Wednesday, April 01, 2020

April and May 2020

1st April; Wedday Mar 2020;

7 Articles snippets  kept;

Mostly at home; Got back 1 lakh Alexa ranks thats fine;  jayram reddy friend called; bawa called;

2nd April Thurday 2020;

internal linking work continued;

Some video content loaded to blog plus linking work continued;

Prasad called this surprisingly talked for long time gave some ideas; I called Prahlad and Mama had relief after having chat; internal linking work continued;  Prasad vja called;

3rd April 2020 Friday;

CNN : activated at home good news and coverage seen;
Disturbing whatsapp videos indore ; 
Had long chat with 1.Gollapalli  Krishna  he assured his support ; called NRN and had chat; called 2.Brahma Reddy ; called 3. Kishore got back twitter pwd; gunnaiah called; called 4.NRN

4th April Saturday 2020:

Jayram Reddy had long chat known his knowledge about Vooluntary organisation; 

Morning black dog messgae;
Called 1.Ram Kumar old memories and 2.  3.Prahlad called and i called him back good chat;
called 4. Jehangir had chat with him;  Some kind of hope emerged;  called 5.Narsimha  his twins photos received;
corona songs saved; corona further progressed with 1 lakh range  101 566;
6. jana chame in contact with whatsapp; called 7..Manohar Reddy; 8. Prasad.Prabhavati son. during the discussion akka foul play known;

5 th April Sunday 2020;

 laptop top up did  thanks to phonepay; Checked back whom i called in 2020 and seen ph book call data last 6 months call data was available;

Sent Balaji Bajrang guys unique idea of  wishes to all; Balu  AIR called back gave new strategy due to Balaji Bajrangs message; Called Narsing rao wife;

Called Eswaraiah  mama; Internal Linking work began; called Chengaiah;takled with Anjali new turn ; latest  daily new corona count is 80 K;
world stats .info site further gained traffic ranks;

Due to corona ennadu dint publish sunday book; posted few tweets; Kajal Vidya; Hyderabdi printers; nutty; Listened to naren works; known more about cinema industry; listened to wink music;

corona time activations;

3. Bawa
4. GCP;
5. Chinna
6. Krishna mama
7. krishnaiah
8. Balaji gollapalli;
9. jayram reddy
10. NRn
11. SRN
12. Suresh; vja;
13. Anjali;
14. sai prasanna;
15. Ameen;
16. Eswaraih mama;
17. satish; 
18. Narsing rao;
19. Balaji gollapalli;
20. Prabhavati son;
21, Manohar Reddy;
22. Ram kumar;
23. jehangir;
25. raju trt;
26. Human hair;
27. Ulti aqua;
28. Soninsk;
29. Balaji Bajrang;
30. Madhu buy n save;
31. Refac;
32. Sai sonalika;
33. Reddeppa naidu;
34. Sreerasthu;
35. prahals;
36. bujji d w
37. Cs
38. jasmine;
39. mayur pan;
40. nutty d;
41. manasa;
42. Ashok printers;
43. Durga kadapa;
44. Balaji paper;
45. Uma;
46. syam;
47. tpt florist
48. sridevi fert;
49. jaggu ambu;
50. Sai prasanna;
51. Yanamala;
52. pariwar biryani;
53. rythu bhoomi;
54. ayyappa dri school;
55. moksha lights;
56. j p reddy;
57. vinayaka jewellers;
58. keshava konda kal mandapam;
59. dayakar; balaji;
60. balu tpt;
61. jana;
62. KVP;
63. golden pearl inn;
64. prince tailors;
65. PSr k m;
66. prahald DW;
67. vet pharma;
68. dhnaraj;
69. gaja;
70. venky;
71. sekhar bhai;
72. GCp;
73. sekhar mana;
74. nagaraja bsnl;
75. kistanna;
76. bhagyamma; prasad;
78. kiran;
79. saabjaan;
80. sai brahmini;
81. Psr K m;
82. Eves;
83. raunaq;
84. Sr scientifics;
85. koti;
86. chinna;
87. ravi cars;
88. raghu ram;
89. myla koti;
90. anurag chalapati;
91.lic sudha;
92. kokkanti ramaiah;
93. akka;
94. srinu balaji bro
95. kallu kistaiah;
96. bags guy;
97. jasmine pet;
98.. chn; steel;99. GJr;
99. legend guy;
100; camera centre;
101. saurabh kajal;
102.Rkn ; leela;
103. shankar rao Dw;
104. Raaj kumar;
105. sana; 
106. bhargavi;
108. ibrahim;
109; mohan; 
110. Mod stores;
111. suraram;
112. suraram; Bhatnagar;
113. suraram 
114. medchal;
115. Rajampet jeweller;
116. Kadapa opticals;
117; Shilpam;
118. Rajendra anagar guy;
119. Golkonda; 
120 golkonda top guy;
121. golkonda mohan;
122. kawadiguda; reddy;
123; boinpally saheb;
124. boinpally; gowd;
125. boinpally dw;
126. Range of steel;
127. maggam;
128. alankruta;
129. rubber stamps;
130; hema vet;
131; loka;
132. Krishna Anna; bhagyamma;
133.Srini gollapalli;
134.nanubala subba rayudu;
135. Nagaraja; Prasad;
136; accu abids;
137; Donuru govardhan reddy
138. Fancy electricals;
139.shilpi venkatesh;
140. loka frames;
141. vasu frames;
142. Eves beauty;
143. vittal;
144. shankaraiah mama;
145. santosh druva;
146. narapally
147. leena satish;
148. srikanth DW;
149. yasrr
150. Mutyla rao
151. asif golkonda;
152. range of steel;
153. qadeer D W;
154. ratnadeep
155. kawadiguda ravi;
156. newway;


