

Tv9 2004

Youtube 2005

Vetuku  2005;

Twitter 2006

Oasis Star 2006

Flipkart 2007

Ntv 2007

Tv5 2007

Android 2008

Zomato 2008

Sakshi 2008

Whatsapp 2009

Paytm 2009

Instagram 2010;  gta joined;

Ysrcp 2011; 

lekhari expansion work;

Byzus 2011

Aam admi party 2012


In the spot light; 2012

Pen media forum 2013;

Phonepay 2014

Swiggy 2014

Bahubali  movie 2015

Ruffina 2015

Googlepay 2015

Janasena 2014; tpt; Hyd; googkemaps consolidation;

Licious 2015; Tpt; 

google maps consolidation;

Desert god 2016

Lekhari.com 2017

2016, Tpt

2017 ; Tpt;

Prime9rv ; 2018

2018; Shift to Hyd ; Chimp trouble;

Desparado 2019

2019; Adikmet house death of gta bro; Corona;

Digital marketing  2020 consoludation; lockdown income loss sabotage;

War Hammer, 2020

2021 ;  Immortality; owners data; world Rx; Rx consolidation,

Cool Rider 2021

Family support;

Music apps;

Sale of Rt machines; 

leg Finger amputation;

corona lockdown;

Gollapalli house initiation and construction started;

Rx knowkedge start to finishers;

Gollpally; lekhari  re design; Nt renewal; online coaching idea began; texm of reporters idea;

Online sales idea;


Ramoji 84;

Biden 78

Modi 70; 

Venkaiah Naidu 71

Chandra babu naidu 71 ;

Eajnath singh 69

KCR 67  ;

Bill gates 65;

Mallya 65

Jeff Bezos; 57

Pawan kalyan 49;

Jagan 48;

Larry page 48;

KTr: 44;

Lokesh babu  38

Suraj narredu  36

Zuckerburg 37

Akshay kumay 27

15th june Tuesday 2021;

Thank God Sugar levels are normal

; Throughout the day retrieved dates of many things and tools invention dates; Kept busy all the way; Many calls received again;

Chewing Betelnut is Carcinogenic and decided to quit;

24000 worldwide flights; 16 800 light houses;

16th wedday june 2021;

Ameruca is a rich country: Continued inventions  R&D work;

Tv9 debate with Duvvuri SubbaRao ex RBI Governor;

Incoming calls continued;

17th Thursday june 2021;

With Dharmaiah chat  known that Trains are still running;

Teased Foxy for Chocolate; I consoludated Nt renewal and developed lekhari during my Tirupati vusit; Someone cried outside shoutings;

Insulin  syrenges purchased  my walking  seems to be much improved now; Seen videos of Rx of starting positions; Horses like Elusive pimpernal, Black pearl, Sir Cecil  can win from any point;  

Continued R&D  on inventions  added many listings; suddered from  back pain; Surprising chat of Gaming sites with Hemanth at evening: 

Incoming calls continued; To be careful about Joker trojan Software;

Lot of knowkedge gained with inventions work; Called Chengamma news of Kokkanti unwasy; Narsimhulu; Dharma; Srikanth jowar roti guy responded positively;

With Eenadu purchased 2 of panimanushulu numbers saved and sent them messages read paper eith use of magnifing lense; 

Bhaskar wished good morning set Ganneru tree and pipe hangings; Arranged  freedom oil, Eggs to home and paid to Srikanth and he opens at 8 AM; New knowledge Good money can be made with online coaching to work on this concept;

Wished Bujji  and Gandla group members but no response;

Retrieved 2 old mailers from Gta  wharsapp old messages known that i did lot of work in past relating to promotion of Digital marketing; jana responded to whatsapp message about domain name; There are thousands of Trains in India from thousands of stations; Gra did dressing; Stopped wating Rajni gandha; gra had to walk  outside to bring vegetables;

Lockdown may be relaxed from 20th of june;

18th june Friday 2021;

Felt quite uneasy to get up in morning; posted online coaching idea:

Latest hope finders;

* With one rx  mount or   (one business chance) i must  settledown in life;

* Teaching online (Tutor) is one of fastest money making business to tryout; 

Catch big brands for Digital Marketing;

Target huge money; Recruit big  team pls;

*Selling goods online: huge sales not possible;

* Starting position of Race horse is new knowledge;

*  To Build trust;

* Owners and chronology of Rx events yearwise etc  indianstudbook help;

* Gollapally property hope;

* Wound and lock down clearance;

* lekhari design improved;  nelloretimes.com renewd again launching hope;

*whatsapp 6k data daily 100 plus visits ;

* Online betting  hope target  Huge money;

* History dates knowledge;

Past Miracles

Coming to Hyderabad;  Completion of Education  Degree; languages English; Hindi; Human relationship techniques learnt from Books; Sales techniques; Internet power on hand with Seo;   mobile Blogging; Adwords and insta paid ads; Eenadu ads power; youtube power mobile power with 4g jio;

Apps power; byke; Content power;

Blog writing; press card power; 

Tv9 Rajnikanth confidence;

Military; Athletics exposure;  Singapore visit; Brothers help during ttoubles;

Max job later as manager then to Real estates; 

Internet venture  then press entry; idols business; 

Big chance was rx bookmaking licence in Bangalore;

Digital Marketing knowledge consoludation; Gta and  golden senorita; press team; lekhari.com 

Unwxpected Roti maker sales;

Capital on hand;

Current setbacks;

Byke; Amputation; poor capital on hand;


checked Sugar levels; 25 k can be made as care taker argument with Gta;;