Saturday, May 02, 2009

April 2009

30 th april  2009

night again Ramoji, evening met bhaskar raju new hope from dhaba and new point,and vip.chil thril cd took,morning met etechs,cars got,battery got and cell.sarayu met.few more scnas loaded at blog.

after noon at room dailies scanned for ads.rates of skf shirt effect,blog further enhanced.mor sit ups enhanced.prasads call at morning.mailed to balaji and marg.

1 st may
head hit at sign inn,baba cars ok,pipes card,another battery guy,card from smart furniture,patel and nirmala kalyana mandapam got.only morning work for the day and night met ramoji and venkatesh.

29th april

paid for net connection,balaji and handrwriting work wed design developed,sindhuri payment got,night failed at 2 places.but again 4 ppl after long time.after noon was very hot.water bottles guy news.
phone follow ups more new shirt added.30 more new xerox of letters,3 xerox,hutch renewal.
very expensive day.
28 th april.. post>>>>>gave letter to next,got order of balaji group surprisingly because i attempted it,new hope from care care (koundinya)as day was cool evening work started bit early. mor rk info balajichoudary from that auto guy,sai hotel near ramanujam circle,lavanya interior also met,and even kriti also met,tried khazana jewellry also.

eve yashwant met,gifts guy and patel jewellers,live in style also met.
my postal mailer to vision tele earliar was solid back grounder and it saved me and that was new thing for the ads box segregated. now quickly to decide and plan next activity.
fronpage and computer earth work continued to be under pending.
>>>>>Team is must seen effect at munawwer.
brought back laminations from bhimas,wished ravi,to sv arts college,wished few ppl at net new message idea of read blog,iam i at striking position at hand??most of gold shops were busy.also sai nirmala failure?/reebok ,zermany,my calls strom,labs,bhaskar raju,gurujis effect,mantrs effect at k katta a new inspiration.from now i will call then only go.
watch new trends and concepts at blog like missing blacks.

27 th april tele payment got,new ads file seen,eve is less heat,ice berg payment got,visited lab,strom,handwriting guy payment failure noted,met University xerox,color lab payemnt also got,lavanya girl met,reebok shop tried,opticals also tried,letter to foot lockers given,sai nirmala foolwed,broght back laminations from bhimas lodge
more new knowledge from Munawwer somewhat good day my pattudala was success for the day.that curtains guy s commitment was utter flop.and bhaskar raju couldnot keep his word.and another bouncer from marble guy .surprise success at chill thril.
trmendous rush for ashya tritiya at gold shops.
survey at renigunta road also managed.

25 th posting

movie seen at jana home.only 2 booking for the day.but commitment got from khazana.front page got copied.whats that to know traffic rank.

26 th
sunday.many of color adsseenin todays dailies.decided to go to field and to tiruchanur areagotone ordr of shilpi. felt bored at room.eve heavy heat was noted.fixed thermocol at office looked much organised.

24 th april

as usual to park.

days calls started at 11.10 am and with that printout to surgical agencies 2 success,to dhl courier was success and Bindu continued.eve that jewellers also in the after noon press note tried.english guy also gave order for 2 k surprisingly.
but surprisingly hicup after calls from kistaiah and micro vijendra.night slept early had sleep but got up early.
23 rd april:
elections day mostly at home.7 news papers scanned.surprice ababuraos call.election tention continued.lonelyness also contd.very poor planning need to accelerate income plans becuase very low banl balance??.at puja time scanned most of english proverbs.missed faternoon flash for income is identify more lord devottes and big ads guys.keep a pen and book near puja increse more nuclear word that 48 ways to power.

plans; try english guy at 6 pm and bindu.load more entries first,plan that press note.cut election day ads of sakshi,use more of phone power, earliar clints.load lavanya interiors and also block lavnaya inetriors.try for earth at office.wash few more.try front page.get dress.earn days expenses.