6th April 2020;  Monday;

Called Krishna anna had chat ; called Narsimha Gollapalli he connected to Subba Reddy;  Appayya Subba rayudu; tips had from Bhagyamma vadina for suagr; Called LIC Sudha; called Krishna Mama;

7th April  Tuesday 2020;

linking work  Alexa and web sites counting work continued at home;
known Vijaja and shailoos  companies web sites info; seen tweets of  sreemukhi; another tention of corona extention of lockdown; One new page created for what to do during corona; ahaguru chennai based company traffic ranks known; tweeted for chermas  and hydprinters; vidyabalan;
spent lot of time for  reading movies info; Felt very weak in afternoon time;
Bouncer from Ashu;

8th April 2020 Wedday;

***grape wont trigger  sugar levels but body will spike hunger levels knowledge got;

***Known about SE0 guys in USA are making hefty 10 k per hour so i must consolidate my skills in this area;
***lots of good content is order of the day even with 500 Page i can hit 1 lakh alexa traffic ranks;

Read article on internal linking; for inter linking be reasonable  and keep lots of content;

***Panicked Bhaskar came down and discussed; 

***Gunnaiah called; link pasting work progessed very well; 

***Another shot in arm for the day is known few top twitter  ids where i have bright chance to convince clients;

jack dorseys 1 blillion donation anonucement by night; 

Information got on few more top keywords; read more on Sharukh khan Badshah of india and hindi movies;
seen Hindi youtube videos on Birbal Akabar stories hindi language skills ;

Grape purchased; lot of discussion on gollapally issue on home;
***Vellankifoods e com product pages seen;

9th April Thursday 2020;

Meta description details is new thing for the day seen big web sites and their meta description;

***listened to   Ayyappa and Shidi Sai baba songs songs;on youtube; sent bouncer  message to Syam; 
***read lot of content oh jack dorsey other tech guys ; 
***virtual ph number from exotel id  created  later call received by them;

Called Subba Rayudu  Gollapalli had long chat he knows lot of information about relatives; called Balaji had chat took ph number of Padma Gollapalli had chat with his son;

Had deep  sleep in afternoon;

Left over chances on hand now are  try good content SEO;

10th April 2020 Friday;

***This time took initiative and called   Ramachandra Kadapa  and had his openion on gollapalli issue asked his sons marriage pics later  he sent photos of his son s marriage other details also known;

*** As a result of yesterdays intitiative Ravi from Chennai connected and had long chat lot of gandla relatives details known; Corona agresstion continued worldwide with 80 k ;
mcloids twitter handle details also known someone called for help;

***Supported someones request on bujji group Tiktok video;

Called Gollapalli  krishna known his intentions gtas intentions also known;

*** jana came into contact for repling his tiktok video; Linking work continued; Alexa top sites ranking position work continued;
***called Narasimha again had his assurance.

***Next top priorities set and kept;
***jasminepetmart twitter and insta  linked on google this is new positive thing for the day requires twitter re verification agaian;;
called jafrulla and had his guidance for gollapalli issue;
Nelloretimes registration date 2000-09-28 still  5 months to go;
Naga muni reddy Darjipalli;;
purchased  tomato ketch up;

11th April Sunday 2020; 

Watched niel video tips Big Brands have big pressense on Social Media already;
Continued linking work and Alexa top ranking work;  Called Venky Tpt;
Called Chengamma known about Ramana attitude;
Called Thulasamma talked to her husband  known things;
Called Chinna Pullaiah had a bouncer;
Future still not hopeful:

Needles purchased:Read  zaminryot and known details;

13th  April Monday2020;

