Monday, August 30, 2010

August 2010

shifted to chikkadpalli lodge; Attended office till 12.30 then boarded auto to hrc slow one; again failure at Rx; new points first run favrite ex academy; internet connection arranged at office; Adverticement in Dc failed to impress;Ph to syam;movie seen at lodge Rks participation; had Haleem;Morning tablets purchased;had to switch off cell phone;

30 th monday;

new cell phone alloted 2 me saved some phone numbers;appointed web designer at office; room shifted again; called gandhi; 3 days blogs posted; 2 clients for loan met at office dress effect noted; Boards and landlines work got through; oldman; sruthi came again; re assurance to tele caller Bindu;few more prints for office;Followup of Bindu did;myhomesarees new id for the day;office board arranged;discussion with syam and jana;presentation board got arranged;

31 st august;
gave presentation to 2 office staff still need to improve skills; loans coverage at sakshi;
web develeoper left;Bindu joined; again bad comment for k;arranged rack at office; totally got yes nod for social media;took small rest at afternoon;name board got fixed;

RKs entry at morning objective of company known;Blue carpet arranged and lord balaji photo at office;new dress effect known;Furniture got replaced at office;satyam left to nellore;
Office wall paintings got done; 3 jodies of dress purchased;varam tele caller appointed; Dis agreements with satyam; kajals count # 22,821; felt much much improved state of office after wall paintings;facables,ayurcaregroup new ids;Lost temper with reliance tele caller;Flowe pots arranged at office;

25 th august

Mostly spent at Surendras office furniture arranged; managed to post 2 days blog and tweets;cricketing success;blue king and rs 100/-.Janas call;

26 th august post;
again spent whole time at surendras office; got rs 1000/-.called syam at night; slept at satyams(new guy) room; had lunch at new mess annapurna near andhra bank; few more things developed at office; new assurance from surendra;

23 rd,24 th august;

Morning market calls successful with 2 entries,then to kalwakurthy boring journey suffered;on return heavy rains and rush in the bus;
document writers ph number;
R.madhu 9705479401;
B.raju 9440607603; 9989946637;
M.Kranti kumar; 9440231748;
24 th August post;
With sudden twist to hyderabad on Surendras call; left some things at lodge;Seen varudu Movie on return to hyd; Missed net;after meeting Surendra at his office 2 more movies seen; including Happydays; had problem at lodge;Morning felt very much tired;Zero income just waiting continued at surendras office;Surendra sys no use of social media;Rakhi day;

22nd August post

38 days since i left tirupati;First hand exposure of jadcherla; Shamshabad and some other pasrt of mahbubnagar;Morning jewellery shops survey did;paid rent;evening net exposure 5 new ids;pravasicabs;ebonyhotel;namstetravels;classifiedsap;krahejacorp;
Google maps seen;sent courier to tirupati of books;medical transcription call received;Chengaiah met at chat;Idea of working with cinescope emerged;rain in the evening;

20th august post

Morning it rained here heavily but releived by 8 am; Nice result had to day at field work;more exposure of the city had;2 more new ids citytracker;divislabs;night had nice time with movie lafange parindey; long walk from movie to lodge;seen one ad in eenadu for jewellers; lot of firms here with lord balaji names;Second day dress was quite discomfortable;Had printouts from cafe and those were very helpful;bad comment on k by some one again made me quite insecure again;Slept at afternoon;

Can face even more toughest situations now with movie watch;tweets story on twitter is new inspiration;

19th august post

Morning after having tea at hyderabad decided to leave 4 mahboobnagar;By rtc bus to kachiguda stn then from there to imlibun bus depot;took bus to mhbnagar and with 2 hours at back seat reached;found tough time to locate lodge and finally got it;

Quickly started survey and initial success got;jan met online his expectations noted; at afternoon further more success had from paper; city exposure had; managed to read spme info about district and posted blog; also blocked one id(mahboobnagaronline; new id 4 the day is opiumspa; call from tptclass;
had better bed and less cost lodge and some what better ventilation;

new issue of paper needed most; cell phone and pen gave trouble;

