Friday, October 26, 2018

Soni International Bearing dealer Secunderabad and Secunderabad

Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad 
Rajesh soni Director
About Us
Soni International a company that has been nourished with values  with best customer support welcomes you. We are 20 year old company .We have been serving as distributors of NSK brand of bearings. We supplied to many market leaders like ITC bhadrachalam market segments like machine tools, Steel mills machanical transmission,Heavy machinary,mining Heavy engineering,Cement,paper mills,Pharmaceutical Industry.

Bearings are vital components in improving the efficiency and reliability of machines, contributing to reduced energy loss. They are regarded as a staple of the industrial world and are used in a wide variety of applications.

Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad 
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad 

Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad 
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad 

We at Soni  international have been keen on delivering Best quality and long lasting NSK Bearings. We beleive customers are pillars of our growth. provides customers customer care par excellence. Our market reputation is our constant feedback and helping our customers with utmost care.
We at soni International promise you with with speedy delivery of stocks with our huge iventory.

Vision;  Weaim to contribute to the well-being and safety of society and to protect the global environment through our innovative technology.

carrying out strategies to enhance competitiveness and achieve further growth based on our principles of safety, quality and compliance.Our next stage of growth will focus not only on meeting the expectations of our customers and securing their trust, but also providing new value to society as a whole.

sonyinternational bearing dealer  Secunderabad
Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad 

Soni International
#3 Varlaxmi Market, 62, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003

040 2771 0757
sonyinternational bearing dealer  Secunderabad

Soni International Bearing dealer  Secunderabad 
NSK Bearing  Authirised Distributos
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Monday, October 01, 2018

October 2018

1st October 2018  Monday;

Morning had stomach trouble managed it;
I dont know 2nd OCT in India is a holiday and Dry day; why is its so  ok anyway; Twitter false commitments have failed once again;
mangaed to to put few more instagram keywords abt Rx;
That guy Mahesh Punter  at Musheerabad met again and gave 2 winners this time one including Delhi;
Organised my blog into much better  2017;
Gta paid rent; Kalyan continued his messages;
Took gta for shopping in evening; 
sandesh won i failed to read  card carefully;

2nd October  Tuesday 2018

Tuesday Gandhi Jayanthi day;
Had shaving and scanned DC in morning;
Many whatsapp messages received;
Attended Hyderabad Deccan Derby  ended it with a positive note; 
Many Insta hashtags posted during wait and also known about Hyderabadi food nawabi style etc.
Night organised blog 2017;
Whatsapp msgs nice interaction had at night with 50 of close  friends;
Night sleep disturbance due to power failure;
Called seenaiah;
Gajanand  MOMS death news;
Clients  Tags prepared;

3rd Ocober 2018 Wed day;

Managed 5 sms for the day;
Success story at Mysore rx  Padmanabhan late maturing foals and got payout for twitter id; 
Byke condition is quite  alarming;
managed to segrigate another 3 months old blog posts of 2016;

4th October 2018

Severe Leg pains and mostly spent in organising Blog posts from year 2014 at home; removed glass table kept old table again;

5th October 2018 Friday

Again spent entire day at home; Took Gta to Manappuram and came back; Organised blog posts ; Twitter ids call;

6th October  2018; saturday 

Attended Gaja moms  10 th day function with Babu Long byke ride  and tiredness; A long whatsapp saga; Missed 2 rx chances;  Organised Blog much better looks like lost few posts; Managed to walk near by;  Petrol and few things to home; Arguments continued; Election dates anounced;

7th October 2018 Sunday;

Entire Sunday at home night had Chicken; Organised old blog posts;

8th October  Monday 2018;
Again at Home organising blog posts; Evening took Google code from Curry point and activated it;

9th Tuesday October 2018;

Night Called Madhu and known  Nandamuri Singh number and called him; Called Rami Reddy but  he dint respond;  Called NRN had encouraging chat with him;  Called Seenaiah; Morning Uma called and had long chat; Actitaved Airtel 199 pack;
After noon worked on Blog posts trimming managed 5 months of 2014;
Seen Goreti venkanna songs on youtube and Bittiri Satti videos;

10th Wed day 2018;
Again many videos seen for on Youtube;
Sent bad msgs to Pawan and ultimatum  given to jana; and Manohar Reddy based on inspired by  Satti Satires;
Organised Blog posts again for few months had meeting again with Kalyan;
Bittir Satti tweets seen;
Called  Kalakata Durga in night;

11th Thursday 2018;

Attended Indiavoter  meetup had very long chat with MD of Indiavoter had good exposure on  Election Social Media campaigns;
Thank god managed   to orgaise 4 months Blog posts of past life of 2013;
Seen Bitiri sathi song on Bathukamma a real surprise;
Another emotional song on villages;
As expected Mysore R Marshall  Favrite failed in Rx;
Make enimies as your friends says AShwin  will it work out?
Give more respect Udbodha is it mirror reflection?
Ultimatum  recd no to use filth agianst blood relations sharing issue;
Unable to sleep in after noon had some kind of discomfort;

