Friday, April 27, 2012

April 2012

Due to overnight twitter id  development decided to stay back at vja; posted all pending entries;nioght ticket booked to nlr for pinakini;settled lodge accounts;failure at ilapuram; Evening one payment got;night Doas unable to eat;dress ready by lodge laundry;

26th april;

with the help of lodge guy got up another person helped to get out of lodge;By rikshaw to station heavy rush in train manged till chirala;long standing got down started by Bus to Ongole;tire some journey;aafter brief struglle with bags to get into lodge finally managed and headed to ongole sro success there amid heavy heat retired; deptression after checking bank statement;followup did with tripgotrip guy;

Evening started by Bus to Nellore reached late; Calls from NRN,Saveer,Chalapathi gandhi surprised for the day;again had to struggle to get into lodge at nellore; lunch and dinner missed;

24TH April

Morning quickly decided to go to Eluru; not big success there;troubled overnite sleep;Heavy sweating throutht the day;small success at eluru; new point in sitting between 2 persons noted;

Evening tried sro office but failed;Had one booking;Tuesday effect had;night calls from Chalapthi and tripgotrip recd; had fish and rice;

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012

23 rd monday

 20th saturday; mostly at home entire day no work;attended rx;but looks like failure;chalapathis saved;some how;took prints of entire coastal andhra sros;paid narsing rao 2k;

22nd; chicken by gta at home;sunday rx at hrc my attempts falied;but choices to chalapathi 4 of them were successful;depression some how managed to prepare for trip;mostof mailes sent bounced back;

23 rd april;
reached vja;took durga hotel economic;heat troubled during travel;Chalapathis sir call inspired again;enquired shoes near ialapuram;asked fellow traveller to recommend for guys;called gta ;slept after noon lost work; purchased BP tablets and insulin needles;no adavnce to lodge?; some problem in loading insulin to body on train?;

19th April post

Morning josh started with Kamalakars call;followed by syams call;Did lot of think process at home on income levels;Very late to field work;Covered redhills and stopped work and retired; redhills sro gave new idea to email;
Watched ipl matches at night;lot of ads in eenadu at morning;
20th April post;

Mostly at home as Gta was not there;Started to mail all sros good task for the day mailed to almost 200 ppl results to be watched;Purchased Insulin;Night ticket booked;


Morning nrn and his friend reddy came to home gave them cash and coffee;field work at bownpally;prakashnagar;sro kukatpally;mosapaet;cool day;problem at moosapet;scooter needs immediate care;2 news papers scan;blogger layout changed;attended office; called prasad vja;
lungie;panipuri with gta;

tummidi-brothers blog id;tweeted;long scooter travel had success had;watched ipl match;updated expenses;3 new entries into fold;day was cool at evening;snehas mom responded;


17th jan

started from vja to hyd quick decicion; volvo bad tyres seat; 2 movies seen;1 call recd;gudivada gy called and said he transfered amount;after reaching home called satish;Chalapthi;called Gta she came quickly;sweets distributed to neibours;called narendra;

Expenses statement updated;
ravi nlr ;9160235536;

MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012

16th april,17th april tuesday

mamilla palli prasad vija

left Gudur without telling chalapthi rao could catch krishna express;reached back Vja by krishna by sitting ac;
at hotel bills cleared; call from ashok transfered 1k to him;

No work day due to tiredness;had 4 idlis for night and slept;

13 th april,14 th april;15 th april post sunday;

Covered chilakaluripet one closing failure at sro had meals plus Omlet;thanks to net for location at morning Gta guidance;very hot Bus journey to gudur by karnataka bus;thanks to cell phone connectivity stay at chalapthis home at night; new guy at chalapthis home;no book on hand for saturday;
saturday;14th april;
To chn by janmabhumi express from gudur nice travel;tried Bazullah road magunta office;Very expensive auto travel;Beer then to MRC Ok day back to chalapthis home retired book was on hand;Unexpected problem came from ravi on backing;met prabhakar;new info is "donga debba by neeraj;
15th april; sunday;
Success at rwitc thanks to "ranthambore"party at star hotel retired at chalapathis home very much tired;3rd day;by a/c car to chn and return shopping and Hat;night dose of insulin missed;missed to call Gta ;new cap;3k by chalapathi to hand;
outer chennai roads exposure had;

11th april post

Gannavaram,kanumolu,gudivada covered area exposure plus data colletec;Transfered cash to account;Prawns Biryani had;Lot of walking for the day;No socks;Night lost temper at net cafe guy;Tsunami news;Overan purchased;Had Lemon juice;night objection from neibour on snooring;


