Wednesday, July 31, 2013

july 2013

Mostly managed to add followers;Failure of ibibo shock; Morning long time at Home due to rain;mailed to Gta; mohamed ali sons call; failure of cheque payment;Evening at sadgun saved Jd data again and edited; To day i had 5 more ids; no call from ajay?
 Some wed developer called; Top tomato news;


31st july

Mostly managed to add followers;Failure of ibibo shock; Morning long time at Home due to rain;mailed to Gta; mohamed ali sons call; failure of cheque payment;Evening at sadgun saved Jd data again and edited; To day i had 5 more ids; no call from ajay?
 Some wed developer called; Top tomato news;
 ***Top ads and their current position on ggl and other search engines;(10 pls;)
grab few more Jd entries;get leaflets from printer;
data consolidation work;
Tom Rx book;planning work;
Nellore data
Plan little more extra needs on hand;
last day of july; rain continued; field work in doubt;kamalakar called; New site top tomato read in eenadu;Posted yesterdays blog;

30th july tuesday

 Nice day indeed;  managed to post 2 entries of yesterday net was pretty slow; seen Time and space and Indiacom directory main ads counter them to be 700 plus each but data is too large with indiacom; another work in morning is analysed total income and expenses so far in this year;Had Tiffen outside;

Quickly decided to give leaflets for printing Kishore and his friend helped the issue that act i got exposed to paper and master printing and  printer; From there  i had to head to field as Ajay said will go alone to field with tiring scooter; Energy failure at field still managed to do 17 calls;Had feed back from some helping steel guy; On a call from home had to rush back;No pic this time from field thats bad day had one positive from field; Later decided to shift strategy as to call on big guys from this time; Before work gandhis call recd;

Exposed to gta family memebrs now another improvement of the day; After cominh home called Ibibo;Seenaiah; In the recent past salt intake in body seems have gone up so measears to take;
Satish called up in evening; Gta said yes to learn coral draw; telangana news heard;

MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013

29th July monday post

dropped cheque 3 collection; seen Filmfare ads; organised magazines;Work with ajay at fathenagar; closed one entry had 2 more positives;did around 10 plus calls; New arial exposure had again; Morning met kiran and had his feedback. Good info had from kiran on their data collction and to tap entries on hand; ;

29th july sunday post

 Monday 5k and try for big ads;MDC:seating world;
***Team +need money  4 ads also need office:Begin NT ads &adwords;Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;**Funding pls edit project report further VC at hyd; need one daily  or Mag Tie up;
Todays tasks;
>>.>seating world;nkms;nmdc;with directory;Skipper;road no 3??Nellore data to retrieve;Scooter repair a must;
VC at HYD;get dor mats;Printing of Color leaflets decicion;Further edit collected data on hand;

Morning analysed recent developments and read blog of this year;After long research and hardwork regained some of followers for k;Most of the day at home saved jd data  again and edited ;Evening to Gaana sabha for some time;Purchased few more magazines from Abids scanned 2 of them;posted chajed and others entries;gandhi calledup;Still some kind of insecurity throught the day;Had to wait for narsing rao;he brought chicken;

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013

sunday 28th july post

>>> monday 5k and big ad  calls;
***Team pls (office)+ need money  4 ads: Begin NT ads &; adwords;
Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;

**Funding pls edit project report further VC at hyd;
need one daily  or Mag Tie up;
***submit yesterday entry;
arrange few things to home(phynyle;tea & coffee powders;
Get books from abids;
plan monday;
collect some more JD verified data;
drop the cheque;

FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013

sat 27th july post

***Team pls ( office)+ need money  4 ads: Begin NT ads &; adwords;
Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;
Try big ads from now daily 2 minimum; 
**Funding pls edit project report further VC at hyd;
need one daily  orMag Tie up;

>> head ache with ka followers what has happend i dont really know but did lot of R& D and strategy evolved;purchased ET and sundays Rx card; Contributed to his Byke Oil;Worked with Ajay at ispat building did alomsot 15 calls met gave proposals to some; Closed 1 entry; had few more positives took some pictures ;Got tired;at 5.30 theres one rx choice;Gave milk to Kitten;
You need to have disposable money to make money in Rx again time wasted but one more strong point gained;


