Wednesday, July 01, 2015

June 2015

Sunday post;
All dailies scanned;5 more g plus activations; other distyiicts sunday prints took thanks to cyber cafe;

29th june 2015; monday post;

Byke started miss behaving ; met alankruta;DW ramu code and respect had; call from srivari; missed work and net;detailed to gta few things as how they are happening; posted 3 cards;bad weather continued;sridhar met at jolly;

30th june;;

With gtas funding got vehicle battery problem solved;12 plus g activations for the day;met syam amama at night;managed 10 field calls;had to leave from vooka place due to shouts of neibours; g plus codes touched 157;bekar chiken pakoda at night;bad weather continued;balaji coper guy said received g letter;seen venkateswara fishes;l 2 closings for the day;

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2015

25th june onwards

25th june 2015;
Met ac world;dr sen; good response at buy n save;silpa;excide battery;took i care opticals letter; bad weather again at home and ac;2 more activations;

26th june 2015;
bad weather continued;one saree shop and al;ankruta closed good knowledge abt saree field; smart phone hrd technology;3 g activations for the day; 40 postal cards purchased; prints of marriage decoratos took; 2 hours  net consolidation works;slept long;spet 2014 prints took;met balaji copiuer brother;evening hunger pangs;avanthi seeds story;

27th saturday;
Body paints continued late wakeup continued;on janas request collected cheque and gave him;2 months 2014 blog prints took at nioght; 6 g plus activations for the day achieved; 1 closing did;called syam;

23 june 2015

Unable to work for long  anyway work fetched 3 g plus codes; morning labnol tips; met syam and his mama at night; sept 2014 month prints took;call from ixigo; bad wether;  no fresh activations or closings; irritation at night ; mouse misbehavior;

24th june 2015

handsome day with 7 codes collection and later activations; one closing; new point of cmera hdr;bad weather at evening triggered a/c;printouts of gangaaram web site took; night sleep disturbance had;

21st june 2015 sundY POST

21ST JUNE 2015; sunday;

morning quickly arranged new water bottle;2 new t ids created for the day.3 new g plus activations nds prints.Tweeted comprehensively;organised g plus letters on hand category wise;seen yoga;quickly read back 2 months blog ;had nice discussion with jana at night seen bhavana;
in line for hatrick; consultation;(hair cut,Color mouche)
2.New banians; places to expand;
4.Team raising ads;
5.pages for lekhari;
7.banians; repair.
9.byke repir seat cover;

22nd june 2015 post;
Morning at home 10 years of statcounter stats analysed;
very late to field work still then 7 codes collected later activated all of them and organised them; due to heat had to use a/c at home at afternoon; gta service; phone calls tirupati Womens world;balaji copiuer servbices; closed GDS;night session 4 gplus activatiopns did; Days income left with 800 surpuls; night songs priya bhashanam and flute on paaduthaa teeyagaa programme enjoyed;

SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2015

20th June 2015, saturday

Night fetched 2 payments; seen yoga episode on discovery; 43 codes to collect at tpt;morning back support and foot  pad purchased; posted 2 days pending blogs;  10 g plus editings did; whats spare each day to count on has emerged(migulu).

Sangeetha mobiles  has 350 stores;2 months 2014 blog prints took; growth stoppers identified; team is must now;viccolabs is mine; ksv called; tweeted ;met silpa;smart ph bis behavoior;pics posted; new hope again from g pics prints analysys;

18th june 2015

18th june 2015;
closed gangaaram; had to wait long time near RKN so organised many things; met fishes guy on return ;seen one oil shop on return and cosmetics; super market; 3 more files;4 refils;met gunnaiah; enq for themobilestore; kamdhenu activated;bloggingtips prints took;

19th june 2015;
 another lucky day night closed 1 and got commitment for another;met jana at morning; call from RKN at night;one letter got;interesting discussion from idealstills;
16TH JUNE 2015;
overnight sleep disturbance took toll on body  so suffered with pains so late to field work and close lucky entry ayyapa for the day;other calls include siri super market;sea food; arguments at home; 4 more g plus activations for the day;Night met jna; few more prints took;

17TH JUNE 2015;

14th june 2015 saturday;

