Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

31st Jan post 2012

Days plans;
Creat wall sheet for Marketing Executives;
***see earliar runnings 1 hour;
Feb Rx fixations see and take print (10 minutes)
Scan yestrdays pic and post; 5 minits;
do some calls at market;
few things to keep at office;
prints of RX and Blogs and file them;
Creat wall sheet for Marketing Executives;
***see earliar runnings 1 hour;
1.Remove dust from office;eve;
2.Finalyse ads plan for the month;;

Retrieve e ads;

A must to catch this month goal of 500^3^6=9k;be brave;take help of Chalapathi and gandhi; 3ads to run again for warangal;launch idols again;
Got up early planned few things for the day in the other room;t id telusuna;adsense income was good;new change for the day is vilekhari is redirected to .in; editing option seems to be removed in blogger;Posted yesterdays entry;traffic ranks further gone down;Feb expected expenses chalked out;lekhari.in was available with net4 for rs 149/-.written annoying thigs of (L) visit; consolidations file created with lot of time;
seen sudden bangalore card purchased book things totally changed spent some time at office then to sadgun seen change of odds and failed fav maths baby; spent some time in office;later to rx; one success but 2 failures but new point gained;lot of pressure at home;some prints took;pic posted;
Thank god gta is Ok;Called syam; call from ramoji;called Gandhi;Chalapathi;kiran;No response from Naani;Call from Hubli guy;


30th jan post

Morning with Syams call got ready and picked his wife and daughter brought them home... during the wait had coffee dc reading near badam hotel Chief Ministers's bandobast enroute Scooters help and confidence quick decicion of auto to go to narayanaguda helped but auto guy reached weel in advance and thatwas bit uneasy;served quick tiffen to them from Taj mahal but at prohibitive costs later called NRN, gandhi from home posted blogs and left to office "puja" with flowers and fruits performed at home;From office called ramoji;Satish;Kiran updated diary of expenses at office wished old man down; field work enroute Pen and l folder purchased surprise success from field at k guda and t bund but high petrol expenses.

one new entry with picture ad booked need to be posted;wished one guy at tarbund his good response recd;Came back home had Late lunch with syams wife and daughter and again by auto to "vittal" singer's home new area exposure at mehdipatnam;from there to ameerpet for naanis hostel search;with difficulty found it and paid advance rent also seen nice posh girls; Had chat on return took auto me got dropped at masab tank;(walked some distance from masab tank to a c guards got auto purchased M H and got back to home seen micromax mobiles at soda shop;
seen news;recorded words;days land mard s r nagar police station;Days ending is bit uneasy;Heavyness of luggage is quite visible;
>>>syam must be weighing load of family;Sugunas help to lift luggage;

kastarjitham;istarjitham;ninditudu;custody;bharthi;swasthi,amodam;vaddi;prashantam;takshana;pradhama;haazaru;adhikarini;tarunam;daryaptu;keelam;daryaptu;abhiyogam;kutra;abharthana;vadana;vignapthi;dhamsam;dharna;nirasana;andholana;vargam;sangham;andholana;runam;karuku;nirnayam;theermanam;amsam;nirmata;katina;paryavekshana;amalu;maddatu;shava;thandri;tabala;vadana;yarta;parshkaram;matti;pariksha;poshaka;tema;annattu;poshaka;eruvu;digubadi;podupu;natrajani;uriya;adhikari;sikshana;chitram;swaram;bhasha;darshakudu;rachna;ashhervadistu;manassu;maatalu;chappatlu;vedika;empika;manavi;ammayi;anamata;munduga;vturi;vandanam;Vayasa;indhanam;radha sapthami;devalayam;bhaktulu;

29th sunday post

One flash got;Just few choices at good odds are enough for a month expenses;Consolidations file to create;
Yesterdays hunch after few runs some horses get winning streak to bet them till they lose;

Days choices;
1.00 pm tintinabulation(On paddok looks fav was not at all appealing so decided to quit;Rank outsider won here;)
2.10 Vijays pride( Cofidently backed this this is the only saviour for the day)
4.00 gracia marquez( missed to back this)
4.35 s bay (won here but missed to bet;
heavy sunday rush seen at course;After noon trigger of missing lunch;

sat 28th Regained confidence;

28th mumbai 11th day;
gandhi failed to attend rx;Uniform betting; rs 200/- is not followed;Updated 3 days pending expenses;Call from some Ramayam pet; NRn dint call at all;
1.Mountain n dales first upset story began for the day Bad luck began; It will take long time to recover un nessisay lost bets to recover 4 of yesterday and another 3 for today;
2.Second mistake Neeraj Rawal missed to back later suffered for this; one mistake is too costly for the day
3.mountain lion third mistake for the day un nessisary bet;
4.Hennesy recovedred and fully gained confidence;Can recover if money is in hands;
5.samburu Grant big flop and gelding first time win has upsetted all calculations 4th mistake;
snow princes won but missed to back 5 th mistakeSpeed six new expecrience from this race;older horses;bookies alerted odds;luios Pasriser;not backing mountain mynah is 6 th mistake;

