Friday, August 02, 2019

August 2019

1st August Thursday;
First days work is gone;
Heavily disappointed due that byke  gear over night fall of byke ; followed by laptop mouse trouble at home added with complaint from Adhesives guy;

But managed to fix all of them them;
Attended  Bangalore Rx but had to face another defeat ok knowledge got further consolidated;

Recd msg from Range of steel;

Morning counted retrived mobile number data its 169 but added few more by night;
Had a relief after fixing troubles by night;

Whatched my Twitter projects;

Had to edit title of vilekhari;
More insight of indiamart Trusted  seal;

2nd August 2919 Friday;

Lot of research  did on e com giants turnover Amazon 230 billion
Alibaba 152
Google 116 Billion
Facebook 16
Airtel 12 b
Instagram 9
Flipcart 3
Twitter 2
Yahoo 1
Sbi 2lakh crores
Xiomi 17490
Tanishq 15 650
Jio 11 000
Times group 9976
Ramoji 7600
Paytm 3314
Justdial 984
Swiggy 442
Indiamart 400
Tv9 200
Sulekha 120
Rediff 73
Makemytriop 67
Phonepay 43

We need to have enough  capital win back  at rx ;Another time poor betting strategy wasted my time of  the day but confidence gained further:

Unexpected rain spoiled my  days  field work read wether report;

Managed to transfer Jana lekhari renewal fee but 10% of charges deducted to him by CDM to check details?

Satday ; Sunday rx books purchased;

Yet another debutant of padmanabhan lost; watch ring trends:

Slightly disappointed with savings on hand

written expenses and income data but it is not matching with  leftover cash levels on hand;

Seen famous Brands of world and India;

Revenues of major web companies ;

What are minus points in a race card

1.first run of life.
2.fiest run gelding.
3.first time that distance.
4.after 28 days run.
5.60 kg top weight;

3rd Aug 2019;

A horse which has won with same jockey  won earliar is dangerous; Classic ran horses are dangerous;
Morning keyword research continued got 13 new data into fold;

Keyword audit did for some clients;

Heavy tention rainy atmosphere still worked and did 10 calls luke warm response but got 2 payouts;
Prints double side took finally by night;
Lunch missed;
Jio recharge did;
Rice and minapa gundlu; upma pindi arranged;

4th Aug Sunday 2019

Pune rx cancelled but had to roam around to know this;

Entire day spent at home; Scanned total retrieved jdvf data and segregated spent time in this work;

July developments analysed at night and satisfied;

Missed friendship day big occation to send my own greetings;

July 2019 synopsys;

*Keyword audit letter prepared  and checked;

* Jdvf data  of 400 on hand and some more of past;
*color leaflet with content related seriousness knowledge got must go for 4 page layout;
*Rx income hope and strategies uniform betting have consolidated.
* Charges of Social Media known now to target bigger guys;
* Current  positives on hand listed out;
* GTA improved her design skills and developed.
*New Logo for lekhari  and back cover for vilekhari blog posted;
* New visiting cards with punchline printed;
* more review knowledge and power of * * Descriptive review known  got 60 5star reviews for lekhari,

*How to write nice blog tips;

* Exposure to Indiamart verified clients and links exposure:
*Turnovers of largest Internet giants known;
* Organised Instagram posts with quotes and read them;
* Silver coin
* Insta presence is must;
*continued to liad Google maps images;
*per post charges of Celubrities known;
Movie craze and Mysic power known;
* logo creation and Social Media promotions
To keep Form in web site
*Product reviews can be written
* glow sign and Hiardings have huge potenciality to tap;
*photo grapheres group has added me;

5th Aug Monday 2019;

