Saturday, May 05, 2018

things i must memorise

Rx consolidations;
Big brand endorcements;

English idioms phrases;
Telugu saamethalu;
Nabhhoto nabhavishthi; jogi jogi;

Google penalties;

Spoken Skills;
practice before mirror; pattabhiram; count back ten; anger is danger;
lets get started;

get  local tesimonials;
worth of flipkart;

Enthusiasm; counts;
under promise; over do;
practice ;


prnounciation power;

Human relations;
Smile power;
(word power;amazing;antastic;amrican accent; emulate)
Facts power;

Once upon a time story;

i specialyse in;


May 2018

May 2018

1st may; Met Bobby; How to control anger videos seen; Heavy noice near home to road repair work; Brought left over things from office; Silence attack at home;
2nd May ; Tried Prime pages; Ratnam Zilani; Airwings sucess; Met Vanamali; Heavily distured by Pavan; horror clip by Ramesh behadings on whatsapp;

3rd May met Prime pages guys; many whatsapp groups created; thunder  & rain in night;
4th May whatsapp banned again but took new number; Met web guys but no avail; Pavan payout saved day; Gtas Chinnanna left;  Tel vel purchased; Met Balaji;
5th May  Mostly at Home; Lot of knowledge on whatsapp ban;
6th May; Sunday; Prawn and Chicken had at home; Rats mat purchased; Bhawar called; Msgs sent for Airwings; tweeted after long gap of days;

7th may Monday Deleted 20 k mobile numbers; pavan brought Vinayaka payout; past analysed again;  Heat continued;
8th may Tuesday; got back whatsapp number;
Warriors needed; Cot plywoods repair work got done; paid RIM bill;
9th may wed day; No work days continued; joined to some groups and cameout quickly; Known abt some actors; Days flash to launch a web site each year; like bahubali;  Some forts history read; Adowrd bidding is a must;
10th may Southern spice guy called; Retrieved some web site launching dates;
11th may; friday; owner Krishna murthy came home gave laddus; Srn called; Tickets to hyd booked;
12th may;saturday; durga responded so balaji; sold office rack and few more things; Prasad prabhavathi son responded;
13th may Sunday: Trip to Gollapalli was immense successful for  "Ganga jatara" but some trouble at Rajampet? ; Seen Mitta land; Return journey to Tirupati was bit tough.  new offspings at village;
14th may2018; Monday; Soldout few more old papers from home;
15th May Tuesday; Pavan met at afternoon told abt port checq; seen worthy companies; Gave Gta 19.5 old baggages reduced from home;
16th  day; Caled Jehangir and Jafrullah; blocked chinna; sold office fan;
long chat with Durga; DVSK dilogues seen in mobile;
17th may thursday;  Unexpected trouble at Eden park managed; msg abt pavan port cheq; had chat with subhakankshalu guy;
shilpam payout recd;
18th may friday; Raunaq lady paid and info known; Reduced lauuage at home further;
IPL match watched;
19th may; sat day; Port chq cleared; cheng called in night;
20th may sunday; seen many videos in mobile; Read many histories; chicken session with pavan enjoyed;
21st May Monday; Sitout with cheng and kamalakar and long chat but dosgae crossed ;
22nd may tuesday;
youtube vedeos again; Statuue of Liberty dates and history read;Pyramids history read; world history also read ;
23 rd May wedday; videos seen again;
luggage parcel by packers and Mover guys  with team went smooth; Owners help had; lunch and got back part rent advance;

25th may;saturday; 

1 st day
Reached Hyderabad safe but had arguments on getting down and  altercation with auto guys; Had Kalyans help in handling luggage; Quickly known abt Balanagar tote; luggage handled by gta; purchased new  Sun glass;
26th may; Saturday; 
2nd day ;

Quickly attended DSIM  demo class had to travel a lot; Impressed with ladys presentation; Power of youtube; Afiiliate marketing; Instagram celibrity staus  known; jio pack for 85 days activated; kamalakar called; vision problem. Luggage at home further got organised;
27th may sunday; Lot of things arranged for home;Like a/c Fans etc; Lot of play with Anjali;Success at RX;  New point inthe spot light own daughter won;
28th may;Monday;
Day 3

Surprise visit by Anjali and messed up by evening; Morning work fetched 3 payouts at Musapet enroute Boinpally but struggle under heat; Laptop battery purchased from old shop where we purchased laptop 4 years back; called 2 more Digital Media companies Gta tiffen pressure and arguments; Enjoyed 'Narthanashala " padyams; at night
29th May; Tuesday;
day 4th
One call recd for idol ; Elite Hyderabad club plan has emerged; Read back current year developments again from TTD Dairy gone down?
Purchased  external key board in night; Washiing machine Tap work got done; Morning temparature was too hot  by night thunder and electricity trouble had at home ; Nellore and Tirupati old client list prepared good hope gained again after this hectic excersise;
30th may; wedday; 
5th day at Hyderabad
Bangalore horse races  rx friday saturday info known; Visited Gachibowli  SRO and had 1 payout and another hopeful;
but night posted review abt Bikshapati Yadav; called Prasad  Prabhavati son and had nice chat; Called Kalyan; Kishore; Kistaiah; Satish; Searched for mosemo; martjack;; 500 DW data on hand; I may  Need to wait for another  10 more days for cool temparatures;

31st May; Thursday 
6th day 
last day of may;
Got up very early roamed around Chandanagar area had Coffee;
Kalyan came home;
Taken control of Bikshapati yadav g plus;
Ashwin called; 
Posted entire pending blog posts of may 2018 month;
Visited Moosapet SRO this time surprise payout; 
Met Kumar Stamp vendor took organisation registration form and left to Balanagar from there to Erragadda sro but no use met chinna etc;
Finally met Ashwin  at Green Bawaarchi hotel SRnagar had long chat had his tips ; Return journey to home was tiresome due to heavy traffic;

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