Thursday, October 31, 2013

october 31,30,29th posts

31st friday;
9 calls at market 2 closings;maggam;royal glass;
mor to park continued R&D for prints on hand;
few more prints took

rejected raju on chikkadpally eg bazaar santha;;

 rx book tel velugu purchased;ookmywebsite;
had word with b

2 closings;hdpe;tailor;plus positives; met kiran;
prk  issue;gave dc;
gandhi came home;
rattlesfor u;toyson rent;

one tailors closing bus accident news;


contd field work
met ashirvad and activated;
contd prints work;
met coir guys nd few others;
closed air con;

Royal Glass‎ chikkadpally hyderabad

Royal Glass‎

Royal Glass

# 1-8-27/9, Chikkadpally Main Road, Chikkadpally
Chikkadpalli, RTC Cross Roads, Hyderabad, AP 500020
040 2766 2605

Maggam,Hand Embroidery Shops in Ashoknagar,Gandhi Nagar Hyderabad,BML Boutique

CELL; 9703817250,9966933929

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HDPE Pipe Dealers Vijay Polyplast Private Limited‎ Secunderabad

Vijay Polyplast Private Limited

WE deal in Vijay HDPE Pumps, Falcon pumps, Cromton Pumps

No. 335, A. L - Karim Trade Centre, M. G. Road - Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 003, India

Park Lane, Sandhu Apartment, Kalasiguda, Secunderabad, AP 500003
040 6620 1022

Ladies Tailors near Narayanaguda, Citizen Tailors Hyderabad

PH 27560241

3-4-468 opp RBRR womens collage Narayanaguda.Hyderabad 5000027
ladies tailors,

We undertake blouses,Pattu lehenga, Jackets for children,Maggam works,Saree falls,pico works;

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Referegeration & aircondition services RACE gandhi nagar hyderabad

Refregeration & Air condition Engineers
Repairs &maintenance of all types Air Conditioners &referegeration

# 1-1-651/A/2
Gandhi nagar Hyderabad 500008

 ph 040-64517412
cell; 98490-27412
Contact N.Subhakar

Air conditioner sales and Service sheetal aircon musheerabad secunderabad

Authorises Mitsubishi dealer;
We do service of all Air Conditioners;
 # 6-4-10 Seelam Kanakalaxmi Towers Opp Gandhi Hospital
Below Axis Bank
Musheerabad main Road,Bolakpur,secunderabad 80

Contact G.Srinivas Cell 9849324614

ph 040- 27545033

28 th october monday

Camera repair done; segregated seo prints and 78 new prints took thats huge one for the day;Closed one entry too; pressure had from SKD must attend it; Ajay and PRK dumma;
market calls did;had 1 positive too;

Monday, October 28, 2013

27th october

With the help of ajay closed paints;Ok for the sunday;jolts at rx continued again but same  riders won again;

Saturday, October 26, 2013

25th oct;

Rain contd;my attempt at mysore rx failed; had chances for 26 to one but uniformity failed so distress again; covered empty space at office;

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

24th thursday october 2013

LONG DRIVE FROM HOME 2 sros coverage;;HEAD ACHE again at home for water related distress ;stayzilla;zomato clients r&D;

How the day will develop to be?
1;planning hour please;( 10 sit outs;)

2;reduce again pls;
3.petrol pls;

4;(4 dailies haul yes;hindu too;
whats they can give?)

5;>>prints pls;
retrieve key word prints pls;****

6;Food plan?tiffen Lunch;Dinner:

7;Work plan?

Try Balaji super Market with Laptop;

Loan plans;

Water a must pls;

23rd oct post;wed day;

1;This time not to  park  at morning due to rain;followed by;
2;Had coffee at home;
3;coffee powder;milk;arranged to home;
4;had tiffen  at home;Lemon rice u know what has happend later;
5;3 news papers haul for the day;

6;Prakash alert and  met him  at field   (had 2 chai)
weight  of laptop told yet worked beautifully  did almost 20 plus calls;
7;only success at SRO nampally;
8;No news from Ajy yet;rains carnage contd;
9;posted 3 days pending blogs;
10;met asian carpets dad;(key word carpet;
11;Gtas complaint had for work;sudden??

12;Month work analysis did on diary;also seen whole years investments;
13;sent few more rx books to garbage;

14; rx tip;>>>place bets have huge chance;
some formatting erroor at laptop??

