Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014

 Called satish and govind rao but had poor response;Scanned Vajram and read 4  more news dailies; lord Shiva strotra chanted on reading Vajram; Shanku guy came  had water and blessed;  With Gta had quick visit to Ganesha  Temple near RTC X roads felt very happy with decorations there Raju met there but cant trace him on return hunger levels had to sub sided with prasadam nice one ;

After coming home   received Telugu  message for Ugaadi  from Hitech Nazeer nellore very interesting forwarded  same mesasage to few of friends good response had from Bhawar many dint respond; dropped Gta she came back with her pay check introduction had to her collegues; Neibourhood girls were dressed up for the festive occation dress plays a major role and its proved again; kamal called and gave hope of one ad;

 Due to heavy heat remained at home;Nothing progressive things are heading forward  added to the fury is power cut;  Things started changing with Syams msg; Later Satish gave feed back; Called Babu x roads he gave some promise;

Night tremoundous work did on reserving blog ids name surprise to see many of them are  were available i may neede very long time planning for them to make to my benefit; Called Prasad he failed to come or even reply me; Night Cheng called late and rejected his call;

Over all candidates of election knowledge and constituency vise candidates profiles exposure had for the day; Told neibour to get leaders surprise contonment MLa info; Nice thing of the day is reduced inkae marginally; How to win in elections tips read in google; narsing came but dint disturb this time; This time had helping hand from Gta for new id for google;

TDP guy Koteswar rao and Software guy dint lift the call;

Night on gtas feeback called mama had some hope; another set  back at Rx this time close 5 th pls; entire lections  and winners scanned of MALS ;

29th march

Most of the news dailies checked; Telugu vertion letter prepared but it took long time still to edit it further; surprise Govind Rao shown some interest; met old contact suresh; Known abt Google hangouts;Night with Satish met chinna and others;

28th march

ET gave new point again and ad budjects for TV media known; To hire a good ad agency now;R&D finally did on sitting MLAs with the prints on hand; Tweeted and followed. KSV request had to be fulfilled even at tiugh terms;Surprise this time Satish got activated with him met 2 important people under hot sun good hope has emerged; later at Rx another new point known rider sitter; As cash levels are depleting tention is mounting so things have gone avry crossed limits;; Ramoji and ch naidus have called;

Poor response from manoj but good reply from satish;

27th march thursday;2014;

Argument at home;

vanta Gas receving headache faced it was sudden  and un expected one thanks to deepa behen managed it but few more confusions also got cleared; met ATv guy interviewed him hathway details known;

Success at family world later met babu  childhood friend chi fort;Exchanged few views;
Failure at rx but few more points had into fold golimaster proved further more frida kahlo new point; same rider next time after being second  ok;
Unable to meet ysarcp guys as per plan;

managed to keep code at few blogs;mandalikam is me now;
New idea of prachara saaradhi to BJP;

26th wedday;march post

Got re inforced to 2 political parties of yesterday plus another interaction ; call from KSV is 0nly welcome sign; Asked for satish support but he denied;  met 2 more parties this time TDP; TRS; persons known exposure had;

At Rx KOklata new point establishied ones with 6 l win is mew point;in real life?
Plitical parties have nice properties and buildings;?

whole lot of election in india after independence read on wikipedia from home;
Morning  after getting funding from GTA quickly created content letter later got it designed took prints plus Xerox.later met 2 political offices and also met 2 people there;3 of sticker pasted for the day; had yes nod from kiran for flex;Commitments of KSV and kalesha have failed;So my own initiation worked for the day;Morning submitted few more ids to google. Called satish at morning.