27th jan 4 attempts; rx wastage day

Young achiever at 13/10 missed fist mistake ;Not to miss anymore earliar win with same jockeys;Wastage on anthony castus at 8's Second mistake but fancy bets;Against Borsalino another brave watsage 3rd mistake reduced for future eliminate filly; 4th mistake at sutton prince no more unknown jockeys new point is try only skilled jockeys; But fifth one clicked by p s chouhan at longer odds but i missed this long shot; tention by gta;had lunch at home;later met NRN he asked for help;chalapathi continued called him at night;
Syam said he visited Koti and said he wants send his daughter to hyderabad;Insecurity protocals at home;adsense managed 1 dollar;

Met Narn and things known;Heavy tention and body pains;Chalapathi called he lost heavy amounts;gandhi missed totally; Gta brought few needed things for home;Rinas mis behaviour;

telugu words;


26th jan post... republic day

Got up early;Surprised to see money is missing followed by arguments and insecurity disturbance ;Rina came and told about her Nanys birth day and her innocece exposed i lost tung anyway to be bit more careful; Asked gta for tiffen Invited lalith for tiffen;Morning Old man opp side met at milk point invited(cell no;9701990578;9948037762;scanned 3 news papers;

Called 1.Syam and long chat 2.ramoji follow up 3.Satya 4.Gandhi 5.Nrn called; 6.Koti 7.Chinna.. 8.Chalapathi sir;Suguna came early;Tweeted about republic day;Confirmation news of race cancelled;Enquired galli function;Galli flag hoisting pics posted;Some function songs;Funny thing on pic;Chengaiah brothers function known;

Met Nrn at office fater a long time and had discussions launch plan;Eve call from Chalapthi sir;Had planning session and discussion in 3 segments with Gandhi more clarity had investments needed exposed;seen D w grabbing coverage of competitor;Lalith left at night triggering few more uneasy things;

1.office address SRT 291 Jawahar nagar
RTC x Roads;Hyderabad;


25th jan post

Morning narsing rao met and told him of next month increase;Email from Charaghdin received;Good UPMA at home with Kaju;Morning submitted Voter application form (poor safety of applications submitted) Prints from new cyber cafe cost rs 3/- and arguments by citizens at Eseva staff seen but stress levels triggered exposure of water works Musheerabad and musheerabad police station etc;Morning Derby book and Business world purchased.
Met krishana mohan and trio of nellore;
;Lalith had Tiffen and lunch at home but left for night;Tried for Laptop but failed must have loan repayment record;Purchase of 2 Nilkamal chairs and stool;Purchased MH due to 26 th "Bundh".Bawa call received;
Prabhudeva "nayan tara" dispute at home;

24th Jan Tuesday;

Morning mail received from Explocity but dint reply them;Owner lady,s torture again for money;By evening seen most of the current running of the season seen Eys have burned;With Gta shopping did at Koti for door mats and Curtains for office;GTA Voter Namodu news tommorow At eseva centres by 10.00am to 1 pm;Someone was seen enquring for vacated house in morning;Rajesh "Chamchagiri";Bangalore acceptances seen at net;Heavy discomfort at back;had lunch with lalith some problem with one curry;

janagamana jayahe;jayahe;jayahe;karyakramam;

Mild shock at afternoon for receiving lekhari.com current account post; first time owners son tried to enquire; letter was torn;Failed to remember one id even GTa
Most of the day spent discussing and discussing with Gta at home;Again aussies predominace and annoyance?

days words;
Kishore babu eenadu news reader;nivasam;adupu;taniki;dadapu;vivaram;karyalayam;Vangmulam;nirasana;vicharana;prabhutvam;vigraham;andholana;darunam;katina;sihsha;otthidi;jumbling;vedika;prasangam;

Office decoration work;call gandhi;
can activate jana for keeping the adsense code;
Advanced planning;
can retrieve data again;
Tom plan?
last 30 race days in india detailed runs should be on hand;
afternoon Rx book

23rd jan post;rx attempts

(jan 1 st ;Perfect place R.marshal)Lost

12-1 1st day with chalapthi Sir Mumbai

13-1.2nd day bangalore
3.SUNSTORM lost major havoc
14-1(3rd day) Kolkata and Hyderabad
4.Speed angel
6.canon jet won
kolkata Mumbai and 4 th day

