Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November 2009


30 th november

Last day of the November dint give any breakthrus instead made life little more tough to live with fashion jewellery entry was not spidered by google so missed it and Tailor dint open shop.Morning ramoji met thulasi missed again due to accident unable to work in the field.
days twitter sag includes Parthadental,pchretail,web_india and also exposure of some of web design companies.at afternoon at home press ads cutting work did.
Funds managed so far sheet prepared.

here is gandhis sms:
(dear ramana forget those nonsense fellows who cannot spend for our visit and we need not visit the people who cant fund us. forget and be peaceful. iam not willing to spend for the things which are in the air. those days have gone ramana. i need something solid for the funds what iam making. and the business whatever we do should be in our control. who evr calls us for a business meet have to pay for our visit. similarly if we call anybody let us spend for them and do the business with honesty and integrity. just like that i dont want to spend money and lose it ramana like earlier. you also thank them for calling but make them clear that you can come only if they reimburse otherwise dont let them call you ramana. do they think ramana is a fool or idiot to spend from his pocket and his hard
10:42 PM 11/30 sr)

29th november

Worst unexpected thing of the day is scooter accident but that gave new insights to be ready to dye,avoid someone at back and have helmet and te be carful on traffic areas. fitness of me and byke futher gone down leaving doubts about how to work in future??.deleted chengaiah and vamsi ids from yahoo chat.spent 3 hours on net.narasimha,jana and ramoji calls.rs 300/- from field.

Days ids include fortunemobiles,alkemlabs,ontrackindia.Night to movie 2010 again.

28th november post

Morning unexpedly met Murali and his news of new home and new hope.At afternoon new system with good keys at krishna comples seen and worked there for 2 hours.R&D on alexa top sites and Quancast did.Golden plaza is spidered for tirupati key word with this new idea of planning for future.New idea for tirupatitweets.Sashi tharoors tweets read. Squidoo new info.fresh ids for the day Vellabs,gold_plaza,vibhaseeds,tharakaram,trifed,caravanpackers.
Venkatesh and Naidu met at market.
Not much of response from tweets for buying failed to work on Hospitals.Prabhakaran met at night sahai followup success story.failure of jewellers and tailor.
worlds best hotels;

1. Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt, Buenos Aires

2. Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei

3. St. Regis, Shanghai

4. XV Beacon, Boston

5. Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

6. The London West Hollywood, West Hollywood

7. Eliot Hotel, Boston

8. Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas

9. Sofitel Shanghai Jin Jiang Oriental Pudong, Shangai

10. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

11. Peninsula Hong Kong, Hong Kong

12. Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai

13. Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas, Dallas

14. Intercontinental Buckhead, Atlanta

15. St Regis, Beijing

16. Peninsula Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills

17. Mandarin Oriental, New York

18. Conrad Centennial, Singapore

19. Four Seasons Hotel, Buenos Aires

20. Ritz-Carlton Central Park, New York


27th november

Ids blocking parampara continued but no reasonable reply yet? days list includes tribuneindia,spice_jet,micromaxindia,titanworld,tirupatitourism.m
Morning work gave rs 400/- worth of orders.comapnaies in india data is 23 0000 by fundoodata and that site traffic rank also good.much of the work at chitranjali with all indian abroad ids added.managed to post jewellers and tailors in blog.phone work at home called Fizikem.seen snehadecors web site.also seen some hotels layout of twitter.
Lunch at Sridhars home was unespected move.at home in the morning found postal consessional mailer.
New flash for the day is not to have any gap and continue to have contacts with all known people.

twitter ids link http://vilekhari.blogspot.com/2009/07/8th-july-post.html

26th november

Market work fetched es 300/-.gandhi and thuslai met online.vizasteel,and another t id into fold.sakhai data of dialies analysed.made many phone calls for the day.
No encouragement from gandhi,thulasi,maebles,the mobilestore,arguments at home,prabhakaran and kamalas issue.
not much of enouragement overall.

25 th post

Morning nice statistics of news paper circulation from sakshi news paper.After that Chitranjali foloowers were surprisingly impressive with replys even thats followed by Mr Prabhakarans contribution of article of CEO s involvement in Twitter. managed to post builder entry and blocked rameehotels id.Followed by market calls and hope from photo studio for new year plus new idea of best compliments.Patrica marble people and addresses of realtors.bhimas 6 th launch info.

After field work started hard luck story of ramojis offer then followed bt series of events.missing lunch at home unable to call parties uneasyness.Night fuether irksome with por funds on hand and reliance time doubt.marens bad reply thulasis absence poor responce at that restaurant morning and head ache by kamal.

24 th November post

This day brought me lot of good luck.First call from Mama and next followed Gopals invitation for that shirt.before this hunger levels need to cut of with eating idlis at same place.after a stunt of Ramojis tiffen offer i went to web cafe.At morning net time surprisingly thulasi came but frequent dc s have troubled.
With Murali met Munawwer.

Real things started moving at home with phone calls to Murali,fineply,ashwin gandhi.i called subbu also for Amaway in retunrn he called back.