26th july Friday;

***Team needded badly money need  4 ads: Begin NT ads & adwords;
Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;
Try big ads from now daily 2 minium; 
**Funding pls edit project report further;
need one daily paper or Mag Tie up;

** to gta office; call;
**Submit ajays entry to ggl;did it;
**deposit cheque;managed it;
**Get water;
**Cloth pressing;N/A
**few calls pls;at field;>>>yes; removed most of luggage before going; gave B/W copies to clients;took some pics of shops;
Scooter repair;

Days RX;2;45; ex integra; rs 200/-

Buy Rx book of sat day of banglore; >.yes did it;
consolidate data on hand;
How the day went;

Morning got up earliar and did some considation work; Had nice chat with GTa at home; dropped Ajays cheque;Met Kiran and asked about 1000 DW book printing prices;Purchased ET at evening; Met needs and took time &sapace book; Again new point at RX Rider;tholevadu:Place missed; Worked with Ajay at morning did almost 10 plus calls; Scooter condition further worsened; Discussion had with ajay for DW directory;Morning Gta gave nice feedback about Word;Satish and kamal have called;
Darbar Trading Corporation

+(91)-40-27712349, +(91)-9032749786

5-5-76, Ranigunj, Ranigunj-Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003,

Deals in Pnematics products from Airmax,Asten,festo,Tools of Stanley,Falom,Proto,
Power Tools of Bosch,Dewalt

25th july 2013 post

***Team needded badly money need  4 ads: Begin NT ads & adwords;
Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;
Try big ads from now daily 2 minium; 
**Funding pls edit project report further;
need one daily paper or Mag Tie up;

Got up late; scanned 3 dailies; as per plan met DTP guy his TIPs had  help;scale;saving;; price list 20 xerox copies took;yester days blog posted; Called ajay; waiting for track eagle;

>>>Rx plans 12-45
4.30 dancing phoenix(class 2 first time;) got new point;
5.00 infallible(set aside) got at evans;
5.30 A d

At last at Rx found one new point younger ones at 1000 mtrs have edge; cheng;kamal;satish called; No field work;Ajay came with one success story;
Days left over;
Buy ET;buy pickle 7powder;JD Data;


24 th july

Try big ads from now daily 2 minium;
Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;
Team needded badly money need  4 ads: Begin NT ads & adwords;
**Funding pls edit project report further;
need one daily paper or Mag Tie up;

Drop cheques;
1.>>>work;12-1 pm that complex; give black 7 white;

2.>>Rx investment plans?? at 2 pm Kolkata;3 pm; be ready to loose;

Idea is fast emerging of 5 k calls;
  1. Morning loaded 2 entries with vedeo labled ranigunj entries collected lot of verified entries this is the only good work for the day; vidyas twitters id hold gained again;sent cheques 4 collection; paid narsing;lost interest after rx collapase new point is rider must sit on tracks so day is gone so crossed indulgence limits again; Importance of learning word known;

MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013

tuesday 23 july

Team need money 4 ads:
Funding pls edit project report further;
Try big ads from Monday; yes r&d did;
need one daily paper Tie up or big; Consolidate data on hand;

Pay net bill,daaram;
Tom rx book;
cheques clearance;
my calls  big calls;

Morning arranged Onions still costly;edited entries on hand; Met prasad he agve tip of realtors directory; Joined work with Ajay; sent book to daaram;around 10 plus calls did failed in pricing gave color leaflets;PPl say after ramzan;Color leaflets distributed on field work;Gandhi failed again;

Paid net and land bill;Seriously discussed things with Ajay and had his commitment; Purchased insulin tablets needles etc;
Situation turned after buying Rx book; Failed to buy ET; Felt sleepy after posting days 2 entries so slept off; different story from GTA;

FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013

22nd monday

Surprise result after calling Gta;At 5 pm Prasad VJA called hes in chanda nagar; No sign of rains stopping;

