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Best Digital Marketing Agency In  Hyderabad Call 9347107468
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Monday, September 30, 2013

sept; 2013

***Read 90 minutes book gained confidence;unexpected move;
Whats that function in galli by meesala guy???;
No closings for the day??; Some kind of disturbance story from  Ajay quite un usual;??
Purchased RX book;telugu velugu;
***Morning continued addresses work and got 40 plus new addresses;***Evening retrieved 70 prints with in just 1 hour investment here in both the works ; ***took back Camera from Prakash settled his dues no call from him later disturbance from him during the work tention reduced ok?;
Call from solutions and SKD just dial;
Work with Ajay did  did 8 calls new area exposure again  and got 4 positives;
Stool purchased; telvel note books, water bottle.pen refils;
Enquiry did for mat for office  may need 2 k;
stoll cutting work help by GTA;
portland; paaduthaa theeyagaa;

28th sept saturday 29th sunday

With a bad comment from rushed to Ranigunj area and written almost 50 plus name boards but mental disturbance continued due to comment;  Puja did at office  good flowers and spent some time there;later with Ajay to Ranigunj also written few more boards confusion continued  had coffee at Raus; posted few entries from sadgun one activation  managed. theres some problem  faced to do SEO to google maps read google guidelines; Suffered with hunger pangs later had session and to pune had a shocker hattrick; Frequent Dilip calls were unable to understand; Called satish; Chalapathi; managed cheque drop;Gta dint prepare lunch; Current Run is must is days rx new point;

Few cheques have passed and gave some amount to ajay and retired; Missed dinner;

Sunday 29th 2013

Morning continued work of writing managed 50 more now 300 names on hand; 1000 closings can give 30 lakhs; Team needed now; Gandhis call rejected; had  survey of 15 areas; Ghadbad in gally and related tention; spent some time in office; Tention of going to RX; sold Toliet stand poor return;

Raju on the way neglected; Poor confidence levels ;
Read naglokars 2 essays on rx; poor odds for fresh men crop surprise? Family connectionas are too poor;
Dhana called from bellary.Insecurity and boredom . Narsing came;
***Jana met online asked him to prepare Invoice;
Silence at home;?? had egg Dosa; deccan eenandu scanned.
No calls to phone?? Gave banana to Old lady;
No call from chalapathi ??? later he met at HRC that even more triggered anger.
Night read back google story and new things are emerging on twitter seen; Prakash is totally absent;
Debutants as favrites are winning;
30th september;planning>>

DRop ajay cheques;
***some of Google activations pls;
give cloth 4 pressing;
Take camera from Prakash;
Feed ajay; sat day entry address;
Cross 50k;
***Retieve few more prints pls; advanced decicions;
Prakash; ajays ;settlements;
Office decoration;


friday 27th sept

Morning shocker  with Toilet stand ; managed to load Ajays pics from sadgun;Evening retrieval of google prints took from sadgun this is the only useful work for the day; Chalapathi sir called up in the evening; Morning transfered cash to Prakash on request; vedeo game played on the eve of 15th birthday of google; seen one link also;Ajay success story continued;No Tiffen and Lunch at home;Whats this irish horse; 70k plus for this month is it true?

On Rx front i must be ready with how much can i can bear; yet 2 more new points IE; Huge win; Raders benefit; Dams pet distance;


25th sept post

Late wake up  some thing went wrong;Some more prints took from sadgun; Few more addresses collected;
@ closings with ajay and 1 positive from Praksh;played with cat;
seen night news; good news 2 cheques passed;
New note book and rubber bands paper clips purchased;
Paid 2 k to narsing; Unable to activate google listing from home;


25th sept

1 hour to park but had to rush back home;Work with ajay fetched 1 new plus 1 old (SKD)payment;printer sent to office room;Huge prints haul from sadgun plus hope;files purchased;called NRN;2 rx books of mysore scanned; some vegitables  eggs to home;Prakash came cheque over writing problem then he dropped; I have written note of entries at Ranigunj;

indiatoday from sadgun;Booked gas;


24th sept;Tuesday ;

With Prakash office lock purchased;

cant reduce price Oninions  had ghadbad; so laguna blue price goes down faster ; Chalapathi helped again poonawallas mount at 3 and half must read card intently; Saved chalapathi  with aubridge;Orginalvel comments ;Into members enclosures;Ex auberge saved; i made a hattrick;

No field work again but prakash worked;jagan got released;


