Sunday, January 08, 2017

7th Jan saturday 2017

Arguments with Old man at abdulla cafe for morning coffee; Morning Ramnatahn and madhu met; Fitting reply to pavan; Lot of things managed at Nellore even without byke; First being submitted bill to municipality; Had lot of whatsaap chat with friends; Surprise Nrn met with him Got  fresh diclaration copies from RDO later had  lunch at Ganesh mess; costly auto charges; Submitted vetuku file to APRO ph number took: 

Stunning Whisky info by ash;

Distributed Vetuku to few more ppl 1.Sigma; 2.Pradeep agencies; 3.Post office holiday? 4. Saloon; 5.Ravi pan dabba; 6.Suresh paper vendor ; 7.madhavaiah guy; 8. florist; 9. chinnies; 10. subramanyam; 11.Space age; 12.Srirama opticals; 13; lovely Plastics recd by post; 14.Medical shop;

Suresh paper vendor near Ramya fast foods; wakled to lodge from post office; Recd Krishnapatnam reprint; Purchased Nellore Express;

Night Lic Sudhakar Reddy met and Babu Rao also connected;
Chinna connected and some death news;???

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