Friday, July 01, 2011

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June 2011

Morning quickly managed to read SEO and tags etc from home net and this is new confidence; googleplus info is new hope immediate required steps; pressure began at home for groceries; left satya but waiting failed for NRN till afternoon in the bargain lost valuable time this one need to be taken care of next time;Motivated SRN but in vain;jana met at chat satilite pics info noted plus other info;called Reddy and known abt rent advance etc;morning surfing good info abt softpal known;Richas birth day;

After Nrn came did one call of network guys and had commitment from him lot of other info noted;tehelkatimes issue seen and surat info noted;surprise owners expectation at afternoon was amusing and quite disturbing;arguments emerged at lunch for poor cooking;

On going to evening surfing had egg puff but in the mirror white moustaches were very much disturbing;During the night cafe surfing titanworld watches id strength known;missing of chennaisilks plus other insecurties exposed;reply given to softpal;sm and videos and other rx vedeos and song enjoyed; importance of Social Media known and new point is who are in my network;clarity of google maps also enjoyed;At cafe after watching social media videos new idea has emerged;orotile is new id for the day;Some annivarsary function missed to take pic at street so forgot scooter there and also forgot night insulin and tablets intake;stink of dried prawns; night also arranged curries and milk;


29th june post

prepared email and mailed to paresh and reply got by evening some small things need to be improved;with satya to punjagutta by auto met one office later joined NRN longwalk to redrose cafe to one network company and other field work;some success anyway;Nrn troubles and satyas expectations noted;bouncer from dcto;Cameras failure;
Lot of discussion at home;medicine purchased at night; 5 more important ids added for the day;took print of current mailer on letter head;akka has called finally;

28th june post;

28th june post;

With satya met softpal new exposure had;presentation should be ready on hand;met 2 more man power consultants at narayan guda;water arranged at home;journalistic writing skills read at google;3 more new ids for the day;some lady called for job;Narendra said will meet;some of the twitter strength written on paper;night mailer prepared for softpal;

MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011

26th June sundays post

26th june post;

Morning executed kiss on forehead had nice response;aquickly type 2 days blogs;Flash had of others potentialities;Suddenrequest by Owner for rent so paid him later;quickly tried to buy Rx book but had to go musheerabad;days id is pasupu parani;net was pretty slow at home yet managed few things successfully;Chicken preparation was not upto the mark this time;lot of things discussed with gta at home;at around 1 pm had hypoglyceamic attack and this is quite alarming;Syam called at 3 pm told about his plans and big clients list we had jocks;

Some Eye discomfort had at night;had to go to nallakunta at night on rain but took
umbrella;recharged RIM;Nrn setback known at evening;Night magadheera movie relaxation had;new bar exposure at night;had antibio tic for dental pain at home;
told about dental stink to Gta;problem emerged at home on keeping new vessels at mori and keeping dust at cooking vessel but quickly came back normal condition;This is how my day passed;

SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011

june 24,25 th posts

24th june post;

after a long wait with stya for nrn on followup they came so shown them ashok nagar Office and had lenghthy discussions;satay commitment failed;pharma ids of twitter seen;called SRn;batteries kept for chargig;

25th June post;

Morning hunger levels were more;

Searched long for insulin outside in between Raju tried to stop scooter but avoided him;
Satya called up and came to home told abt his family problems his good comment; Narendras commitment failed for the office; Satya paid back rs 500/- and thats the only income for the day; gave dress press oldmans smartness noted;visahouse;mmrgroupco new ids for the day;Chandras msg was good;No replys to job yet;

faternoon slept for long time;call received from Reddy and NRN,stya;Night curries from outside;Rx book seen at morning;Depression began as things are not moving as expected;Unable to know as what to do from now as reserves are getting depleted quickly; Night owners menace again;dosage limits have crossed again for the day;

23 june post

Morning had haircut;quickly joined with Satya then to one interview for sm specilist; many new insights known from there;gurgoan;one offer;bulk emailing software;etc;met Hamstech;to cyber cafe and posted resumes to monster and appplied to naukri to 20 different companies;tiffen comment at home;owners menace;narendra met new plans emerged;night work at cafe goal of 1000 ids achieved;breeders ids;night further more trouble at home;

22nd june post

New Resume prepared and posted in 2 sites 6 prints also took and thats new confidence;helped Satya inturn seen his recruiting skills naukri search box but counldnt work on it;Reached 9 short of 1000 t ids felt very confident at presense of big size firms in google;Barebody tention and so rajus request?;Called narndra;Srn still silent?;night Roti had missed all drugs and Insulin this is unexpected one;

