Monday, March 17, 2014

holi pics

17th march 2014

Hi #happyholi every one; day began so early;  Had to spend 3 hours on net;sent so many Twitter messages to  K audience;
Chai pe charcha  or coffe pe charcha; Read importance about Holi on Wikipedia;Had to wait long time at Hair cutting Saloon but read 3 issues of filmfare; Gta helped in writing blog key word strength and also promised to send content on good keywords; Lot of vedeos seen including pavan kalyans Jana sena; Kept new content in some of Blogs;changed color formats; Prk called; Commenting on others blogs continued;Skipping Rx was a nice decicion; managed bundh day; FB likes page vedeo seen;To work on stumble upon;Kept alexa button to blog; Indian ranks too improved this time;

Camera is very powerful; commenting too;twitter; So Pictures of holi eve

16th march sundays post

Another dull sunday; KSV joined early had to get ready in a quickr later Nanda appointment failed later another failure attempt at f world but Nrns office located came back and spent some time at home; Gta went to her sisters home so no food yet managed;Another failure at Rx but there needs some spark before any more losing attempt; facebook likes book details seen in Namasthe telangaana; coocking suffered with  burns; managed tweets;

Old friend Ramesh met at Rx he gave another knowledge; Zervans  chance at 4 s missed; Water melons ghadbad at road and new knowledge; Nice draksha seen;


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