Thursday, February 01, 2018

February 2018

28th FEB Wed;

Pavan and ramoji met;
1 month data again;
Sridevi antima yatra;
hair cut;

27th feb Tuesday;

Noon elese dares;data work contd;
Pavan and Murali abesnt;
Trouble for petrol;

26th Feb;Monday; nothing spl;

Feb 25th sunday;

boys enq at night

Feb 24th;Satday

Gunnaiah met;
Attended marriage; featherlite paid;
Morning kitchen guy closed;
1 month data again;boutique girl;

feb 23 Friday;

Met featherlite Bose;
1 month Data again;
Worked with ramoji ; Dhaba mayura murthy; Noel Color lab;Retina doct;
To become  Brand ambassador,Cheng met in Eve;

Feb 22nd ; thursday;

Ugly turn at home; one good story of ravana about brothers from whatsapp; total month ph call chat analysed from call recorder;

Feb 21st Wed day; Big work with Ramoji did almost 1 calls for the day; recd wedding card of vasu son and long discussion with sekhar at his shop; met regalia guys;  ramojis messge of lamination seen; arranged Groundnuts; cashew nuts to home; retrieved  march  2017 ads numbers from office; dosage crossed; D writer sivaiah is despleased; msg sent to Keys vihas guy; gomatha tomato story at night;

Feb 20th Tuesday; Met Srn and thats it day gone; amaravathu g plus activated;

Feb 19th Monday;
New Flex fixed at office worked with Murali closed Amaravathi; met Tony guy Gave pavan port bill; Met KVR; paid  Airtel Bill;

Feb 18th; Sunday;Pavan met; party again;

Feb 17th Satday;

New flex recd; Pavan brought sushma payout; ramoji brought color lab payout; Sivaiah Dw paid;

Feb 16th Friday;

Met gali sons with team also met rice mart; Missed to take pics;Few more numbers added; nagasai payout cleared;Ele bill pid;

15th Feb; Thusday

Global ac payout got;Purchased Accucheck; Took Gta to agrawal Hospital

14th Feb; Wed

sr;sr; stock uccess;Recd feb issue by Bus; distributed;

13th feb; Tuesday

water leakage complaint at office; Night attended Sivarathri  Kapileshwara temple;

 lighting Decoration at Nandi circle Tirupati

12th  Feb Monday 
Quick trip to Nlr and return; Movie in Bus jaya Janaki nayaka;

11th feb Sunday; 1 kg chicken and Pavan; Night took Google maps prints;

10th feb Sat;
Rx derby books got; Numbers adding work continued;
9th feb; Friday;with murali met kvr; and near by shops;Met Munawwer;
8th  Feb Thursday Jitu payout recd;
7th feb;  wed day Srinivasa Color lab payout recd; Dtp of feb issue completed; rain in night;
6th feb; Tuesday anil flex success;trilok payout recd; sivarathri issue content work;

5th feb;  Monday soft toys closing and related knowledge;whatsapp effect srinivasa color lab;

4th feb; sunday Fish and Prawan shopping with gta amid fights;
3rd feb;  Saturday contact 989;dealay in frame delivery;johnny; ps chauhan miseed;
2nd feb Friday ; Rx salvador doli missed; dw writers group interaction;

Feb 1st Thursday

Called akka; Rami reddy;
Seen prints at lavanya and Nakshatra; stomach trouble managed;
posted blog;
Tilak Narendra guest house nellore
1st pic took after buying samsung j7

Pooja Tile City Tirupati Best tile shop in tirupati

Pooja Tile City
Cell; 099592 51447
5-1-12 Opp Kalisam building, 
Vani Nagar .R C road

Pooja Tile City Tirupati Best  tile shop in tirupati

We sre 

Civil Contractors
Tile Dealers
Paint Dealers
Builders & Developers
Building Contractors
Paint Dealers-Asian Paints
Road Construction Contractors
Tile Contractors
Tile Dealers-Kajaria
Ceramic Tile Dealers
Construction Contractors
Tile Wholesalers
Building Demolition Contractors
Tile Dealers-Johnson
Highway Construction Contractors
Tile Dealers-Somany
Flooring Contractors
Roofing Contractors
Paint Dealers-Kansai Nerolac
Marble Tile Dealers
Tile Dealers-Nitco
Flooring Tile Dealers
Vitrified Tile Dealers
Roof Tile Dealers
Paint Dealers-Dulux
Paint Dealers-Lewis Berger
Tile Dealers-Marbito
Tile Dealers-RAK
Tile Wholesalers-Pedder
Tile Wholesalers-Nitco
Tile Wholesalers-Mangalore
Tile Wholesalers-Kajaria
Tile Wholesalers-Johnson
Tile Making Machinery Dealers
Tile Dealers-Ultra
Ceiling Tile Dealers-Gypsum Board
Tile Dealers-Restile
Cement Tile Dealers
Tile Dealers-Armstrong
Tile Cutter Dealers
Tile Dealers-Eurocon
Tile Dealers-Orient
Tile Dealers-Asian Granito
Tile Dealers-Bell
Tile Dealers-Century
Tile Dealers-Oreva
Tile Dealers-City
Tile Dealers-Endura
Tile Dealers-Euro
Tile Dealers-Naveen
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Tile Wholesalers-Regent
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Flooring Tile Dealers-Nitco
Flooring Tile Dealers-RAK
Flooring Tile Dealers-Somany
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Flooring Tile Wholesalers-Johnson
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Painting Contractors For Building
Pooja Tile City Tirupati
Pooja Tile City Tirupati Best  tile shop in tirupati

Pooja Tile City Tirupati
Pooja Tile City Tirupati Best  tile shop in tirupati

Pooja Tile City Tirupati
Pooja Tile City Tirupati Best  tile shop in tirupati

Pooja Tile City Tirupati
Pooja Tile City Tirupati Best  tile shop in tirupati

Pooja Tile City Tirupati
Pooja Tile City Tirupati Best  tile shop in tirupati