Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May 2010

31 may 2010
Suggestion came from munawwer need to change work style never let down yourself..Analysis of mama gave some comfort.successful day again with 500.visiting cards ready so more poised for field work.chengaiah met but no importance at all.cell phone support still pending.missed lunch and energy problem were there for the day.tweeted 4 k and HM.whole day discomfort with dress.insecurity propped up with idlebrain watching.big bouncer with snehaullal. sunday followers were poor for all.mor aoto fare problem.tailors info 500 shops.Tarumu file.movie golimar was good.tmchyderabad into fold.followers were reduced.twitter penetration in india read.

calls 4 the day were
buyn save,ahuja,manju hotel,tailor,biryani hotel,tata guy,bindu agencies,shilpam.boutiq,rim zym,Munawwer,mama,net

MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

30 th may sunday

during the morning workouts found that in may had 20 contributors only and 3 of them unexpected ones.connected to syams and friends by visiting 2 times and found mat laminations have good chance.importance contributions for a successful movie discussed with mama syam.
gemgranites,kennedyschool were new ids 4 the day.at home old daily news papers segregated.surendras call received.muppuri travels entry got.2 cans water arranged at home.shruti hasans story read.new point about niranjan.gandla guy at syams shop.whats that fmylife had one lakh followers??.

29 may post

Rs 500/- from market(fethertouch,world of titan)plus shilpa.to syams shop met other. tried Patel and sugar cane.posted blog.followers getting reduced.met k k prasad and known few more things.google adsence income monthly details seen.
days new ids include whereincity,glownetworks,ficusmovie.
new pics to hansika.tweets 4 k.tried to develop relathionship with clients.known how to use # tags.

28th may post

at market calls in 10 minutes got 500/- and another 2 yes nods.again to movie english prince of parsia.fake ids info noted.due to Jagan reliance cafe was closed again.cell phone speaker problem noted again.new pen and soaps.printouts on hand helped.new pen comfort noted.how to maintain strong relationships to be known.geneliad introduction of juniora new point.need to be verified to get more followers.5000 marker of followers hit for the first time but no happy mode.

tablets purchased.gave back tkr opticals print.sachins request fetched 1 crore.sakshi gave one info of k.alarming water thrist at afternoon plus hunger levels.Visiting cards needed.genelia and trisha tweets read.To be on bigger list.new hope of silverware shop noted.

27th may post

lower lip got damaged at morning tiffen.added all indian twitter ids and found that none of them have considerable followers except few american companies.morning field work gave 2 success striries with patel and secret styles and new magazyne for hardwares. some movie distributor met interesting info exchanged.

Met munawwer.days ids saga continued; reliancemovies,ishatravels,etacetech,safescourier.hardwareevents.tweeted abt kites,and darling.some email sent.
night session took some prints.again problem with cell alarming.poor energy levels??.

26th may post

Much pending haircut had at last felt much releived.small field calls fetched 300/- and a commitment from patel.Unable to continue work due to heat.Lot of R&D on twitter counter and new point is facebook id is sufficient.
Lot of interaction with prabha and his new project MBAcalibre.countrymanager.
Reliance outlets info and salary packages known.Again to movie kites known few more details.Read total tweets of britney.evening net problem at releinace cafe??.
reply from bedraj had.met preeti home applinaces.scanned image of opticals posted.

managed yet another day! lady beggars strategy analysed.confusion of order of juices.dress effect felt thoutght the day.movietalkies.com.5 th day syams absent.

25 th may

Posted tkr after a small work at sridevi comples along with it took some prints.4 th day absent to syams shop.Morning planning continued at ttd adbuildings.FTP is missing at cafe again need to download.Symas contribution so afr listed out.236 new followers for the yesterday.tarak999 enaadu introduction and followers.Blog prints took.movietalkies a good site.

23rd and 24th may posts

In the secontime watching lot of new things got exposed at movie Kites.simha seen lot of voilence?.2 new ids for the day fabercraft,sharpfisher.Discussion with basha at tirumala owner gopinath of pasuparthy known.tweets continued for k and vidya.Relations interaction at home gave new hope shankaraiah,bawa,and lalith but due to age progress depression started.

worship is a established thing.syam calledup.ssc results rush at signinn.posted pending entries.

