Wednesday, October 11, 2017

june 2020

1st June 2020;

Adv;  5CR;
Ganesh English Awesome; Standout;   Interview questions how to answer known n;  i want more challeging job I train trainers to watch it again;  Intimate friends  video see   Hindi guy says its communication which is very important important books titles known; Stronger relationships are important in life; Consolidated peptalk further; On Manasa beauty parlour alert reopened almost 15 entries;Had 1 new review from Naveen SRO market is still not ready; linkedin profile url created;

Ted ex show seen common problems of breakup known;  Be Emotionally responsive; iam in your priority; Are u available when i need; my hard time;  Do u value me; 

INSTAGRAM Video seen Blue color best for posting;  Intimate friends List further improved;

email ids live longer known new knowledge; 
Seen free email marketing  setup videos of mail chimp and again got confidence subscribe to more  email  lists ;  
Someone called  for  google letter and Bags; 

jana responded to whatsapp; KAMAL called but i rejected ; KIRAN sent msg; Seen video on human relationship and he says its past life and perception as how each individual perceves any incident;

Afternoon tried with Chikkadpally SR met Rampally;  Mani karnika Movie details read on wikipedia released in 3500 screens  known history of jhansi ;.
Had shaving; Twitter analytics and pintrest analytics video seen find trending tweet and monitor;New things learnt at Blogger; Neibourhood room new people have joined;

2nd june Tuesday 2020;

Adv;  40 lakhs;
best diet for diabetics

Human relationship video to spend long time ask instead of compalint; extra effort to do; Mailchimp  setup video seen again;Ganesh English teacher videos seen known about common mistakes in English, verbs, pronounciations ;Known about GST bill formalities; Surprised to see hyper sugar levels; Re opened few more client shops at google;
How to sell on amazon video seen;
linkedin profile further edited;↙↙; peptalk further improved;

Called mama talked to Akka; prasad atta grain  detais known ;Called prahlad; called 2 web institutes but no use;
 Had healthy chat with Bhaskar and his son so neibourhood child;
Surprise chinna responded;
Seen webtrainings  curriculam they are advertising on Yahoo also known about slideshare and  known quora marketing answering; High sugar level and avoid mangoes new knowledge; cinamoon
used  3.5 good amount of video data  gb data;

June 3rd Plans; Wed day;

Adv; 25  lakhs;
Bhatnagars video of what is your expertise seen;
Continued peptalk;  Seen videos on twitter job search; learnt lot of things on twitter lists created list;
Morning Had hair cut and Color later Body building pose;Interacted  a lot with twitter  audience; twitter is for whom known; like Big Brands; Buffer created finally; catching technique of big brands with re tweets known;
communication is art; watch and listen; Meet and  interact more peopl

Continued emotional content this time with pets Ameen and  Komala Madhu responded; Had hair cut and Color later Body building pose tention during haircut had for corona; 
Still adsense is not catching up with revenue as much expected; Called e com guy in morning noted developments; 
turmeric; Miriam added to diet;

Simerjeet Singh 406  videos; 1. 12 million followers; 4 cr views;
Dubai video and motivational speakers videos seen;
Dulcolex purchased at night;  Ramdev baba Ragi atta purchased; trouble with Anjali and miss understandings at home;

4th Thursday june 2020;

Adv;  30 lakhs;
* *20 hours are enough to learn things 40 minutes day telugu geeks video seen; Seen videos on understanding behaviour of people; Curd is ok for diabetes; 
Cunning; Dishonesty are days words;
Learn and use more words in English;

Power of Iam known edited blog bio again;

Upset after reading high sugar levels; lipton Green Tea  sachets taste flopped;

Seen good sites with content on digital marketing;
My ranking improved on districts digital marketing search;
Dubai being targeted for Digital marketing; seen few more videos on English; mannerism;

5th June Friday 2020

5 lakh;
# Good video seen on goal setting;
# Seen Html, CSS, Java scriprt  whole series of videos;

Seen adwords setup again  of Amit tiwari:

tweeted for kajal; Seen last 3 months blog posts;
More interaction had  with  house maids; Finally electricity bill came;
Seen adwords setup again  of Amit tiwari:
tweeted for kajal; Seen last 3 months blog posts;

6th June Saturday 2020
Added khammam; Prakasam; Bhimavaram, Adilabad, churchgate; Total day spent to retrieve top developments of 2020 and  past;

