Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April 2013

ladt day of april was ok;Again car yatra continued;new arial exposure had; Managed with scooter to reach spot;But on return journey it was tough; One cheque received;For the first time had chat with galli women due to power cut at evening;Morning managed to post some entries to blog; During the car travel managed to write few more street shop entries; Hunger pangs triggered; 3 days car yatra completed peacefully;travels guy called again;

Gta realatives came home for the first time in front of me bit of exitement; Night alexa india ranks prints work completed;Also mailed to lavanya; 2 moew l folder purchased;

28 th april sundays post

Fresh pulihora at tiffen time;After quick dailies scan; started to post entries to google finally its has fetched to 40 plus and thats good count;Arranged Chicken to home;Posted some comments to shabadey blog; Morning skipped appoinment with relation that was too difficult; also skipped rX;
weavertimes guy gave party to NRN madhu;
Days only call is kamalakars; Head ache of scooter erupted by lunch time; dream of slapping Sekhar; finally dosage crossed; site seen some good infrastructure comapnies info had;


28th april 2013

 Had to rush to drug office thanks to chemists help but had to wait there;Thanks to Zee cabs 42424242(my initiative) pasha bhai  driver too good but differences with NRN due to poor cash levles in payout on hand;Again a new point in (Rx latest burning and strongly backed out horses) win 6 l (port blair) zerwan; long cell chat by madhu triggered irritation and a wait at Drug department; new arial exposure again;

Call from prahlad; exposure with drug guys;Missed lunch;as usual i have noted addresses again; poor Cricket again SRH;

had commitments from srigayathri  4 wed day;narayana brother;drug ;Sunday rx book purchased;

26th april post

There was pressure to join field work with collegues as i was engaged in gas transfer work finally managed to complete the proces;Morning continued entries loading work at home to the maxim;later joined field work had 3 firm commiments but 2 disagreements with madhu; Received c call from justdial;
Some pictures took from field work;

On reaching home felt tired; scanned the letter and sent later tried to continue work at sadgun as it was closed met kiran and Kishore came back home; Fixed nellore map on wall with help of GTA later seen uninteresing cricket match;
to see whats printrest?? Had a brief scuffle in having a extraa dose;

FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013

24th april post

After hick up and overnite huge doasage got up late and waited and continued some net postings;later called NRN and fired him not calling;later quickly joined them for work;had 2 success stroies for the day and handed over letter to global placements and detailed lady there;some one mailed for t ids;

Came back home and retired;seen hanuman jayanthi shoba yatra huge crowds on roads; At home seen world top companies on forbes web site later seenindian best companies information;Paid balance rent;Night seen cricket match and slept off;

On one govt seen no body there but a?c was on this is how govt enrgy is wasted for nothing;



Team arranged car so car yatra began but on a dull note; disagreements began at evening; Gas transfer work began by notary agent done it wrong so had to suffer and search for whitener;Morning took vdeo of home;During the Car yatra managed to write 50 plus entries so thats the only good work for the day;
field work 1 commitment at malakpet;tommorow;drug office;infoteck company;sata bio tech;arguments had;
Heavy lunch at harsha mess;

Heavy pressure for cash as to buy cell phone charger and Insulin so i had to draw cash;later trigger is offer by narsing rao for the Rent a gift of MC W so i was tempted; seen a notice as tommorow wine shops will be closed; 
As lot of hickups procuded so dosage has gone up and scoldings at home;


april 24-2013

late wakeup;heavy sweat over nite;I scanned 3 dailies quickly;madhu team mate called and asked to retrive 2 address; read shoba de blog;posted few more entries;posted yesterdays pics;

i took a video of my home experiment started here

mehindi on hand of GTA

Gta my better half wishing me to get huge cash

My pic before going to field work

Iam on my scooter

Biggest data posted to blog 50 plus entries;Work with team continued;New idea of joint work;Took new design of letter pad;Enjoyed Chriss gayle innings;Managed to pay net bill;Rejected kamal call at morning;Insecurity of health;During the work with team took some addresses of some construction companies; suffered with night power cut;

reliance charger miss behaved gta helped it; night plus indulgence cant be stopped;


23 rd april 2013 24 mantra day

overnite indulgence was bit more not safe to out in late night;Got up bit late back pins; quickly scanned 2 dailies;nothing new again except rain in hyderabad but had 24mantra into fold; quickly seen diaries; swot read;this month iam  behind by few things;cell phone charger problem; t ids 1528; had another 100 plus for ka;

