Wednesday, August 01, 2018

August 2018

1st August 2018 wedday
Seen sunny videos in morning;   Vedeo marketing is powerful; Known how to earn without taking Videos by someone;
Create Educational videos; Political videos;
Ask help from trusted people; Visited saroor nagar had just one success story;
felt disturbed ; tough sleep;
2nd August Thursday 2018;
Most of the headache gone;
Vacated lodge, Came home; Arranged water; Attended rx; Heavy hunger levels throught the day; No incoming calls?; had quik exposure to new area;
had jolt again on rx end but knowledge consolidated;
New home owner met;
Unexpected investments;  Sea quest Suddenly  withdrawn;To think what if it doest win?
who else has chance;
must perform on track no hype from now;
Hussain sagar video shot but had suggestion shoot trency videos by malkajgiri DW;
3rd August Friday 2018;
Morning spent lon time at home reading back hyderabad stay latest but noted lot of spell checks;
Poor chicken curry; Eenadu organised to Ghar again for new home; night suffered Milk and curd problem; Sent msg to satish about new house shifting;
managed single indulgence;ex star of the crop; One closing did of vedeo after long gap steels guy; SRO success; New area bridge exposure ; 2nd day at home;

Aug 4th 2018 saturday;
Tv stand shopping did at Nampally; Success at pune Rx gave booster and had nice time with neibour;
sunday  5th  August ; 72 nd day
Monday 73 day 6 th August 2018

Night shopping did with Gta water bottle; powders,few other needy things; at Rx  Corfe Castle gave another boost plus videos took of HRC and Bangalore current running record took;  Huge visits had for youtube around 1000;
6 Videos loaded loaded satish sent lion one and shared it on twitter; Aquarium fish died;
Activated steel guys g plus on mobile it self;

Tuesday 7th August  74th day 2018 
Took Gta to manappuram at ashokngar came back and did lot of R & D on Youtube and twitter monetizing; Corfe Castle  Video loaded; Seen many videos known 3.5  bILLION new users will be in waiting for youtube; known abt tracking url of hubspot;
lEARNT ABOUT FILMORA vIDEO EDITING SOftware; Subscribed to many youtube channels; I need 1500 hours watching now;
one must need 10 000 views a day for youtube monetization;

karunanidhi died at ripe age of 94 years; Seen Etv news; 
Seen Veera machineni diet video and juice of nimbu;allam; garlik;
Washing machine organised;

Wed Day 8th August; 2018 75 th day @ hyd;
Loaded few more videos;Covered kapra area had new area exposure;Known abt reddit; Seen few more youtube videos;
Flash; To sell Digital marketing modules;Fist hearing of video editing tool Valmore ;
She came very late so all the headaches and confusion night arranged chapati and poor dal after noon had egg fried rice nearby fast food centre;

Paid ads are must ;
most popular social media channels;

9th august thursday 2018
76th day at Hyderaad;
very late to field yet recd one payout from chikkadpalli arranged rice and chicken to home; lot of R & D did on youtube again; heard 2nd time on youtube about video editing software; may June ; July; august income analytics seen;
4 more videos loaded one got rejected;
subah ka tara failed as favrite  and teodoro by zerwan won eased up;

10th August Friday 2018;

77th day Bangalore Races  last day another season gone;
One video seen as how to create videos on seperate niche and he guided to  fill description and tags;
P trevor made it Top jockeys really extract from horses yes iam still a loser for the day but consolidated further; 
Health tips videos seen avoid unripe and rotten vegitables they contain cyanide; night news watched;
Current bangalore rx stats analysed; whats hash tag and how it trends known; night sleep disturbance noted; zomato guys video took and posted; facebook profile edited;To create a niche for videos like hyderabad city,piegeons,rx videos;
78th day August  11th saturday 2018;

Kishore helped again had ID card for local press at Kirans office read back 2009 blog postings; Dint attend RX but Trevor and Zerwan on low weight have won  not to missout 50 kg mark ; lot of videos seen again on Social Media front; loaded few wahtsapp videos and shared them on Twitter and other channels;
Had shaving and moustache color;
no video for Vijaya cottage known;
No clarity still on how many hours watch time i still required;  ad seen in eenadu;
During wait at kishore read 2009 blog posts;
nown abt as how many members can be followed on each popular social media channels known;
Lot of development from twitter rx end added many rx profile had their feed back too;

