Friday, October 01, 2010

September 2010

30th september 2010

Morning quickly settled lodge room and shifted luggage to room heavy strain due to weight now the comfort of own bath room and tiloet need to be enjoyed;; shown kajals deal to market guys;Ramjanma bhumi judgement day very tense moments at afternoon; due to tension not had sales review from guys; bouncers at lunch;shiva mostly did massage hardwork;rest took at office while watching TV; lakshmis request at afternoon ;jana has called; 8 gb pen drive movie info noted; new turn of the day is night discussion with kamalakar over phone; watchmans help;


29th september post

responce to social media ad continued till night with full swing i manged it with lakshmis assistance; office developments include seprate glass cabin work;advance for room paid with pressure to surendra;lakshmi managed few more postal mailers; whole day gave online training to sales team also involved them for twitter ids work; tweeted some messages for k; marens call from nellore; seen ethames site known their clintale base; late night to room and seen movie and relaxed again had nice sleep but missed dinner;


28th september post

Adverticement for social media was full success since morning and its been repeated again but 2 districts have been dropped and 2 new(karimnagr,and warangal) have been added.; But my appearnce failed for the first time in the office for dress etc; 4 marketing executives continued to go to field but result not known as what happend;Sudden chance of second cell phone to hand must make of it to full use;room advance paid in the evening;
need to have tieups for offices in the districts is new idea; surendra gave some more content for social media;Ajay in the office;some un expected hickups in the office have continued; surendra gave ad for paid surfing in 10 districts; another land line is alloted to me at office; content read as how twitter is useful for companies;


27th september post

 76 th day at hyd;very interesting day with many developments; attended bit early to office;near my chamber glasses have been cleaned up; 7 districts ads have been released; Kiran and sastry satiash have met at evening;4 people of marketing guys to field work;Globe arranged at my chamber karlo dinuya muthemein and no responce from web team;3 more new ids for the day ie;lancerfootwear;hoteltajtristar;hotelbeccun; managed to transfer 1 k to syam with the help f lakshman; Surendras power point presentation was nice one; let the rush begin at office and later we can get funders; internet evolution details and domain names knowledge and social media details brifed to office staff; dialuz traffic rank 3 10 475; night more discussions had with surendra; rs 500 took; late night call from raju was not good one; marketing people have reported at night;left office bit late; lot of strategies developed with regard to office staff; seen lot of tweets content;


26th september post sunday

Attended office and had lot of discussions for future with surendra ads content prepared;all dailies scanned and strategy prepared; some twitter ids segregated for blocking and posted blog; at jyothi ads seen for anchoring; after sit out i went to hrc and on return attended demo class; night withdrawn rs 500/- and purchased stamlobeta and volini gel and water for room arranged; cr won 2; old people menace at hrc?; cash levels have gone down further;


25th september

facebook tie up discussion with maren and long time phonre talk; puja and harati and my chanting at office;called Syam and known things;4 marketing guys have joined and i had given a seperate chamber and phone numbers and lakshmans apreciaition and help and my song etc were highlights of the day;evening sastry(saved his number) and satish discussions;afternoon managed wash;janas call and offer;lakshmi continued my work; harikas interaction was ok; long time plans with surendra discussed; my reply on golimaster; paid rs 500 to ldge again; water insufficient?.most of the days news papers have been scanned;ajays chat about nellore;


24th september post

Morning called gandhi; atteneded bit early to office by 9.45;New info had with cubestat which gave nice information about worth in dollars. cricketing odds told to lakshman; Lot of close interaction with Surendra; new turn of the day is sales guys have turnedout so again training given and their marketing bags were handed over; whole day maintained silence mostly at office; Days success story is on followup of Vijay payment got to hands; night again intake of the food was very poor; read symptoms of liver failure and causes;aosmithindia blocked;followup with lakshmi did for important names; twitter has gained one more rank;jana met on chat;

23 rd september post

Some kind of un easy at morning and insecurity though managed to be present at office;Involved shiva,sarita,lakshmi,and hanika; adverticement shown to staff; into my work and thats sucess; Office improvements continued with Laptop with Surendra; and cabin works enquiry;twitter ids enquiry out station works began with work endorcement to Sarita,lakshmi and hanikas involvement; had discussion with Surendra; Managaed to post 2 days pending blogs;ad in eenadu appeared but no responce in morning time and thats big disappointment;took dress from washing people; sent shiva to stick executive posters; recharged another cell phone; Marketing guys failed again to attend duty as promised; Whats the plan of surendra chennai is unable to understand and confusing; called grtjewels people; naveen called; ganesh immertion continued today too as seen the lorries carrying huge idols and enthusiasm rush; followup of aruna madams payment did and called syam;good response for golimaster comment seen and replied them; night to movie maryada ramanna and relaxed; i have called and found some names of deciding authorities of some companies noted; out station companies twitter ids work dint progress well;carpenters came to do work of cabin and enquired;major upset for the day is no response to eenadu ad; deccan layout and ads were very impressive;

