Saturday, December 01, 2018

December 2018


Nomudaram recd and thats historic one:Gta completed Gas issue:Morning met Praja Swaraj party guy:
Prints took from Cafe and also known about my Vote;
Did some field calls: 

Failure at Rx:
Many political party leaders twitter pressence known: Fruits to eat seen video: Twitter back cover; Posted Surya Terminal Nd edited Sri Balaji Bajrang video.;

Praja swaraj  Party

1st December Saturday: 2018

Spent entire day at Kattela party office many people got introduced there: Prasad  Eswaraiah sons met there:

By evening closed the campaign; Posted november 30th entire blog post from there; lot of time wasted; night called Seenaih;  Gaja: 
Morning whatssapp messges sent to friends but no response my own initiative paid me; 

2nd December Sunday 2018;


Near By home galli Idol

Fish shopping crab video posted; Pamogranite;Subbareddy SrScientifics call:

Posted Blog from Mobile;

Night house rent contribution pressure at home: Skipped Rx for the day: Visiting Cards marketing Idea has emerged: Posted Kattela Video: Scanned Telugu Velugu:

3rd December Monday 2018

originalvel recordbook
Originalvel Record Book

Butterfly luck
Rx record books of summer season  purchased: Escorted Gta to Gas and Bank and paid charges: Got part payout from Lotus Steel; Met Kattela in night got his commitment: Met Ashok in morning:   Only saved numbers get my messages delivered to whatsapp  broadcast list:  Some political party contesting candidates leaflets collected from field: morning prajaswarajparty twitter account  activated. Lotus part  payout got;

4th December  Tuesday 2018;

Once again Kattela failed; New Zeal Success story thanks Video  interview knowledge;

Rx payout took Sardarji failed; Lot of traffic in evening near by home; Morning read back 2018 Blog posts; 60 plus data collected from field then checked their standings  on google;
Nadaswram had 5 jdvf; kattela fb blocked; fb needs dob; Met kavya and got his commitmnt; Ram nagar area entries survey id; saree shops area;

5th December Wedday 2018:

Morning loaded New Zeal entry  and took hold of google maps of Balaji Bajrang Nd New Zeal: Morning few more entries collected from field: Voter slip recd from Ashok son his brother also got introduced hs running Matrimony.: One Flex order got: Met president of praja Swaraj had interaction chamchas over action;:

Call and discussion with Durga;

6th December Thursday 2018;

Smashing inform Horses

Manged to o some market calls; Sri Sai Mediacals google handle got; Hope by Noel;

Met watan Motors few more near by people;
Met kallu compound  printer;
Kiran met and had some more printing field knowledge; 
Venkatesh introduced;
Some more Data collected from field; 
Night scanned back entire Rx debut winners of 2017;
Forgot note book;
Nadaswaram JDVF collected and checked twitter handles;
Called Sureshvja; Seenaiah; Eye glass frame trouble and Gtas help;
Lunch missed;

7th December Friday 2018;

Voted and sent whatsapp; and had response for whatsapp voters day whatsapp broadcast message; Problem for Petrol and Tiffen is clearly known; Arranged water  & Barsi Ravva to home at night ; Severe body pains throught the day;

Got back lost  note book; Exit polls details known on TV9;
Kolkata and Hyderabad Rx books scanned;

8th December Saturday;

Morning Vaikuntaratham T id took; 
Evening met Sri sai medicals; Evening met kaavya; Bor guy;

Morning Flex desining work attended;  Evening met Gadwal saree shop; Krishna calle from Kadapa;  S,ashing current form is new  Point from Rx end; Called kasturi Gopala Krsihna party prisident; checked Visiting cards collected so far; More reviews of movie theatres and  restaurants seen thats a new knowledge; Asked near by xerox guy for flex; Tweeted and whatsapp msg sent;Data collection work from fild continue;

9th December Sunday 2018;

Prabhavati son Prasad called to attend gandla matrimony; Stomach trouble;

Huge expences day; Entered A/C laounge; enjoyed it;
During wait for Kavya took  prints from cyber cafe; 
Many consolidations from Rx end; Smashing form fetched;
At Mumbai debutant fav won and that has brought Biryani happiness to home;
Concentrate on SHPs;

10th December 2018  Monday;

  Organised prints and Blog posts; Morning took Gta to Manppuram manged to post request letters to Municipality  port and Pavan; Flex order failed   to fix due  to poor product knowlege from my nd on th bargain; Some Data collected from field;
Missed o back one debutant winner at Hyderabad;
Met laxmi Chandar supply co known about his brothers etc; met kaavya and Sri sai and activated google;
aternoon branding Moustache color work;

11th Decmber  Tuesday;2018;

Again to Baghlingam pally park collected some more data used google voice search; Pendinb blog posts managed; Keys ar very hard;

P.pavan kumar

16-3-44 Ramalingaouram near south rlt stn Brahmin street nellore 524002;

Ok most of the day spent at home watching election results and google standings; 

Theres lot of scope for videos;  Dropped gta: called Kishore;  called Manchala; Driving schools are spending money for jdvf:

12th December 2018;

Morning quick response had from Metro rail email; 

Evening met Bala krishna Kavay graphics; met Sri si Medicals; on the way back collected some Dta exposed to LEDS market; Morning tried Murali sanitary but felt energy delepted with much difficulty met Prakash nagr Sr  which is shifted to new area and came back;
Stomach trouble disturbed the day;
Night election results prints took.

