Tuesday, July 01, 2014

rinas birth day 30th june

June 2014

30th June post

Current standing work is fast reaching 1k; Again got a tremoundous boost with 11 k alexa ranks; managed to load 4 videos today thanks to cafe; retrived lot of CS at home and cafe; Mouse problem at cafe; Refils problem managed; Edited corporates page took print; Data and pics collection work continued;

MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014

29th June sunday post

Had to shuttle to load videos of saturday but failed managed to load pics only; At one cybercafe youtube and twitters were blocked; At Rx bouncers continued;; New points were fillys are inconsistant and on a debue run solid preparation and backing is must; Alexa india ranks improved by another 5k;

Neibour RK vacated; Hope for the day is enquiry from kirtilals id;tweeted and seen soccer match;


Visited Temple and read namavali;

work did at abids area seen new galli took 2 videos;Top keywords again selected; few more category posts to blog;few blog ids reserved; written all entries to note book; Missed to load videos due to sleep; Few more shops dta collected from field; Small success at RX;
night seen brazil chile match;
lot of swaet and uneasy at afternoon due to power cut;

27th June friday post:

After yagna work finally arrived at below 1 lakh ranks for india alexa  this is real boost after years of work and patience  to build on this boon soon;morning seen prints of recent past including recent write up of importance of google and youtube videos. Despite hair cut work managed for the day.

Continued field work at badi chowdi and Koti; Entire optical shops data at gujarati bhojana lai galli collected; closed One; pink shoe and bags shop; matching centre hope;
later loaded movie from cafe;

Hyderabad irani cafe pics work began posted 2 of them; hyderabadi irani cafes are very pastime joints for youngters and the people without any jobs, no one will ask how much time you sit there;
Very long time spent with CS work for the day; Soon i may touch 1k listings; positives visiting cards seperated ;

26th June thursday 2014 post

Real enjoyment came at Night MEK show Idea of running a contest has emerged; had bawarchi biryani; shopping did at deepa namkeens shop;
days ids were sriaakarshan,kg freshdates,
 Cs work continued throught the day;
Night took help of GTA on pencil ruler work;
# new movies into fold; prints took from cafe;

neibour RK told of vacating house; chandra sekhar naidus call replied by evening; Jamoon video and suns effect known;

25th june wednesday 2014

Morning seen ad in news paper about a launch of a saree showroom so got ready quickly and attended it; On the way back did few calls and closed one; Came home and continued CS work for very long time; After getting gta from office again went to cyber cafe to load videos after brief wait there loaded entries and came back and retires;
nampally entries checked at home;

om simran exclusive saree show room in banjara hills hyderabad

Huge collection on show room

om simran exclusive saree show room banjara hiils hyderabad

Om Simran Exclusive
We Deal in Designers sarees,Designer Blouses,Fabric,Saree borders,Designer Half Sarees.
We Undertake All types of embroidery works.
8-2-289/7/2 Opp Old mount Banjara High School,Asha hospital lane,Road no 14.banjara hills.hyderabad.
Estd 1990
10-3- am to 9.30 PM
Contact Person Sneha lata Agarwal cell; 9949288884,9703841036,9246272414

25th June wednestday;post;

Again arguments at home for waste no support at all all is criticism soon i may get decide to avoid my progress god will help me land in good corners;

Rina wears her sisters dress worn out and poor look dress counts a picture is worth 100o words;; no rush at days inaguration shop at jubileehills is a very big surprise; Way back closed one whole seller of  cloth and sarees and had feed back from battery guy there are 4000 shops out there needs quick attention;  Also dis few more calls there; Current standings work continued;

Took video of antique vendor of furniture;

24 th june ;Tuesday
even after powrfailure many things could be achived take care of cafe; Neibouring lady murmers;
success came from suraram,Musapet; plus 56  data colcted from Nampally area seen hotels listings of 350 plus on google;
Water  SoapRice  arranged; on the way cutlet; Chengaiah met late night but his low voice is big question mark;suresh Vja called;

i got up as usual but Gta had some problem and slept till almost 9 am some thing must be wrong; iam almost losing hopes on this needs verification anyway;

ET gave good information about twitter and viral pics;to catch e come companies and join them on social media front;

ariel data collection work continued for napally and others; New info about Hotels at google  about 370 hotels known; night powercut problem but later took prints and did lot of prints and Current standings data;

Quickly arranged water, Scanned Dictionary during power cut gained good knowledge; importance of google reviews and ratings known later took printouts;
Agonising facts on adsence income;Ok alexa ranks  information gave a real boost;

Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words:

 Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words:

TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014

importance of a google reviews and video on youtube

 Importance of pictures,videos, ratings on

 google for business development.