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2013

22nd april post

Sluggish wakeup;no thing new on news papers;Great mathematics prodigy Shakuntala devis death news; Had 2 teas; Seen Great Andhra its growing really; Called Naresndra; Again Gta complained of pains on vessels claning; seen some telugu blogs good;Loaded deccan air freight pictures to google maps;

I dont know as how day will pass from now; Time is running out faster;
had setback of one major commitment failed next one too has failed triggered insecurity;But had 2 commitments form others; Quickly made a note of jewellers;Found very difficult to climb up stairs;
After work with team came home had lunch later prepared new letter an ritired home; later enjoyed cricket at home had more interaction with gta;

SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2013

sunday 21st again Holi day video

After having nice Fish curry lunch slept and later seen IPL DD VS mumbai indian match enjoyed Verus Verender sehwag match; few days back on going to Narendras home i have seen women at at work very surprising;Look at these photos;

I think vedeos are much better than photos i will try to load more vedeos from now;

Sunday 21 st april 2013

Got up with Nareandra call asking about where is Fish market in Musheerabad later edited yesterdays expenses quickly thats how day bagan; Brought milk and read 2 dailies Eenadu,The Hindu quickly and posted few listings and posted yesterdays blog;There is  puja celebrations on the opp house there was many chantings and  decorartion gathering of many ladies; i took pictures of their Muggu of Gujarati style this time; look at them
Muggu of opp house

Muggu border

Arranged fish to home from near by market  where i live near narayanaguda and also brought some vegitables from from Old lady gave good discount unbeleivable  there was lot of rush because of sunday while in waiting i took the vedio  from my Cameraof the market;Seenaih called up and asked me to check inter results his daughter;Seen Rx odds found not interesting;Quickly checked yesterdays Troop Bazaar prints also seen Great Andhra weekly; had feedback from GTA on my blog writing had some tips;

Jewellers of  entire Andhara Pradesh who are listed on Google Maps retrived from  this is very good work for the day; Suffered with heavy discomfot and leg pains; Me and GTA tried to write  small liric; seen Tv 9 coverage on ipl cricket betting;
Look at this vedeo  narayanaguda of market

Later in the evening enjoyed mostly 2 of IPL matches; Good sunday yeah!

i can cover top cities of AP ie
Days knowledge is One state capital is equlent to entire state districts;


20-4-13 Saturday

Gas transfer work initiated; Very late to field work joined NRN but some problem with him later retired;Days expenses have surpassed income levels;Night took google  prints of troop bazaar;Field work totally missed 4 the day;Called Ajay;Joguru link removed from blog seen site;Kamals pressure had for money;

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2013

19-4-13 sri rama navmi day;

last night i had Dosa that stuff was not sufficiant; Morning felt very hungry  had butter milk to avoid falling in coma;Had # dailies scan for the day but very faster scanning this time noted few entries later posted them to blog;Day went quite peacefully with lot of promise for future but insecurity continued; Throught the day enjoyed TV programmes  TV pravachans of many  speakers importance of Sri Rama Navami known;Income from different fields so far in the past 5 years  analysed for the day surprised to see poor adsense income so far;Called Nrn and known plannings;Calls from Chengaiah and kamalakar received; Quite unexpectedly Owner aunty came home at morning;sree rama navami day celebrations seen on TV jokes and laughts were interesting later met Rajesh also; Morning great work is seen most of prints on hand of hyderabad categories and made a note of all of categories on a note book; During the days net surfing seen some telugu blogs very intesting i must start one soon;Had long time chat at home services yes and relaxation;

**The only solace for the day was GTAs assistance to do R&; D work of top 6 cities of india  13 categories and new york;london;singapore ;paris key words search work gave more in sight for the day thanks to GTA; I also managed to block few more ids of blog and twitter;Sneha asked again Mixie;at evening had Mirchi and Samosa had;guy greeted me;Loaded video file of hotel gopi residency to youtube.Net connection was pretty speedy for the day iam surprised so good R &;D work did with the help of GTA: 16 catogerories and 10 big cities;Delhi and Mumbai were leading ones.