Evening had to wait long time for system at cafe;night dream disturbance and dental pain;mailed Saberi opticals;yepmeshopping; I have captured most of big keywords at google;9 ids for the day;watched Rx videos;

aishwarya rai pregnency at twitter story?;no income day;Expenses were heavy; night some disagreements again at home;Told sneha abt cut off;

21st June post

Most part of the day spent with Satya been to punjagutta a/c bus comfort had with him;Gained much exposure of SEO,and Social media resumes etc Job profile and skills needed;Created a new resume with new content therefore new hope and this is advancement for the day;Sm profiles seen confidence gained;Morning called Nrn and known different plan;Called reddy ads for office;Used net at home to advantage at morning and evening;Someone called me for tips on Sm and emailed also;satya called and enquired;Morning owners remarks were painful;Morning brought Coffee powder and Tea powders;Ajay called;Some pics
of near by home took buy battery failure noted;No response from SRN for the day; one more id for the day;

At afternoon played with Richa;Lot of discussion with GTa at home;Even after this things looked sluggish of progress;Morning enquired for adsense id from someone at dilsukhnagar promising details known;jana dint load NT so far;Gamail technics known;Computer hardware need to be upgraded at home further;

20th june post

20th June Monday post; After Sunday recharge morning Current situation on hand trimmed up again further;Poor morning tiffen again just bread slices and a omlet count keep energy levels;morning when called Narendra he told of INR death news and his Kurnool stay so the total plannings for the have been foecefully changed; Satya joined at 11am with him to ashok nagar cyber cafe and quickly took control of 9 more new ids;Sudden offer came in the form of printer from Satya so we went to Kukatpalli and took his printer and brought home but tired much as without food discussion with auto guy has open up new information;Mail from Naukri to trim up my Resume;

SRn continued his emails seen his Ad in eenadu;Morning Blogs posted from home computer also for the first time Pics also managed to save and post; Days drinks plan triggered by satya With satya seen Eshwar ads office; morning water brought and paid them also brought home mangoes;nice late lunch with drum stick and enjoyed it. My calls of the day were with Seenaiah,Jayram Reddy,Jana,Gandhi.Richas follow up continued so the owners wishes;Gta offered more funds for future;Working maid came very late so Gta had to clean vessels;Lot of discussion abt INR at home;

Throught the day bad weather; Toilet problem continued at home;

19th June Sundays post;telangana praja front;

Good sunday;Syam,Gandhi,Satya,Narendra called up;some pending works posted on net from home;Ajay met;Called Chengaiah;It took long time toscan dailies;Fish arranged at home;Camera pic took;Last 2 months analysis did;Night problem noted at buying Curd;Chandra email recd;emailed 4 GTA:

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011

june 17th,18th posts

17th June post:

Gta was not present at home;Kiran came to home;Satya met at after noon;night popcorn fry had but

missed lunch and dinner;heavy hunger pangs at night; night insulin and tablets missed very bad;

18th JUne post;

Satya came and we went to indiara park and discussed future strategy;Gta retuened home;Night Stya

called;missed news papers and net for the day; missed RX;Prasad vja called;Neibour Reddt gave

marriage card;26-6-2011;Lakkam Chena reddy;(babay nishita Reddy)TTD kalyana manadapam;nandi

kottukur;(chaitanya; Bride) Had sleep at afternoon;Gta brought good glasses;richas wish; All the

medication had for the day;

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011

16th june post

dose began from morning in fury;Gta left home at around 10 am;gave Dog 2 buiscuits good responce noted;mor 2 idlis from hotel taj,Tomato bath at sunanada the only food for the day;vethaku adsense id forgotten to becareful;5 new dis for the day;night sitout with owner;Shreya hand problem;


15th june post

3 ids for the day;night problem at home;most of the day spent in preparing resume at home;read abt alchohol at home;2 new pics house owner and neibour reddy;eve shravani related stress;eve read tips on social media and orange;