Welcome to digital revolution be an 

early bird.

Google revolutionized search technology.These days most people search on Google for products before they make a purchase. Google  maps is the most widely used mapping service in the world.

 "A picture is worth a thousand words" A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes one of the main goals of visualization,OPTIMIZE your listing.  Google rates it high  when your listing is  complete . That means load images, list your business hours, website URL, list of services and products etc.Youtube is the second popular search engine.Video is a communications tool like no other. 

A video can quickly and precisely demonstrate your products’ features and benefits Video submition of your business on youtube increases chances of ranking on google by 65 times.Three in five say on-line video has influenced their buying decision.In the online world, content is king and that would make video content the king of kings. people would much rather watch something than read something – especially online.We know that customer reviews have a substantial impact on acquiring new customers for avariety of businesses.

Dont wait Call now Cell 9347107468

3-4-663/5.Narayanaguda Hyderabad 500029
Email vetuku@yahoo.com 040-65745868
cell 9347107468

23 rd Monday

Morning R&D continued on Abids entries;With  all enthusiam went to market did around 25 plus calls; No closings but interesting information had from field (potenciality of Andhras,swagrha ; Energy levels twice despite having samosa; For the first time entered jagdish Mobile market
$ videos loaded but as other cafe was closed took new cafe but very slowness noted; Night riding job contined at Abids area later at home retrieved information;

22nd June sunday

Most of the day was at home Tv is the big entertainment with Gta tuning it; later at afternoon went to abids area and collected around 80 plus entries later at night seen their current standing and posted to blog; During the morning long time spent in arranging labels for the  blog; Few photos also took from fielld; Even on sunday seen good traffic on roads; few new gallis seen at abids;

Hyd 9  Tv chanel ads seen; seen lodges of kachiguda;

Seen jain temple on the way back; excellent construction;
History of railways;
Indian railways 1853
 Chennai 1873; has 10 plat forms
Secunderabad 1874 has 10 plat forms
nampally 1907
kachiguda 1916 has 6 plat forms

23 rd june monday post;

that Xl;
How the sunday may go?

>>>orrganised Dailies and big clients data and posted; Slow net hampering;
Tweet pls;>>>> did;

badi chowdi call please;

FP for monday;and future;
8*,,Current standings work; may continue;

News papers;  Tv;.................Details;TV programmes? TV movies?

6^RX; Intake;?? Plans;Decided;
3#,Food with GTA; At paradise..? when?
4$. Abids Visit;
Restaurants data To begin;
!1, have petrol for Byke, Ok;
2@,Where to spend my time?? for the whole day;
7& monday and futute Planning;

had commitment from local news paper vendor for ET;
R K s family;
Rinas wishes;
kamals call recd;
neredupallu had;
Some kind of uneasy?
Neibours comments;
Most of the day spent in knowing about area wise deatails of Hyderabad thanks to wikipedia; Posted listings from other  sources blog; also posted deatils about kachiguda  and Abids areawise lodges information; Most of the day gone in R&D of listings so no field work; many comments seen  for vilekhari on comments section;

had Cloth pressed; but; change problem; old man continued to play;
back at Rx  another losing day; debue  3n olds; Top guys who sit out PS Chaouhan;

tweeted; Swaadvala;

>>> Future; money crunch so plan well ahead from Monday;

>>> New idea;; what each area is famous artcle crated and posted;

*** Changed color combination of blog to green;

*** Current standings work continued @ night but looked tiresome;

Corporate show rooms data further enhanced by dailies; later posted them to blog;

>>eenadu gave deatils clubs in hyd, 34,official un official.100,

Railways began in India in 1853

20th june friday post consolidated;;gone mute;

 Some kind of eye disturbance at morning got cleared by night; hybiz video content can be utilised to advantage; Balack color to byke worked;
Invertors entry posted so the job consultants;
>>>Ggl + is gaining very faster look at days watan  motors entry; So the cyber cafe  could manage to load 3 videos very faster;  Concentrate on this can fetch out; Rx Book scanned very early thanks to chance;

Most of the dailies purchased and scanned and got major corporates and their branches; new note book purchased;erasor,Sharpner servies had; days count of videos is 3;
Had debate on yesterday s  night effect; Rat problem at home need to be solved; Current standings work progressed further;
Had good commitment feed back from 6 calls made at morning need to continue this act;

Major strike at king koti closed one; did almost 20 plus calls; Tweeted;blocked and kept code;