Was lucky it went without being noticed that wine shops were totally closed for the day; later at evening Narsing Rao helped it anyway this time its Royal  Stag more good taste to it but was too suffocating few galli guys known it;Suffered with Dental pain suffered at eating and throught the day while eating;added few entries to blog;made it to 600 from  hyderabad;

One Cat was trying hard to enter homeCats pampering of gta noted;Galli girls asked chalk piece were happy with it;actor venkatesh english on IPL was interesting;anyway Sunrire hyd won it brought more cheer enjoyed the match festival fervour noticed by near by people seen colorful dresses and Youths flags on roads;

Rameez rajas commentary was too good;
some ones intrudence at buying  drinking wine said about sekhar;)
bad story in e tc child rape quite annoying on TV;
Days words;
Seen Sunil Gavaskar on TV show;
16 categories 12 big cities listings made a note thanks to GTA;
praveen kumar;
lux cozi;
de cock;

18-4-13/ 19-4-13

There seems to some disagrrements with nrn;sin;Again with NR to his home after astint at FCI;Retired there on the way written some entries later at home posted them to blog;

3 news papers scan ;Bouncer by opp ppl they dint rspond to wish;Aunty came home seen Seetha Rama kalyanam sampradayam known; 125 categories read seen again;



17th april;2013

Things have quickly changed as GTa merged  up again; Had quick Tea then started to market by 8 Am As per plan decided to go arial shop survey troop bazaar huge list written yes confidence again on potenciality; 1 hour work anyway there also seen air coolers market; Manged to drop cheque later; On moving Car guys geture later on parking;

later on joining team as i reached earliar at green bldgs managed to get one commitment poor return anyway power problem and tention on lift; later did field work and managed to get one closing; new area of furniture seen at Abids; Seen sharada sarees at ggl; A/C enjoyed at sadgun;

On home activated sharada;ticketing guy;deccan  then another;
Car yatra plannings with team were very interesting;

Big jolt while on work; call from Deccan chargers  later managed to get 3 messages from ggl;

Rinas Association and her Ice Cream;
Some gadbad  at galli by owner aunty;
Thanks to ggl for sending messages;
Gtas chicken treat had surprising;

later at evening surfing seen indian derby winners of last 2 years;Few more R* D prints of maps and category listings prints  took; Sudden power cut at night home  needs next thing;

16th April;2013(seen ipl web site at sadgun;)Vipul seen at green bldg; Car Decorators data retrived at sadgun;
Night recd
Long planning work at chikkadpally Park;Shoutings of watchman;later to home then new dress;
After team joining had few commitments;On the way had arial survey of cell phone market;Had commitment from mehdipatnam; Exposure of individual talent seen;Mehdipatnam commitment had;



Morning long wait at green building;Surprisingly Madhu joined;
Evening work continued at secunderabad;2 hours net and prints at sadgun;2 more ids; Car discussions;

ugadi day back home

12th april 2013

12-4-13 Work with NRN had 3 commitments later had sitting and confessions;Trouble at home for some comment;long work at sadgun took many printouts;Butterfly at home;Dosage crossed for the day;Sols all news paers;Morning seen all maps prints;Gandhi ,Kamal have called;

After failure call at Boinpally unexpected turn to NRNs home then retired there;Call from GTa not responded;loaded some entries from his home then retired; Potencial market seen on the way to NRNs home; no income for the day; problem began;

14- 4-13;
Stealmate at home continued;Called NRN so he came then small sitout later they went back;i crosed the limits then retired at HRC;Night No food of GTA?

15-4-13 Some kind of uneasy in body pains after work; stelemate still continued at home;some disturbing dreams;Joined NRN nad Madhu;Morning mostly failed ;morning spent some time at park chikkadpally; evening work at Ranigunj continued;


sunday 7-4-13

7-4-13; Sunday;
Rich 5 dailies haul at home;skipped rx;chicken food ;but double indulgence cant be stopped;evening work continued from near by cyber cafe request failed 3 rows prints took later filed them;cricket watch at home;>>at rx Bulls eye new point;ran in sprintes cup as almost favrite;

8-4-13 ;Monday work at Boinpally and sec bad;almost failed new club exposure plus chiran fort club heavy heat Tea at red Rose finally then retired; lucky save from prakash nagar SRO; night ggl data work continued at sadgun;

9-4-13; Tuesday No work due to Bundh call was unable to work but noted some arial shops;to chintal area also had arial grip now  had nice time there  seen new guy some theatre as land mark; and retired back by
night;shops arial  data work collection  work continued; work at sadgun continued;almost 1 hour journey time on the way seen ques for petrol some how managed to get petrol;

