Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2nd feb thursday 2017

 Maggam work on kalankari  cloth at Tirupati

Pictute took on the way to Gudur  rice paddy fields

2nd Feb 2017;Thursday;
Got up very early; Uneasy due to poor sleep; called NRN;
Purchased postal stamps 400 later pasted few of them to wrappers and submitted bill to krishnapatnam port; Whatsapp chat continued friends;
worked at magunta layout and closed one mart ok for the day Later closed one pan guy near Riyaz Hotel; 
 Sadiq Byke number

One new road  at identified while coming back from Magunta layout; Tried to work with laptop from 2 bars but failed;Call from plastics; Follow up did with printer; Chat with Gta contd; met one Driving school; Met Babji; 

1st Feb wed 2017;

Decided to go nlr by Byke and reached safe although journey is strainful;
;Dtp work completed and paid for Rambabu and printing advance also paid;
Success at SRO: Met Sadiq; Called saveer; Thanks to Raju lodge boy;
Thanks to laptop and skill of Rambabu; Adsense payout helped;
Lot of names seen;

31st jan  Tuesday 2016;

Met jagoo riders known some thing; chemical dealer for laminations; kamalakar;
Night near munawwer shop one photo studio hopeful; he was seen busy;

Call rx reddy and Jayram reddy;

1 st feb wed day 2017

Travel nlr;

Catch rambabu and dtp work;
by byke or bus unable to decide;

31st Jan Tuesday 2017

waited at Munawwer shop;
9.Met color lab;
10.Photo studio;
(12. activated sai krishna enterprises;

1.shri pavan;
2.tried for rock gym;
3.Met JAGOOriders;
4.good whatsapp chat with murali and ash;
6.Cemical shop laminations;

30th jan Monday 2017

2 closings; 7  field calls( Super market; pagadala opticals; baba Mobiles; Rubber stamps;
Colour lab; Colour Lab; Air coolers; laptop topup;
; 2 phone clls;( Mr ads; balaji Km;)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

29th Jan Sunday 2017

Fish and Prawn shopping did; anjus ht and whats app chat; Titanic lyrics;

Continue addresss work at home;
Arrnage chicken;
Complete content pls;

Friday, January 27, 2017

28th sat jan 2017

Morning address work did at home;Searched for postal stamps at morning in vain; Called madhu; Closed super market anyway; Took flex and fixed at office finally; devi foods payout got;

27th Jan friday 2017

Activated ambulence;
Attended Gtas dentist;
payout got from ambulance took pics;
Met Sports;
Super market;
Took vetuku binding not upto mark;
Followup of Flex did;
Car wash guy;
Took cafe addresses prints;
Loaded some pics of whats app;
Some more of jdvf ambulance loaded;

Sai Krishna Enterprises tirupati Rice dealer

Sai Krishna Enterprises tirupati Rice dealer
whole sale Rice and Grocery dealer

Sai Krishna Enterprises
98490 47279
93951 47279

1-13 558 Reddy & Reddy colony

clients pics

  Devi foods Owner tirupati

 Sai Sudha tirupati owner

Siva Sri Rama Opticals nellore

 Lokesh Gift shop Nellore
 Durga foods nellore owner
 Mg Brothers Gangadhar

Anil Kumar yadav MLA Nellore 

Tilak Narendra in Ganesh mess nellore
Srinivasan Harini Developers Tirupati owner

27th jan 2017

Activated laxmi vallabha;
postal list added;
Dw pic loaded and sent msg;
odonil volini;
Meet Kitchen concept;
postal address prints from cafe;
Byke mudgard; and mirror work;
Bindng; Flex work
calls riders;
Ambulence payout; Meet devi foods;
ads to keep
sravanthi florist;
Balaji k m;9ph number pls;)
Raaj Documentation;
sri krishna ent;

Ambulence services in tirupati body freezers for rent

Ambulence services in tirupati
Ambulence services in tirupati
Ambulence services in tirupati

097007 93335


Prasad Ambulance Service
8099999937 , 9493949199 , 9393793222  
Door No 1-4-494, Salivahana Nagar, 
Tirupati - 517501, Near LIC Office Main Branch

YVR Ambulance Services
9848860124 ,8008253217 , 
9963125026  House No : 9-133, 
Renigunta Road, Tirupati - 517501, 
Vinayakapuram, Tiruchanur, Near To Bus Stand

VRS And Co
9440076621 ,9393793444 , 
9393773666  Door No 10-15-50, 
V V Mahal Road, Kk Layout, 
Tirupati - 517501, Near Venkata Ramana Mess