Sent email as how to monetize twitter to 7 youtube  ppl; kajal love simbol added;
79th day at Hyd; Sunday 12 th 
My openion OOty derby run seen; New knowledge from Social media end? huge crowds at fb groups known; managed days expemses with rx enjoyed new astoria Biryani; one youbee subscription had from wine shop; Governers cup loaded to youtube; Edited some videos kept description and tags;

80 th Day 13 th Monday August 2018
Attended facebook class some new points known; Return journey was tiresome; After brief rest again started to narapally had good result there; paid Airtel bill and shopping done for home but long wait in ques; creative commons video of kohler posted;

81 st day 14th August 2018
Attended facebook second day; Create groups for clients is the point;

82nd day 15th wed day August 2018; 
Most of energy spent on going to Digital marketing class taking some clips on return journey then loading them to my youtube channel;
Rx rD back chances at good odds like sandesh;

Attended class facebook page creation known; on the way back some videos took and loaded them; Maintained 1 k youtube views; Tweeted with kajal; Social media caimpaign also managed;

83rd day Thursday 16th August 2018
late to field work rained on the way; worked at kawadiguda 2 suscess stories ; Death of vajpayee;  known more about facebook groups;

84th day friday 17th august 2019
one link seen as to achieve 4000 hours watch time then transfered rs 50 for that activity most of time spent o this work;


85th day at Hyderabad
18th august Saturday 2018;
No field work;

Again joined lot of groups this time twitter groups had some comments;
At Rx concentrate on latest track spurts and best winners with wide margin; One tie up hope has emerged; not tried in last 10 runs become as book favrite and wins is new knowledge; Missed easy tanala; Won treble;

ISPAHAN trackeagle comment; 

Suraj narredus confidence seen on london bridge

86th day at Hyderabad;
19th August Sunday;
Joined some  Birds group; 160 plus sugar levels bit confusing;
Few confirmations got at RX thats avery big positive thing; JP consolation got; another person got introduced in Musheerabad;
My own expenses are very fat;

Star legend

Aloha at 61 won at 61 kgs;  Caprisca; Pablo; Star legend;
 To remove some un nessisary doubts at ring;
87th day
 20th August Monday 2018;
How i organised this day;
rain news cool day; No field work again; Pavan met on whatsapp;
Upset at Nizams Gols cup good forecast dividend;
Trekking groups joined on facebbok and added many people to instagram and tweeted;;
forgotten charging mobile;
Try to solve people problems  to succeed;
youtube keywords source known;ctrl u; ctrl F
Finally after 3 failures alexanderthegreat won with Trevors ride;

Blue empress won but had stiff resistance ;
Southern legacy too won allout;
Suffered for Morning tea for Milk;
 night purchased 2 rx books from chikkadpalli some hope known; Purchased 5 kgs of rice from differant place balaji hope;
Thank god single indulgence day;

***Kolkata races; 

88 th day Tuesday 21 st August; 2018;
No work again but lot of consolidation did with laptop and Mobile in knowing facebook and instagram; Edited Instagram profile;
Good turnout of connecttions with  with intelligent use of  whatsapp initiation from home many people have responsed;
Again joined some facebook groups had 2k youtube visitors fort the first time;
Morning shopping of Mosquito bat and other things did with Gta and shop owners interaction;
Met punter at Musheerabad but he is bit sensitive; Jolts  have continued at Kolkata RX;
Need to buy insulin; 
Srinath and Ps Chouhan have upseted days card;
Return to home by a diffenrent route from ram nagar;
managed single intake;
cadillac flop;

89th day 
wed day 22nd August 2018
Mostly at home  posting repots of instagram posts by night achieved 100 posts; defollowed 1000 plus followers;  Niel says follow with in you habits and post emotional content;