Managed park visit and vegitables;
Tweeted for few projects;
Retrieved Adhesives  Twitter id;
SEO did for Ashoka marketing; 
Standard trading;
Had good tiffen Garelu and sambar idli;
Leg is getting swollen again and problem of Eye sight during work then night byke crossing danger;
Long time spent with Blogger banner work some thing is missing still???
 2 reviews got; 10 new data for banquets;
10 cell numbers saved and sent whatsap to 10;
Kashmir issue; rain  again and tea; exposure to perfume shops;
Old data prints got organised further;
Banner kept for nuttydelite;
Field work gave one hope :
1.Rose shop;
2.Tabla shop;
5.Pan shop;
Heavy traffic and rain problems had to be faced;
Known one more secret of logging in to  instagram other I'd from mobile this is another moral booster;
Collected some data from field;

6th aug Tuesday 2019

Managed to  save cell numbers and send messages;
Collected 6 data and retrieved their standing;
Met Dw and waited at another and pic took;
Failed to meet Znr but identified another Dry fruits shop;
Tried Dimmy sent him whatsapp ;  Morning collected data of fruits and collected few more cell numbers;
Started collecting Digital marketing agencies addresses;
Finally closed sreeshine;
Again improved leaflet images and content many in my list read it;
Pothysofficial Twitter and Instaposts seen;
Local areas network of zomato for mayurpan house seen:
Watched collected list in night;
New knowledge known about logging in of insta from any mobile;
Pragatiindustries handle saved;

7th Aug wed day 2019

2 wrong pics of the day lot of travel and wastage of valuable time; sucess after continued trials is pan and DW;
Continued to collect data perfumes this time  and send 12 whatsapp msgs;
Setback of the day is Sreeshine;
2 new reviews got:
Importance of insta read;
Rx books and Wow hyderabad purchased;

8th Aug 2019 Thursday;

Day is gone without any field calls or WhatsApp messages; Throught the day suffered from severe  Caugh;
Some kind of uneasy  but continued to save JDVF used cars dealers data night organised jdvf data on hand further;
Dropped cheque but forgot to keep receipt;
logo recd from Mayur pan mahal and logo and Twitter banner got designed by GTA and uploaded ;

Night Tv dish trouble for some time;

Seen Varalakshmi vratam video on youtube  brought "Mamidi akulu" ;
night problem at Bar by reddy for outside stuff;
Neibours horrible Toilet seen;
Skipped Rx but Trevor won it;
Followup did with Pragati Industies and hope gained again;

9th Aug Friday 2019;

Major success story of the day is keyword audit did of current clients;
468 jdvf on hand;
No incoming calls to me quite depressing;

Electricity Bill came and settled it by me and Gta; Paper Bill also cleared;

Aquarists list addded; whatapp sent to Sreeshine he kept in touch;
Another flop day at Banglire Rx nearest rivals have won and more so Suraj Narredu; Zerwan;

10th Aug satday 2019

Current clients Keyword audit work continued;
Data collection work continued this time for trophies; cell numbers saved and managed to send to 30 of them so covered 3 days work; now in hand I have 480;

Surprise disturbance Rs 500 to owners wife;

Missed call from Srscientfics;
Lost cool finally on pragati industries;

11th Aug Sunday 2019:
Day has gone just like that without much of consolidation;
As a surprise got back yesterdays hand loan;
Arranged Water; Chicken; Electrical switches to home; 
Disturbance at home due to shifting of Puja room articles:

Electrician came and gone without repairing heater switch; I purchased testor;

Checked  jdvf prints on hand for some time:
Went to park after few days gap;

Attended Pune rx 2 more consolidation had already ran with same rider:
Went to koti to get Rx books;
Ajay called:
Night Big boss  programme seen;

12 aug Monday 2919
BAKRID day;  tweeted 6 Twitter projects and back cover work loaded for soninsk and initiated for sr scientifics: Read abt history and later seen goats  heads roasting on roads quite surprising thing;
Had a quick shaving and bath; 1 good video abt motivation Telugugeeks seen tell in way and wait;
Ph numbers retrieved for 2 catogories;

Police checking Malakpet road even on festival day;

On rx front how much I can eat or book maker can eat decides;

Failed fav with on job jockey only;

Krishna Reddy Chennai book maker name known;

Chennai maha Lakshmi rummy guy surya Prakash introduced;