First time work with laptop at field;
had few positives anyway;

some new entries at nampally road glass etc noted

chatris of neibours;;

23rd oct post;wed day;

This time not to  park  at morning due to rain;
Had coffee at home;
coffee powder;milk;arranged to home;
had tiffen at home;Lemon rice u know what has happend later;
3 news paper haul for the day;

Prakash met at field  weight  of laptop told yet worked beautifully  did almost 20 plus calls;
only success at SRO nampally;
No news from Ajy yet;rains carnage contd;
posted 3 days pending blogs;met asian carpets dad;
Gtas complaint had for work;

Month work analysis did on diary;
sent few more rx books to garbage;
some formatting erroor at laptop??

First time work with laptop at field;
had few positives anyway;

some new entries at nampally road glass etc;
Morning analysed investments of the year and income levels etc;

22nd october tuesday;

22nd october  tuesdays;post;

spent time at park;
R&D did for debutants win percentage and shocked with results;

unable to stop rx temptation so gone there but even small can make it is the new point of the day;

Even after attending and loss yet managed to work in the field;Met rangoon guy he expressed very closeness on thrid time of meeting him and also reveLled about branches etc;Jryot recd scanned it faster;one convetion centre covarage seen; Prakash met interaction and also prepared bank statements; call;

Gta told abt Kistaiah s call;
arranged vegitables eggs to home;seen FOX cooking channel  srilankan food and retired;

20th ,21st october 2013 posts

SunDay;20th october;

3 news paper haul  AT Park one boy who is preparing for group 2 met;Gta anooyed me with decicion on going to movie;I booked  ticket for escape but slept off;owner aunty came and enquired;
Boredom throught the day;Mysore rx was cancelled;

21st  Oct;mondays post;

PRK and ajay not on job; worked alone in the field;did 8 calls;also collected data; manged to take 48 prints from sadgun cafe;
caounted prints on hand 180 without map;paid narsing balance;
almost lost temper on sweeping lady;Night organised prints at office;

Sunday, October 20, 2013

current standings on hand

>>>Try 2 get funding pls;prepare a projec t report;give ads creative ads for team now;

1.Some balanace on hand: what to do now?

2.current team on hand;(GTA:me;AJY:PRK;T ids;Adsense;k followers;) they will increase;

3.assets on hand; few;Family assets to get;>>>move this file;

4.RX hopes;To increase amounts for rx and team;what to do now?

5;Office fully equipped now; with furniture;  plan to make use of it with press ads;

6.prints on ariel survey;G+
7;3 Cameras on hand;
8.Stationary etc; increase it to color;

9.Laptop on hand +++
10.I can be a social media manager for big companies;
11.project report and funding to get try;;
12. data on hand;make use of them;
hire pls;
14.vetuku postal advantage on hand
;pen media team pls;;
15;kNoledge levels seo etc;

18th and 19th blogs


One more strong bet failed Zervan  gandhi came home;
Computer and printer and carpet placed at office;PRK and Aj
ay came to office;Lost interest to work in field;Few more vedeos seen on laptop; Social Media manager hope;

sat day post
 Prakash called up for helpe dint turn up idid 3 calls and they are positive;3 succss stories at rx;
Missed place bet at 5 to one;Low weight Rodeo gave money;Activateere few people there;
Managed the day with rx income;Morning attempt of watching Vedeos failed due to net slow;
Next rx attempts must be with Good cash;

ONE CHEQUE GOT PASSED IN EVENING ; Settled Ajay amount also known Abt his bike problem;

Thursday, October 17, 2013

HDPE pipes,Fittings, Acme Engineering Company secunderabad

  • Acme Engineering Company secunderabad

    Acme Engineering Company

  • Address: 4-3-108, Anjaiah Complex, Bhoiguda, Bhoiguda, Secunderabad, AP 500003
    Phone:040 2771 3745

    we deal in HDPE pipes,Fittings,
    PP pipes,fittings,
    MS CS ss zou 316,sight flow Indicators,Straighters,
  • Goodluck Hydraulics secunderabad ;hydralic,rarth moving pnematic dealers

    Goodluck Hydraulics

  • Address: 5-1-458, Dacha Complex, Ranigunj, Secunderabad., Hyderabad, AP 500003
    Phone:040 2771 9793


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