15-1(4 th day)
7.in the spot light(lucklily Got this)
10.cream of the crop
19-1(5 th day)
11.forest legion (Videos helped)
12.Hidden Goodness
20-1(6 th day)
14.supreme regent
15.the situation
21-1(7 th day)
17.SPEEDY GIRL(place missed)
18.BOURNE SUPREME(very lucky)
22-1 8 th day
19.Amedeus 2.30(mischief play major gamble)
20.kohinoor mistiq sudden 21.aprhodesiac 2.45
22.STRIDES OF GLORY Ok (earliar won)Sudden decicion;
23.STORM TRACKER(combination power noted major accident)chisty
24.VOLTERRA(place missed)chalapathis interaction (new point failed fav
26.THIS ONES FOR YOU(flop Directory)
23-1.12.Monday;9 th day;

Decided for uniformal betting; Not to miss better odds from now)
27.1.40 backed Silver spur imran khan(winner madams madame:finished close fifth last time;
28.Glorious view s.nayak(my breeding knowledge saved; Won but good odds mised odds drifted;(to read the card well;
(At 2.15.Adelric missed) perfect Timings need to be planned;more accurate planning needed here;wonderful chance missed here;
29.Front line (2/1 Place missed)Harinder Singh(still need improvement;
30.2.45.Ashwa prajot i chisty(wonder chisty won)to improve here;
31.Buck nife (3.15) (at 7/1 because of Original vel days best)Wasted cash here;
27th Bang derby postponed one; 10th day;

32.Chance bet small bet at 5's Magic way(i thought of pull of 9 kg advantage;but missed last time same j won;Anyway strengthened;No problem anyway;

33.Tried for Chance bet @ 8's;Ace Blood (small bet)

34.Auburn beauty at 8,s(colt won here odds were very poor)again to forget filly)
35.Suttun Prince at 7's(m dyer win here;12 to one of sattun prince;Place missed here;)
28th mumbai 11th day;

Days strategy;

Same jockey won with in last 21 days;
36.1. m dales(major upset here)
37.2.corgito (neeraj R)Missed here;
40.7.snow princes
42.9.speed six
43.11.Mountain Mynah
12th day

(44)1.00 pm tintinabulation(On paddok looks fav was not at all appealing so decided to quit;Rank outsider won here;)
(45)2.10 Vijays pride(Cofidently backed this this is the only saviour for the day)
(46)4.00 gracia marquez(missed to back this)New point leant here;
(47)4.35 Southern Bay (won here but missed to bet;
49.invincible shot
50.State secret
12 th feb
16 th feb
16th feb
blue ace
22nd feb Mum
25th bangalore
26th mumbai
Destined to glory
Smart strider
Risky biz
JUSTERINI (mumbai)

arabian prince lost rs 100/-
State secret lost rs 100/-
8th mumbai LORELEI prakash 3 rd run

9th mar bangalore
With Chalapthi

diamonte won;
Inquitition won i chisty
make my day lost suraj
sutton prince lost
10th March Bang;Kol Bangalore /kol

STARSCREAM lost(gorgious gold rank outsider won)
SPEEDY GIRL new point with chalapathi
PROVOCATUR new point here
Mountain of joy won
accurate new point
enduring speed new point
red admiral new point
11 th mar sunday mumbai
With Chalapathi
Risky business won
Amedius won
Star Trainer lost
Berlusconi lost/Washington irvine won at 30 to one
Gold glamour won at 100 to one/amazing desire lost suraj as fav
15 th march thursday
Ranthambore my choice won
cent percent suraj won
distant promose C rajendra won
16th bangalore

Satet secret won
suraj won 5
17th bangalore

Real steel fav won ps chouhan
hllfigher suraj lost
18th march Mumbai

1.SHERIFF won lake geneva failed fav shock to punters and me
2.Ocean wish prakash won
3.Yuvile C rajendra failed
3.Dream Weaver won?new heights suraj
4.Starlite magic fav lost
5.Charlie cool lost
6.tachyon lost
7.samntha lost 12 to 1600?
8.Moon scape fav lost
9.Hachico fav lost
10 again fav lost

Jan 29th;Sunday (Hyd derby day)
Very chilling morning again;Lalith lazy sleep and tv noice;computer; Costly missing of c alford at second fav;Confusion cleared;Heavy discomfort at back;Monthly target of income rs 10 k from rx;Tention on heavy drainage of funds;More advanced planning this time for future;Chengaiahs brothers death news mailer from chengaiah;Ramojis call and offeer;"KM "call but GTAS guidance;