Chain reaction started Bujji called this time; 

Called Mama and took Gopal mobile; surprise called Dhanraj and had chat for long time;

later called Koti and informed him; later called Narsimha; Prahlad came into contact and gave another boost; Linking work continued;  
kishore also came into touch;

14 Th April Tuesday 2020;

Sent SMS and whatsapp msg to Gopal; Soni nsk also said ok; gave reply to Adhesiveandpack; Balaji Bajranj also gave good support; kiran sent video;

Prabhavatthi  told many things about past and Bawa called;  GCP called; Linking work continued at home;
Seen  P M Narendra modis speech;  Night had 2 sessions AC; wastage of heater power  (water)  forgot  due to  calls;  surprisingly good response had from Dhanraj had long chat with him ; Sen English  movie about sharks;
Night dinner  time weakness;

15 Th April Wedday 2020;

Surprisingly reply had from  Mama  for yesterdays msg to gopal  cleaarance had  finally to construct a home  at Gollapally this is a good relief finally.

Chinna sent  good messages; Managed linking work; Voice msg sent to Anjali; unbearable heat  at home and usage of a/c;
seen one  Sent message to rohireddy web site surprised to  his insta ;instafollower base;

15th April 2020; Thursday;

Some of high traffic web sites info known one of those is almost fininished top sites pages data work; Had gollapalli clearance news;

17 th April 2020 Friday;

Heavy heat and more usage of 

Linking work continued and almost completed that task; known about web design tips;
Surprise no incoming calls at all;

18th April Saturday 2020;

watched lot of celebs tweets and gained confidence; milk fed to Cat;;Blog bio developed with nice content; Read world famous celebs tweets;
Above picture is of jennifer lopez twitter cover page;  objection had by gta at home;

Caugh continued;  Called Bawa and Mama: Prasad; Chat with Bhaskar;
Some content addeded to blog;
No doubt iam a content maker  Birthday rememberence msg of Gta bro prepared;
Sekhar Bhai called but dropped: Tandi  packers guys chat developed;
Narsimha gollapalli was not available vari kothalu;
Insecurity problems from Gtas end; objections from gtas sisters;
Anjali  chat saga continued;  Called Prasad vja and known things from his end; called Bujji and had chat with Bawa; failed to buy Grapes;

Energy levels failed by evening;

19th April 2020 Sunday;

Got up very early; Morning Vegitable shopping did for  Rs 200-;
long discussion continued  at home;
Lot of things to buy; Lockdown further extended by KCR another dipression; night a/c by gta; No incoming calls?; Some content added to blog again;

20th April 2020 Monday;

One Video of satish seen in urdu;

For late Tiffen hunger levels triggered unable to cope up for some time resrlesness had; Chat with owner  Bhaskar had ; Summer touched 40 plus centigrade;

Heat crossed 41 degrees and had restlessness; In a bid sent voice messages and had nice replys Dw writer reddy; balaji bajranj; Soni nsk ; nellore pariwar hotel guy replied;
Alexa 4 lakh ranks dropped losing trust on alexa; next plans of lekhari to think on;
Analysed and discussed last 20 years income levels; Evening snaks enjoyed with tomato ketchup; Kishores whatsapp pic saved Corona disinfectant work posted;

 21st April 2020; Tuesday;

Scanned Chiranjeevi tweets videos effect  is trending;

Due to hevy heat used A/C more;
jayram reddys video guys new tie up had;
red ladys evening chilly dish; Anjalis house gift of drawings;
Adsense income flop story and related depression; seen google map; seen Videos of rice farming at california; Joined googles digital unlock course;
Needles 2 packs and ragi power 2 pockets purchased;
farming tips tried book coulnt read;

22nd April wed day; 2020

Called Narsimha; and  Jafrullah and known many village  news including his brother mango garden etc lot of things of his past  known;

How i developed in last 20 years  made a synopsys; Evening Uthappam tasty had; surprisingly Seenaiah called;
Good improvement on Kajal  twitter end had; Heat wave continued so  the a/c usage;
alexa is not working for 2 days;

23rd April 2020 Thursday;

Seen population stats of some cities;; Prahlad called and known few things; caugh continued?;
evening tried to buy few things but most of market was closed; alexa dint work again;;

24th April Friday 2020;

Gtas leg swelling  issue so took her to Dr Mohan Rao Sl Diagnostics  doctor heavy penalty of expences had;
Called Narasimha Gollapalli and took cell number of Madiga Narsimha and told him about  house construction had his assuranance so felt bit more relieved also known about land income and Mango Garden income details;