18th august post

Morning met neerus guys encouragement had from them; failure at krishna jewellers and travels and drsayanis time wastage noted; failure at rx noted; call from micro ramesh mehta;called Syam ; decided to leave hyd;jana met online;adarshmobiles;smrholdings;swatipearls are new ids for the day;

17th august post

Got offer letter of meena jewellers and started tweeting;also got yes nof from sheelas;gandhi failed again;Kiran met then to hostel;Marker and pins idea;kolkata book on hand;heavy uneasy at morning;Rain in evening;chekri and jana met online;some emails sent;Proposal form given to neerus;gave proposal also to spearminthotels; bhumana tweets idea;tv chanels listed;
new ids 4 the day are krishnapearls;minervagrand;amoghhotels;

16 th august post

success at rx; sankar met at rx; heavy expences incurred; morning ads cutting work compleated; 4 pages of mailer created at xerox looks further strenghtened; 2 more ids; spearminthotels;beamtele;

14 th august

New pen purchased; very promising day on field;managed to meet Meena jewellers she said ok;sheelas new book got; gave proposal to krishana jewellery and jagdamba pearls; 2more new ids for the day ie; roshanlals;darwinpharmacy; paid to lodge rs 1000/-; 1 full bottle;
calls to phone were Surendra;chengaiah;syam;maren; still confusion is prevailing;lot of unexpected walking on field; seen metro shoes was very busy;pune and hyd rx books on hand; volini gel purchased;

15th august sundays post;

Mostly boring sunday;rx success enjoyed; who is sitting finally;
segragated new ids of that smal book of sheelas;had biryani at night; Confusion allthe way;

13 august post

morning Seenaiahs call and related issue;
By evening had payments setlemets but with problems and disagreements;sold 6 frame to sreeni sister plus hope; 9th storey building;ntr nagar exposure;
new ids Cosmosmic;drmorepen;
cutter purchased; 2 pairs dress wash; surendra called; managed 1 hour net but difficulty to sit noted;pune rx book;

12th august

Lodge dues amounted to be rs 500/-; at last amount got from aruna madam plus order;
emailed to asklaila; enquiry from grtjewels;

11 august post

28 th day at hyd; a long wait at arunas office; 3 new ids;Lost temper with gandhi;knstours;greenply;plannersads; seen karachibakery tweets; call for tirupati data; night hand pain; posted blog and tweeted; padyam songs effect at lodge;
about us matter created;

10th august post

walkingtheamazon blog seen;Kiran came and detailed about his project;Surendra left without telling;Met Srinivas and gave 2 idols;Morning syams success;Kamalakars calls;premier auto,suchirindia blocked; watched cricket; missed dinner;mangatraijewels missed;hyderabad map at google seen;

9th august

Night party with Surendra and slept at vasavi;his tip alexa and some assurance; met Aruna and new hope of frames order from her; called n prabhakar,Gandhi,etc; emails to twitter started;Morning janas call;Satish call;some more area exposure at panjagutta;after noon felt very much tired;dress sent;room cleaning managed;

8th august; 25 th day at hyderabad;

Syam reached back then to kukat palli area ne area exposure;blog posted tweets managed;emailed to fortune hotels guy; reply from connie; one more new shirt; teamportrayal just got missed;their clients seen; Luggage reduced from room ; gandhis call; Paid to lodge;
kamalakars call;gandhis call; need to be good planner;Success at rx; linkedin;orkut are also social media; costly drinks;

days new ids; malabargoldshop;joy_alukkas;pchretailltd;