How things started changing??
identified top 100 press and ads strategy of direct byke and new chapal,telugu mailer on hand.repaired byke and chappal and to improve dress dynamics.try only big time ads ram strategy of already loading them first and showing strategy thru 48 ways to power .rim 550.vdk home page development.more newclear effects of proverbs on flash of identify more new donors and clients.

20 th apri post

Soon after starting work solved the problm of bhaskar opticals guy,Elitian sudheep,hash 10 met,then to ss surgicals bouncer because of people,cotton county failed,sangetha also failed,then to Silpa he was seen buy,to sai nirmala,on the way lovely,Got preethi and mudaliar entries amid very hot sun.
pujitha hotel card took.
evening silpa payment got to bindu hotel vignesh bharat times then to ice creams shop color lab,and sneha decors failed but read coverage of hindu,regency ceramics guy met next to another shop there met one guy who worked with skf and he told about bold letters(purushotham).
as rail gate was closed so tired next shop vasavi ceramics luckily got his order also.after this met chandu and edited the latter again to global park and scanned and posted pending things.on the whole nice day.idea of giving ad in news paper.

21 st post:
from the morning itself some hick ups arganised better 2 boxes came in 2 laminations from siva got.purchased jamaction powder longtime pending thing and 2 fulls heavy heat noted so obrutly stopped the work due to heat.couldnot proceed to field work due to computer ram etc.prepared days ads sheet but count meet all of them due to sun strock or weakness and leg tele visitng card took.only commitment came in from Florist guy.bouncers at sports shops.ram enhanced to day. enquiry of heat mat at market did upset noted.chandra purchased 2 small the field tpt looked to all over.forgot to switch off the collection for the from surendra was consolation.rained in the after pot also purchased.
Someones t shirts and trouser and byke effects were new fod for the day.

india mp seats as per states:
up:80,maha rastra,48, wb 42,ap 42,bihar 40,tn 39,karnataka,28,gujarat,26,rajasthan,25,assom kera 20,,14,punjab,13,haryana,10,chattis 11,jk,4,orissa,21,delhi 7,uttaranchal 5.

19 th april post

Anyway got up faster no byke on hand,manged to go with papers after having morning tea,there had sits ups and dog play seen.
after having tiffen at a different place( not good) headed to office then organised most of running ads from news papers.
then came chandra he guided me many of summer saving tips(including that mat so i dicided to buy it) then to byke and finally byke is ready and manged to finish much of pending net entries.
banians purchased new hundi also in the evening.chandra tips for safe gurad against summer was owrthy that next home girl returned comment on her.evening much of the xerox prints managed.

18 th april post

got up bit early with 3 dailies to park there most of the analysis dis with diaries etc.most of the things are slowly getting order.surprisingly thulasi met and there seems to late for 3 rd round of funding.after skipping lot of load of pending entries as per daily ads tried sneha decors.heavy heat noticed at market.byke atrted givinf lot of head born tried.applollo.follow up of sindhuri park payment did with ramoji.evening xerox copies at hand.
at after noon most of the net pending works compleated with 3 hours spening.
Eve 2 entries got paid homoeo and desinger night unexpected intrusion by fellows?.
new hope for the day is 100 cards can fetch 30,000/-.1000 cards is 1 lakh.

17 th april post

morning read all english provebs during puja.Gandhi opened another analysis.Morning calls started with ravi tech,and his introduction to that techno lab and his guidance for fruit juices.tried lasam,silpacommitment got,sushma failed,sai nirmala was success. kriti and lovely have missed..daily ads organised and posted at blog in the morning.biggest mistatke for the day is afternoon to acelerate the things few things are badly needed office and laptop and team.
after noon to movie akasamantha. satish called and asked to take back head idol that was a jolt in reality anyway thats expected lot of time and money was spent on this to be very careful in future.Evening with much difficulty brought back head idol from marg with murali and couldnot keep word with naresh.

.night new plate and one kumar shirt purchased.heavy sweating in evening.some how in the evening called that fashion jewellery guy got commitment for next day.night watchman was playing his skills on me.