Hot day feels like 44C; Day went  Off to a flying start;  Anjali slipped away from Chat quickly failed to manage horrible heat; Called  Chinna Subba Rayudu and known few more things about land and cultivation and his  relatives golla kallu kistaiah details also known; Called Ayyavaraiah and  had  chat he is panchayat sectetary ;  google population stats of 100 places noted ; GCP called; Tarboose and Dosakaya purchased tarboose failed in taste;
New Barricades on roads seen;
Seen Smart telugu learning video of that web design  again;

25th April Saturday 2020;

Read about twitter and instagram maintannance charges  details on google but not got any clarity i must create a strong points to convince about this topic;

3000 Pujaris who perfom pujas in temples  are  also suffering in covid lockdown apart from Autowalls and others; During the meditation for future consolidations flash got that i must catch the best brands in the industry for Digital marketing campaigns as per my plan ; 

Slow progress had for the day;
Had Moustache trimming;
Whole day spent  at home dint go out;
Made an attempt to see smarttelugu we site and video got bored up known his consultancy charges;
Alexa dint function for another day so got upset to know about current rankings;
my home maid husbands byke seized by Police;
Power cut related diturbance  had for 3 times for short time; Soninsk answered about his wahtsapp status picture ;
Mamas  video call recd by evening:
Seen video of Rx Derby winner Star Superior and war hammer  new flash for this field is yearly best crop to utilyse from now a new hope;
maya maya Maya song enjoyed at night  on TV;
Read about that tingling pain near hand;
Death news of gtas relative during power cut:
Few more cities and places population stats seen and made a note on TTD diary;

26th April Sunday 2020:

called 100 police for help to attend cremation;

Brought Bread;  Curd; and Milk; called Mama; GCP; Called Subba  Narsiah  Kadapa; 
Had enough chat with Anjali angel had many voice chats; Unbearable heat; hunger pangs continued without any help; break fast was not enough;
Soni Rajesh replied about his wahtsapp  status waterfalls ;  sent msg to Sr Scientifics; Home maids took leave so noticed more work load for Gta;
date left over tasks  consolidate things for future;

28th April Tuesday 2020;

With gtas pressure my maiden song  of Movie "Rangasthalam:   "Veru sanga kosam mattini thavvithe":  is on air and good response 16 replys recd; Anjalis instant song inspired a lot;

Many people are united back again with this song;
Digital marketing content got further consolidated that chennai guy improved a lot; Next Move is Mumbai Amit video retrieved;
Balu called asked a proposal for for social media  about a project; Morning called Narsimha gollapalli had poor response; Jealousy saga;
Those Osmania chai Buiscuits sweetness  enjoyed;
Had coocking tips from Bujji;

29th April Wed day 2020

Worked on Balus social   media project  Audit  proposal reporting and audit cost ($2500) are very important; Know their social media presense with google.images audit;Data of Herbal products  from Vijayawada saved to blog; Stunning 18 replies had to my maiden song ; Further consolidated Ditial marketing post in Blog;

Had video chat with Anjali; Known new tips about twitter; tweet more often with nice 3 hash tags; Chiranjeevis video playing with his grand child tweeted;
Called Narsimha and known about his  trip by byke;
New hope developed as we can train corporate people with online training;;

30th April  Thursday 2020;

Got up early and noted DSIM course details noted (curriculam)

Called Vempalli Shankaraiah had good response;  Gta paid  Electricity bill; and recharged  my  Jio so problem solved;
had luke warm response from Jayamma atta and Eswaraiah Mama;
few more new things known after chating to Narsimha Gollapalli; New thing of the day is having chat with Kistamma Gollapalli; had nice interaction with jana on chat and  Voice tone enjoyed;
Tweeted DM info to Kajal and Vidya accounts;
Listened to Rangasthalam Song again;

1st May Friday 2020;

Despite initial hurdle to create content for DM manged it with help of Gta  script created and later  got audio  voice done by Naren by evening and 2 people have responded and had good hits 100 plus people have watched it by whatsapp thats good progress for the day;

Morning had corona  related healthy discussion  outside home  with maid  servants and Bhaskar house owner;

By night spent lof of time with Amit Tiwari videos;
DM  issue discussed with Seenaiah had his support ; jana; jayram Reddy; Sai; Anjali ; Shailoo; Balu; Kiran;
Tweeted to D m course content  kajal and vidya balan fans ; and Chermas accounts;
Posted DM content to Gandla; Keshavulu  groups;

 2nd May 2020 SAT DAY;
sent requests to circulate in their groups about Digital marketing Soni; Dhanraj; Ramana jayram reddys friend;
Apreciation of vzg Gandla guys and replies recd; Sekhai bhais FB video as we;

Called Jayaram Reddy had nice interaction vennela kanti;

