Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017

31st  Jan Tuesday 2017 waited at Munawwer shop;
9.Met color lab;
10.Photo studio;
(12. activated sai krishna enterprises;
1.shri pavan;
2.tried for rock gym;
3.Met JAGOOriders;
4.good whatsapp chat with murali and ash;
6.Cemical shop laminations;

31st Jan Tuesday 2017

waited at Munawwer shop;
9.Met color lab;
10.Photo studio;
(12. activated sai krishna enterprises;

1.shri pavan;
2.tried for rock gym;
3.Met JAGOOriders;
4.good whatsapp chat with murali and ash;
6.Cemical shop laminations;

30th jan Monday 2017

2 closings; 7  field calls( Super market; pagadala opticals; baba Mobiles; Rubber stamps;
Colour lab; Colour Lab; Air coolers; laptop topup;
; 2 phone clls;( Mr ads; balaji Km;)

29th Jan Sunday 2017

Fish and Prawn shopping did; anjus ht and whats app chat; Titanic lyrics;

Continue addresss work at home;
Arrnage chicken;
Complete content pls;

28th sat jan 2017

Morning address work did at home;Searched for postal stamps at morning in vain; Called madhu; Closed super market anyway; Took flex and fixed at office finally; devi foods payout got;

27th Jan friday 2017

Activated ambulence;

Attended Gtas dentist;
payout got from ambulance took pics;
Met Sports;
Super market;
Took vetuku binding not upto mark;
Followup of Flex did;
Car wash guy;
Took cafe addresses prints;
Loaded some pics of whats app;
Some more of jdvf ambulance loaded;

27th jan 2017

Activated laxmi vallabha;
postal list added;
Dw pic loaded and sent msg;
odonil volini;
Meet Kitchen concept;
postal address prints from cafe;
Byke mudgard; and mirror work;
Bindng; Flex work
calls riders;
Ambulence payout; Meet devi foods;
ads to keep
sravanthi florist;
Balaji k m;9ph number pls;)
Raaj Documentation;
sri krishna ent;

26th Jan thursday 2017; Republic day

68th republic day;
Lot many things happend: Unexpected;
Hima vilayam; kavaatu; sakataalu; Gaurava vandanam;

1.Veh engine oil changed;
2.Byke seat cover changed;
3.Met Munawwer; another article;
4.March fast;
5.Recd Ambulence code activated it got another closing;
6. UAE yuvraj;
7. whatsapp parampara continued;
8.Veh washing got done;
9. Met kamalakar; no use;
10.Gave vetuku for Binding and also for Vetuku flex printing;
12. Sakshi;jyothi; The hindu scanned;
13.Met Gopal Mobiles;
14.Called Seenaiah; NRN;
15.Rajani gandha;
16.Filing did at office;
17.Rim top up;
18.whatsapp pics sent to gta;
19.Luckey closing of Ambulence;
20.Veh starter work got done;
21. Republic day Tag pic sent to group;

27th Jan Friday 2017

27th Jan Friday 2017
Big calls pls;
address work;
Byke mirror; mudgard work;
Amavasya day:

payout of ambulence;

26th Jan 2017

TAKE Roshini car pick
Republic day;tweet;
content tpt smart city;
get amabulence code;
Byke self starter work;
Byke wash; byke tank  cover;

25th Jan 2017 Wedday;

Morning Devi foods code activated; Pending blogs posted; Seen Jyothi over night sleep disturbance; Balaji Kitchen concept visited;Met Sai Krishna  Ent; balaji concept lady; Pavan replied; Call recd from NRN;jagooriders blocked;Adsense payout recd;  Called TNR 3 days; DW replied; 

Fakhri code recd and payout loaded entry;  Ambulence guy also got their code; recd hemadri code took pic; Met gas cylynder guy; Seen jyothi; Called Mr ads?
met munawwer;

Slept in afternoon;

25 emails collected;

24th JAN TUESDAY 2017

Started to Nellore and used autos to give RO copy to municipality; Seenaiah guidance; Met Port guys also; Returned by night and headache at home;
Met Eat and treets; Night sleep disturbance and stomach trouble;

23rd jan monday2017

1.Called water guy and by evening success had
2.Dinesh lady
3.Ceramics choudhry;
4.Nursery man
5.Tyres guy;
6.Konaseema ruchulu;
7.Electricals boy;
8.Call from nlr municipality
9.10.SMS sent to Mr ads; Dw;
Murali joke;
Pavan met at night;