Today heart burn thru gopals call Sankyo muralis blank call and avoided Ramojis calls totally.At sindhuri park introduced business deal and gave him 5 visiting cards.(Bhavani prsad.15-530 r r .st.nlr.1)during the calls Discussion with p jain jewellers for long time and i was standing all the way but he has opned eyes of blog and keywords game.gave card to padmavathi medicals got chemists data .tirupati 300,whole sellers are 70,and chittor has almost 2000 retailers.

In the evening energy levels totally failed.At cafe gave cards for scanning but blogger was under maintainance.telugu mailer ready with cahndu.broght news paper and data book from home with a harsh dialogues.
Sunnel textiles payment suddenly got in few seconds with respect.tadys strategy of days ads success with hotel ads confirmed.Jana completed few more banner at vdk.Byke stand welding also compleated.

15 th april post

Another interesting day! fridgedex payment got and hope for web project ,inspiring bhagavatar pravachan at konetikatta.BJP rally seen.purchased BATA slippers,movie seen,heat was un bearable for the day,mirror also from mom but bluntly rejected.mor jana at rarapa programme seen.venkatesh met at morning at set of glasses purshased.managed to followu shiva laminations commitment got for tom also called Anand.
even after having 2 idli and fruit juice at afternoon still hanger pangs continued at evening to note this point and plan further.met mk at durga lodge.gandhis call also from hymavati finaace sivanna.
day surprisingly gave 800/- payments. grip on local news papers cuttings had. earliar print data give response just 2 phone calls gave 200/-.

days calls,TMC,lovely fashions,ele software,Universal ac,bhwaneswari trade fair,that lasm shop.
let me to be a good wordpower grabber like gandhi and singer and stage speaker.
managed all dailies quickly at ttd buildings. no washing for the day.
pending problems: bangalore room and office at tpt,laptop,dress for occation ,gold.etc.
how to skip over current situation to think creatively write next leaftlet very nicely with driving points.

14 th april

Surprised to see jyothi home page with huge pictures against congress effect of pictures a new idea while eenadu balanced the act.
had puri at that tamil cafe water helped and again hunger pangs but had parcelled samia upma.days load all press ads first and take a print out and show them later but to have team for this.
Sudden collapse of prajarajyam by most of news paers surveys,cool water of 2 litre night bottle and even kuja came at night but sent him away venkatesh and ramiji were missing in the evening.listed out todays ads.days flashes included with some unexpecthings will happen like failure of set alight and to cash such block kaburlu,pogadta.gave chiru poster of lamination.Idea of developing veduku as a openion builder like where to shop morning surprised to veduku was listed with many links at google and including tirupatiguide.

seen karunakar reddy at morning on canvassing chat with malli about poitics,suddenly went to chittor road by byke at morning managed to scan most of the news papers.
days calls include fashion jewellery,universal ac mart,took spects,received dress,purchased that ponds cream,met sridhar,met elysian guy blocked at net kriti collections.satish marg guy had commitment from him for payment gave him bangalore card to him,and srinu sindhuri park guy,called jana,inspired chandra on yoga and this was unexpcted move again failed to handle ramoji.some net prints had again and paid rs 40/-.why was new opticals were giving head ache??
sudden trigger of the victory(sudarshan reddy) led to no calls in the evening.
bhumana fm ad:maanaveya viluvalaku pattam kattandi.
days ads:1.royala seema 50 netaji road.2,sai diabetes opp khazana,3.Exibition,4,chandana.5.Jp jewellery,6.sri venkatesa motors renigunta.7.venkateswara enterprises,8.TIME 146 prakasam. also to post yesterday ads also.
And finally some insecurity was looming at for not getting any cash bhoni for the day.linked in is very huge site and freefind count spider all my sites was another dis satis faction for the day.surprisingly ankama rao brother took one lamination unexpectedly and i met him.

falied to buy jankanam,home,setting keywords to tirupatihelpline blog,t shirt,computerram work,
whats are current problems on hand and how to overcome them to note.
Call from bjp guy chandu..and avoided totally.but unexpected shock from venkatesh at evening noted.managed to buy tablets.spidedered prarapa,tpthelpline.

tranferd 2 k to y2k,ready to go to market well in advance,thulasi met online,most of web prints abt tpthelplion hand.
calls did at market,vinayaka driving school,students xerox,shilpam (got)florists card recd,heavy back pain,wash did,pepe jeans (rates noted)unexpectedly kooja small water kunda purchased.posted 4 mailers satish,sivanna.