At after noon spent 1 and hald hours work from cafe and retrived nice data and posted to blog; By evening cheque got passed; Known about election code and phase wise election general eections 2014;

For the day Tweeted and added few more followers; managed to pay Electric bill; By night felt enervated;

24th march

Had nice dasa tiffen later known that gta dint had enough; after Gtas drop enquired with bank and known the problem of cheque; One wrong digit made all the difference to be very careful in future; submitted few blogs to google search and took brief rest at home;decided to visit Ramesh  madhapur on the way bykes trouble that triggered to meet megafore guys; met them had long chat known about adwords account;

Later on the way back met KSV kalesha had hope again;many new things known on stats counter hits;Gianeys followed  some of t follows;

23 rd march sunday;

News paper watch at morning managalagiri capital news ; morning again r&D did on top blog ids on hand etc and listed out again need to sut them again;Decided to skip  days mumbai Rx and that has fetched to spend long time at home; Cleaned vehicle this time Jodi work and neibours interaction comment of Rina moms  was avesome RKs suggestions took into count;

Surprise visit of satish to my home spent long time with him activated his email  slowdown of Net was annoying called babu  chiran fort club guys  deatails visit plan to Zaheerabad his realty investment his bros details his sons etc known;Few of Sir names extracted called Prasad  called sudhakar numbers took;

Few more ids work continued for the day also kept stats code in blogs at night;Monday briefly planned; Shopping with gta at badi chowdi; Managed to post saturdays pending blog to post from cafe also seen harish Raos web site took print of political parties from cafe; many alexa ranks loaded to ranks page;

Chandra sekhars naidus call from tirupati was welcoming few more things about idols biz known; Lot of R&D did on Twitter  with GTas help worldwide ranks surprised to see Youtube and instagrams ranks;NatGeo;around 20 indians are also featuring in top 500;
Morning visited lord venkateshwara temple at Liberty centre but had arugemts on the way;On KSVs call attended a bank press meet later had discussion with him ;Cheque dint clear even at 4 th day; success at RX but betting still development; Days new point is when breeder is owner it mostly wins is the new hope;

Night removed contact details from Gtas blogs;FBS .in importance and new point known;Poor net at home;Said no to gta bring back;Social Media rticle on Jyothi saved;Night heat un bearable;

21st march friday

Call reed from manappuram and attended unexpected one; Purchased overan;Bottles; some time net surfing: from cafe  then came KSV but his plan is only   for food clearly known also lacks daring;Sudden change and with a trick mmoney flown in;Again read back one month growth rate and events;

later at  RX win has  further more consolidated but thats   really daring move anyway all have happend in hasty nothing as expected;
shopping of Vegitables did very late Oil and tht brings a doubt; very sleepy  condition at night;Rx books purchased and skimmed through them;Cinema reporter read head line was good;Kept codes in blog ids from cafe; also got scanned the image of yesterday;

Kishores guidance on bill boards; Lot of stats analysed; One call for ananda nilayam;

This time Kishore recommenened one SMS party; Web guys fastest moves known by KSV;

Had Tiffen from sudha a/c restaurant  wid gta that too unexpected one;
News dailies list has enhanced with few more add ons;
Managed to read about startups getting funds article of Economic times;

Morning removing dead cat was trouble some;

20th Thursday 2014 post

As per my plan trishatrends FB account reseved for future with help from GTA;
Morning water sound disturbance forced to awakened;;Very creative day with  20 of top indian dailies and their traffic ranks deatils posted to blog it took long time but gave good confidence booster for the day;

Called and Visited  S L Diagnostics met RK,Madam New guy kalyan met visited  4 th floor; Call  and mail recd  from Saai: Most advanced  developof the day is prepared sticker and with gtas interaction press ad content for election; Sannayi guy paid cash;            

KSV called and positive response also  had from BJP mM guy; Again creative work from suresh designer met Kiran and Kishore there ; PRK came and handed over cash;

Morning and night  Blog ids work continued; called nazmi;derby guy; felt suffocated at few times  first at perfume then after work;

Few more names on  noad written on note book;

Sent computer by auto to prk Sreedhar auto guy;

Sri lalitakala Nadaswara Brundam
A.SESHAIAH CELL 7702149184,9959720326
SANNAYEEMELAM,BAND& Kalyana Mandapam Available for all marriages

