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Best Digital Marketing Agency In  Hyderabad Call 9347107468
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SEPTember 2017

30th sept 2017

Marriage reception day; Met prahlad etc; Attended seenaiah puja and met few collugues; Met Family members;

29th sept 2017
After arranging water and oil Started to nellore by byke;
Met Hotel Guy at Renigunta; skht sro; 1 ,2; Naidupet sro; Pickles;(Dileep) Nlr Sr; Kwality Surgicals;
Met Seenaiah; Called NRN; Rafi,lodge;Chalapati Anurag Hotel Riyaz;  Happy Pan Guy;
Mugha darbar;

Missed lunch;

28th Sept 2017
Meet Happy Times;
jan issue list with addresses;
letter for jan issue;
Try Ayyappa;


edited life Blog post again;
chennai fertility to be targeted for Jan issue;
sms sent to  varsha; roshine;purple soul; days launch; wall papers;
eve star paid;
Byke charging did;
met mna sweets;
Hostel; Mobiles;
New doecors hope;

24 sepr 2017Down by; jana nt money;
laptop Battery;
Hyd trip money;
3 pending vetuku issues ;
Byke service;

pictures of penna river; mango garden;

Eggs; Cell net top up sms did; achievements file created;
Edited life file futher; fidaa movie seen Cricket seen;
Seenaiah called;


Called Sivam Hotel;
Master sarees;
dr harika;


GAVE JANA  money

prints took from net;
Called physio;
Called ramesh dhaba;
Mohan ttd activated again;
vetuku activations analysed ;


Edit further; life; Mouch Color;

buy gel olini;
only one session;

Nail cut; pressure for vegitables; hunger pangs; pains reduced;

pothys big ad in jyothy;

Total day work failed;

jana is dis pleased;

Work in kcmr area;
edited further Life story;
Seen triple jump videos;


Pressure for Rice; Avalu; Pakoda;

Renue cell net; syringes;


Many things added to life story;

Over night sleep disturbance trouble;
Ponnala; kcmr; star studio g plus created;

Morning paid jana Rs 500/-


1.Life story edited further;

2. Insulin purchased for Gta;
3.Closed star studio but he dint turn up;
4.ganaga catering paid;
5.Did one call of dry fruits near by;
6. trouble with Chinna;
7.Bastard dint call up;
8.Met Munawwer heavy back pains;

katina charya;

Veedi kukka;
Insulin for Gta;
WEDAY 20TH SEPT 2017Morning edited life story further;3 codes collected and activated thats nice; vomittings in after noon and hunger pangs followed later; gta paid dish bill and vegitables;
commitment had from raghu photo art; reviews posted again; got bak pen media directory at office; sms to slv; jana called; called pavan;

 Most of the pending pics loaded;

akali and maddatu; rogam are days keywords;

19th Sept 2017 Tuesday;

1.Attended Office; Koti gave prasadam

2.Met Homeopathy doctor;
3.BALAJI Jewellery code memory;  
4.Surprise SANKARI  Gplus code recd  activated sankari needs access;
5.Health acre pharmacy g plus activated;
6.Dr Haresh recd code;
7.Ameen called;
8. Met janas realtor;
9.  boys hostel card took;
10. jeetu jewellers tirupati ledu;
11.sri venkateswara pearls tirupati Ledu;

For popularity;
2.Press ads; 
3.Listings; Blogger
5.SMS; what app;

Byke Starter
18th Sept 2017 monday
1.Byke self starter problem solved;

2.Electrical guy came again for power enhancement charges;
3.Trouble from Pavan also started; for money;
4.Another trouble from chinna;
5.Called star studio; 21st sept; Hope;
6.Msgd Kamalakar and he came and submitted back directory;
7.One closing did medical shop;
8.Ganga catering failed; utter flop;
9.Called Seenaiah; raja rajeswari temple ad detail known;


Byke Starter:
hair cut;
17th sept sunday 2017August Vetuku content created; Power consumption details of fan VS A/C known;
sudden surprise; pressing guy asked for help and helped him;
No doubt worked even on Sunday on net 2 home; 
Managed Tweetes even;
Gta came hom just one session night; 
Circulated Gtas whatsapp msg; 

Few ppl hve responded;

sept 16th 2017 saturday

Scanned zaminryot;
Unable to do many calls;
Tried sri catering; Andhra Refregeration but failed; visited office and closed the day;

activate Sri mamatha;

master sarees;
modern stores;


15th friday september 2017

Chennai silks big ad seen in dailies; Managed Tweet; Lost temper on water guy; Flash; Build Standard parties in each district; Met Ganga catering Monday hope; Met Physio monday hope again; Seen SKF directory at office; Msg sent to music party; Called ameen; Kamalakar absent again; unable to continue field work; few more reviews posted;

Evening cell ph pin work did; call from mana seets; Met dhaba guys;

cell ph Pin


14th sept thursday 2017

Hot day;

Morning did 5 calls; Collected 2 codes and activated them;

13TH sEPT  WEDDAY 2017

Morning data collected later retrieved them met few of them;Kamala dint turn up; gunnaiah met; heavy body pains; stock paid; Importance og google and Images letter work completed and Xerox took;

sankari Mayuri; Tirumala Tpt publics relations g plus activations did; morning Gowtham g plus took into fold;

other calls; loyal links marriage links;


arial maitic

12th sept Tuesday 2017

sv arcade and  hotel anurag g plus activated; some reviews posted;

Sweets and photo studios;
yp xerox;
buy insulin; overan gel;
Pavan balaji mart;
Call surabhi;
master sarees nellore

sri caterer to try;

11th sept monday 2017

1.Stock; failed; wedday; Met surabhi;

