Wednesday, August 22, 2018

rx consolidations

Top Jockeys pls; and take on Fillies;

take latest win only;
safe guard with SHPs;

 Must be taken care when they attempt 2000 for the first time;
2 olds lost even as favrite on this date;

Failed to maintain uniformity  so coulnt fetch sandesh first timer at 5 to one;
Largest margin wins to concentrate ;  ex Spica;
Forget narrowly won mounts; Riquewihr;
P S Chouhan to take care; he won 3 mounts;

2nd October;
Missed exclusive Northwind;
lesson from isabella;
Classy guy gave vreak;
Dream catcher run memorable  Rohi Kumar to remember;
Atheanus has not improved yet on track is another point;
Star superior weight is 517 kgs; Missed my openion for place SHP and FC;
29th Sept
Bronx P s Chauhan  Unable to back big amounts due to poor confidence;
Questionable PS chouhan Missed 
28th Sept 2019
Flammeus k nazil
Forest fantacy

26th Sept; 2018;
To back good amounts;
must read rx card  and prepare;
Try to bet on winning jockeys;
SHP and FC and Tanala gives more handsome payouts;
20th Mysore Aelous Srinath; first run failure;
SHP s missed 
18th Sept;
Yuvan; Multitutude; Buddy Brothers;
17th Sept;
Roberta 7 l win odds onn; with Trevor up;
Auroden; Yutaka FC missed;
Costa brava In form;  widest margin of win;
Excellent Inform; won again; Missed to take advantage;
Iron Edge; Inform;
Excellent sorrento; First run of life; nice odds missed;
Eastern star; same jockey again at 6 to one missed again to take full advantage;
Seventh Step;
Amazing Elegance;
SHP; Doubly Sure;
Honest hunter nearest threat;
His ecellency Hannam  Second run of life;after a failure;
Southern Legacy Suraj
Star Superior;
Shivansh paddok looks; 50 kg marker;  rider won with horse;
Akshay Kumar ExclusiveNorthwind A big mistake; last timer rider;
Realms of fantacy;  Suraj narredu; Fillies; win at HYD;
Multitude won agian; with Suraj Narredu;
Blue empress;
Star legend ; 3 in a row;
Southern legacy; Won again;
Corfe castle;  Failed fav won
Alexander the great;  Failed fav won 4 th time Ok;
Sir Cecil; Unbeaten still;
Aloha 2000 mts 61 kgs; Winner won again
New moon;
5 th time failed  ADONIJAH C umesh win;
EXCELLENT  Neeraj rawal win
Ruffina win;
Angels touch a imran khan;
Anatevka zerwan win;
My Openion; akshay kumar
Eyes for you sandesh;
Desert god st leger win;
Sea Quest;

 QUESTIONABLE  P s chauhan win Failed fav won
CAMBRIDGE  sandesh win
. drogo p s chouhan
. lamagnifique win at 50 kg marker Neeraj  missed JP:
. Eye for you sandesh.

Top Jockeys;

Srinadh 56 
Suraj 54
Trevor 52
Zerwan 50
Neeraj rawal 50 kg
Sandesh 51
Yash narredu 51
p schouhan 52
Hannam 52
T S Jodha 52
C s jodha 50
Vinod shide 50
Arshad alam 46
Akshay Kumar 49 
Dasrath Singh 49
Dasarath Singh 49
Imran 55
1.Eastern Star; Srinath;
2.Simrans choice; P S chauhan;
3.Holy Roman Failure

New Knowledge;

3. Desparado
4. Desert God;
5. Fist run siyabonga failure;

1.Amaging Grace; Trevor;
2.Desert god  Sandesh;
3.In the spot light; 
4.Oasis star; srinadh; 14/17
5. Devine light v shinde;
6. Elusive pimpernal AK;22/22
7. Mystical.B.prakash;
8.Exhilaration Shroff; 9/9
9.Ruffina 8 wins David allan;
10. dandified; c alford;
11. Set Alight M. narredu;
12. adler;
13.Northern star;