22nd sunday

                                                        original vel ;on my bed sheet;

gta at her best;
Days best at

Days new knowledge;Mosam of vijay Mallya mumbai C.agcustus in Class apart first shock; at 5 to one;Toddywala; Quinella was good amount here; not to miss next time ;bet lost here;Money gone here.
>>>These are owners races;Rakesh kumar Wadhthawan and waryam singh rep wadhawan live stock pvt ltd);
Hills and heightsSecond shock;these are connections too;
Maple star; m a m;i chisty;Connections please;
Hyderabad imran khan lost;

Vijay b shrike Hachiko B. prakash win;Connections again;Another new point here
Smashing; next run after failure;
Call came from Gta; call from Chalapathi;Lalith went;Key problem;Read 2 papers; Worked on selections;Jockpot hope by chalapathi sir;Old Jeans and old white shirt;Horn problem;Suguna came;

21 jan post


@12.00 am
1.15 Kol social network;Yes gained confidence;
2.00 Speed girl ps chouhan;missed nice place;wardhawan ghoda confusion;
3.15 Snow scape kol;Confusion due to poor odds and odds drifting;
3.45.Snow fix Dnaiel Grant;No bet on filly please;
4.00 pm. Bourne Supreme;Just lucky enough;Increased stake marginally;
4.15 Hurricane Star:again confusion due other ghoda getting backed;

Morning Lalit came;Again slept happily;Chalapathis call; Tremedous confidence gained;days corrections at RX;Place also to improve;To avoid confusions;Oot of six 4 were successful;Discussion with Prasad at course;Seen ols people;Yes took Kolkatta Rx book;They must get the colt not filly;Definately we get less odds for favrites;Read some Kolkata races;Fist reading over for tom Rx At 5.40;Gtas call;So Jodie to Chalapathi sir successful;

20th jan

To go to malakpet is taking Rs 40 even by scooter:bangalore;Kolkattaa curring running seen;Most of the prospectus seen;read golimaster tips;Track work is also avaialble on indiarace;Recd call from Gandhi and had his idea; With drawn cash from ATM purchased Novomix and needle;Kept FM Radio at office and eye glass;Called gta; At home some of the top connections posted;Had nice lunch roti and egg curry;Met camera repair guys but its too costly affair so decided to quit them;Later met enrich guys and discussed in the bargain missed castus mount again;gowebguru.com; Received Chalapathis call;

After coming home analysed recent rx things found to be profitable end; since 8 days engaged in Rx;Neibours vacating news;Some kind of uneasy; lalith coming news;Seen banglore Kolkatta cards kolkatta interesting;
past 8 days analysis;
Out of 20 right catches backed successfully so far are only 6
2.Canon jet
4.In the spot
5.Cream of crop
6.Forest leigion
catches missed to back;
3.Sun Absolute
1.Bangalore rs 1000/-( No win)
2.c agustus 100( Had win)
3.p s chouhan hyd 200(No win)
4.Sugar loaf(had win)
5.Titian 80/-(no win)
6.supreme Regent 100/-(had no win)
7.The Situation(had no win)
2.mam ganpathy;i chisty

19th Jan;days plan and record; i chisty day

Days record;

Edited yesterdays blog;Received mail from explocity reply sent to them but offer failed;Days planning kept at blog it self this is new and creative thing;Narsing raos annoying wish later his wifes pressure for money;poor coffee again at Sunanda.Ashwins friend call and request.Pedigree link was not working this is another disturbance;Read golimasters blog furthermore confused on selections;Yesterdays milk gone wastage noted; gta called and her chatter and objection on Rx;neibour hood boy shout as if press guy??Quickly vehicle got repaired but sekhar seems to be dis satisfied with rs 10/-;Had ref of scooter repairer at king koti;Quickly decided to watch videos at sadgun it helped me later and to tip Chalapthi sir seen few more videos;

Slowly went to Rx on scooter as per plan purchased earliar books for running record;Some negative comments on Favrite at course by neibours were discouraging to back fav; missed Magdalena at 4's due to late record to hand;Read Mumbai few races om Mumbai;There was small argument on opening odds;Yet brave bet "forest legion" heavy tention at that moment somehow it won;During the wait suffered with back pain;Had curd rice but it was sour; Then came the surprise R hughes win on bling unbale to understand the handicapping; Later another choice missed at 4's.Then lost interest decided to leave course later;on the way back decided to allocate 10 k for Rx;My cell phones were kept at home so no attendance.

Back home seen reddys call on mobile;Too much of rajni gandha for the day to reduced from now;Back to home by 3.30 pm;again edited blog many times;Kirans call on apps;Fist reading over on bangalore not worth;Results seen on net another one ganapathi chisty won is new point for the day;seen many hits for nelloretimes.com.