21st september post

70th day since i left tirupati;Morning met Syam and he gave rs 1000/- and had lot of discussions;Slight disturbance had from Laxman and lakshmi unexpected way; pressed laxmi to find out as how many mailers have reached to them had hickup in between to do this excercise; One positive responce had from one matromonial office and thats encouraging; paid rs 500/- from syams money to lodge; Very good contribution of content by surendra on social media idea has further consolidated with new points; Navens help in finding out addresses of big company ids and had a secret word with sarita about the new task; and finally ad for enaau gave thru an ad agency; lost temper with lakman and that needs to be re checked; had problem with lakshmi to get the work done;Swati,sitara,businessworld read lot of things and tariff for swati known; night again met syam and subbarao and discussed things; way back met Raju and his family; one ad in dc seen for financial partners;

22nd post: 71 day
ganesh immertion day; mostly spent at lodge boring one; Raju came in morning and night; had lunch from mess;some calls did to chandra,Rk,surendra,lakshman,chengaiah,bhawar,prabhakar satish etc.


20th september

69 th day story;
Lot of things have happend; Morning got up very late;for social media ads got aproval from surendra but by then time was up to release ads; lakshmi achived her target of 10 mailers; script for ad in telugu and english developed; sales guys came and mock interviews and project deatils imparted to them: Gopals call received; new lady as PA to surendra joined; Syam has called; most of the day suffered with uneasy; Bit seriousness maintained for the day; social media content read at google; unable to eat stuff at lunch; little bit of yesterdays loss stress;my saamethalu effect on staff; nagging resistance from rao;2 full bottles in stock; as a result of ganesh immertion took advanced care; Raju invited for dinner;

19th september post

Sunday; again failure at rx related depression; missed place of c alford with poor planning;night raju and sudhakar met; torture of loneliness and confusion;
Over dose again missed dinner again night sleep was very good; morning to office used net; sarkgroup new id;water from office to room;


18th september post

saturday;Evening kiran met and took me to his home and laptop camera etc known some other guidance had from him to have different office;laxmi got hurt to be careful on dialogues AND TURN OF THE DAYS?; Office improvements continued to go up with A/C got fitted look seems to have further improved; Satish and Sastry met; another new tele caller joined; i detailed about Social media; posted blog from new system;
lakshmi dint do the target for me today! afternoon rest took at lodge had to return to office on satish call lakshmans drop by his byke;
Need to relaunch my news paper vetuku here; 2 new rx books purchased of sunday; again cash levels problem; had lunch with surendra and lakshman; CALLED SYAM;MANAGED TO BE IN OFFICE till evening;improved to post blog with some content;
swatis husband to office?;

sastrys involvement in me and his knowledge on loans?
reddys foundations guy came in and said will come on monday;


17th september

66 th day at hyd;Day started with Puja and sweets distribution at office; marketing guys disappearance gave some hickup to me today! Entire day spent at office without afternoon rest;computer hardware people came and repaired systems; Lot of fun with staff and jokes from lakshman and corrected few things on postal letters etc known more family details of staff; A/C came and 2 more tables and chairs more impressive look of office now;Surendra gave good assurance for adverticements so i had to change my plans of the morning; Lot many other office decoration in on the way;Social media web site development task by web team one mor including my personal chamber.

web programmer joined team today; 10 more mailers have sent for the day but still responce yet to begin and thats discouraging? One girl came in for office staff and i have interviwed her;called syam; managed to post blog and tweets; gave dress 4 pressing and took it back byke help; night purchased shaving cream Brush and Bata hawai slippers; 1000 blank visiting cards reached office can be used for marketing guys; Morning paid rs 500/- to lodge as advance; The days flash is to have a stronger online presence; Other cell phone is totally gone; One call for nt for some phone enquiry came in; Marketing guys failed to come in; due to systems failure web guys dint respond to my request of content; small walk to rtc x roads at night; night missed dinner; took water from office;night purchased rx books of kolkata,and Pune; One Lodge enquiry did; money is going away faster than expected; tried to buy shoes but failed with correct size; By night things looked busy and energy seems lost;


16th september post

Had settlements from Syam at night so more fire power on hand now felt very much tired and couldnt spend good time with satish on auto loan details and how they operate known;long discussion from satish Sastry also came in to office;Temper lost again with auto guy to be careful on this kind of issues; Mailers continued again with help of laxmi but no response had so far is discouraging? Had some discussion about movies; Blank visiting cards sent for printing; Class room training given to sales collegus 4 people; 2 bags also got aproved and purchased; Afternoon rest took for some time With hameed help pen drive arranged for system and managed to post blog;

paid n surf new venture booked? for ads badly needed now to progress;
New shirt failed to match size my actual size is 44 to be very alert on this from now; Evening forgot dress; Satyam people came in detailed to them about social media; Sarita absent to office; One mailer has returned; cheque seems to bounced;