14 th june post;ashoknagar hyderabad

                                           Plants in gandhi nagar park opp SBI hyderabad

Morning had late tiffen so had to suffer with shivering and leg pains something quite unexpected one? Gta came late from class; Idli,vada at hotel Taj Mahal;Satya unexpectedly met at chat and he came at 12 noon had nice time with him; Satya gave tips for preparing resume for social media expert; 7 more new ids for the day; managed 1 hour net at evening seen few more twitter ids of celebs; seen twitter counter for kajal 17 410; sachin 365; new web site 4 pics with stunning alexa rank 408;Expences have surmounted 4 the day;Rim re charge did at night; upsets for the day are shreya complaint? Sun glass enquiry,arguments at home; cloth pressing is becoming costly affair;Called Narendra had positive feedback; No income day? morning called cheng poor responce; pants are getting very tight is another head ache;

13th June post

Net got activated again at home;rs 1100/- paid;Called Chandra for Tablet for sleep;read only 2 dailies;Purchased TV stand at raja furniture shop;Call recd from SRN again;Water exausted at home;tennis girls wish;called narendra;

MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011

satyrday 11 th june post

Most of the planned tasks achieved today;first being bank deposit,Insulin purchase,paid electric bill;Blogs posted;Told johny for computer repair;Gel purchased but not paid fot it;Asked Mitraa med for Social media project;SRN called up;got further more closer to 1000 ids;

12 th June sunday post;

Johny came and repaired computer;Enjoyed Movie and Robo songs;Tpt travel plans discussed;Called Syam,Ramoji,Sankyo,Sinivas,Suneetha,R.K.jaybal,Ashwin etc; pics loading form computer known;

9th June

Met Bhim rao; raju met; limit crossed;reliance top up did;refils purchased;cleaned way2sms;

10th june post;
narendra looked upset; met him at ameerpet;finally recd dues from bank;rains havoc;sardarjees shouts;failed attempt at rto;One article read about social media on businessline; night problem at home again;enouchs harrasment seen saved girl;afetr lunch rest at home got up very late;raju met at morning;Gta was busy;call recd from SRn;One PIC took while byke was on move;Rx book took at night;

pics of sunday

8th June post

Gta joined duty;Nrn was absent said some child health problem but called back in the evening;Evening purchased tablets;Most of the day wasted totally;only solace is 2 hours net surfing;Camera pics posted to blog;Gta email checked;kalanikethan web site seen;Mor Fly in Tea;gta looked quite uneasy and related strain;Old advertiser and told abt his office vacation;at net song enjoyed;seen some twitter open page ids;Rx results seen and some videos;with drawn cash from bank;Morning net cafe was busy;arranged milk water and dhobi for home;cloth kept for wash;
Very late to field;long byke journey for the day;neredmet;Boinpally;malakpet;kamineni areas;again discussion at home and uneasy;Met one realtor at evening;7 more new ids again for the day;namastetelangana daily seen;Hap gas delivery took;night Oil spill at note book;drink at eve in cafe;Current problems on hand written;Cat at galli disappeared;

6th June post

Again new area exposure with narn had most of Banjarahills toli chowki; Success had from Redhills ;fci expectation failed;had new commitment for the day from Bhim Rao;2 days pending blogs posted;Cat continued stay at door;Poor lunch; pollution control office also seen;discussion abt kajal foundation with NRn;

MONDAY, JUNE 06, 2011

4th June post Saturday sunday

More close interaction at home;3 more ids 4 the day;Nar dint turn up for the day;Missed Dc and times dailies;Played with neibour shreya;drink at open wine shops related problem and related exposure;head pians contd;More details about people and homes near by home by old man;Dish tv amount paid;one vedeo about twitter usage known branding;Camera pics posted at Blog; afternoon tablets missed;heavy expenses for the day; details known;Scoter parking problem at night;apsrtc traffic rank; 53,779;

Sunday 5 th June;

Mostly at home; attended NTR gardens with nar children at evening;played with Cat at home;5 news paper scan for the day; Re written situation o n hand;night Cot problem at home;some pics took for the day;Camera help noted;

2nd June post

Narendra came bit earliar with him to Abids then a long wait there his friend met; at around 2 pm success came in;meanwhile SRN called up;apmndc followup did;white hair guy gave commitment for july 15th;problem with girls at night;Raju met on road;

3 rd June ;
Another letter success ;cloth to wsh girl bit more load;Nare came late;morning suffered with uneasyness;discussion with Old man and Reddy at night;Narn byke hick up;Gandhis call;Tennis ball;


1st June 2011 post

;Night ice creams to girls and enjoyed the game plan;Morning sudden house sale call by neibour;night more discussion with neibour reddy and his complaint also noted;called ajay,satish,Ramoji,syam;covered Cpm meeting;