Paid Dw list and tpt good  clients list retrieved this is good work;

Night took latest data prints;

Big boss enjoyment; Modi and Bear grylls show seen;
Night cell ph charging issue:

13th Aug Tuesday 2019;
Morning had Puri outside but poor chutney and curry;
Bushtops video seen;
Insta I'd wiizled got into fold;
Morning retrieved most of current clients list and DW list and by night took prints and read them on Rhythm;

Managed field work;

Poor response from Radient but opp store guy burhanis; Some more arial exposure @ 2  places got;

Met 3rd time Anup traders;

Met Luckey traders reddy he asked meet after a week ; uninterested sales guy;
Tried Supreme Ashoka Marketing  seen employees;
Activated Reddy DW Begumpet and seen Kgn fruit stall: One luckey review had from hotel;

Wonder struck with car sonics reviews.
Tried Dimmy again;

Covered Mayur pan house sec bad and updated them;

Met Galaxy guy brother; Insurance guy pranay;
Sikh Band met;
Durga gold 26;
Anandbazaar 101;
Muztaba grills 487;
Vantillu had 719 reviews;
Bowl o China 2943 reviews;
Acme sales Corp 0 reviews;
Pearl pums and products:0;
Chq is still not cleared cash level further gone down;
You look great salin seen;
Oops Bear grylls is on twitter;
That second dose was horrible?
Met one luc DO: how big is our team that counts;

14th Aug Wed day 2019;

Day sailed through many twists and turns:
Bank lady promise failed; Utter flop with famous florist payout should be careful with my promises;

Positives were  good interaction with  Shoib and his review  tiffen later  with him his Insta project got and Gtas Independence day wishes work  and his logo work:

Morning attended Park and posted whatsapp and yesterdays  Blog  post;

Sent msg to 15 jdvf numbers and many of them are watching ;

pothys twitter id logo kept;
and sent msg to them:
Dropped Gta and enquired in Bank bank lady assured but it dint clear and severe cash crunch by evening managed it with Kirans project and advance;

Called SMS catering he said one month later;
jdvf trusted list retrieved; 
Spidered web sites info known; 
Aarthiscans insta I'd took;
Confusion on just dial trusted seal spent lot of time on it;
Highest followed celebs on insta seen Instagram tops them all followed by Ronaldo 179 million:
Ariana grande 162 m;
Marvel 41 m;

Success came from Kiran came out of cash crunch with his project and Asian Carpets GTA supported design work;

There are 25 jdvf verified for band parties;

Pune Rx books@ Rs 30/_ purchased;
Good interaction with Reddy at Bar;
New idea if festival greeting creation;
Brought things to home;
Morning WhatsApp broadcast list edited:

15th Aug Thursday 2019;

Major development of the day is  past clients Business cards collected and segregated them in order major energies of the day spent here had clarity anyway;

Tweeted for all projects retrived good ids on hand now to target them;
Night called Bawa; GCP;
Krishna: Balaji; Suresh; Uma;

Loaded hyderabadi printers new logo and back cover:

Forget backing fav at Rx;
Soni WhatsApp greeting was the best:
Sldiagnostics ad in Eenadu seen;

16th Aug Friday 2019;
Poor Tiffen Idli and chutney;
Water trouble at home; shocker of bounced cheque; 
Wine shop shocker for that rs 20/_ note; 
Money crunch shocker;

shocker at RX again;
Mama and Chengaiah called;
Who is sitting  counts and better is 3 old colt than debut run gelding;
Managed to send some msgs and some of them have seen;
Withdrew reviews for famous florist;

Cheque return news by night and Carpet guy was still silent on constant followup both converted to yes Shoib transfered 1k;
No fieldwork:
Seen DW Reddy listed on maps:
Checked events of year on google;
Interaction with some marks guy and justdial ;
Loaded new back cover for nutty delite:

17th Aug sat day 2019;
Days shocker is missed  sbi card; Attended park and purchased Insulin and Tablets; 
Collected cheque from Bank;  later got payout from mayur some calls did near by ;
One shocker from sardarji;
Collected another 10 jdvf opticals this time;
Sent another 10 whatsapp  Computer shops this time;
Byke  light work got done;
Water arranged;
Bright home things at night;
Activated asiancarpets;

18th Aug Sunday 2019;
Morning to fish  Prawn shopping;
Noon to Rx and came back successfully;
Slightly late lunch;
Worked for mayur and Asian for insta;
One response had from one interiors co;
Night saved cell numbers of jd;

19th August  Monday 2019;
Morning initiated debut card and cheque book work;
As per plan consolidated active Social media brands found the  new niche of instagram: 
Nothing big but sent 12 WhatsApp messages;
One target missed of DW;
Some calls and data collected from field;
Arvind sarees guy called;
Night hyderabadi printers insta initiated;

20th Aug Tuesday 2019
Morning park visit and Narsings pressure;
Call from Seenaiah and Kamalakar  recd and later sent him whatsapp msg gave kamalakar references and he tried;

Suresh and Narendra came into contact;

"Sendriyam" leaflet while sending WhatsApp disturbance heated arguments at home;
Msg sent to Jana;

Surprised to see that some of my clients have web sites;

Called jai shankar caterer and shock got again on Muralis Sabotage;

Called Kishore to know about menu books later in evening met Arvind; Called  Phani web guy  had pleasant chat and hope gained;

Called iitaspirants and appointment got later met them and detailed them;

Organised few more  active Social media links at home:

Added one  more florist to jdvf info about next to famous florist ? whats that link of they also see in maps link to watch;

After visiting Kishore spent lot of time there and activated their Facebook sent quotation to Arvind flex frame details known and foam boards ;  
Called Reddy Dicument Writer ;

Sent Messages and reply had from one ias institute to coach SEO:

Missed dinner; Had one review from a young boy;

21st Aug wedday 2019;
Amazon Hyderabad branch news;
"Chintapandu"@ Rs 160/_ kg;

Met much awaited web guy  remarketing  knowledge known abt  https knowledge Insta for food industry and garments;

Way back seen Ksvya  sree shop;
To target edu institutions for Digital marketing;
Insta for food and garments;
Met khaju shop guys;

Almondhouse  S P rd  new branch known;
Day spent mostly to check nlr listings and sending references to Kamalakar called  Ravi Alahari;

Sridhar videos; New Tokyo not interested;
Night enjoyed "Bigboss" programme;

23rd Aug Thursday 2019
Nellore fetched; Cintinued field calls despite hunger pangs; Later saved collected data and sent nessages;

Days new info is organised data of current websites of clients;

Fertility clinics data collected;

Night headache again at home;

Hyderabadiprinters and mayurpanhouse content archived;

Almondhouse instapists and 25  occations to greet listed;

Long chat with Chemist at sec bad;
Called fgrade and iitaspirants;

Started to retrieve indiamart data;

Girl from tpt  asking for Digital marketing content;
Fb posts are spidered;

Not dropped Gta due to incoming  call;

Sweets  shops niche "ALMONDHOUSE" instaposts identified;

DRYFRUITS DESIGN ORDER given to Kishore but found difficulty to climb upstairs??


SEO did for royal ind; Hotel pariwar; svr arcade;

yashovardhan google maps activated known abt instant  adwords;

Seen mynlr blog entries;

Big sweet guys list identified;

Arvind sarees guy called;

Kadapa photographer called;

24th Aug satday 2019;
Biggest developments of the day are Adhesives Twitter profile link seen on  Google maps and edited Digital Marketing matter again;

Nutty delite Twitter posts are ranking 3rd;
To share video content on twitter;

Called Kamalakar and told SEO ranking of svarcade;

Instaprofile  changed and tweeted ;
Posted "janmastami" wishes to insta projects;

Some more insta links saved malli silks; 

Had sound over night sleep;
Pending over night blog posted; 

Cafeniloufer insta posts seen;

Long time spent in RD;
Sent few more WhatsApp msgs of saved .