Major achievement of the day is Current standings work progressed to a whipping 400 from mere 10 yesterday; Continued field work and closed one and thats ok; 2 more videos loaded for the day;During the days work radium guy gave 1 reference; Days knowledge include JDS capture of Watch shops; Revies and rating and current standing work are new ideas for future; Hufe video capyure and interviews by hybiz guys;

finally 2 disturbances at night one at home another by neibours; Days another knowledgefrom ET is people are using net to buy property;

18th june 2014

Long R&D at home at morning watched videos again on Video shoots and other related things confidence levels are up each day income  should  flow sooner;  ET gave very interesting information about flipkart and other e-Com Start ups;Very late to field work but fetched 54 data plus 2 payouts 2 videos; Way back seen 2 of  used car dealers note next time out; Missed one Video to be careful next time; Enrgy levels failed in field totally need to improved planning; Forgot to wear helmet due to poor planning; Distance covered only because of Byke on hand;

This time worked with confidence with new strategy;tirsome journey anyway; Hectic arguments and criticism too destructive had to be faced cooly this time back at home need to be checked before it  can spoil relationship; Small trouble at cafe to load 2 videos of the day as late to cafe; Days income gone is arranging things for the home;nagarjuna Tv show quite entertaining;

17th june;Tuesday;

Coninud closing up of current standings work; Continued to do youtube loading work; Just reached 100 for the first time; did almost 20 plus calls; Had 2 more positives foe next day; Few more new gallis into fold; New people met on field; One closing for the day; hosiery to be very careful;One guy has denied; Few more blog ids into fold; Youtube movies have been monetised is new inspiration for the day; Morning paper guy gave one new urdu daily  shafi -e-deccan daily hyderabad; seen about greentrends; Missed to load battery video. during the shoot out objection of chai guy experienced;

More clarity came at night after knowing top product seraches on google; identified Old car sales; and restaurants; movie reviews are to be concentrated; Bhawar has called for many times; Neibour RK asked for ph number of narsing; loaded data of big corporates and their braches data; Known about footwear adata about Abids;

Quickly checked back alexa rankings worldwide and india; Further more insight had intoyoutube analytics; Speed net continued at home; Night enjoyed meelo evaru koteeswarudu programme  of MAA tv akkineni nagarhuna very impressive; just dial banner ads were very nice; On Tv mute losing temper;nagging by gta on not bringing eatables;

16th June monday post;

5 plus 1 videos plus 40 plus data into fold; had just 1 positive; 2 sessions work in the field; No closings for the day; marginally reduced;Morning current standing work began and segregated 154 cards with Gtas help; Now to get closer fast;JD guy called; loades maps entriy of nellore national jewellery;

Night tweeted; nagarjuna show seen;songs enjoyed;Hunger pangs throught the day;some time spent at ashok nagar park; Water paste,pickle arranged;

16th june; adv planning;

must get water;

F P PLS;5 sittings;

consolidate google plus;

concentrate on large;things;
work more;
sultan bazaar;
some prints pls;

more of current standings;
allways good dress counts;

comments posted to lot of video posts;
again failure at Rx but enaadu sunday gave article about failures are pillars to success;
video seo tips read;;
night maps data posted;nice work;

Lot of work did on current standings throught the day;
google plus amazing stats of me;

Continue to post pics from morning riding; had pada seva from Gta twice for the day;
Dint receive Syams calls;
Morning riding work fetched another 80 plus entries; At work had good number of positives; Loded 3 vedeos for the day with few more pics; Night long time spent in editing vedeos plus kept music on video back ground; Gta suffered dental pain;
Surprisingly net was speed at home;


12th june thursday posts;

 Morning some kind of analysys did on each day growth on many pointers such as  daily data collection ;video content;blog ids; tweets,meetups,followers,knowledge pointers etc. tweeted, new knowledge from dailies; few more ids into fold;

 Bwa,GCP came home;girvi jewels released from manappuram; work continued booked one; 3 more videos taken; some more pics data took; tabla guys commitment had;
10 of jewellers, badichowdi  current standings checked and posted;
Got delivered insulin and tablets by apolo guy;

New knowledge from arihant hotel kachiguda;

11th june wed june

Long time spent at home in loading pictures of yesterday enervated by the end;Comment by GTA triggered; Another set back at E seva; later in field one more thing at crystal fantacy added to the fury hunger pangs; Long time spent at speedy cyber cafe in three sittings and posted 8 videos; Edited Videos from cafe;

Still adsense hasnt picked up yet; GCP and bwa coming news;

TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014

10th june pics

10th June post;

 worked in field tailors interaction suit had and knowledge; few more videos took from field;
 hats guys; sports goods; pen store;
 Radium guy closed;
hardwar lodge hope;
Unusual day no bright sun; Current standings work at home; later felt uneasy; dropped gta and came home and slept off; Awaked by bala pullaiah and his wife later got ready and with them met his son later went to law college and paid fee in between family dynamis seen; later covered market and took 4 videos from field; days bread winner is prakash nagar  SRO;
 Big rest at afternoon at home;

