Friday, March 01, 2019

Jan Feb 2019 synopsys and march 2019 plans

Whatsapp content developed in Telugu; English; Hindi; urdu;
voice is  also ready;
whatsapp msgs are running;
daily data collection continued;
Read Tips on relationships;
#google maps beta products vertion;
#Adwords running;
#insta 10 pics;
insta campaign ran
tried to get cash to bank without Muralis help;
field calls 50 only;
lot of pictures loaded; ponts gained in google;
reviews added;  many reviews read;
new leg pads;
New Dresses; 
yoga pad;
Had Pizza
new chappal;
Gta photo shop;
star suprior; Sr scientifics;
Bet on much performed horses;
persuation skills; 
Video editing;
twitter paid campaign  details known;
New printer met;
ppl are watching whatsapp msgs;
soni tention over;
my list of imp ppl; around 20;
nutty insta;
vzg trip; pics; and disturances;
valentines lunch;
importance of trust;
gta akka; chinna anna; family group;
Met eswraiah mama; called Durga;
Camera centre ap friends group;
out of Ramesh vzg room;
water bottle;
fiber table;
Laptop Table
G plus cell ph data on my phone;
Whatsapp biz ac;
Whatsapp status;
Temple history reviews read and also posted
bharat physio;
srikari curries time waste;
leg pains; 5 days no work??
chinna anna death;
Ramesh group;
kalyan; Ash out;
sekhar bhai ideas; data collection ncontd;

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March friday 2019

 1st march fri 2019;

Met Narsing rao; known abt Dayanand arrival;#maple replied

2nd March 2019 SaturdayTravel strain had and i could walk a lot in cource; Sanjeev reddy old friend met there; Theres lot of potenciality in rx try  Twitter projects; Surprisingly Ramoji sent one payout thankfully;Missed lunch and Dinner;

3rd march sunday 2019Attended HRC came back thats all;

4th March Monday 2019Day suddenly turned eve with BharatTv coverage of temples and ads with help of Gta collected more than 30 numbers and set whatzapp msgs;

5th March Tuesday 2019

6th Mar wed day 2019

7th march 2019;Urgent and imp

9th march Satday 2019

10th March Sunday 201911th March monday 2019;x

Edited  my family group settings;Msg sent to 5 groups; and also many others;called jana; Pawan;

#Recd  lekhari pwd ftp;#paytm activated;# payout from ramoji got;#Jan fb synopsys posted;# cell pH NO Kvp got;# edited accu map ?# 9 new numbers addded to ph list;# Balaji called and info abt sekhar son martiage;# few more g plus numbers added;# more interaction with family group;# Babu Rao and Uma and Kattela Sunil called;# Hindi translation work got done

Attendded Hyderabad Sprinters Cup day with Mobile badge and took 110 pics and posted  this is  pefect execution of  days plan improved 650 points;  Sacred Roman win picked ; Decide wethet fav can win or not;Trackeagle days best Ruffina won;

2 new numbers were added; News of Muralis fathers death news and related disturbance; Jana said he will help lets see what happens; Night read about leadership skills; Kalyan came back to chat; brushed father;

# Nagraj BSNl  called to attend Sekhars sons martiage; Tpt photographer gave one reference of vkice over and called him;Unable to work due to hiper acidity in stomach; Called kvp he said ok; Some kind of uneasy;

My list of contacts prepared again;Morning brought insulin and needles; Night groundnut; vegetables;Participated in tv isha jagaran meditation programme;Called Satish; NRN; Uma: murali; Kasturi;

Mor prasadvja called;I called Kvp and vaccine house reddy;Byke engine Oil work and Water wash works managed with a long walk;Good white shirt effect managed shaving;Met Balu voice over guy;#Retrueved some of g plus  numbers again;  morning lost temper at a alchoholic in park;

On jaibc call attended meeting had field exposure and inititation;While coming back visited Suraram SR;I need to upgrade my spoken skills;

Somach trouble and day is gone;Murali continued his sucess story;Evening purchased rx books and Telugu velugu;Morning called Dhyana sai;Morning msgs sent to 4 eenadu;summer heat is raising up;Response came for adwords; Prakash arts;Zaminryot;Spend some time with t projects

8th march friday 2019

Worked twice to collect g plus data from home;#Morning activated SBI card;Womansday family saga of msgs;Balajis pressure to attend marriage;Morning prakadh owner came and discussed abt Diabetic;Missed one losing bet at rx

Mornung had buy Eenadu; Times and saved cell numbers and sent msgs;#Thankfully collected 3 cheques  from proffesional couriers  Musheerabad problem notified of wrong cell number;#Called sankar Pooja Tiles;Disturbing article in news paper; #Luckey  closing of Happy cars and visit to Indirapark pics took and posted;#called Gudi seena he said ok;#Mor chat with  Kalyan had;Unable to decide on shivansh;Purchased wow hyd and mumbai rx cardNight scanned #WowHyd #Telugu Velugu

Morning paid Eenadu bill;G plus accounts data retreival work continued; 

Sent few more references to Murali;Kishore Called so joined him then retired;

Election schedule released;Dropped checks in morning; Balu called thats a new hope; By night Gtas design arangetram and related hungama so new hope again; Evening session fetched 2 payouts near Bowenpally and new arial exposure had of Begumpet Prakash Nagar;Eye sight is clearly evidant; 

12th march Tuesday  2019

Morning attended park and purchased #Akukuralu #nimbu; Uma called and had Chat with neibourhood Boy  and their birthday known;#Morning google ads  reports checked from home by evening seen my web site with Social Media Tag thank god historic one; Also seen one mumbai web site;lost interest to meet one person who called;#Night Prahlada called;Murali at was sucessful again sent 2 payouts;#Good exposure had through scanning wowhyd magazine;#Morning g plus mobile numbers  collection work completed;