24 may post:
head ache started with Cell phone and whole day got disturbed manged to get it repaired some how.managed to see NV prasad only to be depressed(eswaraiah).7052 people are with me and they are growing every day plus NT and other blogs traffic can they help?? 3rd day absent to syams shop.blog of sunday posted to email.wash managed.Morning sit ups and planning managed.
Now target should be on verified account.sachin came bit more closer.past good things of life analysed further at morning it took much time.amitabh is more interactive will surpass all??.
payment collection with andhra opticals failed and another misery at dolphin triggered.new hope is Yes from Nazeer travels.depression with heat and cash levels on hand again.chairman@flykingfisher.com??.twittercounter of ka is 35000?.
days ids were chennaiflowers,westerncera,kajariaworld.

22nd may

New ideas developed with trisha news at eenadu so posted for hansika.rs 600 from market was good one.no visits to syam shop felt.lot of R&D for twitter counter did.air crash news.gandhis call.gopals pressure.tharoor in top 200.at morning calls got yes from 2 optical shops.water arranged at home.2 pics got scanned.mobility problems further triggered.night to movie.
social media is twitter,Fb,and blogger.pacman at google.given link to vidya.there are many verified accounts.pressure from reliance guys.more tips on social media known.

21 st my post

surprise 400 from market but my expression was poor plus commitment from a jeweller.ionmobiles.50k per month info from raj mumbai and new hope of godrej.need to shift blogspot data and importance of visiting card feed and printout on hand.
no hope from ttk opticals.activated vidya and swetha.

lot of interaction with mama and need of liquidation and allusirish guidance.news coverage of K?? and one tweet.

may 20 th post

Lot of things moved today!.KK prasad met.known as how to apply for a verified account.again 6 new into fold.eurocontiles,gebiglassindia,g_phone,ciplaindustries,godrejagrovet,movilmobile.longdiscussion with dr babu at night.2 k cleared at bank.calls did at field and good response got.forced to change profile pic and for k.impersonisation rules read.hansika has real id.godrejinerio hope suddenly emerged known godrej importance.
released breakes for google.most of the ids of sribalaji coming closer.income from nelloreone blog amaging.

19th may

Rain distubed day.iopextech,supportfirst,chirutweets.failure of visa to syam family related turn.Heavy insecurity for k id and profile pics removed related stress.activated vidya balan,sneha ullal,more disagreements with mama.discussions with chengaiah and his continued attitude.met goldenplaza girl.importance of name at twiietr.allusirish menace??.

aded few telegu celebs to veduku.Anaands new idols hope st syams shop is new turn.Return from syams shop had to wait and need to keep change in pocket.major disappointment at cyber cafe still not functioning.


18 th may post

call from kapleshwar fro twitter promos gave new hope.Ganga jatara day night enjoyed with Chengaiah and kamalakar.rimafakih,chillyindia,hindwarehomes,vikingindia into fold.Same flop story at syams shop.transfered fb id to fullhyd.blog posted.followup of kkprasad did.that gfafic guy met at road.deposited 2 k check at sbi.pressure for verified account is mounting up.

TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010

17th may post

Good day! success finally with cheq collection from Balaji group.good knowledge got on eamiling tips,and to get cooperation one need to invest time in some kind of building relashion ship and buiding brand on twitter issues.bouncer at jewellers.insecurity mounting with k verification.also did some market calls at field.No support still from Syams and his email are getting my blog post.4 more new ids.sent mail to inasra.Curd rice at Mynaa?.Chengaiah met at night.Call from chandragiri guy.met best buy shop guy and andhra spice.hickup at afternnon with reliance and sridevi girl bad attitude.Ramoji met at loka and headache is over now.Care of Lokas wife is a point to note.Met Golden plaza guy.Called kk prasad.syam joined at web cafe.
Univercell id issue upsetted totally added fury is no replys from AK and SR and confusion with Twi id.felt verymuch with no responce at all from anyone.Met kalyan residency ED.flash of giving a ad for web site owners.few new flashes have emerged like if chiru tweets and to get one verified account.

16th may post

Sunday still continued internet work.2 visits to syams shop.4 new ids into fold.giniandjony a new idea through it.cruseworld,higiclean,berggruenhotels.Studied vidya balan.mailed to fullhyd and got reply and known banner charges.called KK Prasad from shop.water arranged at home.
Interactive tweets again.Read fake sachins tweets.began shilparathnam.emailed to fineply.took printout of fullhyderabd with banner.