12th October   Friday 2018;

1.Morning  walk had  at Baghlingam pally park    had exposure  3.took  video later  4.met Ashok Narayanaguda this is a differant work from usual shedule;
5.6.7.Scanned 3 news papers and  8.sold old papers;
9.Had arguments on Morning Tiffen  money needed  must  later set right followed by  fired Kamalakar 
10.Seen Palle Kaneere peduthudo song on youtube;
11.Had another success story at Mysore rx (12.Concentrate on big payouts on FC when odds on fav wins;
13.Had field of Bittiri Satti entertainment apologies to sister;
14. 15. 16.Called Nandamuri Singh and Rami Reddy, Keshava;
18. Called Raju at night;
19. Sardarji Tie  up had;
20. called  Eswaraiah  much awaited;
21. 22.called NRN and Suresh;
23. Kal met had chat; met one new hotel;
24. 25.Called Satish; Gaja; pan Dabba serinu;
26. Blog editing work dint progress and Kavya graphics dint respond;
27. Called India Voter. and Manager. BDM.
28. Water owner lady;

13th October  Saturday 2018;

Please maintain uniformity;
concentrate on  largest wins;

Quickly reached to Musheerabad only get bounced at Rx only due to non uniformity betting;
4 new points gained anyway;
Had very tough time  after losing tongue  and lost night sleep;
Goreti venkanna songs heard;

14th October Sunday  2018;

Arshad alam failed at Pune Derby  first time 2000 mtrs as expected one more new point
Raju called saitsh and Kalyan called;
Jana called;
Had to wait extra time for byke at Musheerabad;
Fish shopping at morning lost temper at Gta for Narayana guda road for route ;
Rangastalam movie seen;
Kept many more insta keywords;
Mahesh pressure had and lost 2 bets;

15th October 2018 Monday;

In Hyderabad 1800 mts first timer won  by neck;
Attended rx Sardarji cell number took and Rx punter got bit closer;
Concentrate more on SHP and FC 3 old won at Delhi;

16th October 2018 Tuesday;

7 years Blog posts managed;

17th  October; 2018; wed day

Concentrated on blog editing work; rains in evening Dasara flowers shopping did;

18th October 2018  Thursday;

Dasara day  not many shops are opend.  Scanned 6 news dailies and sent sms to 10 clients;
Dasara day; Horrible trouble again at home Callled Akka; Roamed around at Koti for  R book but failed; Boumcer from Kishore called kalyan; Kumar called; morning good response from friends for Dasara wishes; night managed  to edit some entries; Met one old man at wine shop; Gta Vadina called;

19th October 2018; Friday;

Saved Dasara day eenadu local;
No news paper after Dasara day and also most of market in Ranigunj area was closed;
After few days rest  started work and had 3 success stories; Arranged rice and Chicken to Home; called NRN; Seenaiah; Satish and few others; power of 
Nirahara Deeksha known; Purchased Telma H and Rx books; Hope emerged from mattresses guy;

Missed to take pic of new political party; Bittiri Sathi interviews seen; managed to edit few more months Blog posts; Twitter is still powerful tool;

20th October 2018; Saturday;

Uma called  had long chat with him; Sent SMS to group of  Pattipati writers;
Posted curry corner pictures to Google maps;
Atended rx  missed to bet winner Mauritania but evolved new strategy felt heavily weak;
Night seen Rahul Gandhis speech; Back at home managed to organise Blog posts;
One Dog cried in night; lost temper again Gta for making me wait for long;

21st October; Sunday 2018;

Now i know clearly where i have put hard work for last 10 years;
Days major success story is completed 10 Blog posts editing work;
Called Uma had chat with his Daughter; 
Called Prasad Vja; 
Called suresh Vja;
Fish shopping did   with Gta enroute Idli and vada took; 
Seen Bahubali 2;
Seen Jyothy and Eenadu;

single failure at days Mysore rx; subahkatara a new lession again learnt favour younger one; Fc and SHP  to be taken care;
Hyd St leger Rx book took;

22nd October 2018 Monday; St leger  day

Morning call recd from Krishnaiah for purchase of Gollapalli house; I called Ramana Gollapalii; Narsimha; Balaji and known lot many things; Uma called had chat with him jayanthi meaning known; Took Gta to reserve Vizag trip tickets;  As per planning R& D did on last time contested MLA candidates seen lot of data and related knowledge gained.

