Wednesday, July 06, 2022

July 2022


1st Friday July.

Fridge purchased;

2nd July sarday 

Ceiling fan arranged for home,

3rd July Sunday at Gollapalli.

4th July monday 2022; Reached tpt by byke and worked with Nrn; 

Calls did; 

1. Raunaq

2.tip top 1

4. Sr 2.

5. Munawwer.

6.cycle shop

7.s r scientific. pharma.

9.shravanthi flower. 

Tuesday 5th July 2022; 

Luckily managed 2 rt despatches; Tirupati vastly improved; Had 1 payment from Konda kalyana mandapam;  Met manohar reddy; Spent lot of time with kamalakar; Met sabjan;

6th July we'd 2022

More frauds of Drohi known; Issued new ID card to Munawwer; 

Met laxminarayana dw; shravanthiflorist paid; 

7th July 2022 ; psr; murali cars payments got: After long wait Met doctor; Met jana ; some more Arial exposure got; Eenadu ad ran and one person came and met at lodge;

8th July Friday 2022; 

Met  pasuparthys; Night health trouble had;

9th July satday 2022:

Came back to gollapalli safe, seen satyajit rei youtube biography;

10th July Sunday 2022; Attended Abhisekam at Gollapalli  Gangamma temple intereracted with lot of people:

11th July monday 2022; water arranged to home;  

12th July 2022 tuesday

Daring adventure to Salabad area; 

2 rt machines orders got; 

Arranged party to Yanadi;

One USA machine and one kompally;

13th thursday 2022; mancham brought home; new route known from Tappetavari palli;

14th Jul friday; ?

16th July 2022:satday;?

Events missed:

Okkodu sabotage; Seen mitta land; peddodu worked;

17th July 2022 sunday;

Bangalore Derby day; troubled day; 

18th July monday 2022;

Death of Gautham Ontimitta; I'll health of Narsimha mom;

19th July tuesday 2022; me and gta visited Narsimha mom; 

Night high  temperatures news of London high ;

20th July 2022 

1 rt clicked for 10k ; Madiga Narsimha came and did Rats blockade; As a surprise Amulu came home; 

Famous Vemana Padyams and Sumathi plus drama padyams exposure had;

Morning pulliah came discussion had for vulva panta;;

23rd July satday 2022; 

Morning stomach trouble;

24th July Sunday 22

Attended Abhishekam at konda Gangamma temple; 2 us orders and one local order got; 

3 villages people gathered near temple konda devalam; 

25th July monday 2022;  Some kind of uneasy in foot is it a infection?

Transfered amount for yesterday's orders; 

Idea of transferring data to emerged; Anji came and cutting work did for mitta but he taxed again; 

Night seen many biographies and some of best  video advertisements;

Best among them was Nirma ad and Ramojis biography;

Etv Ali tho saradaga Jonnavittula TV show seen: Guvvala Cheruvu Pala kova purchased;

26th tuesday July 2022;

Heated discussion about pad family;  1 rt order got and despatched;  Visited Ontimitta;

Anjaneyulu came and cleaned trees near home;

27th July wedday 2022;

Overnight paid rs 1000 to web designer and reduced burden for next month; 

After usa rt success decided to go to Kadapa; Felt very hot throught the day;  Purchased  Kodavali; Tablets; Insulin checking strips; 

Heavy expences incurred; Unable to stand for long time; few of  Neibourhood villages people known; Drug dosage began; 

28th thursday July  2022; 

Stone removal work continued near home;

29th Friday 2022; ;

Heavy heat; 1st day; 

30th  sat July 2022;

Good hindi song identified;

Long chat with Nagsubbaiah;

Heavy heat 2nd day; 

Gta brought insulin: Rains  night; 

Slept in outside for some time;

Good voice of someone;  Ghajani invasions;  Alexander the great;

31st July sunday 2022 heatwave 3day continued;

No orders day;  stomach tightness; Bindu;

; Chicken arranged: flood of children; depth outside;