Santhamma Charitable Trust
9440247191 , 
9393793666  Door No 10-12-397J, 
Reservoir Road, Sarojini Devi Road, 
Tirupati - 517501, Beside Ramakrishna Deluxe

Sravanthi Ambulance
9390077480, 9346639160, 9347047067, 9390077006  
# 13, Municipal Complex, 
Manchineela Gunta Road,  Tirupati - 517502, 
Opp. S V M I S Main Gate

Thursday, January 26, 2017

26th Jan thursday 2017; Republic day

68th republic day;
Lot many things happend: Unexpected;
Hima vilayam; kavaatu; sakataalu; Gaurava vandanam;

1.Veh engine oil changed;
2.Byke seat cover changed;
3.Met Munawwer; another article;
4.March fast;
5.Recd Ambulence code activated it got another closing;
6. UAE yuvraj;
7. whatsapp parampara continued;
8.Veh washing got done;
9. Met kamalakar; no use;
10.Gave vetuku for Binding and also for Vetuku flex printing;
12. Sakshi;jyothi; The hindu scanned;
13.Met Gopal Mobiles;
14.Called Seenaiah; NRN;
15.Rajani gandha;
16.Filing did at office;
17.Rim top up;
18.whatsapp pics sent to gta;
19.Luckey closing of Ambulence;
20.Veh starter work got done;
21. Republic day Tag pic sent to group;

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

27th Jan Friday 2017

27th Jan Friday 2017
Big calls pls;
address work;
Byke mirror; mudgard work;
Amavasya day:

payout of ambulence;

26th Jan 2017

TAKE Roshini car pick
Republic day;tweet;
content tpt smart city;
get amabulence code;
Byke self starter work;
Byke wash; byke tank  cover;

Dr Fakrunnisa Thaseen physiotherpists in Tirupati

Dr Fakrunnisa Thaseen BPT
Baba Physiotherapy Clinic & Obecity Care
18-1-99,3A 3 rd floor ANR TOWERS yashoda nagar Tirupati;
cell; 0877-2288281,cell 9573196662

Physiotherapy Clinic & Obecity Care Tirupati

Physiotherapy Clinic & Obecity Care Tirupati

Physiotherapy Clinic & Obecity Care Tirupati

Physiotherapy Clinic & Obecity Care Tirupati

Physiotherapy Clinic & Obecity Care Tirupati

Physiotherapy Clinic & Obecity Care Tirupati

25th Jan 2017 Wedday;

Morning Devi foods code activated; Pending blogs posted; Seen Jyothi over night sleep disturbance; Balaji Kitchen concept visited;Met Sai Krishna  Ent; balaji concept lady; Pavan replied; Call recd from NRN;jagooriders blocked;Adsense payout recd;  Called TNR 3 days; DW replied; 
Fakhri code recd and payout loaded entry;  Ambulence guy also got their code; recd hemadri code took pic; Met gas cylynder guy; Seen jyothi; Called Mr ads?
met munawwer;

Slept in afternoon;
25 emails collected;

24th JAN TUESDAY 2017

Started to Nellore and used autos to give RO copy to municipality; Seenaiah guidance; Met Port guys also; Returned by night and headache at home;
Met Eat and treets; Night sleep disturbance and stomach trouble;

23rd jan monday2017

1.Called water guy and by evening success had
2.Dinesh lady
3.Ceramics choudhry;
4.Nursery man
5.Tyres guy;
6.Konaseema ruchulu;
7.Electricals boy;
8.Call from nlr municipality
9.10.SMS sent to Mr ads; Dw;
Murali joke;
Pavan met at night;

Sunday, January 22, 2017

23rd jan Monday 2017

100; Catch Big Fish;
More Calls;Jyothi Ad pls;
Gagana beauty;
Is mahal sounds
5 ph calls pls;

Mr ads;

Jana; Pavan; 

Ruchi curries corner 
D W; 
May get codes;
Razor to buy;
Add shanmugam fishes to feb content;
Feb issue content work pls;
Meet Balaji Ent;
Woks wagen;
Godavari Ruchulu; Try
Movie zone;

22sunday jan 2017

Million dollar Movies; Yashoda hospital coverage;

2 g plus codes activated; kitchen and drving schools;
Again fish shop saved; Purcheeded things;ased few n
Met munawwer;

Saturday, January 21, 2017

21st jan Saturday 2017

Catch top clients; 
Night work fetched 2 closings did 12 calls;
6.Water payout;
Morning met nitin krishna; DW;
phone calls devi foods and Florist; wwter gut failed;