15th september post

Syam has re joined anew hope;responce for ad and marketing People started caoming in; some kind of un easy;continued sending mailers;web developers team also engaged in sending email to clients;satish came and detailed abt his project;watched cricket and discussion with laxman;Night one new shirt and to salmans movie;Dailuz guys came and had nice informative session; office developments include Biruva,one table and chair;night recarged tata docomo rs 100/-.had luch with surendra; cell phone enquiry confirmation;


14 th september post

very speedy day; managed to post few more mailers; esxposure of imax and inception but a costly one; komarampuli dialogues; very expensive day; managed few more stamps from office account;one enquiry for web site; some horrible neck pains; gandhis failure,kamalakars failure,n prabhakars upset?;
days flash is to show regular reports; and seo reports; one ad got aproved for marketing executives; Surendras detailing and vizag girls interest was encouraging; one lock purchased;uneasy noted; seen whole ids on hand; insecurity still prevailing;night sleep disturbances; expected ads failed to come;RK s poor responce? new paper clips very economical;


13 th september post

very nice day with lot of team energies utilysed of Naveen,lakshmi,sarita, and computer managed to send 40 postal mails for the day;dynamism of staff noted;small hickup by surendra soon overtaken;again insecurity started mounting up;more closeness with staff has developed; his commitment noted guidance quick returns noted; dues of dhobi paid;funiture guy took back his furniture from office;

More interactive discussion with Rk chengaiah and kamalakar;
spent money for postals xerox etc; morning quickly developed personal mailer and got it printed with help of naveen;one marketing guy from karimnagar came;lunch missed;again suffered with night sleep disturbances;

help of names by lakshmi typing help by naveen and postal sticking by sarita;
night surprising interactiopn with Banana guy and library guy and lodge owner vere interesting;


12th sundays post

During the morning came to office and checled net and read back blog;Unable to cope up with boredom throught the day;phone chat with Kamalakar,Chengaiah;what to trigger from monday planned;new points continued at rx they include top jockeys parampara etc; penciller of Nellore got activated at rx;
Found very tough time to have enough sleep at night; paid lodge rs 300/-. cell phones had to be switched off; total connectivity lost;hostel enquiry did;phone with RK; for 2 days no people to talk; treid to recognise people at hrc;


11 september 2010 saturday post

managed dress wash 1 pair;Morning called Rk; tried to see Inception at Prasads but failed;Unabale to decide m nareedu post at rx;Sankars cell number took; 96180 28883;
called chengaiah; sarva rao messge for vinayaka chathurdi received; morning tweeted and managed blog; felt loneliness and boredom trought the day; evening to movie Phirana but not worth but one daring act was inspirartion; read back entire blog of 55 days again and found that team work badly needed and ads for people;problem at mithai bhandar; bed problem at lodge; most of the dailies scanned;walking back rx cource was bit tough one;


10th september

Developments have continued their way swing. Lot of encouragement and involvement with new ideas( filed training,discount;placement gurantee word power etc) came in and ads got aproved from surendra marketing executives wall posters have developed;curtains work undergone but bad comment unexpected from me to be checked next time; RK s call in the morning and my aproval; Cell got connected again thanks to it;One offer letter given to employee; and his involvement seen;
ganesh chatudi rush for idols at chikkadpalli amaging;Potenciality details of Adilabad by prakash; Satish met with Sastry (durga)and meditation details and tea;
After lunch felt quite uneasy;New content seen about sovcial media on google;Apreciation by prakash on shirt;rent rs 300/- paid and arguments faced;
For ads script created; cut short the famous names from now is new flash for the day;

kapailchits,and atuluriandco, new ids 4 the day;

Central Office
Plot No 26,
Krishnapuri Coloany,
West Marredpally, Main Road,
Secunderabad - 500026.
Tel: 040 - 27803962
Fax: 040 - 27801294

#109,Sagarview Bldgs
Liberty Tankbund Road
Hyderabad - 500 029. INDIA.
Ph : +91 40 23223294 / 23221270.
Fax : +91 40 23222316.