23rd sept 2013 social media;

sundaram motors not in maps;
 Got back scooter with new stand;
Paid photon with Prakash help;

for office;nefthalin balls; sticker ready;
>>>with GTAS funding ...White wash achieved to office; Call and surprising comment from kamalakar;
Chalapathi sir is coming;
Some prints took from sadgun;
Prakash came with his friend and achieved 2 successful;
Water to home and office;
NO field work to me;

Paid Ajay and Prakash;
visiting cards for Ajay and Prakash got;
jagan got bail;
manava haram;nivedika;


22nd sept

Very dull sunday;poonawalas fav failed;yet another new point unable to understand;chalapathi sir called; 50 unbeatables in future to select;Money and money and simply money can make things in life;water shifted from office room to home;

Prakash called up; Had lunch and Tiffen out side; Evening had pickle;


21st sept;

Gave 3k to ajay he brought 1 payment;(At RX another point is age Ghazal king; plus already rider;)
riders touch pls; MAMs gamble;12/1;

Old friend dilip met at hrc; cell; 98488 46840;


20th sept;

suffered from Caugh body pains had vada;upma;;gtas initiation for paint;
perfect  trading centre pics loaded;

One cheque seems to have cleared;
Long discussions at home;work with prakash at Ranigunj one photo session took of electricals;;
checked odds;
One clear cut fav; countrys best connections;
Up dated diary of expenses;
Jana replied;
Cheng called;

At RX one more new point gained never to miss on a hattrick with same rider;

calls with Prakash;

1.kawadiguda; agencies;
2.sec bad;
3.sec bad pumps;
6.Electrics guy;
7.opp electricals;



Need to submit M B engg;for SEO;

met SKD shown his entry prakash help noted; Board fixed at office;prakash help noted;
cheques still not cleared;
photo session for reliable eng;later Prakash brought cheque;
call from needs Ranigunj;replied;him;
another assurance from GTA for laptop this time;
Paid power bill;
purchased rx book;
had self cooked rice later puri potato curry at night;
work could not be progressed for the day;
Night RUM;
ajay closed one loaded pics to google;

***tel vel segregated at office;



Called ashwin;he replied;
syam also replied;'
good dress needed for nimajjanam;poor planning;
wish of and saving of narsings son rajesh noted;
must call Mom;
Success at kolkata rx with last minute decicion with that profit  purchased a new book on communication ;
madhu and NRN met took back diary;yes; flags; wavings seen on roads; on the eve of ganesha;nimajjanam;
Night dream of MOM s death;

with good money assured success at rx;
called satish he replied;and feed back noted;
ajay came;
Prakash sent chair;purchased apples; khadgam;missed ET;

17th sept post

many files hsifted to office; 3 people team worked in field; Chen met; told abt office to satyam MK; satish;chalapathi;Still cheques are not cleared; thrillz payment got; paid to narsing; Gave flex for print; gave scooter for repair; 1 more closing from ajay; one complaint handled;praksh failed again;

17th sept;

1.large energies spent on transfering luggage 2 office room;
2.Called Satish;
3.Called CS:
4.Gave Scooter for repair;
5.ajay paid land bill;
6.prakash took me to ranigunj;

7.Thanks to Sam; he paid  4k; thanks for ajays followup;
8.objection from SKD;wheres his card;??
Few more things loaded to office;
9.Gtas help noted for new office;
10.kamal has called up;RIM recharge did;
;Work did at ranigunj contd;>>>> take help to retrieve;
flash idea convert
11.morning prakash call that girl; seen;
12;Some new lady as us miss queen; eenadu;
13;managed  2 buy ET;
14;Called Kiran
Cheng has called up;
Managed to but drink;


tom 17th tuesday adv planning

9.send cheque for collection;>>>done;
1.10 new field calls; 30 total  team target;>>>done;
5;activate Prakash land call; activate yesterday venkateswara elec call plus 2 more;:NO:
4.find when sadgun is closing and prepare take all 2013 prints;
2.few more things to arrange  in office;>>>YES:
3;activate satyam ::yes;ask abt UK;call MK; activate rim; pay land bill;>>>yes: to become a good writer and speaker;.......
7;followup jana; syam;
10.scooter;repair work;yes;
load few more pics from Ranigunj 2 blog;no;
incoming calls???
12;narsing money;rs;ok; liquor;1 full bottle;ok;
13.puja at office;???;
14;flex at office;
15; next days rx book 2 buy;
17; pressing pls;Tom;
18;tell bujji abt office;bawa;sunitha;
puja at office;plan;:

16th sept;mondays post

20.morning initiative of Gta seen on learning ;corel draw;photo shoppy etc;
19.unbearable cats cry; 20 rejected rina; 21.water arranged to home;

18;even after delayed trip to market managed to do some field calls;
17;morning lost few alexa ranks;
>>>16;attended thrillz;problem of hand ph noted;
15;no afternoon indulgence;
13; Mk Called this time;

14;so cheng called;

12;few free entries with PICtures loaded to blog;

10.finally 1 cheque got cleared;little bit of tention releived;
11.seen indiamart  and asklaila listings;

9.gandhi called up at morning;
8. kept few things at new office;
7.Morning briefed collegues;
5.i must be a good speaker from now;prakash initiative seen at office ; 1.Msg sent to Jana but no response;
6.spent good time and took sept prints from sadgun bad news they are closing to act fast; usual spent 1 hour at park at morning stomach trouble; Nrn doesnt lift call; cry and no mercy of GTA; 3.problem in activating todays electricals call?

15th sept sundays post

Been to abids on way back purchased eye glass;At Rx most of fav have won un troubled need huge cash; Kamals calls; call from ajay; Morning some kind of confident feeler got after watching google maps;Posted few more entries to blog;


14th sept

chinnas msg of smile;office advance given cleaning did with the help of maid; prakash joined in team;field work did had few positives;Room cleaning did; yet another new point in rx debut winner and right connections to back and longer odds the best; activated 2 codes; loaded ajays entry; cheque still not cleared;gandhis bouncer;

Cheng and kamals tie up;night dish repair did and enjoyed Tv slept early;


14th saturdays post

retrieve please;

Gandhis promise; nigraham;
buy PINS:
that rx chance;5;30 PM; TOM Book;
at sadgun;
those activations;
office advance must be paid;
cheque drop a must; meet thrillz;and other calls;
Scooter repair initiation;
Prints inititation;
K tweet response;
alexa;145 728;


13-9-13 friday post

Morning planning hour continued at park;Office room discussions further have enhanced finally decided to pay total advance;Gandhi met assurance had from him too;Prakash; Ramoji,kamaal,Cheng;discussed;tom Rx book;one hopeful;positive feed back from field this time;xerox of price lists took; pending burhani issure resolved; ajay entries posted; ajay dropped cheque at morning;
throught the day 17 ppl are connected in one way or the other; Few more generic posts at blog continued;alexa ranks have improved for the first time; prints have failed; white shirt effect; night tube light problem narsings help;Nice dinner with curd and pickle; work adding ppl for k from sadgun continued;
visiting cards segregated;

called praveen varma and offer given to him; night dosage crossed;

12th sept post

Morning spent 1 hour at park;next room for office chance has emerged; Another success story from ajay; loaded Thrillz found some problem but new point of xerox copies of submittion has emerged; One enq for twitter id; Followup with gandhi seen his skills and exposed to ravindra bharathi;
night akka call;vimalunformal id;from year 2000 analysed;gave 1 k to Anad p;did 10 market calls; mysore rx rain havoc;dropped cheque;


10th 11 th sept posts

10th sept'
For ajay byke repair  given cash to him;again problem at home;loaded 1 pending entry from sadgun and activated;Called few ppl at night;met prakash long wait then rain and byke  trouble;attended annadanam at galli;

11 th sept post;
success at rx; cheng met;at morning rx  r& d did; Sucess strory from ajay again; i did field work too; night galli function; next 8 years plan need to be chalked out;


9th sept ganesh chavithi day

Morning felt loneliness at park later it became ok thanks to Lord Ganesha; Festival wishes sent had small replys; Spent time in adding k followers; blockd some t id; Another shocker at RX but another consolidation of current form; Later Prakash and Ajay met near home;
50 crore cell ph users and12 crore net users staggering;


8th sunday september

Again stint at park;Decided to help prakash so gave cash to Ajay; settled his accounts; called prakash and told him; 5 attemts gone waste at RX; toread Rx card very intently; sadgun closed; president of india gold cup day; Attended galli ganesha arrival; night stomach trouble had; At morning activated 2 codes;


saturday 7th sept

Morning spent at Park;2 success a nd 2 failure stories emerged at HRC; missed few nice things too;  huge performance to be taken care; last time same jockey not to lose; called chalapthi; ajay came; activated 2 entries; ex Alvarada  good odds missed; Slept very early;Avoided Raju at morning;Activated 2 entries from home;Scanned Tollywood at HRC; Net slow at home;