fertility clients and known about participating clinics of fertility;

Arun Jaitley gone and seen his Bio and huge Twitter followers;

Seen Bigboss show but un imprssive day:

SEO did for few more listings of nellore;

Prashant Kishore political strategist and lead y s jagan;

Peeped into wall  and construction  seen of nearby apartments machine power of carrying  big stones known;

Cartoon and Caricature are very important;
Related companies can only fund any new startup;

Video presentation is very important yes;

25th Aug Sunday 2019;
Wow Hyderabad magazine instaids checked surprised with their followers:
Read back August blog  and edited;
Took  prints of latest data of jdvf and read  50 of them:

Arranged Chicken to home GTA sponcered;
Sold old papers;

Sekhar bhai called due to response to his WhatsApp  Breakfast msg;

Foodexd Google maps activated;
Skipped Rx;
My projects on hand and their followers analysed:
Surprised to see that Stidhar videos I'd not in my hands;

26th Aug 2019 Monday;
Early to field did 7 calls; Closed KGNryfruits; exposed to foreign fruits;
100 jdvf addresses seen;
Linked many social Media projects to blog;
Linked I sta and twitter;
Failed at Dimy again;
Met Reddy D W;
Earliar winner and riders spells danger always
Gift of grace; zerwan;
Pannajewellers I sta not there;
Most of wow hyd insta links posted;
Kgn insta postings began;

27th Aug Tuesday 2019;
whats that dark spot in Vision?
Again seen 100 more jdvf  listings;
Gunj market; Bazharghat; Mozzam zahi markets 
Activated one g plus and recd perfumes as gift;
Calls  and WhatsApp messages have crossed 1000 mark;
10 more jdvf  data got into fold and 10 plus field calls and 4 new reviews;
Posted kgn insta and blog posts ;
Posted pics and added new followers for 5 insta projects;
SEO did for Raja furniture;
"Night Bigboss" watched.

28th Aug wed day 2019

Back sundarayyas park after long gap;
Back covers kept for Nutty and Hyderabadi printers;
Number of Tweets and photos followers analysed;
Sent WhatsApp msgs to Cell ph numebers retrived for Drving schools;
Back at home GTA  developed YouTube and fb back covers but coreldraw has currupted;
Started to get smart customer list;
4 field calls but 13 plus data;
Many links saved to blog;
DW Reddy transfered 500/_;

Dropped Gta;
arranged milk;
Water shortage at night;
Mouchtaches color did:
Costly vegitables;
Money crunch again on hand?
Edited WhatsApp content again and sent to almost 15 ppl;

29th Aug Thursday 2019
Fb and Twitter seems to be must for everyone that's bit hopeful;
Long wait  for money at SBI cheques need to be replaced;
Eve worked 8 calls 2 positives hind; sarees;
8 data plus 3 WhatsApp msgs sent;
Again  R&D did on website launches;
Indiamart data retrieved with names;

First time had rest at Sundarayya park in evening time;

30th Aug Friday 2019
Morning leg pain and no field work;
Some more encouragement got after watching my Twitter projects are ranked in Google slowly;
Sent insta posts and got emerald mithai insta ud;
Entire day web site launching dates work did at home:
Evening GTA took up wirk of Greetings work;
Sent msg to my broadcast list;
Rx and Telugu Velugu purchased;
Sudden headache of Kamalakar;
Rukmini madam called:

31st Aug satday 2019

Dish TV is put off at home due to no  payment;
So no etv news;
Sent Ganesh greetings to 16 clients that's good work for the day;
Brought home Rice on pressure;
Bushtops won; Trevor first run utter flop;
Past is past that Sandesh mount;
Last time withdrawn and bandages are negatives in rx;
Websites launching data further enhanced;
Tom pune and hyd rx books purchased confusion in payment;
Sent msg to uma asking help and he responded;
Kamalakar called with a flop news;

Long wait at bank for cash but used that waiting time to read blog;
Ajay called and had long chat;
Sent many messages throught the day;

Seen one video on facebook;
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