23rd jan Monday 2017

100; Catch Big Fish;
More Calls;Jyothi Ad pls;
Gagana beauty;
Is mahal sounds
5 ph calls pls;

Mr ads;

Jana; Pavan; 

Ruchi curries corner 
D W; 
May get codes;
Razor to buy;
Add shanmugam fishes to feb content;
Feb issue content work pls;
Meet Balaji Ent;
Woks wagen;
Godavari Ruchulu; Try
Movie zone;

22sunday jan 2017

Million dollar Movies; Yashoda hospital coverage;

2 g plus codes activated; kitchen and drving schools;

Again fish shop saved; Purcheeded things;ased few n
Met munawwer;

21st jan Saturday 2017

Catch top clients; 

Night work fetched 2 closings did 12 calls;
6.Water payout;
Morning met nitin krishna; DW;
phone calls devi foods and Florist; wwter gut failed;

20th jan friday 2017

Lot of Data editing work from home of addresses; Call from Fakhri madam surprising;Search attempt for Artjoy; 2 water guys and one commitment got; 7 entries of fresh data posted from cafe; prints took from cafe and analysed data again; crossed indulgence again; No replys to sms to Dw and Mrads? good voice clipping from Dhanraj; Tyres guys hope emerged; leaflets distributed to chimneys; sro fetched; found Hema interior; met Gym;

Night return journey to home horror of petrol;

20th Jan Friday 2017

Kajal Agarwal

Gplus activated for sai krishna; vihartours reserved;

Retried some of not listed addresses and jd addresses; tweeted ;posted pending blog;
Buy stamps; 20;

sms alerts;

DW sullurprt;
Mr Ads;
Ruchi curries;
Shilpi Venkatesh;
Field calls;
1.Water guy;
2.Godavari ruchulu;
5.Mosha lights;
6.Nitin krishna
7.Movie zone
9.Super Tyres
10.ganesh mobiles;

check addresses of hema interiors; PJS;

Take prints from cafe;
Retrieve JD address data;
Feb content work;

19th january thursday 2017

Morning reorganised jd data further; buiscuits gone;

Fields calls; 

1.Ganagaram; Paper;

2.Sri sai ads staff; peper and leaflet;
3.Sai krishna Ent closed for 3 months;
6.Ramana tailors; Vempalli ;1 plus one;  Estd;2000
7.Bhavani paid;
9. prints took from cafe data analysed;
10.Met munawwer; To reduce rate; jd sink;

Mobile Repair got; Contributed to home; Expectations at home;

Night history chanel collectives episode seen;

18th wed day jan 2017

Morning spent lont time in retrieving jd listings of tpt stunning data;Acivated  g plus of Abulence and Hemadri mobiles; Updated Blog; Mobile charging head ache beagn;Maintain Energy levels pls; S R Subba reddy gave cheque and had nice chat had some small heckup to drop cheque; lokesh gift shop guy renued also gave info about other hotels; Nrt vardhanti day; met GDS and gave paper;
Morning calls malli hair cut; Best stills;

Flash?Established shops are giving ads Ex Abhee car?

Night met Aatidyam and Andhra Spice; Night dull looks; Work from cafe is speedy;

34 k   to get from field from 15 clients;
Try Big;

17th Jan tuesday 2017

Maintain Energy levels pls;
34 k   to get from field from 15 clients;
Try Big;

Suffered the day out with leg pains;Brought Insulin for Gta at night; Pavan met at night; night meeting ayyappa driving school saved;Met Naga sai in morning and Kavya kala have failed; Closed Ambulence in morning;Long  whatsup chat with munawwer; and finally expelled from indian media; Continued indulgence; blasted on Pavan and Chinna had positive reply;

16th Jan 2017 Monday

Big closings please;
More clients more calls pls;
Opticals payout;
Left home with disturbance;
Filing did at office  and paid rent some confusion there;
Used the phone to call sar sai but couldnt keep appointment;   Sullupet DW responded anyway;Closed one client for the day; Distributed 5 copies of vetuku; nadidu DW paper sttement;
Mr ads failed again; met Bhavani had his commitment;
bad comment on my age by Vada guy; Met munawwer and had his tip of covering nearby and new Business hope;
Took prints from cafe and analysed data at night but indulgence crossed;
Had whatsapp chat response form all; Some more data collected from field;
Yes nod had from mobiles guy;

15th jan 2017

Kanuma day;  Luckey payout at fishes saved the day;
Keep Ganesha Electricals add again; Called Chinna and Balaji;  Entire day spent time in organising tirupati dates work from home;