13th Dec Thursday 2018:

Attended Kaavya gruhapravesham; Attended Rx failed back winning chance at  Mumbai : Met Sri sai; Byke mart; Seen King koti area; took election prints; 

14th December Friday 2018;

Bad weather cool day throught; Bangalore Rx attnded theres no money in backing favrites in Tote; Money is there on Tanlas; After rx Got Sri sai Payout; Met Aditya syudio; Matam restaurant then prints from Cyber cafe; activated;

15th December 2018 Saturday;

 BangaloreRx dint attend due to calls; Acu Begumbazaar payout got; night called Nrn; Few more prints took from cafe; Met prajaswaraj party president and another person;

16th Dec sunday 2018; 

Muta Gopal  winning rally attended at  night; Prasad called: Attended Mumbai rx;

17th December 2018 Monday;

Chillin morning; Call from president PSP and met him had deliverations on jaybc; At rx new point from Corfe Castle got; Pavan called: Night few more prints of politics took from near by cafe;  New confidence gained again;

18th December Tuesday 2018;

No field work due to cool atmosphere; Big work of the day is retrieved 46JDVF entries; Night took some political printouts from Narayanaguda cyber cafe;

19th December Wedday 2018;

17seconds meditation video gave confidence: Top winning jockeys wins analtsed:  Rx failure again; Yet managed field work met Murali Sanitary; Chennai Steels; Afternoon retrieved data of jdvf and also took political data prints; tried Musheerabad entrance and had Tea in Caotain cook hotel;  Found velcasystems; night known about most of India winninig  local political parties;

20th December Thursday 2018;

1.Md Ali poor response;

2.Tools shop was too busy; 3.Met Dominion tools; 4.Closed Adesive;  5.Met one readymade garmnts shop;  6.maggm shop; 7. Supreme pnematics; 8. Fashion mall; 9. Arihant; 10.Electtrical shop;
Morning sent many sms mesages but no use?

21st Dec Fri 2018:

Dint work in field but seen collected data of JDVf on hand; Scanned  AP election  prints on hand; Worst upset in Mumbai Roberta failed;  Continued messages; Failure of Dose and Punugu?

Forgot to take eye glass for net prints: Money withdrwan: Dropped Gta; Call recd from Bhawar; Kasturi:  Checked some of current google standings:
Added Murtuza to Whatsapp list: 500 Gyms  and 100 Bearing dealers are listed in jd: PS Chouhan Hattrick at Kilkata:

22nd Dec Satday 2018;

Entireday spent with Jaibc conference many dynamics understood

23rd Dec Sunday 2018;

winning connections in horse racing

Had Upma near Shankar mut; Attended Rx of Mumbai and Hyd days new points are heavy weight and same riders mounts are winning but as firm favtites;  Not to miss Tnala payouts Few more political prints took;

24th December 2017; Monday;

After dropping gta withdrawn cash from SBI and took New debit card; Applied for savngs bank Debit card; From Home continued sending sms activated Airtel pck for SMS; finally started Royal Ind work;

After  brief rest worked at ranigunj many streets shop locations written on note book; Met Domunion; Lepakshi; Many landmark buildings and streets identified: Hope got from old blocked t ids at Ranigunj

25 Dec Christmas day  Tuesday 2018  

Morning to Baghlingampally park enroute collected some data:

SMS dint work: Trouble with mobile charging: Sent many whatsapp requests to known ppl response yet to be seen; Called Ameen and told a out  Ganesha Electricals payout:
Important develooment of the day is checked review status for many locations; 
Evening again collected data from field and also checked review status; Evening met  Sri Sai Arihant Agencies: Tools and Spares corp: Morning met Curry point: Took good prints of political crorepatis list 500 of them are with me now: Read back some of my own reviews of thise eye hospitals; Oressure at home for high income:

26th Dec We day 2018;

Dys calls; 
1.Bright digitals;
2.Kaavya; pics loaded;
4.Next to manchla;
5. Mobile shop nr by;
6.Couriered to Amen;
7.Called Pavan; Anurag;
8. Near by gift hop;
9. naga valli sarees Swamy;

Twitter ids prints took ; and Review new content prepared and prints took;

Way to share with;
Fresh data 50; rerieved g oogle review standngs;
Fresh data written on note book;

27th Dec Thursday 2018;

Morning confidence gained after reading new mailer;
Morning wirh confidence met sarees shop guys had good hope: gifts shop closed for the day his political circles known: Collected some more data and also seen their review status; 
Night took many political prints: google maps msg set up known:

28th dec; friday 2018:

Morning spent very long time woth old google acounts and  checked reviews etc later data collectiin tetrieval wlrk contd;Problem again:
 Met sri Mahavir and activated their glkgle ac; jinish; Kiran met but busy; Sime reviews posted: Follow up with Ameen did;

29th Dec: sat day 2018; 

 3 payourt got for the day; Gifts; New Zeal; Arihant: Huge data collected again during 30 minutes break; At nlr Pavan alzo collected 2 payouts; Thankfully sbi denit card pin work got completed: Morning read nice article on how to write review;

30th dec sunday 2018: 

Fish shopping did met narayanaguda galli guys: Poor Tiffen stomach trouble thats it: Took rest in home; Pavan trasfered amount:

31st dec monday 2018;

Wishes recd from Kalyans father;

Morning collected data from Tilak rd;Abiss later retrieved few of theur standings; Dec 2018 income analysed;  Kamals bawa Srinivas fathers death coverage read; called cheg; 134 entries collected from field: Some election prinrs also took new point is Telangana 2018 contestants properties updated by myneta: 

Met mudupu

Seen standard trading
Mayur pan card collected:
New day dyeing

Called kadtuti;

Mohan Rao; new  hope recd;
Dr;satya narayana;;

Seen back blog posts for few years;

Ameen called;

new years preparations arranged at home;

Biryani soft drink;