To see wether expecrienced politiciawill win or new comers??.timing failed to wish that mobiles kukuma,Muggu,sticker purchased.corn sandwitch had due to energy failed.flotist card also took.survet at balaji colony did.most of the scannings loaded at net.paid 100 to global park.

Most promising thing of the day is google has listed out all my blog so fat??. at night ppl beside head night mynaa payment got.munawwer was hapily telling some thing.?? read how to be aspy at net.

swarnachampa,idea,tataindicam,airtel,guestline days,ultratech,kirloskar,grandworld,pothys,sakshilic,pjain,damro,krishnateja,aircell,metlife,divinity,,vasan eye,shakti cement,bsnl,oxemburg,satoor,krishna reddy sri chaitanya,bharat samam samaj,samsung,larity opticals,pepsi,sbi life,hat muni ratnam chetty,max new ork,TDP party ads,ashikainsence.comcan college,virginmobile,masca movie,sipaisubra (style of promotion)lovelyfashions block,bachpan school.

SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2009

sunday 12 th april post

Unexpected thing of the day is Most of Tirupati hoardings surbey did.
Morning participated in prarapa and met that guy old rep at nellore(ramesh) and few others met gave 500 to jana and total day got hayware as i failed to manage only few things for the day.Received 100 new visitng cards for vetuku press.created new mailer for veduku at waiting for prarapa rally and avoided free lunch.

Unable to read the news papers at home met mom and discussed few things manged to pay pending bills at cafe and that scan of vedeo loaded.failure at victory ? in 2 took 45 minutes to read eeenadu alone.some how managed yet another cool day.managed few cloths wash.purce cleaning did at home.

set alight failure legs problem and loneliness continued in evening.water droplets disturabance and no blanket also disturbed.poor narial failure ?
at room many things kept at boz and organised.surprisingly movie was changed at srinivasa theatre.failed to call m p contestant vara prasad.

tpt hit list
2.big c
3.political leaders,
4.big hotels,
6.govt employees thry news paper.
7.private advertisers.(mega mart)
8. darshan arragement chances.
9.sinduri park,
10.time,excell,restaurants(andhra spice) dealers,caterers,kalyana manadapams,hardware,
12.schools,colleges,coaching centres,
14.electronis,fashion,hardwares,hospitals and doctors,

Good walking rush at that park to carry buiscuits to feed home moms care check secretion for the day it was disturbibg in morning at home and park??some how unexpecdly very cool day??many new things have merged for the day.Raunaq enterprises,mahaveer rs 4000/- in the very final time new hope thry that and 100 from that vedeo shop guy but pressure seen met Srivari divine palace, and problems at Sindhuri payment,Myna.research of top daily ads at morning now data on hand.
days flash target only very established ppl and rich politicians.

keep a cartoon at blog.Daya big ads in news papers...megamart,tmc,big c,reliance,nathella,Khazana,Joy alukkas,sriram life,niit,
most important thing of the day is seen that english movie and now iam a keep pictures of Rahul,yeturi,ys jagan,sonia etc.
seen that narada 6000 phone numbers many scans loaded to net paid rs 100/- still to pay to cyber cafe.mor to home got up very early purchased all news papers.

eve met color xerox guy and gave him rupees 100/- for vdk cards.
evening unexpected problems seen with jana,Murali,venkatesh.gave 100 to murali.
mainly dress effect block "sanyasi".
New puja develpments at office.whats the power of any individual in any party?
failed to transfer bangalore room money.