7th  June  Sunday 2020;
Days word Parasite : provoke; selftalk in mirror;
Again Listened to that goal setting video;  my priorities have been set good trainer; capture seo;

Electricity bill confusion  discussion later settled;  Called prasad prabhavati; Lukewarm water helps for sugar diabetes;  Called Kishore; wished Laxmi store senanna unexpected way; Gollapally krishna called ; mama called;

Power of songs and Dance known; endorphins;
Again worked with  yesterdays  past history and made  a list of important thngs of past;
Impressed with cat actions;

8th June Monday 2020;

Seen Videos; consolidated peptalk further; Seen few more Videos; Night fan sound disturbance; emotional content continued; to convince known people;

9th June  Tuesday 2020;  

Puchased new fan and changed height of fan in front room Bhaskars help got for fan re assured him on corona; Again lost temper on  neibour; Hit rate was nice but calls why?

Surprised to see my seo rankings have improved; Spent most of the day with past life analysys work read it few times; Bhaskars complaint had to copeup with;
 One dis agreement at home;

10th june wedday 2020

Emotional content whatsapp msgs work continued and got good response; Retrieve babu wifes data;
whatch source codes;
No untoward incident for the day:
Completed life analysys ;
Neibourhood lady came and discussed;
Twitter marketing videos seen;
Have joint goals with spouse;

11th Thursday june 2020;

Called few people for DM kadapa recd good response even on first call very friendly guy gave sharing office rent option; Few more videos kept for DM; Gtas bro good response; Life analysys work continued and organised further mistakes; niharika english awesome; night power trouble had so sleep disturabance;

12th June Friday 2020;

peptalk pls 20 hours target is must 13 hours videos managed; Digital marketing for real estates known;
Contd talk preparation work continued for some time  in morning; 
Made many calls to know about Dm course fee etc; No real time classes now online online coaching and course fee details known; Vision is further deteriorating; tooth brush purchase head ache; 
India reached to 5th spot for corona cases; kept few more videos to digital marketing course; 
 How many hours video lessions are on hand seen and addded few more; Another apreciatin had from GTas bro; re assured gta for future;

13 th June Saturday 2020; 

Scanned zaminryot; Seen elusive pimpernel wins Rx video and noted their good  English;
web devloper and D M companies can be targeteted for twitter project; Again edited past life; Kavi came and discussed  maid issue; Mandaram plant purchased; Tpt guy called in evening; again kept few more videos and edited pages for Digital Marketing; Those who helped me listedout; How many google listing lost listed out; seen how keywords are placed in title tag;

14th June; 2020 sunday;
Rx videos seen; Sundaraiah park was closed even on today; seen simply learn video ;

15th june Monday 2020;
Covered Narapally; uppal wayback had tyre puncture got it replaced with new one; Met kishore got new visiting cards;
Purchased eye glass and Byke Tank cover:  Met Rampally Srinivas;
Had sprite and Rice in the night;
Felt tiresome; Prahlad called known few more things; Hood day with lot of activity;

16th june Tuesday 2020;

40 New Stickers got with cutting; Bill books work initiated quickly wait in que took it from neibourhoos woman Shakeel office closed known about paper shop took card; needels purchased another mask purchased;  Escorted Gta to bring things Rice etc; Night session few more new points learnt after watching seo video long tail key words; Epic content known; Nice lunch vegitable biryani with basmati rice had;
Make a better video so that you will have chance for suggested videos; Twitter msg sent for Digitalnest;
Analysed Hyderabad income;  new point of google for seo all down suggested keywords known;
My blog is ranking for few other states erode;

17th june Wedday 2020;

Got bill books sold old papers but had to roam around for some time;   Good response recd from Gtas bro; Added
Target 4 top places;  Video of good relationship says clarify conflicts same day and help the burden  share each other helped a lot;

18th June Thursday 2020;

Had good Dosa; Called Dharmaiah known Genpact and  his two children details his wife and Mothers death; 
called Mama; Chengaiah, Gollapalli Narsimha ; NRN but no use; Call recd from digitalnest but no use; 25  data collected from field; Met Novagrain and decided to send sms or whatsapp msgs to renue their listings; Met Pit battery  and tailor no use; escorted gta for vegitable market; forwarded boycott china products msg;  Added many  related people at twitter; 
seen listing of Justdial Novagrain almost 210 catogories data is posted; Catch more Bigger projects from now;