Site office: Attapur, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad
Ph: +91-40-64538989, 24008383.
Mobile: +919866116673
Fax: +91-40-24008384
Road No 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
040 66515555 ()
Somajiguda, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
040 23418205 ()
Malabar Gold
Hyderabad, Begumpet, Andhra Pradesh
040 23418916 ()
Bantia Furniture Shop
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Bowenpally, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
040 27841562 ()
harsha toyota
2-40/5, kothaguda near hitech city, hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500084
040 2311 3555 () 040 44374437 () 040 2311 3311 (Fax) 09866665657 (Mobile)
The Grand Solitaire Hotel
Secunderabad, 1-240, 41 & 43, Parklane,, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500003
040 4433 3999 ()
Noori Travels
6-2-338, "NOORI TOWER", Hill Colony., Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500004
040 23323232 ()
padmajachambers,above himalaya book depot ,opp.shadan college, khairatabad, khairatabad,hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500004
091 60067803 () 091 60067801 () 091 60067802 (Mobile)
Malamall Com Pvt Ltd
202, Maghal Mansion, Bh Krishna Plaza, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh 500004
09391315936 ()
4 - 1 - 2/4, Eden Garden,Ramkote Hyderabad - 500 001.
Phone No : 91 - 40 - 2475 1717
Fax No:91 - 40 - 2475 8037
Corporate Office
8-2-293/82/APlot # 1091,Road#41, Near Peddamma Temple Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad -500 033
Phone No : 91 - 40 - 66 222 999
Fax No:91 - 40 - 66 222 966
Nanotel - The Boutique Business Hotel
Jai Hind Society, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081
Contact Information
Telephone: 3001-0300

Morning in tense condition called sekhar and went to him and took 2 k;
called gandhi,kiran,surendra;
attended pune and c rajendra gave some confidence and gained confidence; hyd rx book took; at chat with sindhuja;
4 new ids into fold again; orangeauto,bantiafurniture;instasculpt;t24mobile; raju old friend of rtc x roads met;
raju; 9959456776;

6th august post

Seenaiahs help; syam failed again;rainy day bangalore rx cancelled; evening 1 hour net;grandsolitaire id;hope from gandhi again;sent 1 pair of dress for wash; lodge rent pressure is maounting again;sharat chandra video seen;yes for idol to be shown;cell phone disturbance continued again; followers continued for k;

4 th 5th august post

Syam dint call and related stress;Gandhi failed to at eve; sold 1 idol with gandhis help; shanku chakra fog?. total twitter followes base is almost 14k; gandhis tip 5 k easy to achieve; paid rs 500/- to lodge;
Failed to do twitter market calls; identified 15 target clients for twitter at hyd; artjini failed; 5 more new ids into fold; tirumalghery area exposure; chat with jana;

5 th august post;
stunning upsets 4 the day! no improvement at all; gandhis failure to come; shankar met and reddy met at rx; strogest relationships analysed;

3 rd august posting

Met N prabha followed by srinu;call from Bujji,suneeta; nice interaction with travelwals;new mailer with content logos created;called surendra he interacted and guided and took up interest; called kiran but he dint respond at all;call from aruna;health got further better; to add up yellow pages logo to quotation;

2nd august post

Suddenly had to transfer 20 k to syam new bank address known in the bargain;Quotation finally prepared;dis drsayanis and nooritravels calls;paid rs 600/- to lodge;complaint from suresh;travelwalas id;kamalakars call;
informative leaflet of drsayanis; 2 underwears; mor ummmi met ;emailed juhi;ph to seenaiah;bleeding further reduced;

Monday, August 02, 2010

july 2010

31st july 2010
Most of the dailies scanned;Received Stock and money and supplied to aruna;health fuerther improved;One shock at rx had to be faced;butnew point of relationship had further emerged;cell phone disturbance continued; 3 new ids again adishwarestore;nanotelhotels;prajayengineers;seenaiah and giri reddys calls;Kmalakars youtube development;kajals fans have crossed 10k,

1 st august sundays post;
Srinis payment got cleared;most of the dailies scanned;no net day;call from jana;
Unexpected dental pain?;socks and leg pads used 4 tea time; due to late rx book one bet missed;change of blanket;not to go with alchohol to meet important people;attended ersonality development at city library;predator movie watched tv; failed to utylyse sunday fully;One more new jeans pant;heavy expenses unbearable;
in discussion with gandhi new point has emerged that is early bird offer;