His friend his village gudur Kurnool; His influence;
Sudden visit to Sl clinic had few bouncers from there Doctor; Beggar; odd looking dress;
Failed  to carry head phone;
Sent msg to Sunil Balaji Bajrang he said yes;
purchased mango for the first time in season had bouncer there;

Managed  to compkete most of content linking work edited headline of Blog: Zonewise news red orange etc Relaxation of Madyam;
Pebbili Ravikumar; Chitrada Sanyasi Rao; shailoos funding;
Beggar; mango;

3 rd May  Sunday; 2020;

Digital Marketing content  work completed added some more content like  ice breaking  session tips etc;; Anjali irritated again;

Got up  very early;  Seen 

One baby  Bird was asking help of her mother throught the day near my house we enjoyed watching tweets   throught the day @ home;
Upma flopped again: Bitter arguments on  Alchohol;
msg sent to Ameen to circulate; Interaction with syam and jana  long time and prahlad effect of calling him;
 Balaji Bajrang Suneel whatsapp image refined my approach at home Voice tone;
Slept in afternoon;  May heat continued; walked a lot for the day in varandah;
Digital Marketers are paid between 2 lakh to 11 lakh in usa; Watched Nag sons movie;

4th May Monday 2020;

Amit adwords; seo; videos gmb videos kept ; 

Brought vegitables;
More heat more a/c;
Mandu babulu in line throught India;
More phone chat with Ameen;
No doubt Digital Marketing content and other skills improved further;
Bobby called but no use;

5th May Tuesday 2020;

 Tool kit  reqd for youtube channel known; Myke please; tripod; Tried fiolmora some time; D M Content got further consolidated;   More bossters had for the day;

Record your voice and practice; Spell end of word;
Morning had good Egg Dosa with Mirchi chuney;
English pronounciation known;
Butta Bomma with anjali continued; Tie up offer  sent to jayram reddy friend;
Had ph and chat with jayram reddy later bobby called; English pronounciation exposure spirituallu did and few more things; jam enlish; Checked all links and repaired;
evening purchased grapes but poor qwality ;
interacted with seenaiah and his videos;;
Youtube channel kit mike etc known;Related terminology; cinematic shots etc; rank academy; Amit GMB videos saved;  Sucessful youtubers and their works posted; whatsapp content further consolidated;

Somewhat cool day; Kept few top video songs; 1000 subscribers of jayRam reddy friend and congratulations and sent him proposal;  Ph call to Jyram reddy long talk later in evening sent photos to bobby; tried filmora go; digital vidya guy called; so digital nest lady; rate of nest is 21k; digitalvidya is 60K; Content consolidation work of dital marketing continued;  chat did Butta bomma ; top youtubers and their videos known;  My own youtube recording did; whatsapp voice chat with seenaiah; gta gave practice tip see in mirror and chat; A/C remote trouble afetr sleep; Sopngs enjoyed again; Linked wordpress video;

6th may wed day; 2020;

wine shops opend; visualize is days inspiration; Songs and dialogues saved to Blog; Digital Marketing content consolidation continued ; voice related video tips seen;

Oscar love story of owners jokes at home;   

 fan sound and AC remote trouble; madyam shops opened in telangana again;

7th May Thurday 2020

Days keywords passion and 19 minutes speech 3 main key ideas ; some more top  youtubers info added;  Songs enjoyed;
Anjalis group;  Intencity; focus; breaks;  some more great songs videos saved to blog; yedige koddi odagamani song enjoyed; jayram reddy called;  intiated a/C  remote issue further; called mama;

8th may  friday 2020;

A/C remote issue fixed; Prahlads called; called Nagraj  Sr freight but got depressed after that chat known lot of things chikko ;

Prabhavati son called and asked money; Day mostly wasted without swift progress;

9th Saturday  may 2020;

Practice began gave a voice presentation on whatsapp about Digital marketing; hubspot and niel are bigger no doubt;

Brought Sarukulu groceries used byke ;  
Further consolidated Digital marketing content;
Seen missamma  movie later read on wikipedia;
Covid precautions guidelines from bujji group added him;; Seen Amit video on adwords youtube; seen few more videos; others and noted their voice style surprised with kajal tweet engagement  of 5 k plus and impressions;

10 th May 2020 Sunday;

Mothers day wishes sent ; Big catastrophy of Anjali almost lost temper for her ignorance ;
*** Few more  songs and dialogues saved to blog simhadri; Naani song ;100 years of Indian Cinema youtube clip seen in Hindi ;
 *** Cinema has influence on people switch over to it very very fast;

Arranged Chicken to home rates have further hiked Rs 220 per KG  later enjoyed it ; Called Kishore programme slightly shifted he sponcered drink; Called Seenaiah and known many things and Narendra dankams; 
Soni Rajesh saved ; 