19th june Friday 2020;

Analysed past again:  Enquired car driving school;
Seen renewal date 3 months to go; 
Seen  world Nature,  plants, Mountains, Rivers, Trees, Indian Agricilture, Fruits and vegitables of world;

20th june Saturday 2020;

Retrieved collected data and did market calls no use not responsive market; agaian collected data from field; morning shopping did for home; aganin afternoon minapa gundlu;
Surprised to see yesterday corona stats nearing 1.89 lakh perday;

21st june 2010 sunday;

Fathers day wishes sent good response had from whatsapp end; Kishore called so spent time with him and Raju; wished Anjali; jayram Reddy called;

22nd Monday june 2020;

Few videos on pets grooming seen; Europe History vodeos seen; adsense is not improving at all; 120 years of me and my fathers dynasty;  Stomach trouble had due to overnight dosage; That tips video on smart doing;
Image spidering is doing well for my blog posts  in google Digital marketing thats another positive pointer for the day;

Seen Chinese, Srilanka, Ap, Usa, British History videos;  5000 years old Ship building history seen in night; Google history seen; gtas objection contd  to drink;

23rd June Tuesday 2020;

Watched lot of videos to day also; corona purugu; image seo importance known; success had to drink at home; Chicken History video seen; Animal domestication History video seen; lost temper after Tv watching; Hot day again;
Image search traffic  video seen use more longtail keywords; Again arguments on Birthday wishes; called satish due to that fake post; Twitter image spidering  got for nuttydelite and hyderabadiprinters known shown to gta this is confidence booster; edited few posts with SEO;
Twitter video seen and known to tweet more of personal things; Gtas bro interacted; Night session  watched certified courses importance by simplylearn known; i had a  flash plan of 1cr to earn with 1000 students for Digital Marketing;
H1 visas ban by Trump; info known; Copywriter info known;

24th june wed day 2020;

Who is first navigator to india; Who discovered sea route to india Vasco da Gama 1497 Portuguese discovery of the sea route to India; Night suffered due to sleep problem; Oasis star and srinadh rx video seen'

25th Thursday 2020;
No progress of net knowledge  due to weakness total rest; got Vicks inhaler purchased   sonti kashayam; Cipla nasal de congestant helped a lot ; 1 call recd from jubilee hils for digital marketing; Evening another call received for youtube; Seo ranking have improved further no doubt;Bit Hot day so  used AC; Called Mama but no use; Night log discussion on corona and maids services;

26th June Friday 2020;

Rest rest and rest total rest and sleep; Evening had Dosa that saved; Some videos seen at night;

27th june Saturday 2020;
Sent   whatsapp messages to few people good response ; Seen list  of trusted people;
Till evening everything was ok later situation changed suddenly; Owner lady came  told about maids sacking news followed by rain and drained water floodage into home and stink cleaning process neibours help etc;  neibours people came more closer; power problem faced due to rain; Slight bouncer had from GCP; called Realtor guy of madhapur got their web site; Few things planned for the day but failed to achive them; Mobile recharge of airtel did in night;
Had sound sleep at night;

28th june Sunday 2020;
Kitchen room leakage problem fixed by owner Bhaskar but he was seen with Mask;
New startups news in Eenadu seen video later got inspired; Had to recharge laptop data; mexicos resort fetched reply recd from Jana; msg sent to Kishore he replied but kept silent; chetchat got 1 million followers congratulated her; fish shangugam ph numbers kept in Blog; Removed Nova grain number; Called back Prahlad; People near Coastal belt eat fish more; Corona raise co tinued;

29th June Monday  2020;
To help others in their troubles;

Troyble at home yerragunta stay issue followed by anjali and removal of ph ; Called bawa had negative feedback oj GCP; Worked for some time on Peptalk issue;
Worked in field and got good response;
Assisted gta to get things for home;
Good response recd grom Gtas bro;
Good chat with suresh Vja;

30th june Tuesday 2020

Big highlight of the day is Chat with Chennai Ravi and long Chat and details;
Laxmipathi; chikballapur;
Had chat with Madhu Rythubhoomi word Samajikavargam; called Nrn;
Small jolt from sweets guy;
Disagreements contd at home;
Idea of filmora;
Checked phonepay and googlepay record;
Day went past just like that;


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