6th sept post

poor tiffen at ashok nagar cafe puri; poor lunch at mess narayanaguda; Good dinner at mehfil heavy rush;

2 hours net surfing activated 3; entries;success at field work unexpected one; Met prakash;Head ache from kamal; ajay dint return as promised; rectified one old entry of valves guy he felt happy; one ferrous shop activated;By night one more key important develeopment visiting cards printed ganesha festival flex order rush seen at Kiran;
Express adsense known; worked on ka followers; Morning 1 hour stint at park; good dispaly of my own blog seen at sadgun; plus a/c effect;
whats place tweets?;instagram is gaining;


5th sept

Whole year closings so far analysis did; 1;30  hour work at Sadgun; (Rina akka); sent 2 cheques 4 collection; success at rx; scanned wow again rx;posted pics; gave Narsing 500/- At Rx  another point at same distance performance;stealmate continued;Bag repair did one pic of building took; had petrol;
Her cleaverness seen at morning;

Morning to park spent  almost 1 hour there; laugh of satish; Again after noon indulgence began; called gandhi;rx rama chandra;chalapthi;gudur sridhar reddy; NRN; Ajay called up;
Had 2 quick closings at market; problem at home;loaded them quickly; had late lunch at home;Few needed things purchased;Met Kiran known few things abt flex sizes;scanned wow;


4th september

Interesting new detail talk developed from google maps;Thank god got up early; Read sunday eenadu article about village dot coms one of the best articles ever read by me  i must give 5 star rating; posted yesterdays blog; argument at home f or no spoken word; she is earning small amount; said Hi to Old man of galli; shra was seen escorted with her uncle;Even at 8am grocery shops were not opened;
purchased onion;Benda; Called cheg no response;

Posted asnoor hydraulics;

Move one called gandhi; Move 2 called NRN had positive feedback;
During the work; new idea; Even a small name board is also very important ;Got up late; Called Nrn had positive feedback;Work with Ajay fetched did 10 calls felt pain in legs; 2 more hopefuls of Saree and a vendor;loaded pins of almost 7 customers; activated all friends; Confidence regained again;Met kiran and got introduced to his staff they looked very joyous and awesome; whats that indiagetonline? Afternoon met sadgun guy seen his byke;;forgot Camera card reader; At home in morning total closings for august analysed 11 closings;ajay 9; Good interaction involvement at home;Met those people whose entries were not yet appearing in g maps; Called seeiah;

Cap wash; Scooter repair;Weakness and hunger levels;@ mobiles top up managed;Plus Rx book and wow hyd; called tollywood reddy;Dish bill paid; narsing request; to take shower water problem needs planning;
Near by home cyber cafe speed very good; Net at home is terribly slow needs immediate  upgrade;
For entries india trade business description was helpful;Disagreements at home for feeding of milk to cat;(attitude?);Dot .in domain name rate deails  known; kirans comment on my health;
atistozyme blockd what are major brands in india;
SMS guy called; Crescent guy;

That 10 cities social media launching idea at morning;


2nd sept mondays post

Got up bit earliar thanks to gta; brought few needy  things to home; Called gandhi and Nrn.  NRN  replied later  had long chat with him;Posted sundays blog after long analysis on RX; Health seems to be  improved but felt weakness; paid  garbage cleaning  guy; 2 cell ph charging did; scanned Eenadu;

Long day ahead lets see how it will progress;
Sent mailer to amrin; after some time seen RX book decided to there way2 sms trimmed further;hevy hunger pangs msgd gta responded so had rice By scooter went there but lost interest with dampening odds; missed 6/1 place chance; later came the shocker in surajs mount but stong jockey is always a live threat cabe back with another fav thanks to cash levels on hand; posted all pending things from sadgun; Called ajay; heavy back pain continued; Back home edited gtas office letter;
Although no loss for the day but theres still long way to go to win at RX lot of capital needed; missed BP Tablet and insulin later had after coming home; hunger levels have continued at rx;syam called at night;2nd success story on dosage;

For some chance bets cash should be ready on hand always;Parakura;
Dancing fienix success story;
after 2 failure  its waste to back;
Could not make use of same j wins again strategy; ishpingo;
In Rx latest seconds rule ;indian touch;
shroff Kharadi first run fav wins;as fav;

At HYD; laguna beach was available at 80/100 initially;
Dandelion missed at 2 and halfs;

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