Coverage of DRR did participated in Pooja  thanks to eenadu for info bouncers duty seen speech heard and pics took thanks to Camera crackers;

1.despite rain carnage managed nkm;reddy;next florist
2.water works pro 3.tanmayee.4.another.5.electronic.6.Mithai shop7.realtors. lot of ppl in pics8.prasads call.9.seen alexa and twitter followers base etc;10.daaram call;11.baig.12.seenaih;13.kishore;14.ibibo;15.edited DW data again; more id into fold;17.jd data18.called NRN; turn at sky cabs;20.ajay 21.mailed jasdeep;reply recd;

ibibo deal?need to be watched;

Team need money 4 ads:
Funding pls edit project report further; 
Try big ads from Monday; yes r&d did;
need one daily paper Tie up or big;
my field calls are  a must! seating world;Nkm grand; nmdc;
***see once again ads on hand;
send kamal courier;
pay net bill;Call Gandhi; Ajay;
Find who are deciding ppl;

>>>drop Ajays cheque for collection;
grab JD data and organise further;
Days flash  with good concept go for google adwords;
enquire castling
submit ajays entries to ggl
Edited sundays blog;tweeted; reserved grandsweets; tuesdays sketch;

sunday 21 st july

One sure fire development of the day is ads on hand organised; indulgence of GTA of Tv couldnt be tolerated;managed less indulgence;seen bridal mantra new mag very impressive one with ads;all other books on hand scanned further;throught the day felt boring and uneasy;mokshaworld reserved;

Despite of all days record pressure from Narsing as usual;Cleaning and garbage outside home; TV sound menace switched off but seen gun men story; GTas objection parampara had to be faced; richas request and gtas objection on chocolate; Gandhis surprise visit to home; most of ads on hand organised  listed top 100 plus ads spent lot of time here for the day; neibourRKs shouts Kotlata; dhobi guy created head ache for the day with burnout of my shirt and  Gtas saree; cash drawn; Soldout news papers;Organied magazines at home;

Team need money 4 ads:
Funding create a project report fuether; 
Try big ads from Monday; yes r&d did; need one daily paper Tie up;

 Bangalore rx;  NO cancelled;
Planning Hour
feed 4 entries to ggl; shifted;


see ads on hand;

Hunt for new books on Abids;rs 100/-

Reduce intake so that u can work on monday;

data pls; learn coral draw; organise data on hand;

saturday 20th july

Team >>>need money 4 ads:
Funding>>> create a project report; 
Try big ads from Monday;

future plan;10 sit outs; left over month planning!
how to improve follower base at twitter;
grab data further;
learn coral draw;
letter work pls;

Got up very late; cheques sent for collection; read 3 papers;Unable to go to field;ajay went to field and closed 1; loaded that entry;gta also got up very late no coffee;
days left over
Buy sunday rx book;
organise data on hand;

19th july friday

Something gone wrong unable to get up; read ET yesterday found nice articles; managed outside tifeen due to hungry; Unable to know as what to do; Call from ibibo recd; yesterday blog edited again; Good article in the hindu about food supply web sites; By 12;00 am got ready with shover;Days flash idea is to target companies who are active on twitter promos;

Called gandhi his feed back to promote than asking ad;RX;

***Days findings in Rx;
in Rx connections are very dangerous;despite what ever may be;
jaydev modi m narredu; done with R.K.Mahesh;draw no 1;
i feel in pune dont back fav; on a rainy day;need to be watched;

Mallya combi with P.Trevor failed my decition proved successful;
Called gta haD GOOD RESPONSE; 
Night covered gandhis event met daivagna sharma


18th july

Good article read about Social Media in ET  about twitter brand endorsements its good eye opener again  thanks to gandhi;Morning long time spent in watching main clientale of infomedia and indiacom directories this is very good work in fact;Prepared one letter later another stepping stone;Met Word guy at Ashoknagar removed border further he said will help word tricks later at home read about word and other things;Ajay met and left;