29th july post

Evening surfing managed to post blkogs and tweets;morning pus hasstartedfromwound and gandhi came and we discussed about social media;rx book of friday onhand;ph tosuresh;cell phone started mis behaving again so had to change battery;Akkas
call pillow purchased,lungie,sachins cricket enjoyed; long walk to khairatabad; seenaiahs dinner;

30th july friday;

Mnaged to deliver idols tosrinivas; new hope of 1k gift; bleeding reduced;to rx but loss;new points confusion to a
avoid;idea how many retailersin ap??

27th july post

Prepared new letter and started calls at market.gave one letter to jagdamba,another jeweller;met meena jewellers(quotation needed);tbj met and got visiting card;morning treid for diwakar travels and another traves;felt very much tired on walking;Suneetha,and akka have called;8 copies of xerox;managed to edit blog at morning;note book,socks,tablets purchased;dress was not appealing;kamalakar,n prabha called;

28th july post;

Expected idols dint reach as buses failed;had wait till evening to receive them;seenaiah met at morning;night had biryani;missed net;morning treid to do moori travels call but failed;mosambi juice and cocconut water had;akka cal;seen mysore book;got commitment from srinivas to deliver idols;

26th july post

mainly iam able to walk without weakness;few quick developments 4 the day; Met sekhar brother and took his cell number; with help of Kiran quickly designed visiting cards;quick response from kamalakar with calls;quick suply hope of idols;sent dress for washing;visited malakpet rx and this time new point is style of running ;seen untraceble movie at tv;

july 22nd

july 22nd;
took 7 number frame to lady Aruna s office and displayed there;blog posted;had lunch at chutneys hotel;Gandhis call;wash managed;seen sitara mag and managed tweets;

23 rd july:
Took total bed rest for whole day as pain and weakness continued;syam managed to get cash from realtor;

24 th july;

Had blood sugar levels checked and found ok: also had physio theraphy felt much releief after it; now doubt is cleared about sugar levels but doasge adjustment of insulin need to be set?
treatment seems responding;2nd day total rest.night syam left for tirupati after giving some cash.

25th july;sunday;
3rd day bed rest continued; Badam lodge vacated and took new one;1 full tablet of diabetrol was too much insulin effect(increased hunger levels) is known; to khairatabad Rx area took red paper; net postings managed;hungry levels were unable to control; 1 pair of dress purchased;messaged jana; one mail from from artjini for t id replied them; seen King and titanic movies on TV;had fried fish and Bread Omlet had nice sleep;

21st july post

Suffered with healthe problem;new thing added 4 the day is infomedia yellow pages;meenajewellers;twitter mailer print took;one pharma company at banjara hills attaended;prabhakar call and suresh call;

20th july post

New area exposure at saidabad mahalaxmi colony gave display to srinivas and assurance had from him;Evening gave display at banjarahills hope again there;identified hyderbad 30 twitter ids printouts took;managed blogs and tweets;w soap;

19th july post

By evening sriven came and gave nice guidance(forget about pharma dealers and concentrate on those who have strong dealer network; and few references.hyd base pharma companies 500.N.prabhakar also came;and gandhi;3 new ids omegahospitals,drsayanis,shopatdoor;tweets and blogs posted;p v rao 916117889;
janas call; sold 2 at ntpc;bad dream syams support;darshanam detailing by syam;

16th july post

After a streneous bus journey reached hyd safely and pickedup by syam;hotel badami local news papers read;one sales call to liptons;cell ph repair had;syams supplied idols;purchased scissors;niranjans calls continued;managed to post blogs and 3 new ids;kaveribus;diwakarbus;cachefurnitures;treid to activate press guys at nellore; called ababu at x roads and also kiran; called gandhi;

17th july post; saturday;
Day 2 at hyd no sleep but continued calls with rains disturbance and pressure; 1 st call tried reddylabs followed by aurobindo labs followed by gift galaxy guy assurance got from him;met syams relation realtor at mehdipatnam; morning rx book got from x roads;
tried 4 n net;found that happyhome closed ac guards office and also real estates biz very dull;