After missing chandra for yaga i went to have tea and chandra called and i follwed him to his yoga followed by his home visit in between we had walk at Ginat construction of mahati and watchmans head ache seen at auditorium chandras speech and his wifes word powers seen played with chandras 2nd daughter usage of medical terminology helped.
(count,anticlockwise,lobules,99% health care,gold and dress effects.

To janas home and veduku banners developed including sindhuri park banner,very late to field work but still managed to meet fashion jewellery,Ele software,seena of aristo met his number,94903-58760,Ref sabco Subbarao,Tilor lady, sk xerox, od CADD,manju foods,i news exposure, (at jana home tpyp color ads written.....hotel grand,airtel,fun food,lanaya frames,MG bros,Krishna teja,sai ram motors,neha auto,smile dental,balaji timbers,iiht,SR gym).
marg followup did,Mor Yogi tie up with anakama raos help.

9th april days effects

managed to buy oil chandanam,hindu news paper,seen vaartha coverage of events,4 more postal mailers sent to nellore,got 2k order from sindhuri park after a long wait,to home and lot of discussions with mom,morning booked 600/- new orders with this total orders for the day have mounted to 2600/-sent dress 4 pressing,thulasi continued to miss connie but asked to break silence,new hat purchased,developed blog further,gave new things for scanning,Sipayi subramanyam profile got,another friend murali( rami reddy pic got)mor at ttd ad buildings 2 ppl heavy chat noted and my insecurity noted.Given old eye glass frame to be repaired with new lenses.searched for goel bangalore dint find address at net.few more things also managed to wash with plain water.managed to call vara prasad mp contestant and got result to be followed up this.

New body sprayer also misbehavior seen jana met chat at krishna complex,Mynaa,and cd shop booked,leg bone pains alarming problem,called chandra,siva,Anand and noted results.ele software entry pooja room siver effect to be on body.dress should kill.

Filed to attend bangalore room rent issue,and t sirt buying issue,at victory tv children songs enjoyed.blogs further developed.failed to cut paste that news papers work totally due to no people at hand.byke stand work also failed kvr visting cards work also failed.

days morning calls down cloth exebition,xerox,unilever,wall poster,mynaa,acer,sipayi,flashes during calls also developed,of 3 stages 3 ads,to think as what to print for vetuku news print,sudden energy failure,brushed morning idli and puri mess open special file 4 new vetuku issue,whats my april income target? to spider prarapa to freefind,home can be utylised for news papers target,derby mumbai sunday.

8th april posting and analysis

falied to do morning puja,unexpected thing at sindhuri park hotel both n.v.prasad and Chadalavada met there.Sridhar also met at quite unexpectedly at opp bliss bar.

now what i have managed today washed clothes and lenin..manged against sun to read 4 news papers..failed to sleep at after noon bouncer at that lady but watchman managed.most of the handwritg scannings analysed..what has happed to thosemuslim guy at morning?.

ramojis new plan noted..forvara prasad..i need a personal secretary...immediately now..4 scannings had at global park..some confidence gained...faced to handle hdfc..quite unexpectedly...mor 2 orders got oticals..and new refregiration but due to dta got that..whats is trichur....?

Tirupatihelpline blog further developed...Managed washing at 500/- orders booked.met lovey fashions..mor byke failure at University area noted..web orders are coming now...iam krishnam rajus profile loaded on blog...somehow failed to do calls at market. mine solve that...that big add of andhra spice regarding anniversary to be analysed record minute results from now as who helped whom??
todays knowledge thru papers is tirupati voters are only 2,33,476 voters. is alread blocked by someone from vizag??