Problem with stomack and gta for  not helping her to bring water; After getting 2 prints of books ready got enervated tried Hema prints poor response there new shops exposure in bargain had;Called Gandhi but not much of response;Called satish had good response later he met at x roads;Met Shakeel and his Tips and offer had;Better to learn Coral draw quickly;

Called skycabs guy this is the only ph call for the day;Unable to do field calls due to lack of time;Heavy back pain;Again 2 books are ready with new data;  100 plus vrfd data again into hands;managed to buy et,Rx books that took new turn again;

Kishore helped in setting visiting cards again free; With that me and ajay ended day after a painful sit out;


17th July

Rain again so unable to go out so consolidation work continued at home; Called Ajay he is confused; Called gandhi; called Ibibo guy and mailed him too; edited DW data kept few pics in it; saved JD and price list data; wastage of electricity; Found The hema prints; Seen ads on hand for some time and tried segregate them;

Removed that generic data of DW list from other file;

16th july tuesday

Jail visit
Confidence please;

Got up bit late due to over dosage of night yet managed to scan 2 dailies; Birth day function of owners grand son invitation had from owner aunty; With an alert from Kishore rushed to ChanchalGuda  Jail to see SRN; 2 hours wait there few things known; stomach trouble; Ajay met later loaded his pictures; Had Dosa at morning; Helped gta to bring water and few things to home; During the wait for Kisore purchased tablets and insulin  needles;

At sadgun prepared price list and saved few more entries of JD verified;
Paid electric bill; purchased l folders; seen few more books on hand;

Cats menace had to be cleaned in front of the home;Again rain carnage?? Some more books scanned at home; Gta busy with appoinments came home very late;

Where was the chance to meet big clients confidently?

15th July post

 Scanned YOU and I and femina mag at morning;Morning lot of file saving works managed at home;Quickly decided to have one more directory on hand and its ready; But nned lot of editings;Work started at morning; managed to Redhills  and maqbool gave Kunji to baig; Met 2 guys at Skaycabs; Met Castling and Tick quick; Major success stories of the day are gandhis guidance to be with confident approach; 3 commitments had from field ie; castling;Tick click; castling; poor response from web axis guy; Call from Rexine house recd; Police bandobast near hotel Sudha seen;

By evening got very busy Gandhi joined ,Satish and Sastry have also met detailed them about project; Kishore edited card new and saved it; Gandhi gave some commitment for advertisements;
Money is slowly going out of hands; Night limit has crossed;

MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013

14th July Sundays post

Morning net at home  was very fast so managed to load  pending vedeos  later edited Tirupati hotel page; Later  daily paper scanning  did pinning work also managed;  Brifly planned monday gandhi called;

After quickly arranging few needy  things for home;went ahead to Abids to buy old magazynes this time took huge toll and got many good books include big famina maxim and few others got into my collection list they were heavy  so stopped buying spree later coming back to home scanned some of them; managed to drop 3 letters from abids;

Good luck story of the day is  missed one bad choice at RX; In Rx sandesh strategy known; Safe to back is  winner again with same jockey; and failed fav as fav this time; Met old friend satyanarayana there; Missed lunch at home;

Pricelist prepared for

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2013

13th July

Team and Funding are by words;
# letters prepared for Ministers but unable to post them;On alert by Bhawar met him at sec rly stn known real estates info at Mumbai several trains info;
Old friend Babu

cat  sleeping on my scooter

Pan shop wala X roads


Ajay brought one girl to be interviewed interviewd her ;No field work for yet another day; almost 3 hours spent at sadgun to retrieved data and pictures of clients;Pwer problem inbetween;Evening satish called so met him had good discussion with babu few more pictures took of friends;spirituality discussed;Met Dhanraj;Traffic police stopped me shown my card; Kamala has called up; Again saved some JD verified Data;
Objection about lady employee at home by Gta;Opp lady close interaction; Richa came home;


12th friday

Rain spolied day but met striker guy and known details of SMS campaigns;
Settled Ajays accounts; Morning few more jd data saved; Long discussions at afternoon with Gandhi and Ajay for team; Another print of Souvenir took at night; Kiran flux ppl etc;