10-4-13; Work with nrn and singh continued had a long wait at Nampally later it took Ok turn during the wait read Jamynryot;; good results plus 2 commitments future ;2 and haldf hours internet work at sadgun at night and took large number of prints; many things purchased for home and me; 3 l folders;2 refils; and many;Note book was not available on hand to write scribling; 40 new entries were added to my netwok;Those drums ladies with instruments;

11-3-13; Mostly spent at home tweeted for Ugadi;Night  at Baghlingam pally 1 hour internet  and some prints took; enjoyed  IPL Cricket at home; Read back entire google story at home; sadgun failed;Some what cool day;Posted few more entries of the collected;Alexa ranking fuether fallen down; Continued failure from Gandhi; Note
Vijayanama samvatsaram;kaikala raghupati veniah award; chrill gale innings seen; 14 new entries plus 20 prints on Holiday; Had nice food;beggars menace;
last 10 years world developments seen;cell phone usage and net usage has grown;
Satish called up; Syams missed call;
pamorama social media lady;brought limca to gta; Shoutings by RK at evening;begging lady then shout by opp lady;



Krishna gollapalli call;Long time spent at discussing at home;Chat with neibour rK;Mornng Coffee guy jogging guy; survey of india and google is in trouble; scanned business world; few more maps prints took;;

ashok motors sec bad call recd;enjoyed song again;loaded pending entries of pics thanks to sadgun;

Sudden thriller again joined old team;work did few of commitments got;

FRIDAY, APRIL 05, 2013


Tough fight of ipl match enjoyed at home night commentary skills known;evening few more prints of google maps took from sadgun;Ajay called;@ areas shops survey did penderghast road and minerva area;On a note book shops arial spots written upto 300; Gts dress was good; Paid landline bill;(This time surprise contribution from  home;electric bill;souda;setup box)

Zaminryot received;morning business world too costly purchased;



20 plus map prints took at morning;evening rain and power problem;some calls did at market; gta striking and no food;At some places objection had for not taking pics;sucess at maata; Evenin work got totally disturbed; unexpected trouble;Indulgence crossed;

Seen Tv ip[l match;



Went to chikkadpally park and read 2 dailies there  plus telugu velugu;yes;seen few new ppl there;
>>decided to not bring Milk to home and had  tiffen from out side ; gta said will go to chanda nagar;this was added to over night pressure to her;

>>>long work at sadgun cafe  had prints and paid them later seen them at home but felt heavily tired;

>>>; forgot lekhari leaflets so came backhome had left over punugulu and left  and kept prints then to field work;
>>>net was seen heavily slow at home at sadgun great speed;
morning a/c at net cafe enjoyed;

>>>at after noon seen ggl prints at home heavy back pain;rina mom knocked door??
2 hours ggl maps work at sadgun almost 50 prints took at morning large area coverage;;
Evening work did again at sec bad; few map points and cards collected;
Due to poor net at home work was forced to continue at sadgun;
posted pics;
still insecurity zooming large;
almost 50 points;
3 times food at out side;
afternoon slept for some time;
Kamal met online;janas email recd;

>>Help of Parmesh prema to listen "sethamma v s ch "
actors power noted;
54 landmarks noted;
local channel running all others closed;
Raju ran but i dint stop to take him;
Stanjo show room universal lightings show room at night seen;

Rexine House

We deal In  Foam Rexine,Adhesives,Fether

bond,Star bond

Address: 3 & 4, Al-karim Trade Centre, M G Road, Rani

Gunj, Rani Gunj, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500003
Phone:040 2754 1345

cell 92468 40465


31st march 2013 post

Sunday work continued at home ;skipped rx but that proved mistake with 10/1 shot;Quickly scanned back last 3 years blog; 30 more entries managed to post;analysed how mar ch went;Ugly thing is broken hundi;Read

25 ads of and 27 ads of travels on eenadu classifieds seen;
enjoyed TV;Kamal and Ramoji have called;Posted pendin blogs;Leg pains;Chikkadpally and seen swagruha and new cafe etc;Narayanaguda arial survey did;

worked in 2 sessions;Problem at home;almost crossed 20 plus calls;Huge ggl aps prints took;Night Ajay met;had food out side;