Loade videos and pictures  from cafe at late night thats good job for the day; Night watch work did near shivam areas; Came back home and seen Paadutha teeyagaa; vishadam story of students; retired  had good sleep;

8th June sunday

Satisfied sunday; utilised Byke services in the morning to get data from field ,Cyber cafe services to load pics; collected huge data and pics but at few places it was tense as speeding Buses and Bykes; Sun shine was bright even at 7 am; Hunger pangs while on field work had Upma  near Ramkote; Huge rush seen there for tiffen; At dailies krishna patnam port ads were prominent;

Why alexa ranks have been falling short unable to understand; Views to Youtube videos have risen for the first time;

Knowledge consolidation part at Rx has improved as Trvor and mallya combinations worked twice; clould solve consolation but poor payout recd;

At home had nice nice watched Tv and Chandra babu naidus swearing cerimony; Ministers oath;

8th june post

whats this 16 79000 alexa;
had 100 plus road survey listings for the day;
had found tough time to load listings; Very hot day; 1 closing anyway xerox prints helped; 1 commitment had ;1 vedeo ;

6th june 2014

Got up very early and did lot of youtube work; later same thing continued from new cafe at gandhi  nagar;2 payments got; 20 plus data and 3 more vieo content into fold; bad luck dosage crossed; To tell guys that google partner;
That Abids area idea; Few prints took from cafe;

5th june post

Morning boost had from yellowpages.co.in directory;Again gadbad at home; Anyway 5 vedeos and some more pictyre data into fold for the day;Slow net at regular cafe so had to find for another one and shifted there; Unnessisary comments at kishore;

5th June post;

Current standing work did;
myvedeo views 658;
Seen network18 book (infomediayellowpages) many new categories known; This time morning riding did some more clarity had about places near abids;; Shouted one tiffen guy; alexa ranks have further fallen for vilekhari; costly tiffen out side;

poor n home pulling me down;Had water;
Spent long time in finding major key word strenghth from google and listed them on pharma diary long energies spent on this excersize; 4 more new movies and 20 plus entries tubed in; Night riding excersise fetched 3 more new spots; Had Tea due to energy failure during field work;jana called in night;
 Current standing work began; No income anyway; Kirans Data found missing. Some of city major  sites and firms standings known;
Power cut and heavy sweat and tiresome experience;
This time loading work was very swift from cafe;

Jyothi covered birds feeder and seen divya diamonds on Tv;

3rd june

Rain in the night morning it was cool atmosphere enjoyed it for some time;Surprising my video content is gaining ground swftly;Thas the confident booster for the day;thanks to thehindu and avantifeeds  reserved; Current alexa ranks listed and posted Blog;
RR ads  nellore entry Posted; Ina quick succession scanned WOW,TElugu velugu and annadata;

Field work fetched 1 closing and another hopeful plus another Tailor; Data collected and later posted all of them in night from same web cafe; Edited most of video content kept stats to few of new blog ids;
Enquired tata new device;Arranged Rice;

2nd june Telangaana formation day

Sharooks hug to priety zinta on ipl final

First surprise of the day is mynellore is ranking better than other blogs; I thought this will be holiday like situation as KCR takes oath as CM for new state but its ok with city public; I continued field work and had good results; * news dailies scanned; added 3 video s and 10 plus ids plus pictures into fold;
Video converter software seen at new web cafe; again arguments at home at night;
Countd nellore cards around 200.

SUNDAY, JUNE 01, 2014

1 st june sunday ipl finals day

 Something new at google;Slow net at home continued to play up; troubled waters at fish markets shopping at fish market but not upto mark but experience counts; managed to post pics from cafe but found tough time in loading movie must be very careful next time out; (100 mb file). had few arguments at home; waiting for water hostel guy; nice tubing work from cyber cafe;

managed 2 ids; sbiclerks t; vagdanam;sakhibeautystores b;
 kamalakars incoming call;
7th ipl; lot of meditation during afternoons sleep;

tweeted during IPL watch;
morkel bowled very well;
had nice tea at night;
chandrababu naidu tweets nice; the hindu covered them;
696 sixes;697;



load description of lanka
tom lan 2-6-2014;

to work hard;
rent issue
calls; timber
rolling shutters;
my nellore pls;
Tailor a must;
must load womens world;
Gta sleeps even after an alert sickeing; managed to post saturdays blog; No milk?
biggest head ache is slow net;