7th april post

Many chnages seen for the day.. to Hill area 1 hour rest had there..gopala swamy election commisinor police bundobast seen. booked Samsung digital plaza web page. scanned 6 news papers met mom and gopal and had tiffen at home arial survey and gopals change seen.yesterdays 48 ways knowledge utilised today thru "rafi" and jana and ramoji..( avoided ramoji and dictated jana)unexpectedly met sahai computers nice responce got.met munawwer new things noted.purchased rin powder and lux sent clothes.thru folloups got water can to office.many adverticements thru news papers seen and attacked few of them.gave leaflets to few shops posted mailer worked for Samsung.met Chandana brothers also noted main person to be met.Tennis ball to be replaced at home.

As per planning managed to do market calls and was succeful in few but surpassed the target but still to improve.met aquarium guy called him and met him.gandhi suddenly called and had chat with him but still head ache continued.

infoworld shop seen and tried there and arial survey of other shops also seen.
morning balaji of multimedia met and some confidence got.survey at central park continued.
At evening head ache still continued from ramoji he asked me to followup realtor.
Luckys blank call and new head ache at bar and driving comment also new things.

Golden plaza owner is chirus fan and he was not available,saloon guy was un happy at central park wished srivari,balaji at Multi media was promising,amanged to take 25 xeox at sin inn,stappler problem to overcome,manged to send rafi new guy to renigunta,at chanda saree shop majjiga effect had.asked shabarish to followup rajesh

managed another 10 mailers to nellore Aneesh ads clients of nellore,with the help of Murali to Sindhuri Park got commitment for wed day there i failed without pen.

Morning met House owner and paid rent seen real problems.her son producer of chandra has and her family details also noted.met Anand and his commitment got and Siva commitment got and managed to pay dues to Global park.

Days biggest develeopment is reading 48 ways to power(posted important points seperately) and noted tremendous points and also attended Conference of money making i found i need to concentrate in awakening a giant in improve networking skills.
Thulasi continued to miss.another new thing found is not telling venkatesh.Big bouncer seen at nainar shop.met bhanu prakash reddy of BJP asked his Bio Data wished him too and met kattula on the way.also analysed where i failed to aniticipate a problem.Bouncer at office to dry clothes.Much of the time spent in Meeting house owner call from Vishwashakti Tirupatis first integrated township.
tremendous responce to Mk nellore noted great plan.

that money conference also gave many insights.Gandhis non cooperation still continued.Much of Muralis headache need to be faced even for the day.thats how the day has passed with so many new twistes turns.

48 laws of power

To succeed in life, you need to impress

have a clear goal in their life: Avoid Wrong selection of honest:

Do Not Commit to Anyone, be independant.
Learn how to use Enemies:
Win through your Actions, Never through Argument

Much of success is about knowing how to anticipate problems:

Crush your Enemy Totally (back biting may be applied here)
Wait a decade,Concentrate on the future,Master the Art of Timing :

Take the initiative in establishing new relationships
Give away lots of little gifts

Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Conceal your Intentions 
Concentrate Your Forces

Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor
Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability

Use the Surrender Tactic: Transform Weakness into Power
Always Say Less than Necessary:Get others to do the Work for you, but Always Take the Credit;

Learn to Keep People Dependent on You:When Asking for Help, Appeal to People's Self-Interest, Never to their Mercy or Gratitude
Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy
Play to People's Fantasies
Despise the Free Lunch
Work on the Hearts and Minds of Others
Never appear Perfect

5 th April

Praja rajyam top leaders look to be trobling chiranjeevi. 4 news papers of sunday scanned at room.manged few more things for the day Called Venky and and jana to Vishwashanti new hope noted but unexpected disturbance of btypassing noted there.few new points developed for salaried people and for old age settlers.managed to post blog at room.scanned images posted at most of candidates of 3 parties.hutch cell problem started.Mor gnadhi met sarcasm seen.

Night shoutings of watman.messaged thulasi about idol.deleted ids of syam,naani,edn.connie met.

april 4 th posting

Morning bouncer at Koneti katta then to Alipiri area.Chiranjeevis day at Tirupati huge crowds seen.things totally drfted out today with janas call.heavy heat suffered.analysed growth for last many days thru blog.

