Tuesday, January 02, 2018

1st Jan 2018; Monday onwards;

Very hectic day with calls updating mobile etc; Collected  2018 Calenders and Dailies;
Bouncer from NRN Suresh, Jana;
Lot of messages recd;

Ph calls; Kiran; Kishore;  Chinna; Suneetha; Prasad Vja; Rami Reddy,NRN;  Dr J P Reddy; Saveer call lenghthy; gcp;

Field calls;
4.Sri sai;
5.Jay Shankar;
6.Munawwer; Sirish;
7.Raghu photo art;

Bramha Reddy called; 

Things arranged to home;
Mosquitos menace in night at home;

2nd jan  
Read credibility content; Dec 2019 Blog prints took;
Scanned 2017 calenders; Paper given to camera centre;
Brought TTD diary; Met Famous Dry Cleaners;

3rd Jan; 
DW paid; Jay shankar paid; Visited Chinna seen new born baby; Subbareddy committed; Pottem called so met him;
At office read back blog posts from 2010; newyork temparatures known;

4th Jan; Wedday;
Big day with activity;
Visoited Chinna again; ssr gave cheque; Had to attend Venki madam;  Some videos seen from Mobile; Met Premam; called Rythubhoomimadhu and ravalu; At ayyappa driving school met one Swamy; Called Bhaskar reddy sudhakar reddy; 

5th Jan; Friday;
Problem at home solved out by night; Visted Chinna twice; saved few more ph numbers to Mobile; ash number got back;Jobs guy; grouped whatsapp; hyderabad ;tpt; nellore lists;

6th jan; Saturday;
During the visit of chinna met Chinnanna known some  childhood memories;
few more numbers added; success at global ac; Met Munawer at night; C programme video seen; coverage of hafeez videos at eenadu was awesome;

7th Jan; sunday;
Cheque got cleared; Pandya innings; Telugu Velu purchased and skimmed through;
Visited Chinna again; Met pasuparthy and greeted him; took venki pics; Gtas chinnanna arrived;

8th jan monday;
Morning very late to field work; Night met damodaram sons and nice info abt family;
Sr and D Subba rao have paid; Met few more DW; chinna ppl vacated hospital;
Few more contacts updated;

9th jan  Tuesday;visited office; 
No calls from Chinna and others; Chinnanna dint lift  my call; Called Balaji;
Severe leg pains have hampered work; Only success is stock; Continued to saved many numbers of clients to mobile this work progressed well; During evening posted pending blog posts from home;

Morning Kamalakar called; walked in TTD ad buildings garden met  old men C.V.Naidu and Ravindra;Msgd jana and  he said ok for Sankranthi issue this is new turn;
Next targets found; venki madam g plus code recd by night;
furniture shop lady failed to pay; seen new year ads at office;

Coaching centre hope emerged;

2.wality spice;
4.Jitu jewellers;
6.Tirumaa milk;

december 2017

 31st Dec; 2017;
Fish arranged ;  night party with Chengaiah; Met kamalakar;
met Gopi; Call recorder installed; Met seret Styles;
night called akka; Satish;

30 Dec 2017;
Met Sri New Andhra got payout;
shopping with GTa for Savaram; chappal;

29th dec; @ TPT;

28th Dec 2017; Travelled back to tpt from Nlr;
NRNs trouble;

27th dec 2017;
to nlr by bus;Trouble managed;

26th Dec 2017;
 Dtp work contd;

25th dec; 2017;

24th dec Called bujji bawa; 

24th dec;2017; Sunday;
23 td dec; 
Dtp work improved;

22nd dec; 
Sit out with balaji;
 Uma called; live in style; srisrisatya head ache;sanagapindi; gas guy came;Curries lady;
trouble of madha solved;

21st Dec; 2017;
Failed at bujji; and Chandra provisions;Sabjan success; curries workedout;
jana tie up for DTP;Jana windows knowldge;
Read roche glucometer manual;


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