Monday, September 02, 2019

Sept 2019

1st Sept 2019; Satday;

Thanks for coming my blog enjoy this music

Gta busy in creation Ganesh chaviti greetings 20 of them managed

2nd Sept Sunday 2019

GTA continued Ganesha greetings good respinse had frim most of them that's a new achievenent: At Rx also gelding first run prince Suleiman won that's good sign again for the day;

Fine tuned Twitter handles in hand;

Night uma met; Seenaiah called;

3rd sept Tuesday 2019;

Uma sent money; Gta transfered 1k to Jana  so i could transfer to Jana for NT renewal so big hurdle crossed quite surprisingly;

New Bharat google activated by evening it started showing in maps good work; Dropped Gta abut arguments contd; tweeted and added followers for twitter projects Rajesh soni sent content for twitter;

Depression due to hair cut and no Dish tv:

10 call Average maintained;
Clients Twitter presense further improved;
Final assault list of twitter ids segregated;
Lot of bigger brands launchings years saved;
Met Adhoka markeging;
Good data from field collected;
Called Dimmy prasad ;

4th Sept wed 2019

Morning mag sent msg to jana; 
Called Edigi Sreeni;
Called Suresh vja;
Msg sent to Supreme adhok Reddy;

Managed park visit;

Big advantage if the day is knowing daily posts charges of social media guys;

Many more big brands launching dates retrieved; info; one new Review from Rajaih book shop;
Pressure at home for maid money;
Top world logos seen; 
15 t ids  on hand work slightly progressed;

Groundnut oil  smell headache;

Worked did 8 calls  and 20 data collected and analysis did later;

Paid dust bin charges;

No Eenadu paper?
Dw kachiguda payout saved;
8 calls but nohoper;
Sent msg to Balaji Bajrang;
Anil EV R;
Called Seenaiah;

5th Sept wedday 2019;

Adwords for website designers can take away entire biz related;
Memorise spokes like a pujari;
Manufacturers list ased google;
Sri Darshini closed Vamshi and activated Google blog post posted.
5  field calls and 37 messages sent some have seen but replied;

Hope from GJRchawal has 8 branches;

Ph call to mithai guy hopeful;
Sredevi Sarees hopeful;
40 domain launching dates retrieved limits problems noted;

10 of Twitter handles contact addresses retrieved and sent mails;

Tweeted for all projects;

Instaposts sent for all projects on hand;
Edited and trimmed Digital marketing content  mailer again;

6th Sept Friday 2019;

With Gra Ganesha immertion did and seen Kharatabad Ganesha long walk;
No field work;
T ids contact details work progressed from home;
5 of expired domains content saved;janardhan replied; 
Suneetha called and son for Koti news;

7th Sept Sat day 2019;

Very good hopes generated by ph calls;
Tention at home due to finance;
1.Dr J P Reddy said Ok; to plan visiting nlr soon;
2.EVR Anil ok; Monday;
3. Pragati Sreeshine said ok for Monday; thanks to followup;
4.Called Ashok Reddy Supreme; Ok;
5.Seenaiah called; Surprise response;
6.Pootha rekulu guy; sent pics;
7. followup did with Prasad Dimmy;
8. Jana renued domain name; 20th year;
9. called dosa Delight guy; 8AM;
10. Called Nagraj Sr friegnt;
11.Sudhakar pipes; 
email and WhatsApp  mssge sent  pragati resorts;
12. Suresh called back; new hope;
13. Called Shilpi bro Shanmuga;
14.Dolocious e com site
15.gruhini; new site info;
16. Tried to contact Ravi murali sanitary;
Tweets and insta msgs managed;

Read secret of success of ggl; fb; insta;

Purchased Rx Card; Wowhyd;
Sti nanduni fb I'd blocked;
1/8 of world population is with Fb;
Cross promote

8th Sunday sept 2019
With kishore party later chengaih joined then pdiams:

9th mo day 2019 Monday

Entire day sick due to vomiting  day gone; By evening to doctor ants ok;

10th Sept Tuesday  2019

Weakness contd  and throat pain stayed back at home:
Had erythromycin and pain killer for throat pain;
Chengaih called:
Seen Hyd results;
GTA shown logo of graphics;

11th Sept wed day 2019
Recovered from illness  worked in evening sreeshine payout got; Collected data from field; Back at home dish TV arranged;
Days new knowledge is instagrammers are shoppers:
Tweeted  for all projects and insta history of tweeting with  historic  keywords info known:
Sent mailer to Adhesives chandu, Asian carpets,nuttydelite;

Known more about Facebook and how to link profiles to google;
Puma,Nike,ashirvad launching dates known;
Twitter is for breaking news;

12th sept Thursday 2019;
Lot of work did from home even on "Ganesh Nimajjanam "day;
Tweeted for all projects  and sent insta posts;
Retrieved 10 travels entries;
Water trouble again??
Watched khairatabad nimajjanam on TV:
Purchased rx book; TelmaH and Syrynges;
20  plus website names retrieved;
To try Twitter ids on hand;

13 Sept Friday 2019;
No field work and no revenues a d related pressure ok anyway;
Keyword power of graphics known;
Geethagraphics was available.

