Sunday, November 30, 2014

30th November Sunday at tirupati;

Had better sleep and comfort than yesterday;Checked alexa stats; posted 2 days pending blogs; down by note prepared;Day slightly planned; Had the comfort of Chairs; Lunch had at syams place had nice time with his family members later he visited my new home; night Prasad prabhavatis son called; calish HYD;Activated rami reddy;Ramababu DTP;Arranged rope and clips to home; Gta had initiation and had funding to shift luggage;

1 st dember:

Again poor cash levels on hand Morning met kamalakar;  During morning analysis  known about call averages so far known; Decided to improve so by evening did 13 plus calls; But at net cafe had problem to load files; Gta typed some data; Kamlakar joined for field work; Luckily had some closings for nthe day;

Night met syam had some tips; Sudden call from cheng but coulnt meet him;

30th November 2014;

 # lucky payments again gave hope;Ramee  snapdeal info;Dresspress given; Heated arguments again; By evening long wait at janas place loaded pics from his system later took chairs from him; Ramooji;seenaiah; Objection at Suneel tetiles problem of not having #G;Felt heavily tired by night;Room freshner and Toilet light arranged; Met nellore Balu at bhimas residency; Announced about Hyderabad house vacating;

29th November

 Morning 2 hours net with Gta and shown lot of editings etc took some prints;Days lucky payments in clude RK Opticals Sapthagiri electricals and gandla community chat; Night blankets took from syam and had nice time with him at his home;
Lost tempet at suneetha; called Mama lukewarm response from Bujji; Lock purchased;Morning lungie and banians purchased;Evening RIM Top UP did;


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