Hno-7-1-487/a Kummari basti Ameerpet.Hyderabad


20th march;thursday;

How much further more consolidation can be made to be seen;
cheque issue; meet SL collect content;
Call carpet guy;
FT plannning pls; PRK must turn up;

Called najmi bros; met SL Diagnostics;
Morning submitted some blog urls to google good satisfaction had;Morning had nice idlis but they were not sufficient by 12.30 AM; Had creddit from daily paper vendor;Day began with a itching session  gta later  kajoled to stay fit;Opp left hander Prasadam of shirdi very tasty one her own work brooming seen;  Blog of trisha trends gave many new hopes and commented that blog;varevah vedeo content of culinary things seen;Mongoose and Cobra fight;

managed to drop cheque at bank;yet another time bills menace had to be cleaned Quickly by pouring water; Coffee and seen 2 dailies there; later scanned Namasthe telangana and the hindu; Election  segment wise analysis news is fast catching up; Tube light problem at home again lot of nagging reminders had from gta that need to be solved faster;Failure at butterfly gave new depression on realtors issue;

Seen some news web sites and their ranks astonishing facts known; many  vedeos seen  on vedeo seo and vedeo blog and benefits;content must have stored at my mind;

After Gtas  Drop KSV called but ignored him quikly and started to field  work GVR guy again absent  and attempt at butterfly too failed in the bargain seen and noted lot of shops addresses; Sun had a shade for the day not as harsh as yesterday so continued my work;  Read FB book from park  but mosquitos disturbance;Called KSV and he in turn introduced one new friend Ksv BJP minorty morcha leader and he quickly assured of some help; During the wait seen few more shops and closed one deal sannayi melam guy;At park wait call recd from PRK and thats new hope;

;later at basti met Kishan reddy on a election campaign;enjoyed music initiative by Gta; being at park; narsing also met  at night;Rejected plea of Rina and surprise reaction from GTA; new hope idea generated from vedeo watching and advantages to contentrate on more of vedeo content; Good hope emerged from FB book reading as 1.8 crore new net users are getting addeded in India alone;A big shout on cleaning boy on road; long chat with sankyo at night was surprise and welcoming;

Days few more activations Shoib; On the whole collected 46 addresses thats new hope;Called Derby guy from SR nagar;

Morning spent long time in submitting blog urls and  also seen few more Vedeos on URl submittion etc; GGl rejection on bulk sumittion known;Again tried to meet Y Tv ppl had exposure and marketing guy met;Hot sun by evening got tired;PRK commitment has failed as expected so of narsing this time removed few things from office including board and Big table with the help of GTA and Narsing; Morning agrresively followed twitter followers by night warning came in; some important keywords analysed with new note book and highlited them;

KSV colors again known; called SYAM; Called Megafore guys but recd poor feedback;Lone success story came after followup and thanks to that old directory but against expectation; Tried to meet customer but major ones were not there  but on the way seen new openings; had to intake Tea due energy levels; On the way met tollywood guy also serched for web guys;

Felt tiredsome after coming home added to the fury power problem; Drop and pick up managed; Long cell chat this time with chinna at night; rinas request dint oblige this time; On the way seen venkat but ignore him;
Days another improvement is purchased and skimmed through Facebook guide; Gta helped in filling cheque;

holi pics

17th march 2014

Hi #happyholi every one; day began so early;  Had to spend 3 hours on net;sent so many Twitter messages to  K audience;
Chai pe charcha  or coffe pe charcha; Read importance about Holi on Wikipedia;Had to wait long time at Hair cutting Saloon but read 3 issues of filmfare; Gta helped in writing blog key word strength and also promised to send content on good keywords; Lot of vedeos seen including pavan kalyans Jana sena; Kept new content in some of Blogs;changed color formats; Prk called; Commenting on others blogs continued;Skipping Rx was a nice decicion; managed bundh day; FB likes page vedeo seen;To work on stumble upon;Kept alexa button to blog; Indian ranks too improved this time;