20th jan friday 2017

Lot of Data editing work from home of addresses; Call from Fakhri madam surprising;Search attempt for Artjoy; 2 water guys and one commitment got; 7 entries of fresh data posted from cafe; prints took from cafe and analysed data again; crossed indulgence again; No replys to sms to Dw and Mrads? good voice clipping from Dhanraj; Tyres guys hope emerged; leaflets distributed to chimneys; sro fetched; found Hema interior; met Gym;

Night return journey to home horror of petrol;

Friday, January 20, 2017

20th Jan Friday 2017

Kajal Agarwal

Gplus activated for sai krishna; vihartours reserved;
Retried some of not listed addresses and jd addresses; tweeted ;posted pending blog;
Buy stamps; 20;

sms alerts;
DW sullurprt;
Mr Ads;
Ruchi curries;
Shilpi Venkatesh;
Field calls;
1.Water guy;
2.Godavari ruchulu;
5.Mosha lights;
6.Nitin krishna
7.Movie zone
9.Super Tyres
10.ganesh mobiles;

check addresses of hema interiors; PJS;
Take prints from cafe;
Retrieve JD address data;
Feb content work;

19th january thursday 2017

Morning reorganised jd data further; buiscuits gone;
Fields calls; 

1.Ganagaram; Paper;
2.Sri sai ads staff; peper and leaflet;
3.Sai krishna Ent closed for 3 months;
6.Ramana tailors; Vempalli ;1 plus one;  Estd;2000
7.Bhavani paid;
9. prints took from cafe data analysed;
10.Met munawwer; To reduce rate; jd sink;

Mobile Repair got; Contributed to home; Expectations at home;
Night history chanel collectives episode seen;

Wednesday, January 18, 2017




Tuesday, January 17, 2017


VENKATESH 7997999659

Boutiques,Weddings,Birthdays,Theme parties,

18th wed day jan 2017

Morning spent lont time in retrieving jd listings of tpt stunning data;Acivated  g plus of Abulence and Hemadri mobiles; Updated Blog; Mobile charging head ache beagn;Maintain Energy levels pls; S R Subba reddy gave cheque and had nice chat had some small heckup to drop cheque; lokesh gift shop guy renued also gave info about other hotels; Nrt vardhanti day; met GDS and gave paper;
Morning calls malli hair cut; Best stills;

Flash?Established shops are giving ads Ex Abhee car?

Night met Aatidyam and Andhra Spice; Night dull looks; Work from cafe is speedy;

34 k   to get from field from 15 clients;
Try Big;

17th Jan tuesday 2017

Maintain Energy levels pls;
34 k   to get from field from 15 clients;
Try Big;

Suffered the day out with leg pains;Brought Insulin for Gta at night; Pavan met at night; night meeting ayyappa driving school saved;Met Naga sai in morning and Kavya kala have failed; Closed Ambulence in morning;Long  whatsup chat with munawwer; and finally expelled from indian media; Continued indulgence; blasted on Pavan and Chinna had positive reply;

Sunday, January 15, 2017

16th Jan 2017 Monday

Big closings please;
More clients more calls pls;
Opticals payout;
Left home with disturbance;
Filing did at office  and paid rent some confusion there;
Used the phone to call sar sai but couldnt keep appointment;   Sullupet DW responded anyway;Closed one client for the day; Distributed 5 copies of vetuku; nadidu DW paper sttement;
Mr ads failed again; met Bhavani had his commitment;
bad comment on my age by Vada guy; Met munawwer and had his tip of covering nearby and new Business hope;
Took prints from cafe and analysed data at night but indulgence crossed;
Had whatsapp chat response form all; Some more data collected from field;
Yes nod had from mobiles guy;


15th jan 2017

Kanuma day;  Luckey payout at fishes saved the day;
Keep Ganesha Electricals add again; Called Chinna and Balaji;  Entire day spent time in organising tirupati dates work from home;

14th jan 2016

More entries only can save
Sankranthi day tweeted; Had whatsapp chat with friends; Purchased 2 more dailies sakshi and jyothi and scanned them all;
Old friend Jayram Reddy called in night; Dosage crossed; Data collection work continued despite festival; Posted some data in morning and again in night to the blog; Lot of eenadu ads seen in morning and updated them in entries list;

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kanuma day 15th Jan 2017 sunday

Next move; Team is must;Ambush to continue;
Take up postal list work
Income please;
No noon else dares;
archana travels; 
Save eenadu ads;
papers left on hand;
paper distribution work to continue;
Money pls and consolidate;

14th Jan saturday 2017

Sankranthi day!;
Jayram Reddy s call at night later  janas chat;

Kept byke out side  whats app msgs sent; mamas call received;

Next move; Team is must;
Ambush to continue;
Take up postal list work
Income please;
No noon else dares;
archana travels; 
Save eenadu ads;
papers left on hand;
paper distribution work to continue;


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