18th july sundays post;

lof of exposure of the city;recharged rx with malakpet and musheerabad with surprising new developments;satyanarayana and sankar met;1 new shirt purchased;almost all local dailies read;bus passes info noted;had hair cut and color;money on hand further gone down and syams pressure further added;crystal bar exposure;syam missed 4 most par of the day;

FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2010

15 th july

trip to hyd confirmed by syam;drop by 3 people at station;rs 600/- from mama;heavy discomfort at bus travel;prabhakarans non response;carried mat lamination to hyd;

14 th july post

Mostly spent with kamalakar and chengaiah;got one listing at market;one enquiry from fortune kences;overdose;

12 th and 13 th july episode

Evening jana met at syam shop and discussed lot of things;no income day 3;2 h net;good replys to kajal;messenger head ache;more time at syams shop;knee cap purchased;R &D of hyderabad pharma companies at google did;board of drreddys seen;

13 th post;
Moring felt heavy discomfort unable to sit;one market call did;kamalakar met and day is all over with him;i can sell idols at nellore;

10th july post

Finally 5 k got from gopal fresh lease of life again need to go quick to finish bigger things;Market calls were nazeer and beauty parlour;2 tablets of cipro had;volini purchased;gave dress 4 pressing;pressure on shriya guy is increasing;body pains continued;had lunch at bliss of realtors;overnight suffered with insecurity;
Derby rx card seen at net;no income day;

11th july post;
Took long rest at home on sunday; then to syams shop there concluded the whole day; met sridhar reddy; had lunch and discussions of hyd visit;missed afternoon tablet;life so far analysed again;cash expenses are going again at faster rate;seen glittering idol at syams shop at night and new hope has emerged;

9th july

Morning syam came back from bangalore;heavy pains ; not much of encouragement from twitter and tweets;met mahaveer jewellers cars guy; met usha;call from nazeer travels;met vali got commitment;slept early; had very bad night disturbance;

6 july post

From a very depressive state to a quick 3 entry success story with 900/-.few needy things purchased.more tweets sent 4 the day; also read old blogs;2 more ids also 2 fold;sudden rain at night and food problem;blog template changed;call from orchestra;neibour lady took eenadu;seen old pocket diary of hyderabad contacts known;

july 7th post;

Morning 10 calls at filed coulnt fetch any thing;met t claasifieds people;no net day;my team urugay failed;met chengaiah;
8th july;
morning orchestra guy met;met jana;seen details of adsense check;

8 th july post
Rs 500 from market;spent lot of time with jana;tweets managed;veh got repaired;blog posted.adsence payment told to gopal;

5th june

bundh day total plans got hayware; someones comment at twitter; surpirse call and offer from kamalakar;followup made it of muppuri;syams offer to go hyd;ph to jana and syam;wash powder;blog posted;

4 th july sunday post

Day passed tgrough unplanned way totally started with tirumala visit with kamalakar and Movie magadheera and gopals interference and night head calls from some one. 1 hour inetrnet and posted pending entries;had lunch at tirumala;travel exposure seen;tweets maintained;withdrawn cash from bank;met mama and known things;felt tiredsome throught the day;kamalakar left suddenly;new classifieds news paper seen;insecurity due to no responce for t ids;evening tamanna movie seen at shop;

2 nd july 3 rd july posts

Morning work got saipooja hotel and mruthi electricaks entries;mam was busy at syams shop with TV.khaza jewellery 1989;
3rd post;
fight:no filed work no net; changaiah;night to movie;

1 july post

syam left to bang and kamalakars missing;no money 3 rd day;work continued at field met live insyle yezdan;scooter problem again;met jana and known google maps;pics of kajal changed;mom left to rajampet;followers continued;rs 100/- petrol;major work to be completed in orning itself; 2 new ids choicedecors;ibibogroup;