10th july

11 th july

cheques must clear;
take prints from Xpress Plus binding them;

Had call from Ibibo guy;Some cell ph calls did;lavishdesalon blockade; GTA called at 3 pm; kamal called; Did 6 field calls; Morning saved 50 new addresses some of them were JD verified; blue reverse of indiacom was impressive; positive had from webaxis guy;purchased DC;Ajay not on field again;Had money from GTA for Onions; No noon indulgence;Offices at babu Khan Estate seen; Used Kirans net;

10th july: wed  day;

No field work again concentrated on developing directory finally came out with new book much bigger than old one; Saved all clients data this time from jan 2013; Ajay also dint work; Gandhi called but rejected him; paper cutting work complted by night; saved krishna patnam ad also and took print; printer at xpress gave trouble so took prints from Balaji this time;gta helped pinning it; Called NRN;Lonelyness felt in afternoon; Subba raos hand shake;

9th july

No work again spent lot of time on DW data edited  most of them; Took xerox; Kishore spent much time in making color book;Read balabharatham importance of diary writing known; Ajays entries posted from sadgun;

TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2013

8th July monday

No field work for the day but Ajay worked and got some result;At home edited whole DW data;Took Xrox prints of Kiran;Discussed with Kishore and Suresh;Morning saved some web entries;Evening met Satish and Sastry;

Recd Google post card;Just dial guy called up;Balabharatham purchased;Petrol consumption problem;Idea emerged for pen Media forum donations;Sadgun was closed;

sunday 7th july

Called ajay and known things;Called satish; Got up late due over indulgence; managed to rush through dailies eenadu gave good info about web sites must read another time; Called gandhi later; edited yesterdays blog again; late tiffen;Tweeted;

Rx failure by short head;new point rider Suraj narredu  made it;On a quick decicion purchased 8 Magazynes  repute by night scanned all of them;New point is url or address printing;Can bargain much more; Night enjoyed MAA cine Awards; Most of the day was busy
with works;Managed hair cut later;Purchased tablets; Arranged things for home;Commitment gave for Rina for birth day cake she followed me later to Bakery;

Lot of websites from magazines written need to check them all;
scanned all days papers; pending cutting work  completed; Called DOTNDOT Kiran and fixed an appointment;

8th July post;
Got up very early straight away to retrieved Document writers saved almost all of them by 8
AM;Called kISHORE; Satish;gandhi;

1st j 2nd 3 rd 4 th 5 th july post 2013

6th july saturday post

Morning got up bit late but purchased papers from sudha guy this time;Morning failed to control the days proceedings but seen whole lot  of alexa warrior fourm idea has emerged;Gave cash to Ajay so his accounts got settled dropped his cheque; Decided to bring 2 yelloegaes indiacom took xerox  3d view known and netwrk18  googles adowrds certified seen at wall return came through  new road by then lost interest to work no energy levls  due to much stress and weight lost interest to work totally came home and retired to Rx managed to catch up winner despite setbacks of beteen man courage and pettubadi need for outstanding growth soon i will make it;no milk to home cats;

Evening Met kiran and Suresh souvenir front page page fuether developed; saved some content of document writers and gave to suresh;Night pinning work continued by me at home;
night TV  commericials seen;Gta exchanged few things about her job;
Success from  Rx  this time;more daring act needed; whole gang of girls came home;

5th july
New books in to fold are; 1.Times food Guide;2.Channel6;3.Wowhyd;4.telugu velugu;  Swathi 29 year issue;written all ads in a new diary;Gave Pen media book to Prahlad; shown same to Munawwer khan he gave cash; major advertisers listed out; Called y reach guy he gave reference of his friend he called back later seen his web site;

Ajay went alone to field and said he closed one; By evening all cheques got cleared;kamals failure continued; Raja furniture also failed;afternoon pending dailies cutting work completed; Narsing rao request had; this time had to invest more money for rice due to late supply; Satish called surprisingly;Rinas dad came back from Hospital;

