Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 2014

30 th may saturdas post;
190 th day;

Evening took swift progress with Gta; byke mirroor; night wear shopping; 3 gplus codes got acivated; sent courier; morning sent 25 posta letters; Morning closed one fast foods entry; Ajays  cheque recd ; major progres of the day is  2 rubber stamps work; some prints took; seen korla gunta kalyana mandapam; paid  5 th instalment of a/c; shown balji stationaery guys; uneasy in evening due to sweat; supraja called;

31 st may last day;

had fish; evening with gtas help posted 3 postal mails; Call from RKN abt googles letter; SRN called; I called jana; Monday planned; Summer seems to have gone; points crossed 11 crore pointer; 4 dailies scan; massage;narrow road at karakambadi now ; r r colony hospitals seen; Apes movie seen; Depression due to no calls; eye coloring;  back pains;

28th MAY 2015;

 Began postal mailers work at home;Some kind of delay; ( had to attend syams request and meet syam mama visited his home)
later managed to do 5 calls in field; tried for rubber stamp work in vain; byke mirror work completed; night few more addresses prints took; clash avoided in night; lof of things arranged for home; et gave good knowledge; ads in eenadu;

29THMAY 2015;

Morning finally managedtopost 25 postal mailers;SPENT LONG TIMEWITH JANA AT HIS OFFICE DUE TOHEAVY HEAT KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGED; Calledajay ent fromthere;No field calls for the day; Alc and depression; Blog posted janas office;nellore;tpt branch addresses kept; 50 more envolopes purchased; At traffic signals to be bit more careful;

27th may 2014

Points crossed 1 crore mark by night and thats some thing big; loded Cherry video without any problem; good chunk of prints again; roasting in afternoon continued ;ac charges not known;many prints organised at morning at home took gtas help;argumenst at home;prints of vilekhar2 g plus took;

23 RD MAY 2015;

biggest prints haul day but work at field disturbed due to heat; manged to post pending blogs;
only call of the day is meeting one kalyana mandapam near dbr hspital; Arial survey of Korla gunta rod did; nirmala water shop; evening energy levels are failed despite food intake needs care;Syan clled abt some problem;boredom in the fter noon;Tv at night enjoyed with Gta;read about samsung ac remote;bubbles during insulin injection?; had nice sleep in the night;brought things for home;

24th may 2015;

Sono closed. paper ads reviewed; Spent long time with syam mother; boredom at home afternoon;

Ganga Jatara missed; Some data from called; refil collected;amazon delivery boys are 7 000.
points touched all time high 12 lakh;Durga and Chinna called;

Monday; 25 th may 2015;

Byke miorror removed; One ad seen in dailies of one mobile shop launching and he is klnown to me and closed this entry; By mistake deleted few pictures from mobile;pwer outrage at afternoon in home and trouble faced;Stats checked; google map listing of hyd guy seen;points hit 14 lakh;

26th may 2015; Tuesdy

Cherry aqua got; school mailers work dint progress at all; Heat disturbance continued even for the dy;Rkn keywords prints took; 2 g plus letter took and activated;ajay ent followup did;

16th may 2015;

Gta  left to hyd after heated arguments; Even then i worked in 2 sessions; points hit 4 lakh plus for the first time;Dropped syam to Nellore;
Evening with janas help kept Telugu leaflet to; Morning April ads listed out; took few prints at morning;
called rx ramachandra;hunger pngs; had understnding with jana for  snapdeal and adwords;

 17 TH MAY 2015:

Heavy rain; gta and r moji called;
Activated lehari to google plus tirupati address;
Posted bearing entry to google plus;
Note book purchased; read eenadu net article;
Poor mouse at cyber cafe;
Adwords monthy budjeds seen;

19th may 2015;

Morning had site visit of jana venture and thts all no field work;
seen lenivi file at mornbing and organised some prints on hand;
20th may 2015;
8 field calls did; 25 prints ook; 3 g plus postings;  surprise gattimelam google card arrived;
During the analysys i need people now;
21st may;
Closedcherry water; banins payment recd;
8 calls 9 data; points touched 10 lakh barrier;
Big ads for schools seen;
Hunger pangs;
Night net problem at cyber cafe;
22nd; may 2015;
Gta arrived home; terrific heat; syam mama absent; evening 2 payment recd;1 hour net; agaian prints took;met jana gave him mail and google letter;

18th may;2015;

Positive from Ajay agencies;

had commitment from caterer;
met tailor;
Morning feb;and jan ads segregated thats the only big task did for the day;
work got compromised anyway; data collected; Drpeed syam mama hed ache of cell phone long chat of neibour;

11 th may

called balaji;
read AC manuala again;

12 th may

syam came home;8 fiels calls did;may 12 th managed;payments from sex doc;RKN; ixigoguys call recd;Met Supraja; johnson PRO; key words of other ctogeries known;ganga Jatara byke trouble;some problem in google plus activation had;

13 th may 2015;

Field work with ramoji continued;guiding light complaint; ads for ganga jatara seen;
loded ridhima and 7 colors;Chinnas call to meet t Bus stand;rtc bus strike continued;

14 th may 2015;

 rain havoc work disturbed; syams reassurance;
acticated water plant;ramoji to home;caterer and dhyana sai gplus ctivated;Delhi reference;
thnk you g plus again;Gta morning body pains;Cool day; rise of points;

15th may 2015;

1 lakh plus points ; 3 closings; Morning seen may news dailies ads;

1 st may 2015;
1 hour net mos of pending blogs posted; back pain and heat; Calls to cell phone continued;Shifted to hman mixtard;los temper two times at GTA; depress abt future reassured by  thre many potencial places to to be tapped; Met driver reddy at mangalam;

2nd may 2015 ;
Morning Gta joined to syams place; quickly given ads for eenandu; jyothi; with ramoji quickly closed one call;severe back pain night acidity and sleep disturbance;
waited but failure at jana; took net prints;
night gGollapally krishaniah daughter came home;

3rd may Sunday;
3 ads ran; in  jyothi and eenadu Sakshi ; all  failed poor responace  and depression; night change of drinks and sleep poblem;heat;

4 th april;2015;
 Due to overnight sleep problem total day at home; called syam;

5th may;
 Called seenaiah;
Read back entire tpt stay blog; Lose word to check again;Used whatsapp; Obj by Eenadu for ads;With Syam seen RTO office;evening  2 closings plus pen media payment; auditor,latha madam; took delivery of a/c to home;

6th may;2015;
Ac got installed at home; in the bargain work lost;Good rest took at home in the after noon; data from field is 9; ot up at 3 am; power usage article read by gta; Call from nagiri doctor; fewmore prints took; Chris galys batting; No Income day;
7th may ???

8th may;
Recent ads identifie;12 field calls did no closing;
plus 9 data; read ac manual;pains and hunger pangs; few more prints again; lekhari got fueher more developed;laghuchitram article in eenadu; sleepwell ditributors list seen; no noon indulgence;Gangamma temple rush seen; Syam was sen busy in mobilising funds;

9t may;

  Morning met syam at bank; Night  sex doctor met; One miss fire at electrical shop; Most of the time spent at syam shop;5 calls plus 3 data;silence at home? power outrage at night;

10th may 2015 mothers day!

Mothers day missed;  Till afternoon spent at Syams shop before few net prints; Night at  home organised prints with the help of Gta; Ipl matches seen; May 10 th heat was terrible;
Bla Bla of syam mama;morning posted property and lata to blog;