Days Rx fluttered again with 2 straight failures can SHP save? needs to be checked;
Ignored punter good response had from Sardarji; 
Wrong bet again on Salazar as win  2 new punters met;  Forgot to take Rx card;

23 October Tuesday 2018;

Again spent long time in organising old Blog posts; Had Color;
Known about Block buster year 2013 with 175 closings;
October renewals known; Kalyan called; Almost would have lost temper but managed ;

24th October Wedday 2018;

Had Upma in Amrutha fast foods  Narayanaguda X roads Restaurant chutney was tasty; Rx books are sold out in Chikkadpalli shop so purchased it from Koti; Read why not to back favrites in Rx;

Further edited blog posts and also read old blog posts;
Met old friend Ch Balu and known about his developments new hope  of Granites  emerged;
Met Mynam Eswaraiah mama and had nice interaction property value etc; Eye sight trouble is clearly evident;  Surprise Prasad is partly deaf; Forgot to give my visiting card; called BJP guy failed to save;
Met Hotel Sudarshan manager and earliar met one Dry fruits lady;

Called Madhu Rythu bhoomi and had new hope for calender etc; called NRN;
Back  confident unbeatable winning horses; Noted more father centiment by nearer Kirana shop; Chat with with neibourhood boy; Sent distress msg to Kalyan;

25th Thursday 2018;

Nice whatsapp msg from ASH and forwarded it to MY  broadcast group recd good response;
Called Akka; Prasad; Thulasamma;
called indiavoter Ashok;
checked status of Ranigunj  past clients found lot of keywords; sent 3 sms;
Work began and Met E Vr Rajaiah commitment had  their cell ph number need to be changed;
Success at Sony international cheque recd social media project got order for broture design; Met Kiran; Has Tea at Bombay hotel later met murali sanitary power whatsapp messages felt;
call from Madhu recd in evening TDP list got felt tyresome. Ameen called;
Kavya graphics google code activated;
justdial lady called;

26th  October Friday 2018;

Morning got up very early; Visited Baghlingampally park this time had more exposure;  roamed around koti and cheppal bazaar area;
Fruit selling guy Jehangir met at Narayanguda.(jamakaya)  morning seen old issues of vetuku; retrieved lekhari current number dropped cheque. byke engine oil work managed; Felt tiresome at home;
recd chq from darbar;
Met Kishore;
Chandu betla card took;

27th October Saturday 2018;

Morning dropped check;
Water pump trouble at home and discussion introduced to few of neibours;

1.Met Chennai steel   known name;;
2.One jain shop ; New hope had assurance;
3.Sewing machines;  young guy;
4. Aplelights; took number;
5.EV rajaiah edited and met; and had seen dispaly there; Satyanaraya; kanakaiah;
6.Met Jyothy lights;
7.met Metal house father met;
8. Rx bouncer again; top form horses will feature in SHP; Note derby ran horses;
who is running with lonlayoff negative; Missed j chinoy; Rx guy Ramulu gave ticket;
9.rubber stamps; 10 .Coffee;
11. Seen Rx card; of tommorow;
12. problem at home again for movie;
13. Home appliances repair shop opp chennai steel;
14. joshi pickles card took;
15. met one watch shop;
16. met jyothy lights;
Almost 50 people met today;

28th Sunday October 2018;

Spent most of the time with Kishore;
No rx; Western Toilet arranged at home;
Called NRN; Madhu;

29th October Monday 2018;

Morning lost temper on Praveen too Gta to DTP and known details; met one call; 
Felt very much tired;
Aftermath of yesterdays indulgence day gone; 
Call recd from metalhouse;

New point in Rx is same jockey matches;
Met Kishore and Kiran at evening;
Pune and hyd are closed;
night again lost money on bekaar issue; dress given for pressing;
did nice R & Did  Ranigunj keywords thats only worth while work for the day;

30th October; Tuesday 2018;

Catastrophy many people died on Malasian flight;
sardar patel largest vigraham news at etv;
Huge potenciality at JD verified clients;
Had long Chat with Uma;    some software tip from Uma had ;
Had Chat with Ash on poll surveys;
Evening worked on past Blog posted and removed useless posts again trimmed it further; 
Worked at Ranigunj very late  afternoon met Metalhouse had bouncer  i must have google maps handle yes; 
later met EVR and new person got introduced and he gave one reference known about other web site;; 
Met Murali Sanitary and gave him quote spent some time with him had Tea seen his moile;
Unexpected bouncer from lekhari ATM card its expired;  sudden byke trouble and  managed it;  Met Kishore and spent time with him he assured for  new visitng card; 
Sudden expectation from Gta ;

31st October 2018 Wed day;

To park  yoga exposure palakoora;
bank work gone done partly applied  for new ATM from old address;
Kirana shop guy shravan pen purchased;
Met kishore and kiran blocked hyderabadiprin1;
kavyagraphics video took and loaded;
Muralisanitary met video took keywords known later loaded it;
Retrieved few more Jd verified data;
met another aluminium dealer at secunderabad;
met metalhouse no use;
Night rice shopping did;