Sunday suffered with heat and power cut; scanned 4 dailies;points reached 400 cr marker;luckey hope for the day is gangaarams guy chandra sekhar commitment; cash reseves fallen again;Counted g plus letters on hand to be 37; activated another 4 g plus; data prints of t live to be 480;

 few more files organised at home; found back data cable of smart phone; night a/c at home; paihoteks t id is mine; estartupawards also grabbed; bachala rju is on g maps;sapthagiri; morning arial survey at korlagunta and nadamuni street; huge staff and team idea;took pic of locked byke;tweeted;

12 th June 2015 post

12th june 2015;
luckey payout at one school;3 new files added o network plus note book;Byke chain sound problem solved; pending 3 days blog posts completed;8 field calls did;3 dailies; 3 g plus activations;Some prints also took;saanubhuti;udriktata;digbranthi;

7561 lekhari solved;mypulasr t print took;mdequipments t id in to fold; gplus; lakshmi kalyana mandapam; srinivasa sewing machines;Raunaq;

13th june post 2015;
managalam area survey; identified 3 school digi teaching known; one schools portal known; later took prints and filed them; 3 more files purchased; luckey payment again from sri vari hardwares slow net connection there; commitment has from idealstills google maps photo story known;

33000 people working for flipkart;bahubali release; Took gtas help in night;pending blogs posted; met jana at night;
3 more g plus activations for the day morning doctor;southern spice;lahari mobiles; 3 postal mailers came back;neibours vacated house seen thet house;bad dream and kickings;

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015

9th june 2014;

3 g plus activations and blog prints took; smart phone missbehaviour; janas analysys on twitter clones;naidus reccomendation and Dw payment;

10th june 2015;
Hotel agarala;RKNs cheque got;ph studio;Syam and stock point; 8 field calls did; eve byke tube need to be changed so all the earned money gone; Met Syam and resolved issue;

11th June; 2015;
varada burada key worrds; night 13 g plus activations did;no call from syam?eye glass molatradu; Doctors consultation;Jds help for door numbers; volvo car for 36 lakhs;prints of visiting cards on hand took;

 6th june 2015;
13 field calls did;seen Titanic;points crossed 200 cr mark; flash quick  g plus pls;

7th june 2015;
BEING even Sunday managed 10 plus g activations; Mor rejection at cafe plus prints; jans call taxi key words known; SCANNED 4 dailies; FILES RE ORGANISED AT HOme; telugu velugu purchased;ready to strike names listred out; readback tpt blog again;

8th June2015;

Problem facedd ue to nocurrency on mobile; NIGHT DISTURBED SLEEP; Political ghadbad;Roasting work and  3 success  stories; No net day;  4more hopes have emerged;syam connected again; calls from  Ro; RKN;

4th and 5th june 2015 posts;

FINAL LAP AT NIGHT 2 RATS STORY;WITH JANAS HELP KEPT video content in; 3 more gplus letters collected; jan feb blog prints work completed;20 plus stamps and 50 covers purchased;managed 10 calls in field;plus data; paid dish charges to gta;syam missed;ramojis call recd;banaian guys offer had; ratan tatas funding news;billinaires attitude; 2200/- is deducted from current account;;

5 th june;
 Another luckey closing of document writer saved for the day; bad weather day; managed  post 10 more postal mailers;organised prints on hand at morning; had word with syam; called Ev murali;

main mile stones in ones life

1.good schooling;
2.good family and enough parenting;
3.nice friends and sports; extra curricular activities;
4. participation festivals etc; background;
Job and marriage; and required things for good life; such as; house hold things; Tv; byke; furniture; smart phone; abharans; dress skills; fashion; children;all other posessions;health;a/c;camera; pets; rden etc;
Travel; faith;Yatra;savings; property;
Credibilty in market; loans;


1ST JUNE 2015 onwards

1st june 2015;

A feeler of i can convince them now has emerged; morning met RKN and had nice discussion; losed one studio;Distubing calls from durga; money crunch again heaDING;  milestones in life created; met jana at his office; ramojis annoying callk recd;

2 nd june 2015;
 Again 1 entry closed; at night session did more than 15 g plus activations and also took many prints; owners came back home;morning continued mailers now close to 100 mailers completed; In field 10 calls and 5 data managed; known abt hotspot mobiles locations;

3 rd june 2015;

morning took long time in organising prints with gtas help so work got dtubed;  only call of the day is sonovision photo coverage work;night loaded sonovision; Atfernoon met syam and helped him with bank work;