Final result for the day came in evening work with 2 big surprises with this new knowledge is i must concentrate on decicion making authorities.my visitng card and news paper effect and leaflet known.
Today i invested rs 60/- for mobile thats big investment.mailed to Daren and in night net session more knowlwedge gained on world wide twitter some one blocked official twitter web site abig surprise to me but confidence gaining point.
Chengaiah met at net gave his ph number 60102633521.i ended session with R&d with chitranajali account.

Idea of giving an ad in news paper for official tweeter is propping up.
Final dash came up with Ramoji and Sridhars meeting at konark.

23 rd november post

met bliss,ramee,fashion zone,and ramee gifts payment got for 300.spent for relaince net.kamalakar seen missing totally.many vedeos of motivation seen this day.veduku fuehter ognised at twitter thats all for the day.

22nd november post

Reached back to tirupati from chennai at morning time and slept.Day continued to do R&D at twitter with few more ids 170.saravanastores
173.fizikem 174,gunabuilders.mangaed to post 3 days blog.

Surprisigly thulasi met at chat.More hope after meeting with Rmoji and chat.Morning gollapalli ramana also met.Subra met at market.

november postings

19 th major upset from pellipeetalu,us2guntur no return mails for twitter.Surprise ananda nilaym supply to sign in.darens tips for tweets and vedeos.addresses printous from sign in.darens 1000 customers for a month.new ids 20 twitter celebs new knowledge noted.
20 th november:with kamal and chengaiah to chennai by bus with much strain after a halt at venkatagiri with Mosqito sting.Morning upset with byke afaiir.
Got into brundavan lodge and managed there.

21st.met narasimha and ashwin with discussion i got tremendously powerful.at chennai and after discussion came back to Tirupati bus bus.

18th novemeber

Day started with a smart wish and complaint of kamal and a new trun of the day for me.Forced to block 2 more ids due to first time effect.Followed by net surfing whole day spent in collecting ids and addresses and mailing all of them.
Essar story hotten up with Kharans involvement and my continued mail and quick responce by them.Rt story a new thing of the day.

Gandhi met online voice chat and his involvement a new trun of the day.Apollo and spicejet added to existing mailer blog.usa account also statrted with Heelusa id.
@ bad temperments for the day are at home during morning tiffen and baba effect to be careful in future.

17th november

Morning took up address collections work at Group theatre cafe by evening around 50 addreses roughly collected thats a satisfing work print outs took from sign in.Again activated rs 60/- pack at reliance but thats evaporated by evening.Unable to concentrate field work even today too.One lady gave good support at twitter about great indian barands.
At net information about professional twttes noted.knowledge continued to develop at twitter and got further consolidated.Kharan gave one id and thats also in fold now.during the surfing golbal park guy peeped in.At after noon called sankyo murali and talked to paul also.Segregated ids roughly areawise at home.
During surfing posted ramee gifts entry and statrted bliss hotel promotional work.seen apollohospitals video promotions.
Volini tube,tablests invested.Bharathicement again organised at twitter.goodsunindia anew id.heat treatment at home.Disturbance thru chengaiahs call were order of the day.

16 th nov post

Somehow managed to call Premier mills,Lupinlabs,Model travels,sindhu travels,morning calls include car decorators,ramee,ramee gifts,ramee travels,eve Storm,Bhimas,phone calls include narsimha,Ramoji,SEENAIH.

Followup og Pellipeetalu,did.kamalakar,added chitranjali twiiter followers heavy body pains are alarming??

Sunday being boring one but managed with net mosrly watching vedeos how to have more followers on twitter and most inspirinf speeches and enjoyed watching them and got motivated again.
Relaince account got eveporated to have more followers we need to ask question and follow who follows back again.printout of ids took on hand.acrivated rim no calls to me on sunday new knowledge thru kamalakar on gmail chat.

14 th november

No field work day 2.Took prints from sign inn.took 2 letter pads from sahai,Goldenplaza.evening with kamalakar and Chengaiah. more useful ids from swati weekly magazine to fold again.Heavy rain in the night.sleep disturbance noted at night.Most of veduku arranged at cafe.

13th november post

Much of the exitement came in today after receiving mail back from essar group.watch settlemt at evening.morning chegaiah freind and discussion.Security man discussion at morning.

managed printous and 10 addresses from net..ed_serve
hotelsindhu stomackflatten blocked.
Failed to make phone calls and market calls for the day.

november 12 th post

Evening work was successful with Reg office & Com taxes.activated 6 more ids frigedex,tirupatibhimas,grand_world,Ap_lusk,fineply,getitchennai.New Reliance activation.
Afternoon tried to call few of phone numbers of twitter ids and good response and confidence got.(pellisandadi,themobilestore,vummidi,univercell)called Aswin but not much of encouragement noted.
Net R&d includes drutthama,camera_centre,pellipeetalu,goldenplaza,sahai deals fridgedex.
Morning distribution of papers gave new information at Raunaq,distributed to mahaveer,Sree mahaveer,Car decors,etc.

Thulasi met at chat but she was upset for me not joining her network she gave offer of jasmies to export.