14th jan 2016

More entries only can save

Sankranthi day tweeted; Had whatsapp chat with friends; Purchased 2 more dailies sakshi and jyothi and scanned them all;
Old friend Jayram Reddy called in night; Dosage crossed; Data collection work continued despite festival; Posted some data in morning and again in night to the blog; Lot of eenadu ads seen in morning and updated them in entries list;

Kanuma day 15th Jan 2017 sunday

Next move; Team is must;Ambush to continue;
Take up postal list work
Income please;
No noon else dares;
archana travels; 
Save eenadu ads;
papers left on hand;
paper distribution work to continue;
Money pls and consolidate;

14th Jan saturday 2017

Sankranthi day!;

Jayram Reddy s call at night later  janas chat;
Kept byke out side  whats app msgs sent; mamas call received;
Next move; Team is must;
Ambush to continue;
Take up postal list work
Income please;
No noon else dares;
archana travels; 
Save eenadu ads;
papers left on hand;
paper distribution work to continue;

13th Jan 2017

Bhogi day lot of mssages recd; activated devi  foods g plus;

Morning dates work of Tirupati hyderabad continued; on gtas pressure visited karnala street and came back tired; day gone without field work; tweeted; night hair color; mama called and had chat with sai husband;

12 th jan 2017; thursday;

Release of gathami puta satakarni movie;

Old news papers sold out; Chinna replied; Updated few things at morning;

Met SSR reddy and near by shops and gave paper; Success at fast foods;
Sri sai ads address found finally;  met fishes; data collected and posted to existing entries;


11th Jan Tuesday; 2017

launch of khaidi no 150;

Next move;

Take up postal list work
Team is must;Ambush to continue;
Income please;
No noon else dares;
archana travels; 
Save eenadu ads;
papers left on hand;
paper distribution work to continue;

3 g top up did; florist and nadini said ok;

Net prints pls;
Meet sri sai and sri lekha;
continued dates work;
Data collection work continued;
other calls for the day are;
ramana tailors;Body freezer; Call from caterer naga Sai;
Kunkuma saree; Hotel

10th Jan Tuesday 2017

Tpt  and nellore dates work continued throught the day; srisaiads t id saved;

Posted Rajugari ruchulu and D w sullurpet;
Very late to field work; Field calls; Tiles shop gave paper to Aachari boys;  D W 4 papers distributed; 2 kg onion plus soup powders; Insulin syringes purchased;
Met govind reddy again tuesday effect;met sr lady ;
Data collected again  from field and also updated; Few new faces got  introduced;
Call from Sivathandavam guy; 3 g evoporated from cell;

Ashwins tips had;

9th jan 2017 monday

Next move
Team is must;Ambush to continue;
Income please;
No noon else dares;archana travels; 
Save eenadu ads;
papers left on hand;
paper distribution work to continue;

Days record; Ambica Tile zone ranking no1;
Nellore dates  and tpt dates work continued;
jan 2017 income and expenses analysed; Vetuku name flexes are missing at office? New note book puchased;Data collected from field; Call recd from sullurpet DW;

Tried ssr; Fishes; and Opticals payouts in vain; raju gari ruchulu closed;

night jana met ad took printouts of dates work from cafe;


8th jan Monday 2017

Mukkoti Ekadasi 

Mukkoti Ekadasi day!

Collected some more data from field while going for coffee;

Had hair cut with NRN; Madhu and Ramanathan met at Coffee shop; Scanned the Hindu and eenadu Bala krishnas  gauthami putra shaatakarni writeup alltheway Hyke market value 9500;Days papers; Nedurumalli Rama Kumar Reddys birth day; Tpt Hospital ad in Nellore Eenadu; 
NRN left unexpected; Raju help for hot water and tiffen;

With seenaiah to Chocolate room (200  outlets) Gave Krishna patnam port bill and Vetuku copy to Basha; Attended Kalyana masthu shopping mall launch pics took exposure had: Seen heavy rush at Magunta temple Mukkoti Ekadasi  day; Exposure of launch had arguments with Seenaiah; 

Worst experience on going to bus stand  auto guys attitude chiranjeevis  khaidi no150 fan rally march totally unexpected:

Travelled back to tpt anyway;

posted 3 days blog posts;

Kollu ravindra; vikrayam;