15 th may

Need for a professional blog and tweeter is fast emerging in the us for big companies is new news for the day.

managed the summer day heat was less than yesterday.very good turn took at sribalaji he said yes and offered new hope also.depression at syams shop as no hope.Need to concentrate on people with web sites.Bujjis turn at home welcome.analysed income levels for May.Cool coffee and water failure at morning.
Purchased tablets.mnaged few wash.7k of total followers.called sharma of tirumala gudur.very interactive k fans.lof of discussion with Mama gave new insight from a tough life.blog posted.had lunch at afternoon.
idea of giving a add for professinal tweetr.Can tried at evening.discussions with kharan.importance of linked in noted through vedeo.tried fedral bank for classified listing.

14 th may

Problem at reliance continued with repair works.Activated Pyonner card.pending 2 days blogs posted.celebs followers were at 5057.3 new tweets for k.a very big email from fullhyd kishore.2 pending entries posted.tendulkarsworld at FB.gave 13 k to Gopal.Infolinks 2 links seen activated.Hollywood seems to be 15 times larger than indian cricketers.

Vasu said at seena shop car piece can be available.on cell phone tried Can sharma,tirumala milk peole.2 numbers of Sai 90521-84664 and lalit 9030209921 got.while by going auto seen potencial calls.Muscle cramps during morning sit ups?.Vasus impressive mannerism was nice.Had butter milk at syams shop.new things were emerging at syams shop.rajpalace incident to reliance guys was mistake?.new pen soap.Finally one success story at Raunaq target was successful.
Disturbance and no response at dolphin.evening felt tired and energy levels?.niemindia,commoncolors,skygourmet were new ids.blog prints took from sridevi cafe.chengaiahs call.K and eye glass people were disturbing.134 days saga.lunch was bad.dangerous drinking water levels at home.payoneer rank 4840.

12 and 13 th may posts

Heat wave continued.gave 40 to gopal.Unable to edit NT.Discussion with Kharan.No ac at relince.No responce from inasra.youtube song of lahiri lahiri.insecurity of cash mounting up.Chalapatis call for shanku Chakra.Head seen at syams shop.Kumars deaths discussion(chandra sekhar naidus friend).
Read emails of K.Sharma idol maker met at shop.infilinks card received at home imoprtance of post guy noted.had 2 lemon juices.

13 th may post : olds flash; its always better to have a team and machinary; shoe repair.rajpalace web site seen.menu card of dolphin seen.asmitadesign id had into fold.
Surprise success of 2 market calls.Arguments at reliance.paid 40 k to gopal.luckily water at home arranged again.met raunaq home applinaces.
Unbearable heat for the day;yet managed with income and hideouts.bujji came home.

11 th may

Morning a long walk to indian banak and gave 40k to gopal after a brief net R&D went to syams shop and slept there.followed by a 2 hour stint at sridevi complex cafe took some prints.surprising information from chengaiah about kharan.No followers for 30 minutes for k a surprising but did minute calculations then it was ok.future is there for k.tried at reg office bouncer followed.then again to movie.edited infolinks.

10th may

Luckily syam met and with his help took Car Ananda nilayam and supplied 2 idols to Chalapati at gudur he gave one reference and his fathers books info also noted.Return journey was very tough with heat yet managed and settled syams payments.Gopals call for money.chennai guys call.Towel purchased.After reaching tpt again activated reliance account.late night chengaiahs call avoided.
read some privacy problems of facebook at yahoo but failed to save link.Reply from infolinks read.new ids for the day 7.


MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010

9th may

Night Lokas party with cricket was good.took 2 ananda nilayams from syam.managed blog posting.tweeted.At syams shop met those north indians.indobase had into fold.

8th may 2010


sachin is chasing priyanka,again 7 new ids; whatslatest: 28 680,kpntravels,52 795,
kiranads 36l,juhuhotel 23l,acetours ,idsfortune 15l,hhihotels.