2.Sweets; failed; ??
3.Ganga; failed; Called; thursday;
4.Kal Mandapam; code; Success; ramthulasi; Name forgotten;
5.load Dhaba pics;
6.Loaded pics for  Kala digital  studio;
7.Kamal; came but says busy;
8.Rejected bastard;  outrightly;
9. Madhubala code gotis new promising point for the day;
10. New yp letter got on hand from Cyber cafe;
Evening kala and DW paid so paid office rent; pavan brought another payout;
caterer failed;
Modern stores;
Office rent

10th Sunday sept 2017;

Unble to retrieve forgotten note book; At home depresses but enjoyed Youtube videos; Had chat with segu uma  maheswar; 2 dailies scan did @ while having Coffee; Tried sweets guy; Met punjabi dhaba took pic of master;Night Kala studio guy met took pics had his commitment and potencility of photographers known;

Morning Pets G plus activated;

Kamalakar dint call up;
Pavan met anyway told abt his Vja tour;
After gtas head ache purchased Telma H; and sanaga papu for home;

9th sept saturday; 2017;
Access given  to Sesha paddu Bluestar; Edited maps marker for Cycle; Tweeted; Kamalakar met took him to office; Mor vegitables purchased with Gtas money; Candles closed payment got on  a phone call; gurunanak g plus  work did;

Byke light work got fixed;

Called Pavan;  Met Munawwer volume sales analysed;

(payouts to get;

Subodaya Sweets; 
 Basha bhai;

Bhargavi Book palace;

Dr Hareesh; Ponnala code ; Ram Thulasi; 
Hit list addreses list;

dish bill; afternoon;
Buy Telma h;
Nirmal & co  

8th sept  Friday 2017

Alerted jana on Nt;

Younus; skht; sweets codes activated;
Closed dhaba;
call from Bluestar;
kamalakar met @ night;
New field calls; Manohar Biryani;

Pavan continued his absense;
Bhasha bhai payout failed;

7th Sept Thursday 2017Days left over;
activate dhaba;
edited yp print;

New point through kala Photo studio;

Met sri Caterer;
Roshine; 15 days;
Dhaba closed;
Called Balaji jewe mart;
skht; code recd;
sms sent to 4
mgr issue; Called jana; gave number;
called seenaiah;
ASR RAZOR purchased;
Kala Ph studio g plus code activated; got part cash;
Pavan as usual again;
Repair proces to begin;

6th Thursday ; sept; 2017Day collapased due to power failure at home lineman saved it again to be saved by Gta to learn electric work; Milk gone; Body pains;
Bisleri water got; 
Activated Sri Catering g plus ; Teja Spoken Eng;
Loaded Pokala; pics;
lost temper at pavan;

goldenpearl call; Seenaiah call but dint meet;
Wire problem at home;
Cell ph Battery

5th Sept wedday 2017
NLR Pavans code recd and activated it;
SMS pack activated again;

Ganesh Nimajjanam at Hyderabad;
Balapur laddu; 15 lakh;
Teachers day; Tweeted;
Oral B;
Closed Caterer advance took; Old guys are upcoming to concentrate them from now;
Pavan met in night; Had discussion; Balajis friend Venkatesh;
Yellowpages letter prepared prints took and distributed few;

NVR lady met;
New Dhabas 2;
Tiles card took;
Pets guy; 2 days;
Afternoon at home;
Mp and MLA stats;
Days calls;
Kiran; booked;
phy therapist; Hope;
Durga Mobiles;Reddy;
med agncy; no use?
told Photo studio;abt google letter;
Near by Tailor card took;
4th Sept Monday 2017

Spent more time at Office seen EEnadu; Leg pains continued;
Morning tried sweets;
Pavan met;
Yellwopages content prepared;

3 rd sept sunday 2017;

Positive from swimming pool and ganga catering;
payout got from Taj Catering;

Pavn met at night;

2nd Sept Saturday 201 New hope from some new calculations at office; Quickly seen Rx; Zaminryot; Net is slow; 1 round walk at TTD;
One web design co poster seen sms sent later met her at evening; Tweeted;
Quickly re activated Ponnala; Rk awards; ctr DW;
Mukha parichayam  sunil tex saved; Bags failure;
Got Usha optical g plus;
Huge repair proces did;
Enquired Mobile ph battery;
RIM Top up did;
Pavan missbehaved again; SMS sent for renewals;
one new ad seen; It rained before going to work; pasuparthy failed;
Told Ram thulasi about letter;
Tried Ricemart;
Sweet stall old; That catering;
CalledTaj catering;
Manhar Reddy was busy with real estate proiect;
(Re activated ctr  DW;
sri venkateswra catering g plus; Rk shields)
edit venkateswara cycle;
pavan; jana;
Purchased  Insulin; &
ground nuts;
SMS sent to Mishita events; renewals; jagan Samosa; roshine; Arjun electricals;pariwar;
Repair proces began; 
msgs to
1. mun; 2.pavan; 3.jana; 4.Uma; 5.saidk; 6.sekharbhai; 7.chinna; 8.ash; .9.Naga Sai; 10.web design guy;

october2017 RENEWALS

Metal house 
Merhaba Tyres  
Tools & Spares Corporation
Murali Sanitary Engineering Co
Royal Industrial Corporation
Shwetha Saree Mandir kavadiguda
Sri Ashoka marketing services
EV Rajaiah 
dominion tools
Sharada Sarees 862;; facebook;
Excel engineering enterprises ranigunj 
Acupressure health care systems
Darbar trading centre ranigunj
Chennai steel and home appliances
Seco enterprises ranigunj 
Astron engg enterprises
18.Solution lifts
19. dw;
20. srs;
21. uppal d W

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