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Augustr 2020

Augustr 2020

1st August  saturday 2020;

some friends are useless - Post by marcellino on Boldomatic
Quite disastrous  day; Due  to whatsapp friends group; and phone calls i blocked many friends and also blocked them to see my status on whatsapp; Known some whatsapp dynamics;
Prasad; Satish; Raju; Prahlad; Ravi chn; Nrn;  Dhanraj; prabhavati son ; Uma have permanantly gone from list; Even if they were not gone from list nothing would have happend 
In my advantage i think;

More so Kotis issue few other s gone; Called Bujji; Mama; Balaji has called back;

Positive turn is  jafrulla; Ameen for Dharma wishes; 
sent dharma message for 1 post;

On followup payout of Veeraprathap got; My correct on hand situation is known; gtas bank interest hickup for some time;; neibours too have some Job issues; no noons sleep; boredom at home;

Read article by Maj Naglokar about sircecil and war Hammer  ; created 1 id in betting site ; Seen irish jumping racing;
Kudaa gawaa movie seen; gandla matrimony log in id created; ajay met on chat; left from 2 of gandla groups;

2nd Aug sunday 2020;

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 Good response from gtas bro and balu and seenaiah;
Neibours children  door shuting episode; gta sisters  Hindi song effect; Owner lady menace ; neibour joined back  job;
for each occation i must use a song from now; my whatsapp pics of chicken and prawn;

3rd Aug Monday 2020;
Mobile phone blocked, mobile phone forbid, mobile phone illegal ...
Mostly at home; Read back blog;
Chat with samiksha; night called Balaji had chat for 30 minites;
Syrynges purchased;
Call recd from Bulli but i blocked him:
Raksha Bhandhan day spent in mostly sending messages etc; covid has shown 
count of new cases;

4th August tuesday 2020;
5 Tips to Avoid an Expectation Hangover | SUCCESS
Seen past blog and edited it; 
Boring day; One person from Vzg called and became friendly thats quite interesti g; Called Mama; Gtas Hindi song about ashu flopped; night slightly got disturbed with Vizag ravi kumar;

5th August Wedday 2020; 
Double the size, 5 domes and 3 years to build: Here's how Ram ...
Major editings completed in life story  more clear clarity had after this excersize for future;(kvrblogs) Ajay called waited for him he dint turn up; seen modis speech had real fulfilment; lukewarm response from groups; Counted back clients at Tpt; nlr; called kishore;

6th Aug thursady 2020;
Signs that you have had a past life
Escorted gta for vegitables:
Edited past again now its more clear with future planning; checked stats of War Hammer; Sir Cecil; Ruffina; Amaging grace; and few others;
2 sessions of hickups; Felt tiresome in morning;
Participated in Gandla news paper chat; Nice telugu content of whatsapp got again used it as myne; asked jana to renue NT reminder sent him;

7th Aug friday 2020;
Hands on Review of Doodly, a drag-and-drop video creator ...
I searched in google as why people lose money in Rx and results shown that its due to lack of preparation;  There are 34 countries hwere bookmakers are available; sites are;; orthoweb to check and [lan for targeting;
worked in field in evening flop at Chikkapapally santosh at begumpet fetched; Purchased bata chappal;  Brought thermocol and told to nebour to fix it; tried for carpenter but failed;
Seen Amit vedeo of seo changes and GMB paid ads news in usa; lamination did for vetuku RNI and kept in Bag file; video making software known; read back past life again; someone called for Gandla group; That yesterdays content of qualities for sucess sent to all groups but lukewarm response recd; Read  good whatsapp content  and saved it;

8 tha aug saturday 2020;
Amit Tiwari - YouTube Google Meet, Google's Zoom competitor, is now free for everyone ...
Trouble at home in morning again fir mothing; Called Durga; Mama;Visited Boinpally but it was Holiday met Cresent dw; long chat with Ajay on online education google meet known; few more google maps editing knowledge got from amit tiwari video;

9th Aug sunday 2020;
Image result for blood sugar test
Got  blood sugar checked ; Edited past again; Kiran called surprisingly : no call from kishore;
Msg from Balu recd; Metpalli D W; Ajay; Rami Reddy; Night marvadi food disturbance; Slept for  long time in afernoon;

10th  Aug Monday 2020;
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 Visit  to Boinpally succesful due to earliar meet V.Bhagya Reddy sumitted her cell number and jaggu Ambulence number. Must see when google updates two entries  thanks to Amit ji if it succeeds; laptop net data top up did in evening ; stomach trouble had due to that Garlic bread eating in morning;
 KVR blog edited again; balu called;
Night seen smart Telugu  video on whatsapp business account: google meet seen; jana renued nt;

11th Aug Tuesday 2020;

Tried to tweet for other account all have been suspended; janmastami day wishes sent  throught and sent engagement wishes but none responded;
Google meet used finally with help of Ajay and spent lot of time on chat; Interacted with whatsapp and neibours; Read past blog again and edited it again; Call recd from kousen;  How to make someone happy article read and tweeted; Closed toilet window with thermocol  finally;

12th Aug 2020 Wed day;
What is Paid Ads and Why is it Important? - Froggy Ads
Analysed left over paying  parties in hyd for me  ; Seen paid youtube success stories petmart usa pet dresses; Not sent message for the day to any group and Gta ack it; Shaving managed;  Depression again; photos on insta paid ads; Edited past blog  again in morning; 
Kept Bhagya Reddy and its instantly aproved in google later shown her ; Met Kishore  recd disinfective services  leaflets; 2 payouts got from Boinpally; Kanchipattu Sarees keyword searches known; Spent some time with Sameeksha;

13th August; Thursday; 2020;
It's IMPORTANT for SBI account holders to update KYC by Feb 28 ... Scanned paper; Balu called deal seems to be hopeful;  Called jana; gta  SBI savings ac work intiated; Escorted for vegitables; Met SBI manager detailed about disinfection;
Adwords; youtube; trimmed past again; edited bhagya reddy address;

 Posted some reviews; Night real growth took place sent Telugu msg of Digital marketing to 3 groups and kajal fans and also kept in vilekhari blog; Added big pharma companues to my list iam better ranked than lifehacker; Night Bear Grylls video seen about Sahara desert later checked it with google known its borders;
tonis Pizaeria; adwords and youtube success stories seen you need a starategy for it; I must have top  beands to work with try Rx breeders;

14th Aug 2020
The Stranger Things Archives | Koimoi
Called Tharun Reddy  Varsha vaccine;  Called Kiran; Kishore and  their competitor  who later sent  photos very creative; prahlad called death news Of his village guy;  I  called Ameen and told about varsha vaccine to follow up;
Seen 2 videos on youtube ads; 5 Dollar a day budjet; 5 top countries; description; sent msg to Amit;
2 justdial guys have called up; Tried my own adwords again confidence gained; Trust the stranger praveen video seen public speaking is very important in life; seen  video as whats reddit; Tpt Balaji guy stationary interaction was good ;  Again edited Blog script after watching videos;
Watched google calender setup video; Visit to Ashok nagar for Dosa batter failed; Purchased Pen; Heritage Milk was not there;  Cloth given for pressing an d paid; Seen Amit crash course videos for adwords and youtube;

Try to gain back the confidence of one by one from where to start decide and plan; 
Buy wine; ask and collect corona dis infection details; Balu? Search some video editors; gain access of adowrds and  youtube;  
Try to get back lost trust; msg about varsha vacine recd;

15th aug Sat day 2020
16th aug Sunday 2020


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