90th day at hyd; 23rd Thursday ;Aug 2018
Did mostly Instagram postings from home; night purchased pune rx books;
Night jeedipappu; Olini purchased;
Morning purchased some vegitables to home;  
91st day at Hyd;
24 th Aug; Friday; 2018;
 again continued Instgram postings work throught the day; attended  Pune rx and consolidated it further; New hope emerged from instgram;


92nd day 
25th aug; Saturday 2018;
Continued instagram reposts sudden change of of a niche rwitc and added most of them; Even at Musheerabad tote posted and added followers; Changed profile description; Morning discomfort at home for tiffen arrangement;
93 rd day at hyd;
26th august Sunday 2018;
had 1 winner at hyd; had trouble with instagram partial blockade; Afternoon had mehfil biryani;managed single indulgence;Shifted focus to sexy pics;

94 th day;
27th  MondayAugust 2018;
Sekhar mama son of subulatta called;
Many reposts  did  on instagram  thankfully temporary ban got  lifted;
 New tip is photos are shared more on instagarm than Videos;
On hyderabad  rx some consolidations got  its riders game than breeders; Dont indulge in mistakes; 
Realms of Fantacy story trainers and owners plan the mounts; 
95 th day at hyd
 Monday 28th August 2018;
 Shivansh story emerged  won at 65/100 funding needed  now dont get confused from trackeagle kind of people; Dont miss FC; Sardarji into hand; Videos can be taken from tote centres; SHP won;
keywords set for rs on Instagram;
Few more tips had on Instagram so organised it  again; 
96th day at Hyd
Tuesday 29th Aug 2018;
Kolkata rx;
Attended  Kolkata races  intervenue betting tote centre  at Musheerabad  Racing Tipster  Trackeagle gave false tip so it confused me  despite backed shivansh looked pretty good in paddok too:  Tote payouts are  very poor;   funding needed; had interaction with sardarji

97th day at Hyd;
29th wed august 2018
 Continued to work with Instagram reorganised most of posts kept many keywords of nadamuri family as nandamuri harikrishna died on accident and horse racing good response had;    gta brothers death is announced suddenly;
Seen many postings  content of sorav on istagarm;Sudden accidental death News  nandamuri Harikrishna  No problem we all must leave one day or the other;
Lot of keywords with hashags kept at Instagram posts most of them are horse racing;
98th day 
30th august 2018;
 Morning quickly managed to buy Milk Insulin, TelmaH  and Rx books but had to wait long time at Apollo chemist shop better to buy drugs and stock them well in advance; Arranged Tiffin and suffered  with stomach upset;  Managed to post few more instagram stories but iam finding it very difficult to get new followers to my stories despite hard work;

 I was resting at home  suddenly things to began to change after my relative Kalyans call i picked him and his father  to attend funeral of my brother in law who died yesterday.  Many of close relatives came  to attend his funeral i met many of relatives and got exposed to many of rituals of final rites. Later read rituvals at wikipedia;

  I was surprised with my own stamina to stand in burial ground for very long time managed energy levels with a soft drink;
 Brand building  and family  influence will come come only with our firm commitment in much needed hour and our help to our relatives.
I met much awaited another brother in law from Kerala;
99th day 

31st August 2018 Friday;
Due to negligence missed a 4th time winner Pune rx avoid this mistake next time ;
back at home read more things abt hindu last rites and rituvals;
best #Hashtags known for Instagram; Night sleep disturbance had due to gtas guraka;
Unnessissary freedom removed;
Neatly organised instagram posts with more hashtags most of the posts;
Had Chat with Kumar 2 times;
Nigh thad  bitter and heart burning arguments at home;


friendship day Boanu fastival Sunday 5th August 2018

Morning Narendra sent nice above clipping af friendship day then i forwarded it to few people got back nice response; Komala kishore sent one nice Audio song and many friends interacted with me on this day with thaat; gave back water bottle and arranged Odonil to home then came Chicken as Sunday; got Tea shop guys subscription for the day; Gta gave premam song on whatsapp; Music plays a major role;
Worked with Mobile for Instagram for the first time at home;

 dish arranged at afternoon;Evening guests came home; At Rx Ruffina lost surprisingly; Read Telugu velugu in night for some time; Letters impressed; Insulin needles got replaced;