By night covering letter of lekhari further got developed and looking great;gta completed  2 days of work

Most of the DTP work finished with ads cover page etc known about their position from suresh; Menacing sound Mixer sound at home;called jd had reply for an ad; seen most of jd verified list; Followup did with clicktick and castlingit; Sadgun;
krutagnatha;vadanyatha; kamal called up called seenaiah;
 New turn from Ajay;New print of English took from xpress; met Kishore;

1st july 2013
Most of the DTP work finished with ads cover page etc known about their position from suresh; Menacing sound Mixer sound at home;called jd had reply for an ad; seen most of jd verified list; Followup did with clicktick and castlingit; Sadgun;
krutagnatha;vadanyatha; kamal called up called seenaiah;

New turn from Ajay;New print of English took from xpress; met Kishore;

subhakankshalu blockd; alexa 19 lakhs; Swathi some annivarsy issue purchased and scanned; spent some time park;CEOs are helped by wifes news seen at ET; tweeted; beautiful layout of ET;

4th july

Morning to park;spent some time; called gandhi;managed to buy insulin,paid net bill;

1.Success story at field work witj Ajay; plus few more positives had;verified logo is also ready;
2.Covering letter with pictures is ready by night;3.Gta joined job;4.Some prints in the morning took;5.seen india today mag at sadgun;6.managed to mail kamalakar;7.NRNs revenge call;8.ajay was very late to field;9.cheques still not cleared related tention;10.cheng called up;11.loaded collected entries fro, Sadgun with ajay;12.subhakankshalu is mine;

3rd july some trouble at home in the morning but soon got evoporated; Work with Ajay fetched;
other calls include

1.Sree Ravi Kiran electricals;(P sekhar;)
2.Sree balajee Hotel(prizm book got)
3.Electrical linesGirl;
4.Rexine house(closed;)
5.Some other call of Ajay;s followup;
6.Golden park hotel(lady)
shown mag to sadgun people;

In the evening managed to post  pending entries from sadgun; Kiran designed lekhari verified logo;

2nd july post;
Sample Souvenir came out finally Xerox dynamics got exposed lost temper at xerox guys;Good response from GTA; Did 10 calls from Home had 3 positives; Ajays came up with 1 success story; Heavy tention during the DTP due to very slow; Exposed binding work pasting etc;
Manged 20 postal mailers; Chat with Yanamala; kamal responded; Complted all pending paper cutting work;
Phone success stories; Hitech;Sheelas;Avasar;

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Best practices

Be the best at what, when and how you tweet.

Create Tweets that resonate.
Combine exciting, useful content with an engaging, unique tone to emotionally connect with your audience. Include links, pictures and videos. And remember to keep your Tweets prompt and timely—a crucial element for Twitter success.
Keep Tweets short and sweet.
Creativity loves constraints and simplicity is at our core. Tweets are limited to 140 characters so they can be consumed easily anywhere, even via mobile text messages. There’s no magical length for a Tweet, but a recent report by Buddy Media revealed that Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate.
Make it real-time.
Timing matters, especially for breaking news or live Tweets. But how about for everything else? The short answer: it depends on the content of the Tweet, your objectives, your audience, their geography and more. The best way to optimize the timing of your Tweets is to test and learn. We have some certified partners that can help you with this.
Tweet often.
Like timing, Tweet frequency depends on a number of variables such as your audience, purpose and business objectives. That said, a good basic rule is between three to five Tweets per day. You may want to try tweeting a couple times a day to see how your audience reacts, then adjust as needed.
Follow your interests.
Following is a fantastic way to discover compelling content and inspire ideas for your own Tweets. Follow accounts that are interesting to you or your business.
Simply @reply.
Engage other Twitter users in conversation using @replies and mentions. The @reply feature is intended to make communication between users easy and seamless.
Stay trendy.
Participating in Twitter trends, whether organically or through Promoted Trends, is how the cool kids join global conversations.
Win at contests.
Hosting a creative contest or sweepstake is a great way to improve engagement on Twitter. Make sure you read the rules and best practices below to pull it off like a winner.