Monday, September 30, 2013

30th sept;

***Read 90 minutes book gained confidence;unexpected move;

Whats that function in galli by meesala guy???;

No closings for the day??; Some kind of disturbance story from  Ajay quite un usual;??

Purchased RX book;telugu velugu;

***Morning continued addresses work and got 40 plus new addresses;***Evening retrieved 70 prints with in just 1 hour investment here in both the works ; ***took back Camera from Prakash settled his dues no call from him later disturbance from him during the work tention reduced ok?;
Call from solutions and SKD just dial;

Work with Ajay did  did 8 calls new area exposure again  and got 4 positives;

Stool purchased; telvel note books, water bottle.pen refils;

Enquiry did for mat for office  may need 2 k;

stoll cutting work help by GTA;

portland; paaduthaa theeyagaa;


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