Power fluctuations forced me to to buy UPS so finally purchased it and installed at home;Also completed scotter HORN and head lamp work these 2 works are major important tasks achived for the day but very tire later;Seen many new features on indiarace they are very helpful such as old records etc;
Very interesting day anyway ejoyed day much!
>22nd Sunday;Hyd/ Oaks mumbai

18th jan post. greatandhra.com logo impressed me

Got up bit early posted blog slept again;Dustbin guy missing for 2 days?Shoutings of opp house continued;Morning seen Narasing rao shouting at Chenna reddy loop hole(One month advance) noted;request from Gta cant be fulfilled for the day;Hindu paper quickly scanned while having coffee at Sunanda;Milk became ICE at morning Suguna prepared coffee;Surprise call from Younus Nizamabad and his request i must send few mailer tommorow;Called Syam some new idol info he is successful gaveinfo about hindujas and their news channel launch info;Had lunch at curry point near sadgun not satisfied;2 maps(india and world)purchased and kept at office;called Gandhi in morning.seen deccan epaper at morning;met Kiran during the wait called few ppl sticker cutting noted.

At office had discussion with webaxis guy looks to be good at google ranking; He had strategy for future;children dont buy;deccan epaper for years is available on DC to cross check;me at box seat;Laptop is needed much and so the byke;had talk with Gta later for interior decoration seen down old man and old lady near office;enquired with sekhar to get "sound and light" scooter repaired;Objection had from electrical shop near Nrn office on scooter parking;

Enjoyed un expected income but had to face scooter trouble;Phone numbers were changed for that camera repairing ppl thats new thing for the day but had to spend lot of time and auto fares to be even more carful in future;Seen Navakethan building and yashoda hospital near clock tower Secunderabad;Reply got from explocity ppl and final offer served to them at night.Scooter trouble some how brought it back to home Mechanic over charged repair but still there is some trouble;met enrichibs people seen their demo for adsense also seen net4 office;Ibs ppl do not know anything for social media;

Mumbai Rx book purchased on wayback and some snaks;added Sakshi epper to my blog list;Final kick is support had from Fruit juice centre guy;Some hits of the day ip addressees saved;Biggest knowledge for the day is DONT FOLLOW CELeBS(celibrities)ON TWITTER or facebook THEY WILL NEVER ever FOLLOW YOU BACK;Read some articles on indiarace.com, also seen few hits for indiarace on blogspot few more had for CIFRAN of ranbaxy i dont really know why they are coming here from google from different countries;

some traffic ranks;
2.greatandhra.com 175/2130
4.galatta 953/1436
5.explocity 1299/18356
6.martjack 1372/26555

I want to subscribe to Zaminryot weekly;Some logo missed in morning;greatandhra.com logo looks goodcharges for electric increased;hecharica;sankar rao dropped?i want to see how google spiders my blogs telugu words so started to post while watching TV news,Days telugu words are;

eddeva?;modi sarkar;muktar nakvi;teerpu;savvalu;chali puli;usnogratha;artharjaheeya;vimanam;pogamanchu;aalasyam;prakatana;paaripo;sipaaras;enduku;subratha;velakolam;krimi;kevalam;arogyam;siparsu;sahakaram;pondika;caaar;enduku;suvaasana;naabettau;battalu;prasamsa;upasayaman;shathivantham;subram;merupu;adiripothundi;matladu;juttu;sadhyam;cheyyandi;juttukosam;endukante;mruduvu;spandanam;povali;korika;parisramika;sadassu;geeturai;pettubadi;upaadi;yuvakulu;prayatnam;upsayanam;hatam;anduke;rytanna;paathaganga;jeevitham;avasaram;adhikam;adaayam;thodpatu;mundadugu;smashanam;eemantav;sarihaddu;ghatana;karanam;vikhakhana;kanikaram;ghatana;vainam;chinnari;chinnari;moulika;andholana;vyakynam;sunnitha;nastam;labham;eguva;suchilkonugolu;debba;vata;moggu;makinta;mugimpu;nastam;havaa;aatagadu;pravesham;atagadu;gelupu;mukham;pravesham;horahori;jayabheri;sunayasa;namodu;namaskaram;
patala ganga;adesham;sadassu;ganuka;bhadyatha;veenavaani;shastra;prabhutvam;samasya;sthanika;dharakasthu;druva;charya;ponnala;sadassu;arji;hecharika;upaadi;spandana;nyaya sakha;mantrhri;nyaya sthanam;vuntundi;social audit;penchu;pranalika;lakyam;karuvu;mudigubba;varsha;pariharam;rutu;brundam;parikha;

very cool morning suffered much to get up;Called nrn;Gta called couple of times;Some kind of uneasy all the way;Attended office called reddy to give ads but he dint turn up so lost interest and tried to fix camera problem;Tried for Kiran;One new notebook purchased;Chalapathi sir called;I called Sekhar;Overan strip and forgetting change to me even more careful;Few things carried to office;martjack ad words campains seen;Called Khammam; guy;Quickly scanned business world;From now more concentration must be on Rx;Nirmal guys call;

