Tuesday, July 17, 2018

wheres living?

Search is on; yes;
be on your own;

53rd day again in Hyderabad

53rd day in Hyderabad

Attended Digital Class and exposed about twitter problem solved  seo sankar datti;  ; Laptop internet was evaporated so recharged it; Took a Video of home and circulated it on social media; Surprised know few facts about Facebook and Twitter launching dates and even more surprised to check traffic ranks of Instagram and youtube;
still no breakeven forme to live on my own;
Iam already acelibrity on twitter with number of followers but unable to make living with it;

Known about settings; Trouble in life dont use filth; inlifehealthcare; groups effect; Called Prasad; Seenaiah; satish; Pavan; Jana;

What did i gain for the day!
More R&D  did on twitter environment known; 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Followers on youtube and their activity really counts

deepdigitalmedia kphb

Look at the speel checking of Telangana near a wine shop balanagar;
Look at the speel checking of painting in Hyderabad  near a wine shop Balanagar;

The day after Scoccer and Bangalore Derby; Gta and her Chinnanna went to her Brothers place; I had to relax at home due to bad weather;

Edited  Blog posts again most of the day removed waste pages again from the Blog: Seen lot of youtube Videos and gained knowledge; Create good headlines;
Tweet more often;

To have a loyal base dont lose anyone;
How much  share activity on your Video counts to rank your video very high on youtube;
I was alone at home wether totally un acceptible to work so i remained at home; Pavn has contributed another payout and sent me details;
managed to tweet;
One person called me after he watched my old video which i took in 2014 so checked my video stats and also of others;

youtube followers subscriber  base other prominent people;

Amit agarwal 45 433
almostsocial 1 55 000
DSIM 7151
smarttelugu 26 938
BV Pattabhiram 2 33 000
leomaonardujji 1 83 282
yandamuri 27 000
Robert Hoffman (bahubali) 5 lakh;

vilekhari 555
etvteluguindia 40 lakh;
sribalaji movies 38 lakh
Sumantv 22lakh;
tv9 18 lakh;
Hybiz 1 99 000
tseries 17 lakh;
Sonyliv 22 lakh;
learnenglish  6 lakh;

Mashable 7 lakh;
niel Patel  1 4 lakh

Bangalore Derby day Soccer finals day

Surprised to   see there was a Derby debate Video on Youtube; INDIAN Pharoah win gave new inspiration for RX; Morning fish shopping did and took video; Night enjoyed  SOCCER MATCH SENTIMENTS; PAVAN sent another payout as a surprise.
Morning managed to edit few more old blog posts.
Had Prawn curry;

Saturday, July 14, 2018

trails and tribulations

Various trails stats analysed; Rx goes in front with 32 years; Internet work is 18 years;  media 15 years;twitter and Blogwriting goes with 12 years each; SEO 3 years;

Finally rx gave small success on saturday there were few more winners on hand but due to poor wether came back home quickly;

Thursday, July 12, 2018

rainy day

Rainy day picture sent to most of whatsapp group first ever success story;  Cheque got cleared so called jana and transfered amounts; Again edited my life blog for many times. Eyes were evnmore blurry. 
Shifted all my email recovery number my main number;
Evening had samosa chat;Gollapalli jatara google standing surprised me and read Tirupati wikipedia jatara;
MGR Maps discussion by jana;
Pvanas success story at tirupati saved the day.
tadisi muddandi  Tv word;
Rx cards of coming saturday and sunday seen and also Rx fixations; Few more old blog posts edited and removed;
Removed 100 more mobile numbers;
Loaded few videos again;

Heavy rains in Mumbai whats the caause

Heavy rains in Mumbai whats  are the causes  there was a through coverage by TV 9( news channel very nice coverage.

Most of the day i was at home editing Blog and Rx pages. Night seen small portion of veeramachineni food videos. Night read about why my adsense income has gone down found thepossible resons use use to stick back with assense alone to find better banner sponcers for my Blog. 