7th Jan saturday 2017

Arguments with Old man at abdulla cafe for morning coffee; Morning Ramnatahn and madhu met; Fitting reply to pavan; Lot of things managed at Nellore even without byke; First being submitted bill to municipality; Had lot of whatsaap chat with friends; Surprise Nrn met with him Got  fresh diclaration copies from RDO later had  lunch at Ganesh mess; costly auto charges; Submitted vetuku file to APRO ph number took: 

Stunning Whisky info by ash;

Distributed Vetuku to few more ppl 1.Sigma; 2.Pradeep agencies; 3.Post office holiday? 4. Saloon; 5.Ravi pan dabba; 6.Suresh paper vendor ; 7.madhavaiah guy; 8. florist; 9. chinnies; 10. subramanyam; 11.Space age; 12.Srirama opticals; 13; lovely Plastics recd by post; 14.Medical shop;

Suresh paper vendor near Ramya fast foods; wakled to lodge from post office; Recd Krishnapatnam reprint; Purchased Nellore Express;

Night Lic Sudhakar Reddy met and Babu Rao also connected;

Chinna connected and some death news;???

6th jan Friday 2017

Decided to go to nellore by bus this time and that move has fetched; Boarded bus and reached nellore by 3 pm took room; Took prints to lodge by auto later with the help of Raju lodge boy posted 152 copies new guys exposure ; Paid Seenaiah and printer new boys there; 

Whatsapp chat and blessings to Murali daughter; Gave copy to globe watch; Took january issue on pen drive from Rambabu;

initiated k patnam port copies; Luckey fetching at SRO sambaiahs skipper; Purchased Telugu velugu; No noon else dares; Hyd nuttydelite guy called a new hope; Hyper hunger levels in afternoon after reaching had dosa;
During travel to nellore written some data;
missed sainathan non the way;

5th jan thursday 2016

Team is must;Ambush to continue;
Income please;
No noon else dares;
paper distribution work to continue;

Days payouts; and Calls;
Enq at Rly station;
ramana tailors;
From  home;
coh ;
edit and post images for mrds;
Tpr dates of 5 categories;
Nlr dates left over work;
save telanga eads;
post yesterdays blog;

Buy Insulin; Domatera; dosapindi;

At office;
see papers;
naga sai;

ph calls; 

nlr paints;
sri nandini;

4th jan 2017 wedday

Good day:
Morning took long time and posted nellore shops dates work later saved entire andhra districts jan first ads;s to Activated plastics; chat with gta; seen g plus list on hand ok;   Sent Birth day greetings to RKN recd return msg;Payouts from Caterer and mumnaweer received; Distributd papers to some of important people like Sri sai electricals; Noor furniture; balaji Metals; frames guy; Dhyana sai;
Morning very late to field work; met nadini; At meetup place met loka took his number;
TTD diary sold out;
Night last 3 days work nalysed; so far 50 copies at tirupati distributed;

wishes to RKN: 
Call pai
Subba reddy code;


3rd jan 2016 Tuesday

Activated suresh tailors g plus;Posted blog; Anjali vedeo seen and loaded to youtube; long discussion; afternoon disturbance of calls so swiched off the cell; Long chat with Munawwer (tip take post dated cheque);

Night prints took from cafe;Buy N save objection noted;Fishes Tuesday effect; gave paper to camera and Mr ads; gave paper to a/c guy; night lof of calculations on collections did;

 Call paints; Plastics; poli reddy subba reddy for g plus codes;


2nd jan 2017

Started by byke to tpt early and reached safe;  Despite  byke travel  stress managed good work  at Tirupati; Things began to change very swiftly; Distributed almost 30 copies of jan 2017  issue; 

70% of work finished  at Tpt; paid office rent; addresses list prints took at night from cafe; Few mistakes found at paper;  Managed to deposit cheque;
Science congress and heavy bandobast seen on roads;

Suresh tailors g plus code received;

Pavans fathers death news;

1.Stock p;

4.Balaji k M;
6.Subba Reddy diary and calender;icals;
7.Andhra surg
8.Ganesha electricals;
11.Eshwer Opticals;
12.Bhavani opticals;
13.Medical shop;
14.Sugicals babji;
16. ram mohan reddy; and rao; vanamali;
17. nainar gopi chand;

1 st jan 2017

At nellore; morning Chinna book and sakshi calender got; Recd paper copies by night so forced to stay at Nellore money crunch; After noon roamed around to find  newly launched hotel address;  Lunch at mess;seenaiah help was immence; lot of work at printer seen; Ad of port not clear; gave papers to sashi dropped 1 copy  vardhamana sangham;