Balu and chikkadpally gifts guy reciprocated ; Called Mama and wished ; 
 soninsk msg and days suggestion to keep cool; suddenly had shaving;
 Digital Marketing Content consolidation work failed for the day;
Night NTV show of Mystery life on earth after humanracewas thought provoking;

11th May Monday 2020;

Digital Human Body Infra-red Thermometers
Seen some english language videos;Checked current ranking of my page for crash course on Digital marketing;

Digital Human Body Infra-red Thermomete

Biggest cheating happen in Football and horse racing; favites fail;
Slept in afternoon had dream about Digital marketing course; cat enjoyed chicken; brought Insulin needles; razor; and water; Listened few songs and edited Digital marketing content page; 

12th May Tuesday 2020;

Quickly checked History of  early brousers and known about essencials of Dogital marketing;  seen essentials of digital marketing and known about video power; More understanding and on Internet industry gained ; Listned to yesterdays my voice recordings and improved it further; 

Anjalin said sorry and i said ok and came out of room got busy on  voice recording and progressed with it; Water RO maintainance guy came and placed filters; Had shaving and recorded voice messge later did youtube recording also during voice recording fumbled three times; satish; gaja; madu nellore have ackoledged voice;

Power of video known to can learn  from video analytics;

Known about android and other platforms; called sekhar bhai; Discussion again with maids and Bhaskar;
Content management system is nothing but wordpress; definately improved a lot during day;

13th May Wed day 2020;

New Digital marketer Ankur Agarwwal videos seen had fresh hope again to teach digital marketing course: 
sudden setback expired paid it later to jana  ; 
  Nice  whatsapp content from Sunil Balaji Bajrang and Soni int;Shailoo   shown some interest to read blog and  my audio message and had feedback; sentiments of coming out of  Anajalis said sorry;

Sirimalle puvva  'Padaharella vayasu'  movie song seen on youtube; Some inspirational vedeos also  seen few more songs also saved;

New points are organic vs paid traffic; To be on top 3 spots to get traffic ;
Linkedin videos seen and saved to blog edited Bio page again;

Target age group for digital marketing is 20 to 25 to target colleges ; fb has big audience;
Practical knowlwdge is very important;
New vocabulary is; Case study; Emerging; Convertion rates;
convertion rates;
Influencer marketing; Implimentation;
No sign of adsense income improvement related depression and leg pains added another headache and fan sound; All gamial google accounts checked again known about googlge teporarily closings;

Sudden Ghadbad in home at night for curry;

14th May Thursday 2020;

Added content and Tags to my youtube video as planned; unable to bear heat and so the AC usage;

Seen most of Ankur videos;  85% people trust reviews; 5% of people are watching voice of Telugu guys post in just first day;Morning is best time to post insta; sales happen from trust;past 50 years analysed again;OXFORD english video seen; Smooth and fast; go out and talk; Best earliar presentation ; quora power known;
Added few more songs and dialogues videos
Made the list to hit 50;

new knowledge got no doubt; days new words and knowledge are use emojis for insta posts; be consistant; positive reviews are vey much needed 85% people trust reviews; 
Days words its has been exiting journey; tactics; artificial intelligence; Insights; algorithm;

Called suresh and he hasnt changed;
Called one internet listing guy Farhan for job;
See Ankur  other videos ;
Video making videos to see plz;

15th May 2020 Friday 
Seen few more videos on English language fluency and vacabulary; Seen google video Ellenshow; 

Cat anger for not feeding her with milk iis the highlight of the day; Called Prahlad and krishna mama; Grosu Gopalaiah wifes death news on whatsapp known; Some more whatsapp content loaded;  what youtube can teach video seen; Rent hike disturbance;
phone etiquette; How to deal with tough people; for comment ( engagement) on Laddu sekhar bhai called; Few more videos seen on adwords setup and youtube ads setup;

16th Sat 2020;

Known few new things on whatsapp status;  What is pintrest video  Pins and Boards seen; Online coaching set up and youtube video streaming video seen; One Delhi guy contacted for free course had chat later removed free from course;  Wave sostware for coaching known; Kept linking code to most of digital marketing posts;  video on soft skills trainer seen;  Art of story telling videos seen;

Somewhat cool day;  Seen one twitter video *star and to  like more lists; 
Pataala Bharavi movie seen;

gtas tip on coaching; For kadapa my blog is ranking second surprising; added few more distrcts to Blog; lot of things moved ahead but still ome kind of insecurity had; that very confident guy; RWITC is in very bad shape;

17th May Sunday 2020;

known about emoji: New idea of whom to brinto top important and urgent; talents and contacts; Sr scientifics subba reddy responded;