Good day visited park and Meditation did:
Sudden unexpected turn of the day is Geetha graphics work spent some in creating Google maps activation, instagram I'd creation from laptop and logged in with my mobile this is new knowledge;
Also posted Twitter post and created Facebook id;

Not to edit google entry till till its verified;

Owners initiated water leakage repair work;

I  collected SBI bank cheque and ATM from bank:

GTA helped in creating  back cover for lifestylestores  and kept image for kajal back cover;
Kept hyd pri ters a d pragati logos to blog;

Posted new keywords for EVR  and checked pictures;
Laptop keyboard got changed;
Electric power bill paid:

Posted link of hyd printers to twitter:

Added few more domain name launching dates;

Another important task did for the day is Telugu translation of English content and forwarding it to many people; Edited English vertion also;

Watched Bigboss again;
Ganapathi nimajjanam return lorries boys
Kolahalam seen;
Lot of interaction at home and teamwork;
Purchased rx books felt it as too costly;
Enjoyed big Mirchi Bhajjis;

14 sept saturday 2019;

1.pragati facebook handle took;
2. tweeted for jsbabu; Vrk page set up did;
3.Ias  Institutes web sites  data retrieved;.
4.aitel topup did;
5. Morning found sendriyum office loacation;
6. sneha decors and indiamart and people must be appointed at different locationsl
7. mail sent to lifestyle; jsbabu;
8. sent link of mayurpan to twitter;
9. few more domain lanches retrived;
10. segrgated hopefuls on hand visiting cards;
11. pgaims manoj; shravan;
12. indiamart traffic rank 400 plus;
13. gta created pragati logo;

ph calls;
2.sredevi saree;
3. called kishore
4. called jai narayan;
5. called luckey ent; monday;

days idea and new knowledge;
identify ad spenders;
plan to have big team; big money for betting;

15th Sept Sunday 2019;
Good day but missed lunch;
Many new things known about Twitter stats
Top tweet of month; mentions; and Adhesives guys sabotage and related research continued;

Geetha graphics Google maps listing is visible and continued to improve social media stand;
Out side home repair works continued;
Ols songs enjoyed:
Missed 2 good pics prince Suleman, Intense stylist, at Pune rx but there were upsets too;
Boat accident;
Problems with kajal Twitter I'd tried 
To solve;
*#06# TO know imie number:

16th Sept Monday 2019
Day progressed very swiftly with developments;
Thanks WhatsApp msg to Balaji Bajrang Sunil he replied later got his project and by evening their projects are up with Twitter back co er and instaposts;
Bank Atm card work got done;
After coming to home after lunch worked in secunderanad; Met evr; Ram Narayan; 
Lyckey ent;
Soent good time with pragati; guided him; clubs info known; my spell checks:
Fb  privacy settings known;
Morning few more Twitter hit list work did and linked all Twitter projects to blogger;
Cost of Teachers whisky known;
Pulses are fed to home;

Update kept to kajal;
Pragati Ind

17th Sept Tuesday 2019;

Kept original logo to nuttydelite;
Lucky traders fb,Twitter us created and kept back covers;
Balaji Bajrang  t I'd problem emerged;
Diagnostics data retrieved;
Secbad collected data position on Google checked; Seen 2 videos about facebook;
Edited Pragati blog posting; 
New things learnt at Twitter RT and @ posts;
Call from Chandragiri recd;
TRJewellers creative logo seen;
Jayram Reddy call recd

18th wed day Sept 2019;
SruDarshini insta I'd and pragathiindustries t I'd  Work completed;
Borewells data retrieved huge potenciality known;
Sbi atm card activated;

Night #hashtags work of hyderabadi printers got done ;
Party followed with Kishore;

19th Sept Thursday 2019;
Stomach trouble and total rest at home;
Night improved yesterdays followus banner work;
Sent to few clients;

20th Sept Friday 2019;
Luckey payout got  thanks Google spiderering so relieved of some financial troubles: Rain during field work;
Good know after watching videos abt tagging celebs on Twitter images;
Edited nutty fb;
Seen one good video for relief of arthrities;
Added 2 more reviews for the day;
One jooe hot from swagruha foods for Monday;
Selfie with kajal hoarding;
Loaded sridarshini pictures;
Tips for Insta growth seen clarity of photos and theme;

