Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pics satish-dhanraj- 10th august-2011

Jawari roti selling plaCe near ashok Nagar Cross roads in hyderabad

                                Om sai marketing   hyderabad

                                Dhan raj rtc x roads

Morning arial survey work continued; Charminar and near by areas;took pic of charminar;High court area;bundh day call;

Morning calls made were Oil guy(lingeshwar rao) and his machines work;a quick wish to cellworld guys;ashok traders;Jowarroti pic took;arrow stationary pic took;checked clearance of cheque;purchased insulin for gta;collected some data of cell phones on the roads;
many of the pics have been aproved by google;
Lot of R&D work on google did at home at after noon;panwallas address collection work completed; facebook likes;
why growth is slow analysis did at home;
Poor planning for bath water got cold;Call from mumbai guyz;pistahouse site seen;martjack effect;
One success for hostel listing enquiry;

morning calls; Jyothi opticals;ashoktraders;key maker;zenith sales;sri mallikarjuna med stores.narender; om sai pic;jowar roti;

a long walk with GTa to kubera towers for courier and then to ramkote for Fishaquarium; Evening unable to do any more market calls;
night Satish called so went to him met dhanraj and took their pics;Satish financial problems was a surprise;