Had fried rice for lunch and took rest at home gandhi called up;1 hour net surfing at sadgun;called web axis 2 companies;Paid photon bill;Evening mail from explocity people by night its further took different turn;Night CBE guy called;Night barely missed scooter accident;Some how managed to take less intake;Days has not progressed well;Unable to concentrate in retriving epaper data;Adsense income has further gone down;Blog fan count reached to 25;Again shifted my nellore to pics to run adsense;Edited Kajal page;
mEAL MAKER AT CURRY POINT was big waste;

16 th jan post

Morning house owners muggu removal manace;News of Koti accident known and got upset for the whole day surprised with no intimation to me Called sekhar and Koti;Attended gta at aplollo hospitals two times;arrnaged few things to home(door mats,Bucket,socks,pen,note book):Paid landline bill;Lunch chicken parcel was a flop story;On a urgent call from GTA withdrawn cash and gave to GTA seen her Chinnanna finally assisted in vacating from Hospital Meru cabs guy service also noted;;NRN and Kishore Kiran have called;seen future fixations of RX for january;Scanned Swathi weekly;;Night quickly scanned entire original vel record of all centres this is worth while work for the day;;Triple dosage for the day?

jana met online chat;Exposure of apollo Hospitals for the day;Seen some videos of rx;last season videos also avaialble?;seen few more videos on youtube about telu desam;

Morning quickly covered pics of muggulu in chikkadpally areaand quickly loaded them and tweeted seen good hits to blog;Gta wish full muggu is the highlight ofr this sankranthi in my life;lot of preparation did for Rx accordingly huge success there but heavy Dosage need to be udjusted and so the dosage;Night insulin missed;Chalapthi called up;Satya was the only wishes for this Sankranthi;Lunch missed chalapthi call saved for night dinner;Some foreigners were aslking for help;Again one mistake consolidated that is Samej; news dailies scanned for the day but there was nothing worth while;

Surprisingly timings were changed at kolcutta;There was huge rush at ring so missed cardinal;Some cash was missing at home from purse;Scooter trouble while coming back.
cream of the crop was nice bet for the day at sevens;luckey to get the in the spot light;Again new pont gained through suraj mount;to rea the card very intently;

welcome muggu

sannayi muggu from ashoknagar hyderabad

sannayi muggu from ashoknagar hyderabad

nemali muugu

nemali muugu

muggu creative chikkadpally hyderabad

muggu creative chikkadpally hyderabad

15th January sankarnti pongal day!

happy Sankranti wishes to all!
day just began with a nice coffee; seen beautiful muggulu out side;enjoying winter;
"harilo ranga hari"panduga!
If there are any Sankranthi muggu lovers i promise will upload some muggulu near by my home!
Stay tuned please!kytes sandadi in hyderabad;ambaram;sambaram;Bhogi;


14th jan muggulu,new logo,originalvel record book(almanac)

Very chilling day of winter again pain triggered tention in stomach right side i dont know wether it is ulcer or something else.Due to Power cut things couldnt be progressed power of elctricity known;took some pics of "muggulu" "Rangoli" on this Bhogi day around neibour hood area Camera but batteries played up;Appreciated coloful muggu of neibour.

lot of questions by GTA lost temper at few of them;Ordered few things from Kirana shop;Request but GTA couldnt fulfil due to time constraints;Gandhi and Nrn;and call from nellore and re assurance;

Original vel Record book purchased;Attended Rx but lof of confusion had to be faced with two centres racing bookmakers for Kolcutta further confused;Few more new points gained at ring;At hyderbad missed one 6 to one shot;New point from "Nano Desire" track work."plenipotent" story confution and confution every where;

jana met on chat and changed logo for lekhari;NRN again called and so KM;frequent poweer filures again at home in the evening;

There was no post from golimaster for bangalore and hyderabad races;

13th jan double mistakes day

From morning uneasy and unable to manage time and unexpected demands and commitments;Pressure came from NRN to do attend settlements with one of his collegues most of the day gone in solving this issue nice experience anyway;On the bargain missed 4 choices and did one big mistake too;this is really tough time and was totally disappointed at turn of events;
Found very tough to answer and report to investor about the loss but he was ok with reporting;Further more consolidation did to avoid mistakes Not to miss same j choices next time;
Bhawar called chated for some time at night;ashwin also called and assured this is new development;missed call from SYam and few more people;DTP guy brother came took cylynder bag etc for office;laneline bill came;
Call came from sampath karimnagar guy;

11th jan gold loan and investors faith plus consolidation

Morning quickly formalities completed for gold loan in SBI;Told most of close contacts about office including Bujji;followup with Chalapathi sir clicked day but also had pressure to attend so i left gta and suguna to handle office cleaning work but missed same Jockey bet on NEeraj Rawal;Sucess at Rx finally nice doubling missed; confusion on one more issue cleared had the confidence and assuarnce of investor this is totally awesome turn of event;

Bouncer to gta from her sister things known power anyway;Night dosage crossed;got some cash from investor;There seems to be tentions between NRn and KM;

11th jan ; office advance paid at ashok nagar rtc x roads hyderabad!

