Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Use Emotion;
Focus on commitment.
Make lots of small bets.
Give more than you take!
post a funny video;
Rx Confidence gained; Near by location;
Volunteer--and network.
Get involved in your community
 2000 JD Keywords;  5000 hit list;
2000 Key words kept to Old clients;
New videos posted;
Telangana mundasthu electiopns hope;
Sofa at home; New eye glass;
Bithiri sathi language skills;
wHOLE Blog posts organised ;
texmo t id got settled
500 new visiting cards and printing tie up;
180 ppl Broadcast list;
Digital Marketingc course  related knowledge; Instagram knowledge;
Power of videos known; Video editing knowledge;
Gtas land settlement got;
3 new rings;
Jio; Airtel prepaid; Free sms power;
Customer satisfaction;
Pingler knowledge; 
kajal fans retained ;
laptop battery changed;
Gtas brothers death and related info;
Meeting Rswaraiah mama;
Eye trouble; leg pains?
 Removed office at Tirupati;
jatara  Car Dynamics;

Videos, seen on spoken english and personality development; 
Engagement is very important;
First Tpt meetup, success;
Hyd trip success;

telugu velugu; language grip;
Whatsapp sharing;
Press power;
T ids;
Gta ;
Hyderabad exposure;
renewals power;
google power;
google maps power;
news 9;
NRn team power;
Pen media;
language skills;
Books knowledge;
camera power;
income levels;
Using media; 
Spoken skills;
Reputation; Helping nature;
Habits; Health;
Marrige; funding; skills; Job;Business;
Family breeding; education;

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hemadigital said...

Really your article boost our energy levels to takeup challenges in this world and helps to build our confidence levels