### Learn digital marketing talking skill;

### and web site design of wordpress;
### Video editing; asked gta for this;

Which contacts  to bring to top;

Gopal; Dhanraj; Voice of Telugu;  Video editors; uma; sr scientifics;;
AIR Balu;; Prasad Rx eswaraiah;
film  guys;  tie ups with video makers;  jana;
Eenadu sunday book had many interesting Articles;
Draksha; Milk; brought and enjoyed;

Known about  journalists; Sripada and Radio jockeys; known about nuzivid; SV ranga Rao; Soni rajesh responded sent Bill gates info; sr subba reddy responded;

Komala madhu responded endorsed to his rep Sudheer; his whatsapp status;learn from mistakes of others; wished Anjali; sent msg to jana;
drink and curd; kothmir coins; 
Iam slowly ranking for few cities keywords;
called bawa; bujji ; mango affair; prahlad; gcp;
kishore attempt;
tweeted again;
ticktok video youtube seen;
read abt aviation history;
Whatsapp elephant circus;

18th May Monday 2020;

Concentrate on just one thing;  chetchat; Edited youtube description; 
Highest viewd youtube videos listed with view count of 20 youtubers; Media planning; and content planning videos seen and kept; Few more places keywords kept for digital marketing:

even 1 video can fetch 50 lakh views; jinnarotti;
chetchat englsih  videos seen  for general conversation;  
Concentrate on just one thing; programme mind; be in drivers seat;
unknown facts Abhimanyu videos seen;
Added few more cities keywords; i must speak standout; consolidate further;  Interview questions for digital marketer   video seen and posted; Added few song scripts ; mutyala muggu; dandalayya; bali bhali raa bhali  bahubali; is charging Rs 1 lakh:
Rakul preet singh  show seen;

19th May Tuesday  2020

Blog Bio further improved; Final touch of the day is  most important certifications needed for digital marketing known; Added few more places to  digital marketing blog keywords; 

Now to move forward on this road now so this is again another new confidence booster; Affiliate marketing; videos to watched but of no use; 

Called Narsimha;  narsimhulu; Prasad prabhavati son many things about matrimony known; Balaji; Prahlad;  suresh VJA called; Anjali sent voice message; soni rajesh replied;

Difference of openion continued at home; 

padma son; seen soravjains seo standing;
new niche  of keywords is area wise SEO ranking like Dilsukh Nagar;
Corona relaxation futher improved;;

20th may 2020 wed day;

Seen  few online education certification  videos;
Google analytics code known; twitter inflight course video seen; Bing video seen; Blog bio edited further:

Fb is trying to retain its user; To tweet a lot;
Automation software  tools known;
Zappier; Buffer known ;  voice chat with Anjali ;
Bhaskar came and wished;
Sorav rankings seen;
Need good co tent please;

People buy emotion not product;
Lost temper on hair cut pressure;
That  kurukshetra rayalaseema  song;
60 Core Modules - 17 Certifications;

Some digital marketing pictures saved;

21st May Thursday 2020;

After many days to field work;; and videos seen;
success of srini SK Doc as per plan ; Purchased Rajor; Pen;  costly Kalakahnd; Khara boondi failed;   Black Tape purchased;
Soni Rajesh responded;
Low sugar levels due to that pasta;semia upma; Unable to bear hunger pangs; Eye was 
Badly hit; Anjali came into contact; Money drawn from ATM;

Black tape; purchased; Razor purchased;

called seenaiah and Nagraj BSNL his thanking seen;
Facebook ad setup video watched; Zapier;

22nd May friday 2020;

 Best background scores; edited blog bio againpasted some good content; As a result of yesterdays request  Erikalaiah  added to list; 

Un known weakness while going to outside;  Anjalis good reaction is a welcome move and a thriller; Slight trouble while buying medicines; as per priscription but got them returned by evening;

Laptop net was evaporated by night;

That life  o rama guys video: Lets talk lady english got 2 cr; lisneted to few songs;Nail trimming: lux soap; BP tablets purchased;
Byke seat cover purchased; Syringes;

23 rd May Satday 2020;

Overall improvement for the day is computer basics known; 
Falcon fastest Burd with 250 KM per hour speed:

microsoft word tips known; 
Known about the computer fundamentals: Seen ftp video file zilla; Stomach trouble had tablet: few more videos added ntr dvsk Padyams;;  Hyderabad areas keywords added to Digital Marketing course;

House maid trouble by owners;  joined  Anjalis group again on her request;

Again dats evaporated by night;;
Tick tok; helo app; Sharechat basics known;
Eye sight problem is increasing;

