Thursday, December 01, 2022

December 2022

 1st Dec 22.;Thursday; 

Ontimitta visit; Goddali purchased;

Got one new order for the day but Sreekanth hickup:

2nd Dec 2022; friday;

Famous ppl Death years analysed;

3trd Dec 2022; satday:

Famous ppl death years  work continued ; Buddaiah took Sofa

4th Dec 2022;  sunday

Sunday ; app installed to count walk;; rx cards seen; fallen near medical shop; Enjoyed Chicken Sangati;

5th Dec 22;

Continued Famous ppl death years;

6th Dec tuesday 2022; 

went Ontimitta  brought brake wires;    enjoyed chicken ; walking continued;

7th Dec we'd 2022:

Prabhavathi came we visited Gangamma Temple; Alasandalu came to hand; 2 orders  despatched for the day; walked  nearer to 3000 steps target; 

10dec Sunday 2022;Abhisekham attended; Banana gift by pitchaiah;

12th Dec 2022; monday ,: 

Lot of walkig did;

13th Dec 22;  Tuesday; 

Nagaiah wife and Ganga did plucking work of Alasandalu;  paid Mali rs 1000/_

Got one rt machine order; 

14th Dec 2022;  wed day; 

Ganga did grading work of Alasandalu;

15th Dec 22; thursday; 

Dvangere order got; Distributed Alasandalu to some important ppl;

16th Dec; friday;  2022; Had vada from Darjipally;

Attended Sachivalayam;  just managed my tung; 

17th Dec 2022; satday; 

Raji and her children arrived;

TransferED 25 K TO GTA RS 500 to my Postal account

; But tensed about days expenses ; Rejected some calls; Rajiv delay of wishing and related tention;  Night Chinnis interaction;

Vadalu are costly ; Gave Vada treat to Peddodu; 

Seen rx fixations;

18th Dec sunday; 2022; 

Walked bit more; gta confirmed her Hyd trip; 

Struggle of muneiah and meesalodu for drink;

Seo video seen and related confidence gained;

19th  Dec Monday 2022;;

Phonepe misbehaviour continued so I enquired abt union Bank at Ontimitta;  2 orders got one got delivered and and other one misfired;  Felt Heavily tired after byke ride; Gta booked bus ticket to hyderabad ; Managed to watch  youtube SEO tips  video : Had Chicken and chapati at ontimitta;  Met Drilling machine Nagraj and  sachivalayam people.

Application  form of  union bank took; withdrawn some cash; 

20th Decdmber 2022;

Thanks to Nayeem pending order divered:

21st December; 2022 wedday; 

With Gats help managed to open union bank account and completed bank account opening work; 

22nd Dec thursday 2022; Union bank Atm work got fully activated with phonepe;

Alasandalu cutting work by 2 ladies; 

23rd friday de. 2022:  Transfered some money to union bank account;

24th Dec 2022; Saturday:  visited Ontimitta with Gta;

25th Dec 2022;  sunday;

Wished muneish happy Christmas;

26th Dec 2022;  monday; old man took advance;

27th Dec 2022; tuesdaday;

Alasandalu drying work and long time sitting; 

Night engaged Madiga Narsimha for pork menace; 

28th Dec 2022;  wed day;

 Severe back pain;

Til seeds plantation work by Narsimha and other; Long time sitting work co tinued; enjoyed nice songs; jafrulla called; Nice songs enjoyed;

29th Dec thursday: 2022;

My mark for the day is upto satisfaction; 

Visited Ontimmitta; One rt machine  order got managed to despatch it; Severe back pain;  crackers purchased for Rs 220; 25 k withdrawn 20 k deposited ; Heavy hungry lelels: Had nice chat with shiva; Had Vadalu for rs 20/_ Night suffered with hunger; Narasimhas irritation;

Told old man to stop Kavali;  Quite unexpectedly had to give Rs 100/_  to peddodu:

30th friday 2022; december; 

31st Dec 2022 sat day; Madiga Narsimha Did crackers job in night;