After a nice sleep morning was quite uneasy due to over night altercations and fear. said hi to "pan shop vendor" took 2 news papers deccan chronicle and eenadu then started to chikkadpalli park enroute had worst coffee spent nice time and read papers;Spent some time at park read papers this time park lady seen shouting at dogs enquired some one who is walking then came a surprise call came from NRn and rapid things follwed later;at home Quick scan of 2 more dailies hindi vaartha and The hindu;wished neibourhood boys acid story and reddys shout at grand child.

Called Kiran and discussed rates pen sticker;called sampath karimnagar guy and called for training at hyd but festival problem noted;

Withdrawn cash from bank from 2 accounts.During the wait Loaded erragadda entry posted blog.met handicapped guy at nrn office assured him was interested in launching a news paper who was the other guy?;During the wait Called akka and had feedback.

2 Idlis single vada was not sufficient for breakfast suffered with hunger pangs later had lunch;Read english lady blog and annoyed with her donation reccomendation;;Segregated D w visiting cards during the wait from pocket quite surprising 17 cards were there; my cell switched off this is new head ache;

House owners lady came for rent increase some how managed her with assurance of money. There are lot of cars roaming theres lot of money infact;

Gift of pens discussed at home;
gta dress was very appealing missed to take pic;Evening stint on scooter hickup near road 3 banjara hills seen web axis office near Rama Naidus studio(3 rd floor no lift) leaflet took from ceo(lady)wayback seen hyderabad hotel at yousufguda thanks to bypassers;good exposure had of the roads;Again had to face bouncers at home;

epaer data failed and no income for the day;call recd chalapathi sir;morning discussed office news with jana;

10th jan sofa repair malakpet

Morning managed to retrive some data from epaper from telangana region;During the followup phone calls Km calls gave big bouncer later he called again so levels reduced;;Anotherc call finance bounced again;Enquired sofa repair shop address of malakpet;Sampath karimnagr guys address also failed;seen "prakampana" paper ad later it turned out to be a dud;
Counted eenandu local classifieds 180 Deccan staggering 460 ads for local;Work continued later unexpected success for the day;lucky closing for the day;Had to roam lot of city on scooter on the whole;

Lose tung by Gta on curd night more hick ups followed at night;night met prakampana guy;Known hindi milap press;Few more guys at yerragadda got introduced;called crime news guys;

9th jan post

Many un expected turns have to faced for the day;Starting with morning sickness bouncers from krishna mohan call sXXX and nrn, Kishore, very late to field work;Rent hike bouncer by owners wife;later Empty at boinpally;Solace at Redhills enquired with ashok abt marriage; Next Bouncer from home for hdfc sunitha gta;met raju surprised to see his health and fitness suggestions had from him;Biggest solace came in the form of data at sadgun; 6 pics got scanned and posted them new pic to my blog;

Received 2 trousers from tailor;solace had from owner at night;news of neibours vacating home by 21st;

1.morning sickness
2.srn non response
4.hdfc menace
5.Gta absence
6.Raju play up;
7.emptyness from 2 stations;no renewals;
8.rent hickup;
10.double indulgence;;

8th jan sundays post gulpang logo

It was quite uneasy unable to wakeup in the morning i dont really know what really has happend evn Gta faced same trouble;Quikly brout milk and chicken etc but this time lot of waiting for chicken slaughter slaughter..and skill of chopping guy;Took only eenadu paper quickly scanned it but seen lot of classified ads;fancys sister and jeans of fancy were nice and told opp boy to start scooter after shifting;forgotten keys of my scooter luckliy nobody stole them;2 rings effect was good me;
Neibourhood boys asked chair so i gave them but later known its importance yet came forward and gave them;Next decided to impvove my blog writing and presentation skills so searched for tips on google found many read tips for improving writing yeah! confidence gained;later seen many blogs layouts styles saved one link to my blog vilekhari of important bloggers from india;

This day being Kolkatta Derby day but decided to skip racing and consolidate few things by staying at home alone;shobaday blog seen and found it to be very interesting one any others also seen;hunger pangs suddenly triggered at afternoon;Gta left after preparing chicken and food gave me rs 500/-.