24th  May Sunday 2020

Added 20 more local  places of hyderabad  to digital marketing again; Night seen world wide Digital marketing web sites  design and content gained confidnce ; Most important things in life after money are; Respect; Health; Community; Time; mental strength;Friends; Family; Called Chinnimmi, parvathi Gollapalli had exchange of lot of relatives info felt satisfied;

wheres the missing link for  growth where i missed growth factor ? Eenadu covered Tik tok ;
Tried for mixie repair  but shops was closed ; trouble erupted  with Anjali i lost my temper ;

Called Narsimha Gollapally  in vain; Balaji; Subbarayudu;  Krishna mama;
Night tiragamatha rice 
1 hour digital marketing course idea;

25th May Monday 2020;

7 Ways to Become the Best Digital Marketer
Attend Networking Events. 
Learn from Digital Marketing Brands and Entrepreneurs. 
Connect with Like-Minded Individuals. 
Find a Digital Marketing Internship. 
Become a Member of a Professional Body.

Initiated Rajesh soni payout he said ok; Followup made with twitter about suspended account;

Pickle; Soup: shaving; seat cover; mixie repair seen amit tiwari adwords set up video;
Ask institutes;
Video seen how to get online  overseas  projects video seen; Questionaire on twitter seen;
how to become a digital mar trainer; updated latest developments on blog post;

Stay Up to Date on the State of Digital Marketing. 
Practice Continuous Learning.

26th May 2020;

Finally Digital Marketing course prinouts got from Narayanaguda cafe and scanned them from homethis is best work for the day; 
added major cities of south india cities keywords Of Digital marketing this has further strenghtened earluar consolidation work;

Alerted Soni but expectation failed; 
Got very much tired hunger pangs;  Night seen follower base of some TV channels; Slept a lot day and night;  sorav is topping even for srilanka:
Kyle minologue video seen;

27th May Wed day 2020;

Further consolidated digital marketing course with 2 states city keywords and some cities content pages also edited; 

Voice modulation codeos seen with emotion ted shows; adsense videos seen facebook ads to srart with emotional 

To be big like t series added few more big tv channels and thier followers; Animated content with video works a lot;
make use of google trends;
Soni flopped;
kept more adsense code formats  seen few videos on adsense analyitcs but failed to understand;

How technology helped me;

1. I got money and  2 lakh  followers; Web traffic  from twitter; projects;
2. Got lot of content from whatsapp communication ; Broadcast;
3. money from google maps activations  google short urls maintanance;
4. Good knowledge from youtube; SEO and digital marketingl  knowledge;
5. smart phone photos and communication and  Jio 4 g net;
6, payment apps helped mea lot to receive and pay ;ATM cards  time saving;
7.  Enjoyed Songs from youtube;
8. Food delivery apps not much of use;
9. Xerox for prints cyber cafes  Reviews;
10. Self help Books knowledge; Human relationships;
11. Byke for  Mobility ;
12. wikipedia knowledge;
13. gta logo creation, sticker, Broture  knowledge;
14.  pintrest; for good Photos ;
15. instagram big project pets ;

28th May  thursday 2020;

Statrted  what to tell and teach  imagine a practical session;
Another broadcast list created with 80 persons for intimate content sharing;
New thing is picture saving option from twitter;
mobile marketing video seen;

Added few more places for Digital marketing; Tried facebook ad campaign;
Seo audit video seen not much of use;
Seen emotional content from pintrest;

29th May  Friday 2020;
Intimate friends list added with few more;Edited blog bio again;contacts;Consolidated Digital marketing knowledge further added few more places and edited content further;Beginner guide to SEo by MOZ seen.  pinterest, twitter mashable video , buffer, mobisimo beginners guide videos seen; 

Brought things for home;
;seen linkedin profile  setup video.  New google search techniques image size etc were new things,  
Called seenaiah; chengaiah; Night power cut and Prabhakar digital marketing guys videos seen;

30th May Saturday 2020;

Spent long time to add more links to D M;
Digital marketing peptalk work continued ;
Added 22 new cities of india to digital marketing posts;

Watched  how they are ranking
Seat cover work completed;
Animation videos seen;
Gta sponcered a Jio Top up;  video of shakiara football saved from insta and sent to intimate and twitter;

31st May 2020;
Ganesh English teacher videos  seen   felt much more confident; vocabulary building; Added Rayalaseema;Seen adowrds video again felt confident; SEO is longterm plan as per web trainings guy; response  from anitha; 
peptalk file created;
Brightside etiquette video seen;

last day of month;
review;  smartway; Can listen and work  known; recap;  fantastic; sorry; Laptop topup did through Phonepay;
From after noon had stomach trouble; 
Added few more intimate friends list and sent post recd 
Indiamart video seen; questionaaire;

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