Mayurpan guy said yes to idea;
10 new data from field;
Rat mat purchased;
New area near fish market exposed;
Guidance vontd to gta;
Severe ankle pains;
Balaji Bajrang vedeos a out rating seen;

21sr Saturday Sept 2019;
Morning during park visit learnt yoga with Narsing rao; Few more new things known after watching YouTube videos; Twitter can be used as search engine to search for events;
My lifes top 100 persons a asysed;
With gtas help applied turmeric and thatibellam paste:
Took sticker prints:
Seen "Bigboss" show new point is not to feel st all a d be jovial;
Tweeted Dr siva prasad death;

22nd Sept Sunday 2019;
Good day mostly at home;
Dogged deep into history and known many interesting things like software launches fortune 500 companies etc;
Tention at wine shop;
Seen good videos: wordpress; 
Tweet gave good traffic;

23rd Sept Monday 2019;

Got up late;
Good day with new knowledge gained watching videos; Twitter as letter; search as #movies;

Theme knowledge is days biggest  highlight; Seen insta theme of Tanishq jewellery accordingly guided Gta;

Work managed  10 plus 11 data 2 hours got despite heat ;  Distributed old color  leaflets;

Days highlight is SEO Video flawless content 
and related links;

Seen FTP handling videos;
Helmet problem managed;
Golkinda handicrafts;

24th Tuesday Sept  2019
Attended Demo class at Ammerpet;
Called Wordpress institute assurance had for funding from Gta;

Afternoon work did new hooe from a caterer and  jasmin Aqua;  New friendship from Aqua guy;
Prahlad called at night;
Heavy rains yet managed day;

25th wedday Sept 2019;
Twitter Impersonisation issue  of kajal  managed and solved it;
Power trouble at home at morning;
Rains contd in Hyd;
My success story of life developed;
Tweeted for venumadhavs death and had good respinse;
Kajal bio and back cover changed;

26th sept; Thursday 2019;
Edited life story in morning;
Unexpected twist of the day got 3 k from EVR thanks to whatsapp followup;
Lot of data collected from field;
Few more launching dates retrieved and added;
caterers work initiated  GTA created ligo and back cover and related links posted fir the first time;
movie tweets sent and read about movies;
sent few whats app messages;
one new complex at M.G Road  lot of shops identified;
Finally new charger purchased;
Morning 3 tweets did;
KLM  fashion mall launching ad seen;
Umas fb msg;
Msg sent to Ashoka marketing;

27th Sept Friday  2019;
Areas to improve tips read on Google so learnt filmora videos after watching youtube videos;
Linking work began with 22 links posted; food and Document Writers posts;
Unfriendly stomach; brought cream milk:

No fieldwork; Ajay called and told about video blogs about food;
Edited life story again;
Last 150 payouts to me since 2012 listed out;

Video editing  learnt  with app  Brahmotsavam video  sent to WhatsApp  contacts and twitter:  

Picture Content  got from Sekhar bhai;
Arranged Rice to home @ night;
Cell numbers found at wowhyd;
Reduced followed people on insta;
Organised JDVF seen prints;

28th sep saturday 2019;
Many useful things did for the day sitting at home;

Few more web site launching dates posted;
tweeted for hyd printers and nutty delite;
life events  of past income posts organised;
continued linking story;
hope finders listed out;
life 14 phases  from child hood analysed;
Night Twitter stats  with number of tweets for last 2 months analysed;
Night took printouts of web site launches;
Morning read zaminryot;
Further reduced insta followed ppl:
Indiamart site map seen;
JD coding seen;
Hafeez video seen;
GTA created Dasara wishes image plan to encashed it from field;
Scanned wow hyd saved Bakers data and sent them messages;
Big boss show seen and heart broken seens;

29th Sept Sunday 2019;
Most of the day spent at home;
Evening created family pics video;
Seen what's inside of a Sim card;
Seen wordpress video;
Seen web sites launches off line prints:
Seen how micro chips are made;
Backup to keep for all content of a web site;
Power of meditation known;
Kishore called but I slept;

30th Sept Monday 2019;
Advanced filmora go editing  knowledge;
Sluggish weather unable to go field work; 2010;
4 insulin and Telma H gift from Gta;
Few more domain launching dates added;
Retrieved results for  collected data of Secunderabad;
Had "Mardhanam" of "Turmeric,China,Thatibellam"
Received call from Google and Geethagraphics verified and added descriotion posted:

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