Camera is very powerful; commenting too;twitter; So Pictures of holi eve

Another dull sunday; KSV joined early had to get ready in a quickr later Nanda appointment failed later another failure attempt at f world but Nrns office located came back and spent some time at home; Gta went to her sisters home so no food yet managed;Another failure at Rx but there needs some spark before any more losing attempt; facebook likes book details seen in Namasthe telangaana; coocking suffered with  burns; managed tweets;

Old friend Ramesh met at Rx he gave another knowledge; Zervans  chance at 4 s missed; Water melons ghadbad at road and new knowledge; Nice draksha seen;

15th sat day

Morning Ksv called up met him CEO effect sundays meet up; Unable to trace invitation card of nanda; gta was seen to be upset wants to go ; Narsing asked to remove few more things from office so removed; kamudu bundh from Tommorow night;Spent 1 hour at net cafe so there must be some kind of consolidation;

again Cats menace;Prk called up and said ok for comp; another positive came from Vaccinesw guy; Some kind of activity had from KSV known abt M(9);called Derby and GreaterF;inturn known about 2 more new places;
Met Megafore guys;at cafe coffee day;later checked their stats and found interesting;
Night chengaiah met;

Purchased few more stock for kamudu Holi; Night Chinna called; Missed call from Satish;
So theres some activity for the day ;

14th march

Stink of marjalams out side home is un bearable must do something; gave c to prk so weight reduced further; Rider must sit on track works before another betting is new point for the day; Met kishore and kiran; Contunued blocking parampara; Evening shopping did;

to rgister each blog name which iam registering is new idea of the day; summer further more catched up;
Good day after a sluggish uneasy start; Seen top 500 indian sites again ; Surprised with hits for track eagle bloglater checked my stats;Positive reply saved from S L diag; later in zippy met Y tv guys had appointment for Monday met two new guys; Good exchange and supportive feedback about flex printing had from kishore met boys there on top too; Had 1 hour stint at web cafe handled FTP from there edited few blogs from there;Thanks to Redhills;hope emerged from NCC and Butterfly; Calls to netsar and Kiran have failed; met asian carpets new guy and known few details; In ET flipkart info seen Importance of madhapur address and smart phone noted;Gta was busy in attending birthday at morning; Called a web developer of nanda;

Phone calls to Satish and prasad and metamorph and Syam were hope worthy; Cash request from GTA at night; enjoyed FM;Long chat with suneetha at night;

12th march;2014;

Net was horrlibly slow at home and triggered to go to net cafes and found them closed; Continued to work had good day; met new guy at mosapet; Thanks to byke for smootn ride; and tiresome journey; Real colors of KSV known;
Seenaiah and cheng have called;problem still hastening up even at rajendranagar; met new Town planning guy;
Called syam and had positive response;Long wait for keshav and had to leave froem there;Action had from web guy page is ready;
Ugly seen from narsing and shifted most of luggage from office to living room and told to near by people;

Called prakash;had positives reply from diag;sl and derby guy;
managed to buy ET ;

bhayya aur behan support tung slip; Rinas mom head ache and her chidrens;gave chocos to sindhocha;

10th march monday 2014

day began with tremoundous boredom and depression; Alexa ranks have further improved; checked 2 dailies and plus 2 more at Coffee place;Dis appointment for dhobi guy; had pressure to bring few needy things for home; Brush up by gta; Shouts of that cleaning lady;

Delhi 1 good thing avaialable; stats checked found that bus timings and realtors posts get traffic; Read back march so far;had tiffen; called metamorph; syam;
Had hair color;Two of Ambush attempts have failed  later at RX  two more chances at very good ods have missed lesson learnt again in life to take the remidial measures keep surplus cash on hand; Alexa ranks have improved is the solace for the day; Code kept in one of new blog ids it looked impressive;

