Saturday, April 09, 2011

master health Checkup

Managed master health checkup at kamineni hospital many new things exposed like echo test ntrition guidance tread mill etc thanks to Goapl and that guy; Most of body parts are ok but sugar levels are still high side; eye glasses added;watched first match between chennai super kings and kolkata night riders late night match; discussions with Gopal continued;late night sleep; pending blogs posted; problem with twitter; some what sugar levels reduced for the day; 1 dose of sugar tablet after noon missed; huge lunch for afternoon;

Seen mohan overseas web site; xerox copies of RX sheets took; burnt more calories for the day leg pains due to more walking;managed travel by Bus; another day gone without income but health care came more closer;night had to use overan gel;
Kiran ajay,nareder missing;arguments at home with Gopal;

9th april post;

Got up bit late;again shown reports to dr mohan rao and he Rxbed 40 units inj insulin very costly one related tention?;help of gts was immense again;quick scan of 4 dailies of saturday; cash from bank;Called narendra; Gta joined for lunch and prepared lunch paid 4 insulin; demo of insulin by novo nordisk support team;Srn cell was swiched off this is another set back; brought blank bus ticket to gopal; ka fans crossed 25k this one gave new hope;Kamineni web site seen and noted few things like chance of tweeting for them;4 new ids msitprogram;chennaidliz;logostravels;astralpvc; rx results seen;