Registered Office
Vijayaraghunandan Nagar,
Tel: 0878 - 2222127

9th september post

days developments include covers and leaflets,and bill books reached to office .Tv with dish installed at office; 6k payment got from Aruna madam after a long and boring wait; kahairatbad bridge;kamalakar left;help through cell of office noted; autowalas problem at punjagutta;call from jana;Managaed to post blogs; 3 more new ids mygpt;oyetrivia;careerstrokes; night to movie gayam-2 but its not upto expectation; Long chat with Niranjan and chengaiah and Syam;


8th september

Morning checked bank and good news check got cleared; hickup for the day is tata docomo incoming barred but followup did;kamalakar reached hyd and hes impressed with developments at hyderabad his tip of books on display and his involvement and commitments noted;

One web developer came with twitter similar project details; from address covers work initiated with lakshman help for covers;dtp of leaflet work got progressed; Endorced varam work of calling clients good responce noted; had hair cutting and few related things Raju met at morning; night party hosted by kamalakar; Small hickup at office; read content got impressed with it; Nice involvement at night by Rk for social media projection;


7th september

morning attended office bit early yesterday blog posted;Quickly managed to block 3 new ids again(vishalmegamart;callmeguru;vertexhomes;checked at bank for twitter id money transfer only to be confused; introduced Social media to office team; more close interaction with RK; dress given 4 pressing and got baCK; mornin surprising call from maren; theres still some pain in stomach area;
during the net surfing auto surfing details and italians history of scam read; death news of kumar still gave shock for the day; managed to reapair belt and new room at narayana guda area got for economical rate;
Ad came in eenadu but lukewarm responce had; followup did for aruna madam payment did; old friend raju met his cell number took;New idea of emails from some hotel and related hope;
15 th day with surendra spent and analysis noted;
55 days since i left tirupati;again read back blog and inspiration of lafange parinde got back;

>>>A single hello from a friend is like a bit of sunshine in a cloudy day, brighten the day and warm the heart: "Hello everyone!"

6th september post

Surendra and Rk have joined back and thus few more develeopments at office; including visiting cards for finance company done by me;But Some kind of uneasy from surendra noted; lights arranged; there was computer problem but fixed by collegues; i managed to post 3 days pending blogs so some kind of releif; One more rack and ads for people have been released;i received my visiting cards;New bag purchased and the shop guys mannerism noted;

major upset for the day is death news of kumar and failure of Aruna madams payment and stomach uneasy etc;paid some advance to watchman;seen hindi movie at night;


3rd september post

Syam came to hyderabad and with him delivered 3 frames to aruna madams office;Receptionist appointed at office by laxman;Printing works initiated with dtp people;Called chengaiah at syams lodge;Gopals call;Disturbance began with confusion with regard to recruiting people at office; Quite unexpected way evening mail from gateforum people and quick settlement of check from them was under tense and finally closed the deal;Evening kiran met room search work did and fianlly Satish met and had long chat with him;

4th september saturday post;
Initially edited final proof of work at dtp then attened office and left to syam from there to Aruna office and met her; afternoon to chandanagar by auto met reddy and sold them 7 pieces and also got one 6 frame good sales day;
In the settlements expectation failed and total absence from attending oofice for the second day;managed to send the cheque 4 collection through laxman; Pune Rx missed; new area exposure had; day is allover by return and lest syam came back;belt purchased;

5 th sept post;
sunday 2 rx books on hand; students disturbance and police bundobast; jana called; Kamalakar called ;Rk in touch;syam also in touch;Success at rx; paid rs 1000/- to lodge; lunch missed and night poor intake of food;Ramoji called;lost temper at nail cutter shop;mallya 35/100 mount failed;sankar met;


2nd september

Lot of develeopments for the day; For printing material amount got aproved;web develeopers have joined;required softwares installed; design work initiated; transfered 500/- to jana with lakshmans help;called satish call from mom call from raju; had massage at lodge; boys help noted; read back blog postings of last 50 days;discussion with syam;
with Tv gap of theatres knowledge got;

Web google blog effect noted with mashable tweets is new promise;Discomfort at morning;Signin sridhars call;good news from Syam; long chat with Jana;


1st september post

Lot of time spent on twitter highest 2000 list; As a result of ad in Eenadu calles came in and 2 people selected for web design and programming;By evening Email sent to Surendra about office stationary need; Raju met on road and subsiquent menace noted;called Satish and syam;Pen drive work known; linkedin,youtube,flickr are also social media tools;hickups with rk;More chat with jana;seperate chamber is must;office boy joined; Evening printing discussion did;tweeted 4 meena jewellers;excelmovies is new id for the day;thoughts of capturing entire andhara pradesh for veduku;
BY evening laxman exposed about his insecurity;Room work got into action and laxmans involvement;lodge advance paid;
More dosage at night;good shirt effect noticed;by night Rk left;

indian twitter list;

sashitharoor 310
iamsrk 385
priyanka 391
sachin 395
srbachan 587
ihritik 589
salaman 603
shahidkapoor 708
arrahman 957
bdutt 1094
akshaykumar 1214
shilpashetty 1276
mallya 1306