At Tirupati pawan was sucessful in collection some amounts. R X stats posted; Loaded whatsapp images and also saved 100 of profile pictures in mobile; loaded few videos to youtube and seen old videos who had good views. deletd some waste mobile data; 

Throught the day my eyes got strained much but there was  no wayout. managed tweeting and also seen  Twitter and Google analytics re submitted my blog to google.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

phophesy workedout

new style Chairs in one of fast food centre

Apollo medical shop near deepthi srinagar
Apollo medical shop near deepthi srinagar

Second day at home without  going to class;Another disaster at home disagreements alltheway mostly spent in editing my life story;
message sent to Jana; pavan etc;

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

busy sro sanga Reddy

Most of SROs are busy in Mondays and Sanga Reddy is no exception but i failed to take any pictures due to confusion;

Morning unable to wakeup due to cool atmosphere so decided to skip class  so sent message to srinivas but related tention prevailed throught the day; Undecided as to work or not due to rain alert by media But my decicion fetched for the day; With Reasearch lernt to save gif from google and sent wishes to Whatsapp elite group and this is success story for the day;

Few things again organised for the day including rx and life story page; kalyans health tips pdf got one like; Before to field work early lunch had; Morning Pulihora not upto mark; Night over stuffing had;

Monday, July 09, 2018

Who is opportunist

A person who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle id cslled opportunist;

When people commit and and fail we lose temper and lose valuable friendships there will be some chemchas whos behaviour will be known when real situation arrive; Mostly at home doing R & D work; By evening asked Gta and to and get pics;  Rainy day severe chillings; Kalyan responded and sent his Adhhar copy; Night byke lights trouble; No insulin stock on hand helped by Gta;

Morning attended class;
posive thing of the day is Rx stats are spidered;
Segregated lot of Rx dates; life story page edited again;
Tweeted and organised the Blog verywell;

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Elitepeople hyderabad

We are planning to float club soon in Hyderabad Names as Elitepeople;

Our association  form to achieve  objective which promotes the public interest;

Considered the best or most powerful 

Most prominent corporate leaders and politicians; Authors; Celibrities; Realtors;
Contact me if you are willing to join this club;
Ramana 9347107468

Friday, July 06, 2018

whatsapp live contacts who have read my message;

Prasanna tpt guy;
 hari dhaba;
Batchmate shiva reddy;
Komala Kishore; madhu;
Sekhar Bhai;
Komala kishore;
m subba rao Dw tpt;
narasimha chn;
Ramesh dw renigunta;
;nainar gopi; 
p srini dw kuatpally;
madhava printer; 
kalakata bhagyamma;
Niranjan realtor; 
srujana daggupati;
j chandra DW.golkonda;
babai murali tpt;
 V RG; DW Komala madhu
.lavanya naidu;
seshagiri graphics;
gk ramu; 
suresh tailors; 
Bhupal colony reddy; 
Shri pavan rajampet; 
navajyothy furniture;
Kamal bawa;
 ramana tailors;
Bharathh doc;dw;
amara fshions;
golden pearl inn; 
sudha nlr; sadiq;
murali sanitary;
manju foods;
ricemart kishore;
 dr srujana; 
vinayaka jewellers; 
siva cement idols;
secret style;tpt;
ramesh soft toys;
prime pages naveen;
mokshaa lights; 
mohan dw kadapa;
kishore nlr;
hari kirana;
yashu; ssabjan;
sai sonalika
;n shanmugam fish; 
dr fakri;
dr yugandhar
bramha dw;
vasavi agencies tpt;sankar nlr;
ramana cafe;
pvc niranjan;
primepages; mrktg;

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Poor Alexa ranks poor Adsense income

Class room training in deepdigital media in KPHB

 42nd day at Hyderabad;

I have 77 54 735 alexa rank which is very poor; Many deletions and few resubmittions to google did; Arguments galore but ok; Chicken guy took number;
Short replys by Chengaiah; bhawar  sent pics of Mumbai bridge collapse; Caugh trouble at home; Apes silence;

Sekhar Bhai called and Bhawar; and Uma; Connected to Ash; satish called; Office space in Orelando was days class;Penguin software; Your office.com;
SEO class began again; Google page rank disaster in 2011;DISAOW details;Domain authority;
days key words in class;
speed test tools;
backlinks checker;No follow; do follow;
Key word research tools;
Analysys report;
how to find how many pages of my blog are indexed in google