10th april

nuzivedu;vissannapet;tiruvuru;covered;scanned and posted entries;
wait at ruttala got it;had kichidi;met sai garu;left to nunna success there;returned;heat exposure;Hat;Insulin;Comb;managed;

SUNDAY, APRIL 08, 2012

8th april post

Morning head ache with Rikshaw guy for Lodge;had Upma from Durga hotel; Read Swathi mag;Near by pppl to read news paper;Guraka guy was present;sunday dhobi absent;cash rs 300/- with drawn;Savitri story read at eenadu sunday mag;Called Gta;Chalapathi,Ashok,Prasad;Pending blog posted;Rx analyis and R& D did;Read golimaster;Sudden pressure managed at Bar near benz;
Night Prasad met had chat with him;new point at rx again mount and win plus rider;

7th april post

Morning closed deal at gurunanak colony after lot of waiting at down plus last minute objections had to be cleared on the way another call did stats recorded during the wait lot of things organised; followed by a 2 hour stint at cafe;then to taluka office by auto failed there but commitment got from ruttala for monday another from Dw commitment had for thursday; later to bus stand left baggage there; (sticker at cafe)Holidays effect is clearly visible for income;afternoon very hot unbearable;a/c at hrc club had rx book vendors cell ph Nag rao 8341738341;Unable to sit for long time at club so went back to lodge and retired;

seen IPL match royal challengers(Banglore) vs delhi dare devils;

Chalapathis call recd and so Gta;cell ph battery energy not sufficient;sundays rx book recd odds seen fired net cafe guy ;cocinella bet missed for the day;autos are too costly at Vja;

Days important id is orthogen;heavy rush at HRCclub seen;
Guntur sros list recorded at morning cafe seen at google maps;
night nice dinner (plate meals at durga hotel)someones shotings;

email collected;;
days ids;orthogen@twitter;bhawarlals facebook seen very extensive;
read flipkart founders bio amazon;
Morning kanaka durga temple area covered seen rush market area;temparatures were not hot;Lot of pending things finished at cafe; 5 more new ids;1.airtelmoney;764;2.golisilks;3.murthyfashions;4.dnrbrothers;;
Mailed ashok about sros;posted warangal listing;at benz circle one commitment got 4 monday;tried one cell ph shopand cellpoint inaguration;

work continued at gandhinagar during the work one reference got and places of dw known;One more commitment got from one DW;almost 10 market calls did;survey coudnt proceed further;

Evening tried to locate gurunanak colony in the bargain patamata area and autonagar areas exposure had;At bus change problem noted;Inox theatres loacted;Night tried to locate rx book vendor;Ok day;One sticket at bus stand cafe;and stats;

5th April

Morning walked around Rly stn read about babu jag jivan rams accomplishments seen fe lodges on the way bak; 1 hour work at cyber cafe then tried to do work at benz circle entire krishna dist sro listed out and seen on maps;shock came in the form of 2 day holiday;lost interest to work after;some one says its meaningless?;money drianage continued triggering tention;Called Gta to enquire about banks deductions;cyber cafe guy signed up;

gandhi nagar seen one call did;

Afternoon decided to have exposure so travelled to Gudiwada had soda Patamata on the way got exposed;power problems at lodge;Evening walked Governerpet;Needles,Tab;ets and pen purchased;that beautiful lady at bar?;someones help at dinnet;Night IPL match seen and slept;

4th april

Morning surprise call from mama and Gopal also had word with me;Guntur 2 sros covered;seen some places google maps;Prasad called;had gntur exposure;some cards collected;sticker at net cafe;missed lunch;D W flop story;night had roti palak at dhaba;No call from ashok;?
Good bar at night but poor songs;cell phone light help;


3rd april

Morning 2 offices covered; met prasad and took data of SRO.s;Not much of break throughs yet managed the day; some more exposure of the city by buses;Night on a a?c bus to Guntur exposure helped;

2nd april;

Gta helped to drop at stn;Tiresome journey first time route exposure had;got down and managed to take A/C lodge; Quickly to field work;covered 2 sros quickly; later called Prasad old friend;spent time with him some roads exposed including Rx;

Night call had from ashok;called home;fear had of that back pain;snooring of neibour;
Mostly at home;Chalapathi called and told him 3 tips;By evening new point gained from RX fisr time 2000 distance;Paid 1k to owner;night sleep disturbances had;