 Good exposure of that santosh reddy place; Indulgence crossed yet again; Night keshav met and had long chat; Gta alerted on morfing ; Old friend satyanarayana met at Musheerabad RX; Night chicken curry very costly one;Missed to attend journalists function;

8th march

No income day; Followups did any way ; another failure in rx this time new strategy win win; sl diagno; blog  further CONSOLIDATED from cafe kept codes; Fired kamalakar;

7th march 2014

After a pretty long self introspection and ET scan of 1 billion Flipkart sales i found that investment is needed to grow here in bisuness or RX;Met Kishore and he helped in creating new cards.Later to club and another fixation; latewst developments on hand anlysed again;
From there to Rx and filure retuen and found that track eagle analyses best; improved alexa ranks; made few cell ph contacts; Checked GTAS bank;

6th March post

managed cash transfer to bank this time clerck was nice;ramojis call rejected;one major success story thanks to Ambush technology and google; Sudden problem by vehcile battery solved with gta s initiative; met  Diagnostics had hope had exposure; morning seenaiah and kamalakars calls recd;
Speed at net cafe is price worthy and did some speed  editings from there;

Met web guy also met yellow pages guy noted his number too;consolidated  blogs further from cafe;New pen and note book purchased for the day;
tommorows Rx \books purchased;KOL and bang;

Almost made 10 cell  ph calls from home; Met metamorph guy known voice technology;

Satish called; his  request noted; RK s neibours Milk affair;
That sinister begging old woman head ache; Night lost temper at Vijaya cottage guys on pickle;

5th march

Got up amid confusion;had to stop water button;had chat;2 paper scan had;pending pics posted so big relief; had chai and coffee; some kind of uneasy;day planned;4 K funding from GTA; so paid Net and land bills;

Few things have been quickly moved up fast; managed to book doamain name and get it it online and its URL redierection; Read Jaminryot,annadataWOW,Tollywood and 4 more dailies;Met rama fertility;Rest at park;
Derby guys commitment for Sunday;Called Diagnostics guy;Rx jans call had to be rejected so that of Kamalakar;Blogger ids work continued further;Reduced anyway;

4th march tuesday

Quickly scanned 3 dailies; Big shout at beggar; disposed old news papers; To progress now fast;

Work continued met 3 important  parties impact of sankranthi letter known new shops seen on the way; long journey; took pictures  again rains carnage and traffic jam suffered;

major twist happend at night after shout at girls for wastage of water; Called jd and seen maatav logo;decided for new domain and decided  to keep code in NT;
Near by web host found;
poor response from Shobit,jana and  surender;.TV tuvvalu details known; Good news is Delhi IVB is now available from HYD;Wished neibour boy for the first time;

3rd march 2014

2 cool success stories from field  so immediately made .tv visitng cards  ready thanks to kishore thats nice speed up enroute seen most of petrol pumps were flooded with people; On the way did few more calls; @ hours net cafe surfing consolidated blog content further;surprisingly reduced the intake for the day;

Chandra sekhar naidu and ED naidu have called up;Unable to begin g maps work due to slow net;
Heavy sound due to crackers near home looked as if bomb exploeded;.TV blog too created;

2nd march sunday Invitation day

Felt like an ordinary sunday without any development; struggled out to get note books as sunday most of stationary shops were closed; called satish,Syam,Rx Rama chandra; rain again trouble entire proceedings at Invitation cup; Seen some people from Chennai;

$ news dailies scanned for the day;Night spent some time with Rina and her Sister listened to music;Movie enjoyed;
After a quick shot of preparation day started with long wait at sarada sarees i had ample of time to organise my self further; later had a quick success good one for march; At Rx  unsatisfied day as 3 tips failed; new story emerged from Ray of light; Failed to cash Nefyn; Unexpected rain spoiled the proceedings;grand gala of invtation dint show up; huge moneys were gambled at longer odds;

Few more ids added to fold; Could not respond GTas call; Night power failure further triggered irritation;