1.vilekhari blog; 3060
nelloretimes.com 52
mynellore.blogspot.in 340 
http://tirupatihelpline.blogspot.com 283 
mebaz.com 821

indiarace.com 42 900
trackeagle.blogspot.in 214
racingpulse.in 17900
hydzone.blogspot.in 486
facebook.com 41 cr
instagram.com 24 cr
alibaba.com 6 76 00000
imdb.com 4 cr 75 
shutterstock.com 2 .6 cr
quora 1.73
zaminryot 4950
filmfare 48300
rd 65000
jio.com 2400
airtel.com 25 200

vilekhari.net 1680
martjack.com 9360
pothys.com 15 900
grtjewels.com 2250
dsim; 6410
swiggy; 133

justdial 2 cr
flipkart 51 lakh
snapdeal 26 lakh
shopclues 25 lakh;
caratlane.com 87 700
expedia 62 l
twitter 45 lakh;
amazon 9 cr
makemytrip.com 13 lakh
yatra.com 6 63 000
jetairways.com  15000
bookmyshow.com 21 lkah
indiatimes.com 1. 4 cr
thehindu.com 43 lakh
indianexpress 16 90 000
hansindia 247 

sakshi.com 13 lakhs

deccanchronicle.com 8 22 000
eenadu.net 1 lakh 7 000
idlebrain.com 1 20 000
galatta.com 80 300

greatandhra.com 1 lakh 9000
fullhyderabad.com 1 28 000

june current Bills is RS 662 Ok; Further edited Blog posts and also resubmitted few with key words;
3 hours straight sleep in after noon;
Learnt about URL structure; Wordpress plugins; Collapse of Gowliguda bus stop; Lot of Youtube subscrriptions work etc also did;

 Most of the again Blog cleaning work did from home; Seen hits for the clients so far and completd by night; Days class was about alt tag and image search etc;

Loaded the latest developments  to vilekhari then linked it to home page ; As gta ppl gone for Gruha pravesham i waited at home resubmitted few pages and left for rx; Another point in Rx is whats good threat known; Spent some time in tweeting; no lunch had 2 samosa thats it; New twitter broadcast list created with 250 people named it eleitepeople;

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Curriculum for Digital marketing course,trainers, in Hyderabad

Curriculum for Digital marketing course

Curriculum for Digital marketing course

There are mushrooming institutes in Hyderabad to teach but please join a institute after throuly enquiring faculty expertice;
In my knowledge;
For interview paoint of view 
you need to master these skills

DSIM is pioneer in this but their course is prohibitive;
How to plan a web site for your client is very important like domain name Design and Development and promotional skills;

seo; sem;
Adwords; facebook marketing techniques;
Ecommerce marketing
Pintrest; Instagram  marketing knowledge
You tube presentation and marketing knowledge;
Google analytics;  Peformance reporting;
Affiliate marketing;
Wordpress knowledge;
Email maketing skills;
Mobile web marketing;
Content creation and marketing;
Lead generation techniques;
Online reputation management skills;
Blog wrting skills; adsense monetization skills;
How to get freenace projects from abroad client;
For urther details please contact K.V.Ramana 9347107468

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Wheres Happiness;

Krushi tho nasthi dubhiksham

I have no clue for this; Silence at Home; Met 2 guys at Wine shop had very healthy disussion about Goa trip and took their numbers ; Edited Blog posts further;
Seen blog posts while enjoying drink; at night also; Each second a argument i dont know how to avoid it;

Participated in new batch again so i had Second hearing of  Digital marketing   class with more people and introductory session they call it demo class; this time got more insight into curriculam for Digital marketing; Met Video editing person there;  Surprisingly NRN called asked about progress this is reall happiness for the day;  Thankfully edited blog posts again after class at home by night 90% is over this is another satifactory work although it took heavy strain to eye; Found unique strategy to delete duplicate content so i cleaned most of them by night; "Krushi tho nasthi dubhiksham"

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Video is more powerful

Video is more powerful no doubt; New hope emerged after loading few videos to existing list; Seen one Video about  metro travel and impressed with it;Morning class about Mobile marketing; Blog repair work continued; Known about fine images at pinterest through App;
At new point is latest track engagement and costly purchase by trackeagle But due to poor uniformity failed to succeed  but its another expecriance;

morning class was about  Google analytics and online reputation management and reporting  was very interesting; Known link details as how to report;   This is another weapon on hand for future big projects hunt; After class i went to Balanagar and purchased card and then things started to change;
At balanagar Rx cards guys cell number took; while going to balanagar tooik some videos and return journey was very tiresome;
Quite surprisingly net at home was pretty slow so unable to do much of repair work;

Friday, June 29, 2018

My First Hyderabad Metro Rail Ride Miyapur To Uppal

My First Hyderabad Metro Rail ride  Miyapur  To Uppal
Metro rail Logo

My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is the world’s largest elevated Metro Rail 
PPP project covering 71.16 Km
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
Metro tran  Starting station Miyapur
                                                             Hyderabad Metro
 serving the city of Hyderabad
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
Metro traninside station Miyapur
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
In side  Metro train
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
In side  Metro train
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
Metro train Logo at Ameerpet
My First Hyderabad Metro Rail travel Miyapur  To Uppal
Metro train Stations travel  route Miyapur to Nagole
having 24
                                              My first ridel by Hyderabad Metro Train

Hi Folks!