New idea for kajal t is emerging ask questions;

there seems to be limit for blog ids to 100 only can delete useless ones;
latest standings;
gandhi met on chat;
Show Recent Messages (F3)
ra ra: Hi gandhi
mohan gandhi: hi
mohan gandhi: hi
ra ra: gandhi ekkada iam at my home
mohan gandhi: ramana what r u doing man
ra ra: simply sitting alone at home
mohan gandhi: very happy that you are at your home. being at home is a nice thing ramana then tell me how r u and how the things are happening
mohan gandhi: ramana what r ur plans for 2012
ra ra: geetha my wife left to her inlaws home
mohan gandhi: i have decided to go to shirdi, tirupathi and srisailam to seek the blessings of the God.
ra ra: iam very fine thanks
mohan gandhi: my namaskarams to geethaji
ra ra: ohh thats agood move
mohan gandhi: coming back to the field of rx what r the developments and any progress in this drection ramana tell me pls/
ra ra: rx needs lot of investments yaar
mohan gandhi: ok but what can be done tell me ramana then
ra ra: unfortunately we are no match to this sport of kings
mohan gandhi: ok if it is really the kings sport let kings play and dont think about tht sport at all in the new year ramana
ra ra: this sport even dare to eat kings kings also will become paupers here but Bookmakers will necer my dear gandhi....
ra ra: Bookmaker never loses here dear
mohan gandhi: planning to go to shirdi in this month itself and with in the first quarter i would like to visit all of the above said spirituyal destinations ramana
ra ra: iam very happy being at home yaar
mohan gandhi: viprulalona vipra narayanundavai
ra ra: i have nice supporter
ra ra: in my wife atlast
mohan gandhi: really it is wonderful that you are in your home ramana really speaking life gives small happinesses for which no money is required and beng in the home is one among them ramana
ra ra: we share many things dear
mohan gandhi: it is happy that your wife supports u great ramana
ra ra: thnaks gandhi
ra ra: here too thanks to human relationship knowledge
ra ra: knowledge helps every where
mohan gandhi: knowledge is power but how much knowledge one possess doesnt give him success but what he is doing with that knowledge matters
ra ra: So what else gandhi where are u chating from cafe or at home?
mohan gandhi: now a days iam missing you and atleast monthly twice let us meet ramana
ra ra: i fully agree with u gandhi
mohan gandhi: no cafe only ramana
ra ra: ohh ok
mohan gandhi is typing...
mohan gandhi: i have recently purchased a laptop but still net has to be connected ramana
ra ra: ic good

7th jan 2012

Checked entire telangana epaper in morning no new queries; day is wasted after meeting KM seen office known things had word with ramesh;;Adsense income is dropped; again to go to redhiils new info known;No income no field work day;By Scooter with gta;Some commitment from him but not sure he is poor even more now;night disturbed sleep with dreams;another ring on hand now;One Rat died at home;

Day is wasted totally without proper planning; Tap repaired;Unable to retrive any new address and failed to send any postal mailers for the day;
commitments from karimnagar,younus,warangal guys failed;

6th dec post

25 addresses retrieved from e paper most of andhra pradesh covered of 31 2011;Call from karimnagar guy received new hope;good market response had from field but expenses have dominated;pics took from studio;evening 1 hour epaper work;called kiran at night etc;met that guy this good didcussion had;
tweeted after long time at night;rats loader purchased;Called krishna mohan;
pen needles strepsils tablets purchased;on top ranking listings to tap.


5th jan post

Work continued in the last minute success noted prayatna effect new knowledge of ppl will acept ;most of last year checked back at morning cyber cafe system no 1 too good; volini gel purchased;envolopes;younus expectation;what happend in last 3 years analysed;called web axis for adsense;income nosedive again but in evening shifted code to mother earth results yet to analyse;hyreco site seen;msg sent to murugappagroup;near by dtp centres also can be tried is new idea for the day;reg mar applications took;hamarapc new id;Dw print took at morning;candidates followup work failed;retrived some more data; to capture good pictures for my blog is new idea;

4th dec post

Few more pages saved from e paper at morning net was very slow at home;Covered market ok marginal success;New diary purchased and updated income and expenses;involved further discussions with gta at home;called kiran and kishore tried y;Stamps and revenue stamps also purchased in reserve;East and west plans chalked out;Called hireco and rk and had long chat;

>>> gtas yesterdays idea of calling ppl from different parts and giving training to them;bouncer from kiran;
Had nice Coffee near himayat nagar post office secret known;fashion dress power known jeans t shirt;dress gave to tailor and paid him;counters from Gta;Adsense is nose diving again reason not known properly;gave training to one guy at morning managed to call for ppl but concentration failed;followup did with printer for poor quality new things known;