Friday, January 31, 2014

On the way to Ibrahimpatnam Pictures


31st jan 2014;friday;

100 ppl help in life;*** 55 references on hand read nothing to worry;morning wake up  team needed now late wakeup of gta managed purchased early papers ;; 1 site?); ( me;) Called sekhar scooter guy;

Happy journey with laptop this time 3 new pics  took on the way 2 more cards collected met few new faces; written some more addresses on the way on note book; ggl maps seen from top to bottom; RK bros menace at morning; 4 papers scanned at morning plus DC at coffe guys places seen shops near by;
khabarwale blockd;
furnishing shops data retrieved;

dishgys car seen; Big laugh of coffee guy;;petalsshow unable to attend?; Tommorows kamma sangham;
2 new movies release big ads in DC sagar Pan shop guys response; On walk back near by places  boards seen;
at RX 5 first choices of original vel won; mannan vedeo got spired with music;
tweeted for 4-0 loss;head ache again for t id and TV watch;

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