As there was no Digital marketing class I did some Internet  research from home guided my friend as how to use right words for whatsapp chats;  Read Interesting article in Eenadu On Digital marketing Job opputunites by Bhaskar Karampudi  later seen his Telugu Video on youtube  which is very inofrmative I kept link  here if u are interested can watch it below;

Later I decided to Go to  field work to Upall usually I travel by my byke but  as the distance is too far I decided to travel by Metro Train this time this is long pending wish ever since launch of Metro Rail  in Hyderabad on 28 November 2017 

Parked my byke near Miyapur  paid parking  then boarded train using lift;  Luckily I met a young  Techie traveller  he guided me very well and  we discussed about metro travel in various big cities of India; Travel was very smooth without any noice with nice  Aircondition there was  security people  all the way; Amazing   announcements  as and when rail aproaches  stations  well this is Digital age thats good for passengers; Rush is yet to pickup;

They give  Blue token  and enjoying free lifts and using excalators looked as if iam in Forerin trip  waching city over windows  was a real fun;
We need to shift from Red lane  to Blue lane from Ameerpet to board another train to go to Uppal; 
After reaching there I finished my work  with 2 success stories   and returned to Miyapur by  metro train return jouney was even more fun with lot of people boarding Train; 


When i reached  home "Eureka Forbes R O system" is installed Seen ETv news and felt happy on K.C.R offering "Mukkupudaka" to  goddess Kanadurga at  Vijayawada   welldone KCR Saab you have won the hearts of people again you are blessed by goddess to win again. 

Unable to  wait  to see my Favrite team Brazil winning match as iam tired for the day so retired;

Thats it for the day for you stay tuned for more about me soon.


Pls do comment  and Share it  if you can.

Thanks again

Ramana Blog Writer from Hyderabad

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lets see Video power

L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad
In side of L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad

L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad
In side of L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad

L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad
In side of L.Prasad Eye Hospital Hyderabad

3rd sitting of  My Eye laser treatment at L V Prasad Eye Institute had ; Read their blog alater  from home nice one; Took Videos from there; Not attended class; After coming home continued Blog repair work;
Transfered jana amount for NT; pavan continued his work and  called;  Managed days tweets; Loaded fresh Videos to youtube later shared them on Whatsapp and Twitter had encouraging visits this landmark development in my life lets see where i will march ahead;
Removed mgr mall google listing and sent them msg;

what i have learnt at Digital Media training and Video watching

Be trendy High Quality and total watch time counts; Get more likes and shares;
Start with key word  right away;

Eamailing to existing clients;
Seo and sem
facebook and Twitter fan page;
youtube monetising;
use of Italics;
Content 300 words in a page;
Adwords set up;
Google search Console;
get us projets;
face book groups;
shutter stock;
Flipkart single product;


link ads are better;
Speed up faster with network of people;
Use t shirts;
Replay to comments;
Create a community;
be emotional in Blog;Video is shared more;
Solve problems;
Affiliate Income hope;
Ali express;Be transperant
Team and  networking tie ups local Meetups;

Adsense monetization discussion

32nd day!
Adsense monetization

Adsense monetization

At Ditigal marketing class today had very healthy discussion  as other student was absent with trainer on Adsense monetization and changed twitter banner; video channel created with the help of trainer; There was a nice telugu whatsapp message so shared it to many people positive had  from  Gd naidu;

Kept 2018 in Blog post

I usually take my breakfast from this Tiffen centre in Kukatpally;
Some recent Photos loaded to blog;

Found that  i missed Video of gta Chinnanna daughters marriage;
Surprise finding of the day is during laliths marriage home coming Phone vedeo had 1 lakh views on Youtube what a wonder thanks anyway;

one video is worth 20 lakh words why iam waiting?
To Update with clients with their rankings and traffic on google from now;

Monday, June 25, 2018

visit to nims hospital

NIMS OUT patient Department

31st day at Hyderabad

Srinivas digital Deep guy called and said no class so i went to NIMS for legs pain treatment first time exposure had there lot of rush there finally consultation had from a young Doctor; Has lunch in the mess with chicken Fry and came home and slepy for some time;After coming back continued Blog repair work

Continued to send whatsapp msgs; This time Chinna from Vijayawada called;
Pavan called;


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