Morning after kamlakar met we went to kapilathertham to see Waterfall there and felt very happy there there were so many ayyappa devotees there.
Failed again at home when Mom put pressure.
After login at reliance blocked reliancemart Cgglobal blocked.r&d continued at net twitter presence of fortune 500 seen and their blogs also seen.Prmotional work of Shaidelas,goldenplaza started.thulasi met at chat.

Morning field work failed but evening managed hotel Bliss call and took money at frigedex with insuffieciant dinner to home.

10th november

Morning deposited cheque at banak and met indu Received 500/- on the way met ramee hotels and travels guy there,after this i went to net and activated sahai,best stills,indigomanza,mmxindia during the work ramoji and some one called me.
Eve spent time with kamalakr

9th november post

Days developments include a reply from austrain, collection of cheque from golden plaza 6 more new ids to my fold veduku twitter further organised. vetuku papers upto 20 got distributed to clients.new knowledge of data of companies.twitter promotinal pricing with kharan.commitment from indu.succesful people habits at google.
At morning work got yes for january issue from koundinya.again rain disturbrd.

Two problems were Fruits vendor and at reliance.read ankit fadia book and met chengaiah.

8th november

Called ramoji,narasimha and chengaiah. Morning started with hectic sehedule even being sunaday first purchased all daily news papers scanned and good information noted.Then to golden plaza,sign in and sahai.At reliance cafe activated 225/- pack and started R&D.
At net most of the work spent in organising and imbeding of mailer with sucessful barnds of twitter thsi work took lot of energies.after this continued to block 4 more names, tweeting and re organising my twitter account.Knowledge about nseindia and succesful dotcom ventures of india were interesting.(perfume2order)many visits were coming from twitter ids.and shock news of geocities closed.Failed to continue mailer s emails work.

7th november post

Morning was horrible with hunger pangs i studied how i spent last 3 months thru note books scribbling.Rain continued today forcing me to change the entire days plans and that led to spend more time on net cafe.i Spent most of the time in sending tweets and emails to twitter ids and r&d.At some point of time felt bored and discouraged with poor response of twitter.Prabhakaran was side by side after the chat is over he gave nice encouragement.Kamalakar also came and joined for some time.Call from Narasimha and Ashwin also talked.Read MBA information on wikipedia.

Sold 2 laminations to Ankama rao and also collected Sravani payments.missed lunch.
Very early to home surprise call from jana and chengaiah also called.thats how they day went.

6 th November

Today mostly i did distribution of vetuku to most of people almost 25 papers given to people.Surprising success at Aquarium.good response from Mulla wood works.Curtains at home arranged.had tiffen and lunch at home.That writer gave RT .few more ids continued to add.Managed to mail 10 emails.
Activated fresh account at reliance mr prabhakaran gave new idea for vetuku.met Ankama rao at eve he gave one order.hunger levels were more today.

5 th novenber

Days are just like that passing today rain almost spoiled activity again yet i managed to do few calls at morning.Eye infection also troubled the work.During the work at Sravaya computers new offer of leaflet distribution came in suddenly.

At net time again 3 more important ids to my fold.Still no replies from any corporates for twitter campains are giving lot of insecurity i need to fight it out.kamlakar asked help so gave him rs 100/-.few more teets and tuned veduku.

At night ramoji called chengaiah s food habits were ackward.met Munawwer and metlife guy had nice time.Days flash is have as many partner like team mates.
Had lunch at home after very long time.rim recharge and Tablets few other things were unexpected expenses for the day.suffered heavy back pain in fact it was alarming.
Follow Aplusk and that ladys blogs and vedeos were interesting.gandhis call was surprising.

5 th november

Rain havoc continued here in tirupati as well but as pressure haunted me i had to work so i worked in the fields but obruptly had to stop due to rain.new offer of leaflet distribution from Sravya.Morning somw what R&d did on indian top pharma companies.Suffering from some eye infection from mrning and heavy bosy pains and insecurity of funds continued.

Days are moving pretty fast where iam leading i dont know iam trying my best with attempts.Morning it rained heavily at nellore so i had to wait at room and watch TV mostly.Soon i got call from printer saying paper is ready so i had to rush back to tirupati obruptly but suffered in bus travel with un easyness.Even after reaching tirupati it rained but i still managed to distibute papers to few people.
Prabhakaran commented against english and spell checks.

In future i must be careful in DTP spell checks few new things new knowledge gained during distribution.
At net received replys from twitter for enquiry.night altercation emerged as usual.

3 rd november post

With the help of Relaince guys and Rambabu and few others in a rush completed november issue.Rain disturabnce need to be faced.Paid for lodge dtp and printing.
Twitter dis are giving lot of hits to sites.Mostly at night enjoyed TV.

Dangerous levels of cash on hand.Brushed kamalakar on the chat.maintained energy levels for the day.

2 nd november

Horrible disturbance by kamalakar(had to wait for 1 hour) and cell phone distrubance,leg pains room transsfer tention and above all hangover of yesterday all took tool but slowly i managed to over come one by one.met Rambabu and managed to start dtp for news paper.
By evening body looked enrvated seen cricket indian team losing furtherred further stress unable to sleep for very long time.