5 star deluxe hotels keyword at google lot of hotels were seen participating at google ad words,met Can,flickr photos effect in a hotel??.Triangle of chiru,pavan,ramcharan,plus Prabha need to watched. avatar music.summer effect faced.108 new fans plus??others.No replys yet to twitter ids.new info is t ids are getting evoporated faster.

chengaiahs call.reply from TBZ.
SATURDAY, MAY 08, 2010

8th may

Things got organised are: some of Nelloretimes.com pages edited,more time spent with Mama.goldfinchhotels,mtsil blocked.Activated reliance plus cell phone.orkut profile for K.Staggering 179 new fans addaed.Got up early and did few things.fans were very interactive.print of blog took.vodafone watch mans interacion was good.

headaches:mamas prsence.Kharan,niranjanas nes of srinidhi,no field calls,cell phone? dd of gopals related pressure,byke??back pain.to get verified.power at home,money drainage.moms head ache.sound.poor twitter responce.

6th may post

Surprised with sachins followers with narayan reddys cell activated sachintr at FB.Night dinner with syams family and vittal is new experiene.had 145 new followers for and thats interesting.Numbur at twitter.Now we can expect some quiries for ids?? after sachins entry??.
Again Scooetr started missbehaving.Problem with Kharan??chengaiah late call??.lemon juice and lemon rice didnt solve energy levels problem.Read sachins tweets.times famous 100 seen.During the surfing new point known for twitter R&D those who tweet regular get more Fans.Seen Nt 30 pages but unable to edit them.Shoe problem continued.Supassed shilparathnams thats encouraging.
With ad budjets allocated we can bring success.

5th may post

Life is like almost winning by luck here and days big success story is getting payment from koundinya.Morning bouncer had to be faced from cyber cafe not functioning.Another hope developed with Can college for campain.Most of the R&D did with Sribalajigroup web site.K fans kept on increasing to new level read all emails and tweeted.Sachins entry into twitter.new brouser was good thanks to majeed.met bazaar street jeweller.
Some emails sent to new ids blocked.Gudur Chalapati sir enquiry for idol and darshan.
old friend from hyd narayana reddy met:97046-73143.

yashodahospital,kajariaceramics,medwinhospital,imagehospitals,clutchintech,thevijaymallya,bullmachine are into fold.Bhawars call.

4 th may post

rmzcorp at twitter into fold(received cash from bliss after a wait,again 85 new fans added to k,chengaiahs call,(sgrbuilders@gmail.com raghunathreddy)called prof; c.bhaskar: 098400 85741 dr babu 80083 62168 ref he is visiting chennai.
kajal is placed 8 th at google thats new inspiration.afternoon seen 100 ids of (twi )with a link;caterer said ok for next day;mamas pressure for commission to be claimed syams doubt on his balance sheet??.Gopals print took.last 4 months progress seen at morning workout.met munawwer lot of new things known.blog posted.2 pending entries also posted.lufthansa; 1907.herorams web site seen.edited pic of k with cybercafes girl.
seen jewellers address at bazaar street.

Some pages at NT edited further.afternoon curd rice:managed wash and pressing.
bad temperment on imagination??
edited k pic at profile:

Quite disappointed with twitter responce for ids.Hard pressed so had to work at field again.Got ok Nod from koundinya,and tried with Can.@of small entries were successful.mail from full hyd guy for FB id.Night discussion with doctor.Surprising chegaiahs call.Night went to hotelbliss for booking.5th day for veduku banner at fullhyd.niranjan met at syams shop hicup again.afternoon free lunch.initially bliss postponement.enquiry call for nellore florist.
Syams suport for the day is encouraging.managed to post blog and prints took.@ tweets for k.Tried one caterer.Night power falure story at cafe and at balaji.2 times disturbance of net??.Pain in stomach area?.

2 nd may post

Met Ravi shankar bliss and suprised with hi support rooms booked.3 papers read.bullindia twitter.Infolinks income started.Blog posted.$ crore people must be knowing about kajal.85 new followers added.Dasari coverage on eenadu news paper.Spent time at syams shop.Final amount from back withdrawn.
SUNDAY, MAY 02, 2010

1st may post

entered may! but cool day.reliance cafe was closed.2 hours net Fb R&D continued.A staggering 83 lakh FB users from india.After meeting Syam srmuniv and his son A new hope of Lodge booking has emerged.Tried Mahaveer jewellers.Some one took more interest at balaji?.Goplas call.Finally water aranaged at home.times global 100 powerful men seen.read article about why facebook is so powerful.cash levels effect.Still problem in handlin Fb.thats all for the day!