13th March wedday 2019

Std to work in evening met begumpet sr Mujeeb way back met restaurant;Met Diamond Glass;Rx books purchased;

14th March Thursday 2019#Crossed 1000 active whatsapp numbers; Retrieved few more old client numbers;Balu dint call ???:Night seen etv news; Election heat;Neibourhood boys sounds;

#Kept ph for adwords ad;# Seen  nice video to maximise adwords furtherconfidence gained with this;Lot of images posted and organised on mobile;No field work for the day; murali called and sent one payout;

Contributed to home;

15th March Friday 2019Again took pics from Indira park and posted;No field work again;Tom sat Kolkata;Added 20 plus numbers to mobile;Y S Viveka murder;

16th Mar Satday 2019Morning quickly saved DW data to mobile this is nice work for the day;Syam Mamas death news related disturbance throught the day;Some more data   ias coaching centres collected from field;Visited Sanjeevaiah park and had ride in electric car and took video and pics then posted seen huge Indian Flag

17th March Sunday 2019;Lumbini park covered and posted pics thats it; Daavat near galli; A new thing ; Crossed indulgence;

18th March 2018 Monday;No field work; Old friend Balu came home  had discussions new hope emerged;Seen some online news papers this is another hope finder;Known about 3 k minimum balance for KVB;Dr Nandinis celibration at evening; Muralis new venture old age home;Seen videos on photo traffic;Called Anjana Kesari;Gudi Srinu;Gave references to Murali; New idea of coastal area relatives;

19th March Tuesday 2019

Despite heavy depression  due no work one payout git from Murali detailed to another client at tpt;I continued my efforts vigourously for Political profiles;Called Balu his commitment had; Satish; Prasad details known; VjaSuresh; Ramesh vzg; Met Kiran and Kishire; Called IndiaVoter Ashok Kaku; Yanamala Nageswar Rao; Kasturi JaiBc Ratham news; Sainath;Heat is further catching up;Google loaded pics data was missing is an nother confusion?Had good care for Gta at home;

20th march 2019 Wed Day Unexpected trouble at home; Heavy expenses incurred for the day;New names; Ankit Furnitures met;Bag got ready;Gopal; Omprakash hair cutting guy;

Later met Balu add content designed;Edited it futher with Kishore help later;Kiran dint respond?

21st march 2019; Thursday;Met Narsing Rao; Attended Park Holi;Holi festival dint send any wishes;Met Kishore some works progressed from Kishore office;Edited Sri Balaji Tpt agencies;Posted yesterdays blog;Cell ph charging trouble; met kishore got it done;

22nd March Frday 2019Came back home;Depression due to no ads and continued expenses and heat;Called Kiran asked his support;Murali sent one payout;One call recd from Diamond Glass and it inspired;Did 3 field calls and  slept in evening at home;Night met Kishore and lakku known about few printing details;Called Sparsh;Lost temper at Dhyana Sai Tpt;

23rd March 2019 SaturdayWorked in 2 sessions and did 15 calls git good response;  But DTp work dint progress ; Dharmaih met ;

24th March Sunday 2019;Had a headache near park;Kishore gave golden shake hand and so lakku;

25th march monday 2019;Met Duresh Lalasa and Surender and known about printing details Surinder releived one secret;Asked Gta to learn skills faster; Felt very in afternoon and unable to work;After coming home posted old age home entry of Murali and activated Rukmini entry;Evening session worked and easily managed to do 15 calls but energy levels failed:Balu digiplus guy edited ad content;

26th march tuesday  2019;Despite leg problem attended park in morning;Worked in morning and evening  did 12 field calls;Some more data loaded to cell ph data again;Reddeppa and Babai called;Unexpected headache at family group solved it anyway;More knowledge about new segments to target known:

27th thursday march 2019 Packets and Rukmini payouts failed;Horrible unrest at whatsapp group;Energy levels failed at evening;Balu ads continued;

New arial exposure and posters seenOwner prajkash Ganesha clip;Added numbers to whatsapp and checked;

28th march thyrsday 2019;Morning SGM guy called so new turn of things; Another  turn is bawa Birthday and related developments all returned;My add Telugu design did and curculated to whatsapp;Someone created new group but many left;Murali success with prince tailors:Rukmini and SGM payouts got cleared ;Andhra bank  Ramnagar address known;Morning unbearable heat still managed 10 calls;Evening failed work:

29th March friday 2019;After great birthday no response to my whatsapp saga; Morning sucessfully cleared cheque and paid Surender; Arranged Onion and Milk to home;  Had poor lunch;Morning work was very tough due scorching heat;

Evening met handsome calls and had assurances from ladyand others;Night had jolt from DTP guy; He gave some ideas to as whete to paste stickers;Failed at second session evening work due to energy troubles;

30th March Satday 2019;Uma called at park;Throught the day no contact had with family whatsapp group; Gta ok; Managed park visit at morning;Finally got back designed sticker and support  Surender had many visits had from whatsapp groups end;Another Digital Printer exposed;Managed 15 local field calls;2 stickers pasted with my influence; Cutter purchased;)Managed 15 field calls for the day:

31st March 2019 Sunday:Suffered from Saturday brand change;Quickly arranged Chicken: later Water; Onion; Responded to Sagars video;Managed to save some of Eenadu ph number and send them few whatsapp mags; some ppl have seen them one responded;Night power gone;One sticker seen near food corp: