Friday, October 03, 2014

dasera wishes 2014

vehicle puja did

Hi  all my blog readers
Happy Dasera   Maa Durga bless u.. u and ur family members.. Acche Din Agayee   -Ramana

september 2nd Hyderabad Derby day

  Sai Baba Temple near Baghlingampally is very big lot of divotees visit here.

 Spreadeagle won vijay textile deccan derby

 Had baba  Temple visit this time; No work day; Consolidated retriving emails work made it to 50. New point in Rx is Tejaswini; Confusion and daring decicions needed in Rx dont play in big events next time out; Missed PS chauhan double; another 9 k india ranks improved; Participated in  galli songs and bathukamma celebrations; some Videos of cars seen;

New plus point is getting views from my youtube videos; loaded uppal D w entry; Segregated 2013 clients; free entries posted in 2013,2014 listed out; First mover is days word; tweeted; night severe caugh?;