Friday, March 01, 2013

feb 2013

Much of mynellore blog edited at sadgun pics written;added few more to ggl maps;gta success at field;one new id;heavy heat but work continued;

28th fab;
net bill paid so net activated at home;due to diareah no work;edited blog again;at home ggl calls to landline;codes were not sent to depression and confusion;slept at home long;reduced dosage;music enjoyed at home FM;few more postings to ggl plus;analysed trip again;

26th feb

1.Boring train journey;
2.reached home; from ***Kamal;4.activated few neibours; called mama akka;
5.***cheque dropped;
6.petrol;7.pending blogs posted;8.called seenaiah;9.Satish;10;Gandhi;11.posted electrical entry Kmal sent address;;12;ajay;
***Confusion on train travel averted luckly yesterday night;
***13.singh new info?14;Ram reddy;?19;Syam;?  Non Responsive;
15;RIM activated;16;tweeted; ***87 934;
17;Kawadiguda;18;begumpet;19;Redhills;20;rice guy;21.dW office;
22.visited Aunty;23;Association Forms purchased;
24;Purchased Rice;25;Home coloring;
26.took ajays id prooff;

20th feb

20th feb Posted few more google maps listings;Cloed Shiam hotel;few more pics posted to blog;Nellore villages map purchased;Worked near KAC plaza;Ram reddy met;Pics of Walk in style;Long wait at naz;

22 feb  Called Raghuram;few cell phone followups made;

23rd feb; To Jonnawada and narsimha Konda;later at evening to kotha kodur beach; long stressful byke journey; Bouncer from GTA; night trvalelled to tirupati;

24th feb;Bouncer from sekhar at home at tirupati;managed it;Spent some time at home;Ramojis bouncer finally;

25th morning to nellore by bus;Met kamal;anumala took to his water plant camera cells failed yet managed later posted pics and gave the print to nageshwara rao;Night boarded train to HYD;
43 days trip is compleated;


18th Feb

18th At Chinna bazaar lanthers shop seen; To know details about tatkal scheme;Closed RK Digi;Booked train tickets;18 market calls did;Un expected byte from lunch to be careful;Worst behavior of kamal known;

19th Chinna bazaar area; morning closed Shantilal;Madhu joined work;sent big courier to home;Met Jain gold;Calls near vedaya palem but tired almost;Night limit crossed;Posted srinivasa book entry and RK digital images;


15th feb,16th;17th

Managed Jamyn ryot subscription;transfered cashto syam 70 clients at nellore closed;most of the key words at google are captured by justdial;

16th feb;sik day;
17 th feb;sunday;shifted to another location;night dinner party;no sleep at night;nirvana hotel opening attended;


12th feb,13th 14th feb

Rame reddy and Sankyo guts met;10 more color prints;seenaiah interaction with kamas Bawa;Good day;

at Nellore no field calls;

14th 2 big deals by evening;Camera movie technics known;unable to sit for long time on net;
sent courier;room cleaning;


11th feb

days activations;
3.anumala; crop details

field calls;
2.beaty style
9.sai agencies

1. Raymonds guy

Phone calls for day;
3.sri rama
7.ajays party
9.mani d w

crops rice 100 days;
lime 5 years
ground nut 3 months
aqua 3 months

10th feb

Satyam met evening ne ideas developed;Long chat by gandhi;pending blogs posted;Seenaiah opened up; Many pics took one print;Sunday is best day for name boards; to penna and ranga nadha swamy pics took;reduced rates for more color prints; Menace of Malayali girls had to be faced;

Satyam (prem;Rani 75 kgs;
Uk 68;gandhi 30-1-67

Night managed bank cashbut again alarming levels;Simhapuri paper seen;afjal guru hanged but jail authorities said well mannered;kumbh mela;

LIC agents are more than 500;
holidayiq;jaminryot; 1930
simhapuri 1952;

8th feb onwards

carsd on hand 400 plus and swelling;Rajected Kamal;Gnadhis call KAPL bhaskar;SRN called;cards segregation; lot of calls did;

9th feb

Lof of editings did at blog;3 color prints took;shown to bakery guy and city lights and seen on his cell phone;few more pics took;Ram reddy and NRN met;data loaded to blog;Satyam met;seen data of sambaiah;


5th feb 6 th 7 th feb thursday;

5 th feb post;
Met Abhiram guy;
Bouncer at sweet shop;
sigma cell; 9885465998
Worked with kamal; hotel simhapuri(srinivas rao cell;before 11 am;
Pradeep Raois coaching;Cycle shop;Water works touched;
Nagarajam stores estd; 1942;  cell; 9133212144

mor long chat with kamal;called kuisuma catering and s s catering; ketha subb rao gave ref of Grosu gopalaiah,Amaravathi krishna reddy,kalanjali Anath,Baburao simhapuri chaitanya trust;paru met;
6 th Feb;
With seenaiah to CMR mall; 100 key words listed;
spectra flex; 9908551551;
swift code;
Thalli Deevena;
free Biryani for write up and Pics;Ajays followup;Madinas tention cleared;caterers closing;
6th Feb;
Covered MRF;Venkata raj ram;Nagraj;
called advocate;closed him;r.neelakanta prasad;rto;
photographers dynamics;Night problems erupted with kamalakar;
Morning Kwazaa met;

eve calls; prabha cards;lady;imax;Raju;grafix;vijetha;cards(huge)azaaez;Ram kumar;lawyer weekly;
color scrolling;8686402029;8686402094;
ram kumar;9618183974;

sekhar dof year;1967;
7th feb;
coverage of MRF prints data;Madhu joined; morning SS catering;Builders over whelming support;
lassi centres commitment for sat day;Anam congress pics; most of pics loaded;wished Arcade;cenus vising card;call from Rami reddy;
seenaih seen busy;
Komal old man; rim activated;organised prints on hand;Lost temper at kaml;Saveer still not helping;Met Vet products;
Slippers and Bottu effect;managed wash;

Reference by hitech caterers;
Data typing by kamal; many more prints took;
matter of kentico transfer gTas involvement stories;
ref of Builders association gen  secretary; Vijaya prasad;cell; 8121373529;
vijethas story ref by shashi;
Met Chits office;
diwakar pan shop guy;kataract operation need;
Commitment from rajathan lassi;
Komal vilas catering;
WEP journalists assn;
prabha medicals estd;1972;
ph 2328355;
syed saveeruddin;
Madhavaiah furniture;narsimha rao;
Met Rym zym;
Poorna chandra rao(sharada restaurant;)(Suresh)

4th feb

tough day;sitout with Ajay finally;
lodge rents settled;failure at dr sudhakar;Kamal joined;managed to pending blogs;loaded pics;  called gta;
saveer met; syed saveeruddin FB