Tuesday, January 17, 2017

18th wed day jan 2017

Morning spent lont time in retrieving jd listings of tpt stunning data;Acivated  g plus of Abulence and Hemadri mobiles; Updated Blog; Mobile charging head ache beagn;Maintain Energy levels pls; S R Subba reddy gave cheque and had nice chat had some small heckup to drop cheque; lokesh gift shop guy renued also gave info about other hotels; Nrt vardhanti day; met GDS and gave paper;
Morning calls malli hair cut; Best stills;

Flash?Established shops are giving ads Ex Abhee car?

Night met Aatidyam and Andhra Spice; Night dull looks; Work from cafe is speedy;

34 k   to get from field from 15 clients;
Try Big;

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