Monday, August 04, 2014

sunday 3 rd july 4th monday;


Still more followup needed to read lot in rx; Horrible  stomack pain continued  and body pains and weakness;Thanks to Roshan medical hall guy  pain releived somehow; Wholeday rest at home;Unbale to to do anything bed rest; frindship day wishes from Syam; Seen maryada ramanna and m e k show; poor food intake;

No Rx No dosage; call from kishore;

Monday 4th August;

3 papers scan in morning snapdeal news known;  as health  recovered bit as usual did field work did 10 calls and felt tiresome;   at second session net from cafe youtube videos acces got back  so Audio kept to 30 videos; Some prints took from cafe loaded some pics to google maps; camera dint function at field work? met kiran at evening; ugly seen at morning by neibours discussed at home night;

managed Insulin purchase and dress press;