With janardhans help few things of web developed at net.including nt link failure work ftp and veduku tirupati help line.jana extra call effect noted.rally dyanmics seen.Shabarish byke effects.someones heroics at victory.managed to paste stamps at office bhavanis guidance also noted.

Now to quickly increase and plan more direct attacks. to develop risk taking attitude.some new leaders color ad at jyothy seen.

Bhavani 99850-90178

April 4 th post

To check wether my earliar leaflet of can help now or not.ask Sivanna and satish to help for idols biz.mor bouncer at koneti katta with secirity guarad that led to Alipiri visit.good rush seen.To infiltrate now.malli met at do some network on chiru.

In politics filing nominations work is going on everywhere for all politacal parties.Prajarajyam annouced 5th list Vasudeva reddy chinna for mdanpalli and d.k.srinivas M.P seat for rajampet (d.k audikeshavulu naidus son) got seats.

Many unexpected things have happend today.Meeting Krishna comples owner suddenly,meeting sridhar at govindarajula temple seen his pictures,managed 22 mailers surprising holiday of post office.thulasi missed evening i met Sai Nirmala doctor and good responce noted dogs etc seen.Also participated in Praja rajyam campaining programme at d type TTD quarters seen Dr pasupuleti campaining very dynamically.manged to scan most of dailies at room.Unable to bear heat at after noon and hunger???

Money power of Bhuman karunakar reddy information got.Still no answer to bleeding of pocket but still my fight is on.surprisingly jana and murali and Venkatesh have joined at victory.Most of the names of chittor dist leaders known.Blog further developed at room.Received rubber stamp from that guy change problem??top advertisers of tirupati upto 100 listed out at room in the morning gained confidence to some what surprisingly at net at mercy enjoyed.Calls have continued from marketing people eenadu guys followup noted.
After 6 pm heat was controlled.Sampoorna family restaurant Prakasam road address Lot of data of phone numbers at kaliyuga narada seen.still google adsence is pending is irritating me most.List of leaflets posted so far has reached to a 92 count so far but no responce yet is not convincing??murali was asking abt marg followup.thats how day ended.
Failed to handle Naresh call for money.

Read article about social networking on youtube,myspace and other one.missed that meeting of money at kalyan hotel.

2 nd april post

managed to send Chandra to venkatesh.Manged supply of lamination.managed 10 more mailers.No news from thulasi.7 news papers for the day read,again new problem at home noted.Manged to attend Prarapa meeting.Again new development at home for room.manged to wash 3 pairs.logged up with Venkatesh but successful with experience.failed to post blog manged it in night wished many thru messages.Vamsi met at chat.Surendra from hyd called and his guidance also noted.
watchmans family rush to My room for that birth day names??.New people got introduced at Kotha street.Byke petrol problem noted.
Gave janardhan book and pen.Murali vanished at evening triggered unhappyness.

At news papers Pic s effect(to show that they had supported chairanjeevi) noted and accordingly had Pics coverage at canvassing programme.
2 new buiscuits pockets.Huge rally of Bhumana karunakar reddy.Eenaadu total against of Congress.Bramha reddy responce from nellore for Eenadu ad gave happiness.Eenadu guy shown bangalore ad.for the first time vararasad m.p contestant for tirupati seen canvassing.

Nice jolt of eenadu with April news Joke.whats that New sence of Pilgrims at Koneti katta??.At last tie ups are successful for TDP with TRS.Much of the waiting at home but atlast got ok nod.Muralis payments at home got settled.Byke parking problem at tea shop.#0 xerox and new stamps managed.Phone to Y2k from home.Call from naresh.New unexpected headache from Syams call.

MOstly time is idling...with me...i need to terget minimum 5000 crore pathis in india may be they are political people thats new flash for the day.Morning to home.

No one can cover all news of world.morning new bouncer at dr sipayi subramanyam.managed few with thulasi too.manged Ennadu ad with ads guy.vetuku paper plan.called Pawar,Seenaiah,saveer,.Making a book of prarapa.With jana had pic of MP aspirant.